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Ansem wields the dreadful power of Darkness.


Darkness Manipulation is the ability to control darkness or shadows. As darkness is often a vague concept, users of this may have a variety of uses for this power, including things such as:

  • Creating, shaping, or moving areas of darkness
  • Absorbing/Negating light
  • Teleportation through moving through shadows
  • Solidifying areas of darkness to create weapons
  • Flight or hovering through shadows
  • Controlling other people using their shadows, or alternatively, the 'darkness' in their hearts
  • Night Vision
  • Telepathy
  • The ability to create a dark mist
  • Immunity/Negation of Illusion

Users of Darkness Manipulation often obtain these powers by accessing shadowy worlds, or reverse dimensions, or through pacts with (typically) demonic or malevolent entities, or otherwise through various Dark Magics.


Users of this often fall into types:

Type 1: The user can control shadows in the immediate area for a variety of uses. They will often use it to disguise themselves, or blind others. These types are typically the most vulnerable to light, which can negate their influence, or even harm them.

Type 2: The user is able to use darkness to travel vast distances, or create shadowy constructs to harm, mimic, or control people. This is often through access to a shadowy dimension which only they and other powerful beings can access. These users may be able to negate light, or create shields of darkness to protect themselves from it.

Type 3: Users are able to use darkness in both its physical and metaphorical definitions. Users may be able to manipulate darkness to play into people's fears, mind control them, or control them via the 'darkness in their hearts', or their 'dark side'. Users may be able to fully transform themselves into shadow, or absorb shadows to become more powerful. They may also be able to cause harm to victims by mutilating, distorting, or even removing or destroying their shadow. People with exceptionally strong wills may be more resistant to this type of user.


  • May depend on their own shadow
  • Bright light
  • Being corrupted by their own powers
  • Other beings in the dimension they use, even the ones they may get their power from, may turn on them if they anger them, or do not honor a contract