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Originally an Ancient and Powerful Wizard, Demigra is one of the premiere Demon Gods of Dragon Ball Genesis and a primary Antagonist.

Personal Statistics

Name: Demon God Demigra

Origin: Dragon Ball Genesis

Gender: Male (?)

Age: Ageless

Classification: Demon of Time, Paradoxal Demon, Demon God, Death Incarnate

Combat Statistics

Tier: 2-A, Likely Low 1-C | 2-A, Likely Low 1-C | 2-A, Likely Low 1-C | 2-A, Likely Low 1-C

Powers and Abilities:

Time Manipulation (Chronoa is fully incapable of affecting Demigra and at most inconveniencing him), Conceptual Manipulation and Death Manipulation (Confronted and was Unharmed at the presence of Death, which would inflict every form of Death upon Demigra at once), Mind Manipulation (Demigra himself is a powerful Mental Manipulator and thusly he is regularly able to resist and reflect mental intrusions into his mind), Probability Manipulation (Demigra was fully aware of Goku's newfound ability to Manipulate Probability and is unaffected by such), Chaos Manipulation and Void Manipulation (Resisted from being erased by Xeno Goku's Void Shackles, which would inflict abject Chaos onto one's being and deconstruct them in a mass of disorder), Precognition and Information Analysis (Scouters, Magical Scrolls, and other information-gathering effects reads as illegible text when used on Demigra. Xeno Goku's 6th Sense requires an extended period of time before such information can be gained, which by then would be outdated)

Death Manipulation, Immortality (Types 1, 5, and 8; reliant upon the concept of Death), Non-Corporeal, Abstract Existence

Sealing and Power Nullification, Regeneration Negation, Causality Manipulation, Resistance to Fate Manipulation, Plot Manipulation and Time Manipulation (Demigra's "Story" became one with the void between Universes. As plots and stories cannot occur in such a space, Demigra himself does not have a story and can independently operate in any Narrative without any possible outside interjection as to the story, Demigra doesn't even exist, much to the shock of Chronoa)

Attack Potency: Multiverse Level+, Likely Low Complex Multiverse Level (Destroyed an unfathomably huge amount of Magniverses that no Godly or Human number or word can describe, and when he was much weaker was able to defeat Chronoa in strike) | Multiverse Level+, Likely Low Complex Multiverse Level (Is said to have control over an innumerable amount of Magniverses eclipsing anything he's done before. TokiToki himself is described as far eclipsing his Eggs, such that no amount of Eggs would ever rival TokiToki in strength) | Multiverse Level+, Likely Low Complex Multiverse Level (At the moment of his "birth", an amount of Magniverses which surpassed every level of destruction he performed previously was immediately destroyed. Far more powerful than Death, who far eclipses TokiToki) | Multiverse Level+, Likely Low Complex Multiverse Level (Is the direct parallel and counter to the regular Keysword, which is strong enough to allow one to harm Mechikabura at his peak and leagues ahead of his Death Incarnate Self)

Speed: Infinite (His speed equalled Instant Transmission, which is Instantenous Teleportation. Scientific Principles such as Speed = Distance/Time does not apply to Demon Gods and as such, moving in frozen time is a natural thing to them), Possibly Immeasurable (Is the peer to Goku's SSKKx10Million, who moved so fast that the very concept of Speed ceased applying to Goku and therefore making his speed mathematically impossible) | Likely Immeasurable (Moved in a realm beyond normal Comprehension, something of which is supposed to be mathematically impossible and something Goku himself doubts he could've done before) | Nigh-Omnipresent (Became the Abstract Concept of Death, proliferating across the entire Dragon Ball Cosmos except for the Time Nest, which was protected by the Keysword) | At least Immeasurable (Operates on a scale far beyond his Death Incarnate self and is able to fight on-par with a Keysword User, who has transcended any and all scientific or magical understanding)

Lifting Strength: Immeasurable (When he was a Wizard, much weaker than he is now, he regularly lifted and used Timelines as a form of weapon to attack)

Striking Strength: Multiversal+, Likely Low Complex Multiversal | Multiversal+, Likely Low Complex Multiversal | Multiversal+, Likely Low Complex Multiversal | Multiversal+, Likely Low Complex Multiversal

Durability: Multiverse level+, Likely Low Complex Multiverse Level | Multiverse level+, Likely Low Complex Multiverse Level | Multiverse level+, Likely Low Complex Multiverse Level | Multiverse level+, Likely Low Complex Multiverse Level

