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After spending most of his life as a slave on a remote planet in the Unknown Regions, Loten Kallig's potential was unlocked after he killed his former master and was recruited by a Sith and was sent to the Academy on the Sith homeworld of Korriban. Rising through the ranks he was able to gain the title of Darth and became a part of the Dark Council. To satisfy his thirst for knowledge, he came back to his former homeworld so he could learn the secret of the Dark Side creatures called Danger Beasts that resided there, while also taking over the Empire of that planet.


During his time as a slave, Nox was a very shy and submissive individual, who slowly gained more confidence after meeting Leone which in the end caused him to defy his master. After his time in the Sith Academy and his quests through the galaxy, he turned into a very intelligent and cunning man, one with a desire to seek more knowledge which can lead him to power. He is also very confident, snarky, and sarcastic, which he can use to unnerve his enemies. Nox can also be pretty cruel and sadistic, only showing care towards a few people while only using others to further his own gain. While confident, he isn't arrogant, and will back out of a conflict if he knows he can't win.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 5-B

Name: Loten Kallig (formerly Loten Kalden), Lord Kallig, Darth Nox

Origin: A Look to the Past

Gender: Male

Age: Early 20s

Classification: Human/Sith Lord/Prime Minister

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses, Telekinesis, Regeneration (At least Mid-Low), Telepathy, Fire Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Psychometry, Absorption, Mind Manipulation, Forcefield Creation, Energy Projection, Weapon Mastery, Martial Arts, Aura Sensing

Attack Potency: At least Planet Level (Proved to be far superior to Esdeath)

Speed: At least Massively Hypersonic+, likely FTL (Somewhat comparable to The Hero of Tython, superior to Esdeath, moved so fast that the likes of Wave, Kurome, and Bols couldn't keep up)

Lifting Strength: At least Class M (Should be above Esdeath)

Striking Strength: At least Planet Class (Was able to hurt The Hero of Tython)

Durability: At least Planet Level

Stamina: At least Superhuman

Range: Standard Melee Range, higher with Force Powers

Standard Equipment: His ancestor's lightsaber

Intelligence: Genius (Has a vast array of academic knowledge thanks to his thirst for power, successfully manipulated Emperor Makoto to the point where he gained the position of Prime Minister, has an incredible sense for combat strategy where he ended up being the only one who gave the Hero of Tython any trouble)

Weaknesses: None notable


  • Easily knocked back Seryu with Force Lightning.
  • Squeezed a man's internal organs.
  • Moved through a large field and over a giant wall in less than a second.
  • Mind-tricked Emperor Makoto which guaranteed him a large influence in the Thousand Year Empire.
  • Killed a man and set a house on fire when he just discovered Force Lightning.
  • Moved so fast that the Jaegers could barely keep up with him.
  • Gave the Hero of Tython some trouble in their fight when Esdeath and the Jaegers couldn't.


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