Stryder using the Echo Flute.


The Echo Flute is a flute that can shape itself into different colors based on the user's preference, which allows it to camouflage and copy the temperature of it's surrounding, allowing detection of this weapon almost impossible.

The Echo Flute offers massive manipulation over sound and the user is not affected by it. Stryder is the only one able to wield the flute, while as if others are to touch it, they are met with numbness.

Power and Stats

Tier: 7-C

Origin : Total Armageddon

Wielders : Stryder Xiaolong Yun

'Destructive Capacity:' Town Level (Broke through the corrupted dome.)

Powers and Abilities: Sound Manipulation, Sound Absorption, Sound Amplification, Sound Attacks, Sound Aura, Sound Aversion Inducement, Spiritual Pressure Manipulation