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Hahaha.... don't make me laugh human! All mortals will kneel before me!
~ Dark Strider

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He is a black and gray robot, with a slim body like type, when he transforms into spectral, his arms start to look more "beefy" and bigger armour and a V on his chest with wings on his back.


Dark Strider is an evil robot that was built only to do two things,Kill and Destroy. That is all he knows mostly but as time passes on, he has knowledge of this human world called Earth.


Birthdate: August 14 (The date he was created)

Birthplace: Unknown

Height: 6'10"- 7'4"

Favorite Food: None

Likes: Destruction

Dislikes: Roy, anyone who ruins his plan

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: None

Fighting Style: A mix of Ninjutsu, Judo, Kali and Kenpo

Personal Treasures: Nothing

Alignment: Chaotic Evil/Neutral

Powers and Stats

Tier: Low 7-C | 7-A | High 7-A | Low 6-B

Name: Dark Strider Model E-6121

Origin: Divinity Treasures

Gender: Male

Age: N/A

Classification: Robot, Commander, Leader of the Stealthox

Powers and Abilities: Super Speed, Durability, Strength,Stamina, Agility, Stealth, Immune to Time-stop

Attack Potency: Small Town Level (Fought on par with Justin) | Mountain Level (Made a beam large enough to cause a Mountain to com-bust into millions of pieces) | Small Island Level (When was revived has been Stronger than its ascended mode) | Small Country Level (Weakened Evil Roy)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (out-sped Justin and Dash) | Sub-Relativistic | Relativistic

Lifting Strength: Class T | Class P

Striking Strength: Class TJ | Class PJ | Class EJ

Durability: Small Town Level | Mountain Level | Small Country Level (Took hits from Evil Roy)

Stamina: Limitless (Due to being a robot)

Range: Several of Meters

Standard Equipment: Arm Blades, Gatling Guns, Jet Wings, Dual Sabers

Intelligence: High (Can easily study and analyse the opponent with no prep time and while in battle, meaning he can find out about the weakness right away or destroy the weak-spot)


  • Annihilated Justin

, Roy, Linko and Dash in a 4 on 1

  • Punches and tears apart human limbs effortlessly

Notable Moves/Techniques:

  • Mokahama: Fires a Purple fireball that hits the opponent multiple times
  • Black Slasher: Rips and Tears the opponent apart with his arm blades
  • Gatling Finish: Fires his Gatling gun at his opponent finishing it off with a big boom
  • Disable: Disables the opponents attacks


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