A verse created by Uninown, it is the embodiment of one's dreams and nightmares manifested as what we're able to remember, albeit open for anyone to submit due to its largely accessible nature.

Brief Terminology


Dreams are the exhibitions of the human subconscious, a certain concept particularly active on various sleeping interludes. This unknown phenomena often occurs whilst a person undergoes rapid eye movement (or abbreviated as REM) sleep, a phase where, as the name implies, one's eyes display random and unpredictable patterns of movements while resting. This is a side effect of the eldritch high brain activity being comparable of that as one is awake.

In this stage of sleep, it's where the hypothesized fast succession of images and events known to us as dreams take place. Be it chaotic or aligned, the brain makes these often made-up situations while certain parts of the organ that are yet unknown to comprehension take over.

Sometimes, a dreamer is presumed of being lucid, or self-aware of its surroundings. This grants an unlimited possession and creativeness of the environment, although it's not know with certainty if these are often-spoken superstitions or if they do really happen.


Nightmares, or Bad Dreams, are nothing more than an offshoot of what has been previously mentioned and experienced. They do follow the same rules as a regular dream, though these are particularly known for causing terror or unpleasant experiences as one's resting, often happening in younger groups and/or children.

While these are less studied than their known and enjoyable counterparts, it is known that a reason of these immaterial circumstances occurring is stress, or anything contributing to that emotional response.

A fever, a harsh day of work or simply bad occurrences throughout one's life can cause these kind of events.


One can submit if it falls of, evidently, a dream, which has been explained above. Honesty is appreciated, and a good profile explanation is too, as these kind of thoughts are rather hard to explain.

Virtually anyone can do it, just place it on the tabs below when it is done!

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