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The earth crumbles in the deeps at my very presence... the skies bleed smoke at my quietest of breaths... the cosmos shiver at the thought of my name... and here, this forsaken place of the gods shall be your tomb.
~ Deathwing


Deathwing was once a Dragon Aspect of the cosmos, powerful beings that control various concepts of the world. However, he became corrupted shortly after the slow formation of the world, by the eldritch things within this reality bled from the higher-dimensional creatures in the Far Realm. After being exposed to these eldritch creatures, Deathwing became sealed away by powerful mages deep below a destroyed Dwarven metropolis.

However, in the year 547 AR, Deathwing began to escape from his prison, causing immense earthquakes and damages to the world as a whole. Upon his escape, he sought to enslave all dragons and dragonkin alike with an artifact gifted to him by some great benefactor, the Demon Soul.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Name: Deathwing

Origin: D&D Homebrew

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, at least several million years old

Classification: Dragon Aspect of Earth

Birthplace: The Godforge

Weight: Unknown

Height: 1146.87 meters

Status: Alive

Affiliation: Flagg's Council

Previous Affiliation: The Dragon Aspects

Combat Statistics

Tier: 6-B

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Standard D&D Resistances, Flight, Fire Manipulation, Heat and Flame Absorption, Earth Manipulation, Magma Manipulation, Heat Manipulation, Fear Manipulation, Regeneration (High-Low), Magic Nullification, Weather Manipulation, Telepathy, Aura, Rage Power, Darkness Manipulation, Enhanced Senses, Life Detection, Large Size (Type 3), Mind Manipulation against Reptiles, Non-Physical Interaction, Standard D&D Resistances

Attack Potency: Country level (Caused a massive Earthquake after his awakening)

Speed: High Hypersonic (Easily outspeeds most enemies within the verse)

Lifting Strength: Class T (Can lift the mountains around him by shifting his weight)

Striking Strength: Country Class

Durability: At least Country level (Totally ignored all damage from prep time spells superior to Ice Age)

Stamina: Infinite

Range: Dozens of kilometers

Standard Equipment: Demon Soul

Intelligence: Supergenius, maintains all knowledge collected regarding the cosmos since the beginning of time- however, due to the rampant insanity, he may have his vision clouded in this regard

Weaknesses: Functionally insane


  • Destroyed the mountains surrounding Grim Batol due to an Earthquake
  • Fought and killed an Archmage during his sealing
  • Easily outmatched a dozen Archdragons around Oerth


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