Eddie's Universe is a verse made by Edwardtruong2006.

The verse consists of random characters from random ideas of randomness randoms.

This verse doesn't have a set timeline, as each destruction or death caused is set back to the status quo. Making this verse very inconsistent.

The main plot is simple, one or two characters in each story go and do some wacky thing causing the death and destruction of everyone around them. Or not.

Power of the Verse

This verse is surprisingly powerful. Starting out with Human level to Street level characters, then making a bump to Building levels.

Then we have a bump to Tectonic levels as Cyborg Eddie can destroy a country with ease.

We then go have another bump to Planetary levels with Magic Eddie (Uncreative names I told ya), and Golden Tanush being able to destroy the moon.

Then we have characters such as Angel Sookie or Crazy Aidan (10/10 name), who can destroy stars and planets respectively.

We then go to our high tiers with God Aidan and Absolute Aidan, (I'm not even trying anymore) who are on a Cosmic level.

Finally, the god tier is a being known as the Ultimate God, who is the strongest known character in the universe.

The higher tier characters are quite fast, ranging from Sub-Relativistic to MFTL+.

Supporters and Opponents of the Verse








Magic Eddie



Death (Eddie's Universe)

Absolute Aidan

The Ultimate God

Angel Sookie

Golden Tanush

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