Dr. Oddment was a mear snake once, but when he discovered the effects of toxic waste, he became an unstoppable monster.

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Oddment had wanted power to rule the world ever since he learnt about mutants with extrodinary powers, but never figured out the source of the power, as mutants never did tell, as the feared what horrible things people could do with the type of power they could get, but Oddment researched everything, scattered every book, paper, research paper, everything to figure out the source, but to no avail. One day he was slithering along a thin pipe, talking to himself, trying to get himself together, when he suddenly fell into a large vat of waste, with chunks of metal inside it. Not long after the fall, Oddment had awoke, and crawled out the vat with his metal arms, which took him a moment to think about, and he finally figured it out. Toxic Waste! He was combined to the metal, his organic body had fused, and made him a large scrap monster.

Oddment then set out, making his own base, mixing special waste to enchance his powers, and make deadly monsters, and it helped the waste increased his IQ Ten fold, making him understand the specifics of every form of science, to a near perfect amount, only missing the most complex parts, but still a large amount of knowledge, letting him create his own nano bots to help him move easier, and become stronger.

His plans were perfect, but he didn't think about the karma coming, in the form of a mutant Skunk Hero called Harvey. His desctruction of a town where Harvey was from had caused the Skunk to fight for the wasteland, and fend off all of Oddment's minions.

He is made up of strong scrap, mostly steel, iron, pipes, gears, tank treads, and construction beams. One eye is made of a traffic light, and the other is unknown. He has a speaker on his chest, but can talk with his mouth fine. His right arm can transform into different weapons, like Flamethrowers, Rocket Launchers, Mini-guns, etc.

Powers & Stats

Tier: 8-C

Name: Dr. Oddment Waste

Origin: Skunk Wasteland

Gender: Male

Age: 100 Years Old

Classification: Cyber Titan

Powers & Abilites: Size Manipulation (Nano bots can extend limbs and resize his body to a degree), Inorganic Physiology, Body Control (Nano bots allow body to be reshaped), Weapon Mastery, Light Manipulation (Eye can generate beams of light), Technology Manipulation (Has power to control most tech apart from very complex, or alien Technology), Absorption (Can fuel his body with electricity, or every form of energy that is from earth), Genius Intelligence (Knows every chemical combination ever, and almost everything about all science subjects, including biology, chemistry, and physics), Regeneration (Naon bots can repair damage done after a few minutes), Summoning (Can spawn mutant trash monsters from hand)

Attack Potency: Building Level

Speed: Superhuman, with Peak Human Combat Speed

Lifting Strength: Class K

Striking Strength: Building Class

Durability: Building Level (Easily able to tank exploding cement chunks to the face with barely any damage), Regeneration makes him difficult to kill

Stamina: Virually Inexhaustable (Being a large scrap mosnter, he would only need to absorb power, and has his own power source that depletes near to a halt, but still runs out, and he must turn off to charge up)

Range: Tens of meters normally, Hundereds of meters with weapons

Intelligence: Supergenius (Made a whole army of mutant trash mosnters within a few years, and has knowledge with almost every aspect of science)

Standard Equipment: None Notable

Weaknesses: Body is large, and easy to hit, Naon bots can be destroyed, leaving him vunrable to prolonged damage, over confident due to him beleving he is the smartest thing ever (Though he likely is the smartest thing in his universe), His arm can only change to so many weapons, durability has limits, eye lamp can be broken

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Molten Laser: Can fire a beam so strong from his lamp eye that it creates small puddles of molten lava.
  • Arm Manipulation: Can transform his arm to flamethrowers, mini-guns, rocket launchers, sheilds, plasma blasters, long swords, large hammers, lances, maces, large fists, acid rays and produce portals from it's palm, allowing him to make minions help him.
  • Consumption: Can eat most things to fuel his nano bots, and create more, allowing faster healing, and his body to be manipulated easier.
  • Toxic Vomit: Can spray toxic streams out, and cause anyone who it covers to get deformed, as he made the waste specially to mess up organic beings.
  • Scraplets: These are Drones which Oddment made to assist him. They varie, but the 3 most common are the Genetic Scraplet, Chaser Scraplet and Dread Scraplet. All of these can be called in
    • Genetric Scraplet: Equipped with 4 laser blasters, this drone is the most common to be made, cheapest, but the weakest, taking a bullet to the eye to break it. It is about the size of a regular basketball.
    • Chaser Scraplet: Made to follow targets, this drone can move at 100mph constantly, but this can normally make it crash into something when in an enclosed space, but can stay balanced easily, as it has 3 wheels. It is equipped with an eye laser, that can get hot enough to melt steel. This is around 1 meter tall, and 1/3 of a meter wide.
    • Dread Scraplet: This Drone is made to destroy buildings, and has armor that protects it from physical attacks, and has slight resistance to fire. This is the about the size of the avarage van.


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  • Dr. Oddment is loosely based off Dr Eggman, having many different minions, is focused on eliminating a small fur covered creature, and has an ouragus IQ that outmatches almost everyone else in his universe.
  • Dr. Oddment's Scraplets are based on Dr Robotniks Badniks from the Sonic Movie.
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