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Welcome to the best profile page on this wiki, that's right, my page is obviously the best, as it was made by me, and me only. Not this kid who thinks he's some Russian Colonel or something
~ Deadpool


Is this an interrogation? I bet you want me to tell you that I am a wise-cracking mercenary with a regenerative healing factor - basically a better version of Wolverine. Or you want me to say I have a keen sense of fashion and a gorgeous face. Well I'm not going to! This 'Merc With a Mouth' is keeping his mouth shut this time! Official Bio

Ha, look how lazy this guy is. He just copies and pastes the bio from my profile, about some silly game and calls it at that. Haaa. Anyway you know already who I am, the merc with a mouth, the guy who writes and stars in his own shows, games and successful movies. Oh? You didn't know I made them? Of course I did! I'm not going to let some crummy company like Disney have control of me, they couldn't write a trilogy of great movies, even if it was written in the stars.

PERSONNEL BRIEF, Directorate of Operations: Deadpool

Designation: Freelance Operative

Nationality: Canadian

Criminal Record: Extensive, but frequently purged as payment for jobs with various governments

Powers: Deadpool has a "healing factor" derived from the mutant Wolverine while he was a part of the top-secret Weapon X program. In addition from quickly healing from most wounds, Wilson is also immune to all poisons, toxins, and diseases.

Abilities: As one of the world's most accomplished and feared assassins, Wade Wilson is a master of a variety hand-to-hand and weapon techniques.

Unique Weapon(s): Though Deadpool has been known to use every means of destruction even conceived by the mind of man (and invented one or two of his own), his signature weapons are his samurai swords and twin pistols.

Known History: Wilson volunteered for the Weapon X program as a potential cure for the terminal cancer ravaging body. While the artificial introduction of Wolverine's healing factor saved his life, it also preserved his cancer: The malignant cells are in a constant war for control of the rest of the body, with never side ever able to be defeated. This constant struggle has driven Deadpool insane.

The clinical diagnosis of Deadpool's condition is "dissoviative identity disorder." The way Deadpool describes it, he has three internal monologues going inside his brain at all times: His own, one that constantly contradicts him, and a third he simply calls "The Writer."

On the other hand, Deadpool does lie a lot.

Observations: "Yes, I know Deadpool has never failed any assignment we've given him. Yes, I know he has completed missions rated 'Impossible' and 'Super Double-Dog Impossible' with laughable ease.

But our S.H.I.E.L.D. Psych Profiles suggest his mental state is rapidly degenerating. While his psychosis typically manifest itself in him thinking he's a character in monthly-published comic book series, now it's evolved into him thinking he's a character in a video game -- one on Facebook, no less. Our shrinks say they've never seen such a bizarrely specific series of delusions before. He keeps asking us to "friend him" and "gift him Shawarma ," whatever the hell that means. For that reason, I think the agency should carefully consider any attempts to hire Deadpool in the future. He may have simply become too unpredictable for S.H.I.E.L.D. to safely employ." -- Maria Hill Marvel XP Dossier

Personal Statistics

Name: Wade Wilson, Deadpool

Origin: Avengers Alliance

Gender: Male

Age: Around 30-40 years old

Weight: 210 lbs

Height: 6'2"

Affiliation: Frightful Four, Six Pack, Thunderbolts, Weapon X, X-Force

Powers and Stats

Tier: 0, 9-B | 8-A

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon Mastery, expert in Martial Arts, Self-Sustenance (Type 2) Fourth Wall interaction (Knows he's a fictional character and a profile on this wiki no less, can like people's profile on the wiki), Dimensional Storage (Some manages to fit a huge cannon/gun in his suit), Durability Negation, bypass shields and Non-Physical Interaction (Can nerf opponents stats which ignores avoidance effects like Enhanced Senses, Probability Manipulation, Illusion Manipulation), Power Nullification (Can hack the character, like they're in a game, and make them buggy and lose powers. Remove and prevent buffs), Statistics Amplification, Damage Reduction, can do extra damage to people who can regen, stat amp and with any debuffs, has a high chance to hit enemies critically, Healing Factor (Low-Mid instantly, Mid over time), Statistics Reduction (Accuracy, Defence, Speed and Attack), does extra damage on melee hits (after applying a debuff), Fire Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Biological Manipulation (Can give the opponent a headache) Stealth Mastery, heavily bleed opponents, Resurrection, Resistance to Poison Manipulation, Disease Manipulation, Radiation Manipulation, Precognition, Information Analysis, Instant kills