Stamina: Infinite (Performed Dark Magic in which grants Demigra unlimited physical Stamina) | Irrelevant (Fused with the Abstract Concept of Death, negating any mortal requirements or shackles such as Stamina)

Range: At least Multiversal+ | Low Complex Multiversal

Standard Equipment: Staff of Curses | N/A | N/A | Shadow Keysword

Intelligence: Supergenius (Capable of outsmarting even a Council of all the Smartest Bulmas across the Infinite Magniverse working together; said to be much more experienced than even Xeno Goku)

Weaknesses: None Notable


Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Ki Disruption: Demigra's Ki has the natural ability to cancel and negate Ki using Anti-Life or Anti-Ki. This leads to others being unable to use any form of Ki and after an extended period of time, outright Death as their body is unable to generate more Life Energy and their soul unable to sustain its own existence. Has a lesser effect on those with God Ki.
  • Ki Corruption: Merely touching Demigra's Ki is highly dangerous and will bend one to his will; turning them into Villainous Mode. This later evolved even more; corrupting a Multiverse by merely appearing in it. Further, the natural laws and physics within such Multiverses become disrupted, slowly turning into a Magic-Based Logic which bends to Demigra's Will.
  • Demigra's Mirage: Demigra can passively or actively generate Mirages which holds his Power- such that even if the original Demigra dies, the Mirage can gain more power and eventually revive the Original Demigra at a level of power even higher than when he originally died. These Mirages can also "separate" their existence from the Original Demigra, bypassing attacks which would erase Demigra and all of his Mirages across all of Time and Space.
  • Godly Assimilation: Demigra is able to "override" another person or thing's presence, assimilating them in their entirety. First conceived to absorb TokiToki and later the concept of Death.
  • Unnamed Resurrection: Somehow, Demigra is able to return from Death despite having his concepts and all of his residual ki/essence destroyed.
  • Spatial Shackles: One of Demigra's signature attacks when he was originally a Kai. Chains made from Space itself chains and ensnares the target before completely unmaking their physical existence and casting their remaining essence into the Crack in Time.
  • Time Shackles: An evolution of the Spatial Shackles; Chains made out of Time itself ensnares the target and seals them into the Crack in Time before erasing them from across all of History.
  • Venom Shackles: Purple Spiked chains appear through portals and ensnares the Target, afflicting them with an extreme poison and toxin which cannot be cured or undone via scientific or magical means as the Venom does not operate on either principle.
  • Magic
    • Time Breaker Magic: Demigra is able to forcibly turn others into Time Breakers under his thrall. Whilst these people are under his control, he feeds off of their power and making them further unable to resist when they might've previously been able to.
    • Hellish Possession: Demigra is able to possess people, casting their original mind and soul into a hellish Pocket Dimension which robs them of their powers the more they use it as well as burning them in a classical fashion.
    • Light Magic: Gained in his battle against Mechikabura. This Holy Light is able to negate changes to Reality and forces entities which would've traditionally become one with the Universe itself to adopt a Physical Form, as well as granting abilities such as Purification.
  • Mind Scatter: Demigra is able to cast away and destroy the Minds which gives intelligent action to souls and bodies. Was used to mass-wipe and "scrub" the Infinite Magniverse of any possible threats he might've faced, with the only survivors being in the single digits due to special circumstances.
    • Mind Destruction: A focused variant which focuses all of the concentration onto a single target to destroy and remove a Mind which would've otherwise been able to prevent its own destruction.
  • Distortion Lightning: Demigra is able to weaponize and use Paradoxical Time Rifts to generate a Bolt of Lightning which actively seeks out the target across the Time Stream, negating traditional Immunity to paradoxes.
  • Conceptual Death: Becoming the Incarnation of True Death itself, Demigra's mere presence is able to inflict every form of "Death" onto the surrounding area at his will. Being that he truly is Death- he has monopoly and control over even the "death" of other Concepts and Logic Systems, such as inflicting Death upon Abstract Time itself so that the Infinite Magniverse "froze"- all beings within being "killed".

Key: Base | With TokiToki's Egg/TokiToki Absorbed | Death Incarnate | Shadow Keysword

Note: Demigra retains his abilities from prior keys

  • As Death Incarnate, he still retains an Egg of TokiToki and as such he retains that key's abilities
  • As Shadow Keysword, he too also retains an Egg of TokiToki
  • As Shadow Keysword, he does not have his abilities from Death Incarnate as the Death he was tethered to was conceptually destroyed


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