The Superior Doctor Octopus was Otto Octavius, a common enemy for the Superiors, as well as the Superior Spider Man, until his spine was broken by a bullet from the Black Widow. Now paralized, he desperately worked to build a cyborg body to transfer his slowly dying brain into. He suceeded a little too well, as far as the artificial intelegence that was to control his mechanichal arms was concerned, as it became self-aware and took over the body. Otto, now in serious trouble, turned himself into the Superiors, and Iron Man, Ant Man, and Mitchel Keiltica built him a new body (less evil, despite Ant Man's bad reputation in that respect.) that actually worked. That did not, on the other hand, deal with the threat of the new body, now becoming a villain. Spidey cristened it Dokk Okk, and it proved to be far more dangerous than the original, with six (longer) arms, nearly indestructable armor, and faster reflexes.

Tier: 8-B +

Name: N/A, Dokk Okk

Gender: Assexual

Age: 1

Origin: Superior

Classification: Super Powered Android

Attack Potency: City Block Level

Speed: 50 MPH movement speed. His arms move at over 200 MPH. Supersonic reaction speed.

Lifting Strength: Hundreds of thousands of tons.

Striking Strength: City Block Level

Durability: Multi City Block Level + or higher

Stamina: Infinite. Source of power unknown, but has existed for over a year, and has never taken a break.

Range: Tentacles are over 175 feet long.

Standard Equipment: Arms, has multiple attatchments he can use on their tips (buzzsaws, drills, lasers, tasers, guns, flamethrowers, ect)

Intelligence: Artificially intelegent, but seperate from network computers. He only knows anything about strategey, tactics, and combat, but is a genius in those respects.

Weaknesses: Knows nothing about non-combat situations, vulnerable to E.M.P.s if his hull is breached.

Powers and Abilities: WIP

Notable Attacks and Techniques: Simply flails his arms, seemingly randomly, but truly, he does so with great strategy and purpose.

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