All previous powers plus, allied X-Force members do extra damage to statically enhanced enemies, regenerating enemies and enemies with a forcefield, can change between a brawler and blaster stance, Regeneration (Mid-High)

Attack Potency: Boundless (I'm the best there is after all and am clearly the best and strongest on this silly wiki full of all sorts of characters), Wall level+ (Scaling to Captain America physically) | Multi-City Block level (Attack should be similar to this durability feat)

Speed: Supersonic+ (via powerscaling at a speed of 1623.85 m/s) | Relativistic+ (via powerscaling at a speed of 0.69c)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman | At least Class 20

Striking Strength: Wall Class+ | Multi-City Block Class

Durability: Boundless (You can't kill like, the best character from comics period. Seriously, I'm awesome! Why would you want to kill me off? It's not like any writer can kill of the amazing Spide- I mean Deadpool!) Wall level+ | Multi-City Block level

Stamina: Godly. His regenerative abilities allow him to keep fighting seemingly almost endlessly, which is enhanced even further in his Uncanny form. He should have a limit, but it's so high he hasn't discovered it yet.

Range: Melee range, extended melee range with swords and the health bar, up to hundreds of metres with his guns

Standard Equipment:

  • Isotope-8: Iso-8 boosts the characters; Speed, Attack, Durability, Stamina, and Accuracy.
    • Savory Empowered Iso-8: Deadpool's swords inflict large cuts into the opponent causing heavy bleeding. Deadpool also jumps in front of any allies to take the damage himself and to counter attack the opponent in return.
    • Spicy Empowered Iso-8: Doesn't need to eat as the augmentation keeps his body well fed, which gives him very minor statistics amplification. Allows him to resurrect upon death at half health.
    • Ridiculous Augmented Iso-8: Attacking with his sword increases his and his target's attack, evasion, defence and accuracy.
  • Dual samurai swords
  • Dual Pistols
  • The Health bar
  • A huge cannon that has lots of weapons attached to it

Intelligence: Gifted. Although he's completely insane, he's very resourceful when it comes to assassinating, murdering and dismembering people in all sorts of ways. His insanity and smarts makes him incredibly resourceful and deadly, a combo that should be feared and respected. Aww, he thinks I'm a deadly assassin who enjoys being stained in the blood of my enemies... He's so right... Murdering people is so fun... I get high on watching people wet themselves before I cut there bodies into pieces. Ahhh, good times...

Weaknesses: Is completely insane and unpredictable That's a weakness!?!


  • Canon 616 feats (Avengers Alliance has references to the mainline comics)
  • Has years of combat experience against criminals, demons, robots, super-villains, aliens, and other super powered foes
  • Helped fight and defeat Doctor Doom's syndicate (A syndicate consisting of: A.I.M, Hydra, The Maggia, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, The Hand, U-Foes, Wrecking Crew, The Hood, and Doctor Doom)
  • Alongside Cable, he fought and defeated the U-Foes consisting of: Vapor, Ironclad, Vector and X-Ray
  • Took out the defensive perimeters all around the Hellfire Club's base of operations
  • Took out an entire horde of Ultron androids by himself
  • Captured a white gorilla from Wakanda

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Sharp Pointy Things: Deadpool slice at his opponent. The attacks ignore enemies defences and bypasses forcefields
  • Bang Bang Bang: Deadpool shoots at his opponent with dual pistols. The attacks deal extra damage to people who are statistically amplified, can regenerate, or have an active forcefield. Blocks people and removes friendly buffs on opponents and causes the enemy to take extra damage. Increased chance of critically hitting the enemy.
  • No Holds Barred: Attacks the enemy with Deadpool's health bar. Reduces the enemies attacks, evasion, defence and accuracy. Can also apply fire, ice, poison, and cause the opponent to have a migraine. Removes any debuffs on Deadpool himself
  • Happy to See You: Deadpool pulls out a massive gun and fires it his opponent. The attack ignores avoidance effects like Enhanced Senses, Probability Manipulation, Illusion Manipulation etc. This attack ignores defences and is guaranteed to be a critical hit, also exploiting enemy buffs doing more damage the more they have. This greatly increases Deadpool's statistics all round, whilst increases his damage reduction a fair amount too.

Key: Classic | Uncanny X-Force

Note: I will be comparing Deadpool to his 616 counterpart, so I'm giving credit since I will be taking some content from his page from here and here. More like you were too unimaginative and stole ideas from other people's work, seriously, what's up with this guy?


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