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Look at you,you are literally doing child play. Wanna know why? you are pretending you're a god,meanwhile i AM already one!
~ Necroas to Versil Keylar

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Power ins't a thing, it's a state. which the biggest one belongs to me!
~ Necroas about Power

Second Form.jpg
Stars are nothing to me, why control stars when you can take over the universe?
~ Necroas attempting to conquer the universe

Third Form.jpg
Do you know what Despair is? because i don't think so. if want to know despair, then you're looking at him right now.
~ Necroas mocking Zedusos about him being so weak to him


Necroas Is A Zudragian On The Sector 78 Of The Suga Galaxy.After Discovering The Durada Stones,He Became Mad and He Would Go in a Quest for these Stones,even by killing someone. after a Battle with Sogontos Drestus,He Achieved His Perfect Form. renaming himself as Dark Legion


Necroas on his base is similar to other zurdragians. on his second form he has now bright red color and legs. on his third form he has now dark red color with a third eye and some spines. on his perfect form he's now has 6 spines and his chest with multiple yellows gem-like things and four eyes.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: ranges from Chaotic Neutral to True Neutral

Name: Dark Legion,Necroas

Origin: Sogontoverse by Maginum 3000/TyranoDoom30

Gender: Male

Classification: God Of Chaos,Zudragian

Age: 60 (30 By Human Years)

Birthplace: Zudragas

Likes: combat,a starry sky,relaxing,playing something fun,winning,food

Dislikes: losing,being peturbed,those who desobey him,traitors

Status: Alive

Affiliation: None

Combat Statistics

Tier: 6-B | 5-A | at Least 4-A to 3-C | 3-B | 2-C likely 2-B | 2-A, possibly Low 1-C

Powers And Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics,Flight,Teleportation,Earth Manipulation,Energy Projection,Summoning (Can Summon Clones Of Himself) ,Regeneration (Mid-High to Low-Godly. quickly regenerated after being destroyed to ashes and regenerated after being erased into nothing by a attack.),Fire Manipulation, Reality Warping,Air Manipulation,Resistance Negation,Energy Manipulation,Resurrection (ressurected a small Creature),Existence Erasure (Erased a Ygurarian Soldier from total existence.),Soul Manipulation (using 60% of his Power,he can destroy The soul of a enemy),Dimensional Travel (traveled from another dimension to stop "The Host") ,Fate Manipulation via The Tuyvrar Stone(can Manipulate fate and do whatever he wants with It.),Power Absorption (grabbing the face from The enemy or drinking it's blood,he can gain all the abilities and resistances of the enemy. however,it sometimes cannot work.),Black Hole Manipulation (Created a Black hole and Broke It in half Just to create another.),Gravity Manipulation (distorted the gravity of a planet,making It collapse.),Mind Manipulation (Made The mind of Rikarus to fall apart.),Transmutation (transformed Clownvar into a soda can.),Matter Manipulation (can Manipulate The matter of his foes.),Space-Time Manipulation (Created a attack that caused a rip in space-time.),Creation (Created his own power Guy so that he Could check The enemy's Power.),Portal Creation (Created The portal to another dimension to defeat "The Host."),Resistance to Existence Erasure,Soul Manipulation,Matter Manipulation and Possession (was completely unnafected by Keylar's use of ''Daravan'',which erased a entire galaxy from existence. despite having soul destruction,Dwruvar's use on him barely affected him. blocked Clownvar's "Pie Boom'',which could turn anything into a pie and resisted Riovuras's possesion.) Water Manipulation,Resistance to Death Manipulation (touched Aqu-ór,which can kill anything just by walking near them.) Absolute Zero and Ice Manipulation (turned a entire continent into temperatures lower than 0) Time Stop and Resistance to the said (can stop time and unfreezes it only when he wants and moved on Time-Boom's Time Stop with no ploblem.) Resistance to Fate Manipulation (Despite Versil Keylar wishing for him to die now,it did not happened) Power Nullification,can touch Abstract Existence and Non-Physical Interaction beings. (despite having the fact that could be only hurt with happiness,Dark legion still destroyed S.O.A) Time Manipulation (can reverse time),Self-Sustenance (Type 3),Resistance to Resistance Negation (resisted Fyus's "Saofire" attack,which ignores any resistance),Self-Resurrection (ressurected after 2 seconds even after being killed in a instant.),possible Higher-Dimensional Existence (was able to move in Versil Keylar's throne room and damage and touch Versil Keylar Itself) Regeneration Negation (up to High-Godly,made even Gods like Opa-Uř stop regenerating after a slash,said god can regenerate even after conceptual erasure) Conceptual Manipulation (is the "living embodiment of 'power' itself" according to the guardians),Resistance to Mind Manipulation,Corruption (Type 3 and 2),Power Nullification andSealing (all the embodiments of "concepts",according to the Guardians,resists all of these abilities),Passive Sealing (instantly sealed Jokuras into a world of darkness for eternity) and possible Durability Negation (stomped Kokur the Great,whose durability was "above that of Necroas") and Resistance to Morality Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation and Corruption (Type 2; was unnafected by the "Emotional Blaster" which changes the emotions of people, resisted the effects of the "Moral Stare" which if anyone looks at it their morality would be changed. is immune to Pogurus's Corruption which affects the souls on everyone on a entire universe)

Attack Potency: Country Level (Could destroy a asteroid of The size of Regnas [a country on his home planet] Which is The size of Australia) Large Planet Level (Easily Blow up Sumajir-5,Which is The size of Jupiter and destroyed another Jupiter sized planet for fun) At Least Multi-Solar System Level+ to Galaxy Level (stomped Tyrus,Which Destroyed 12 star clusters with a simple single blast,Survived Blows from OX-30,a machine that Is capable enough of turning Thousands of stars into Pieces of Metal and killed Gurgas The Second,Which is said to have The power enough to destroy 130 Star Systems and then later defeated the Celestial Flamin,which created a realm containg multiple stars and one galaxy) Multi-Galaxy Level (Should be on par with Sogontos which,around that time,Destroyed the Turav galaxy,which Is equivalent to 3 Milky Ways,defeated Dr.Articarus,which stated that he could destroy a galaxy cluster) Low Multiverse Level likely Multiverse Level (fought once again with sogontos,which at that time,had the power to destroy two small universes and defeated the Clock Menace,which was effecting multiple dimensions and timelines during their fight.) | Multiverse Level+ possibly Low Complex Multiverse Level (Defeated Versil Keylar,Which was going to destroy the Sogontoverse Infinite Multiverse,destroyed versil keylar's throne Room during his battle, Which was said to be 6th dimensional and was made of infinite universes of that dimensionality)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Keep Up With Sogontos,Which crossed two galaxies in 6.9 seconds,was faster than Fast-Wing-Fast,which crossed 10 Galaxies in just 5 seconds. searched through a entire universe in 47 seconds [62444849010661590c]. kept up against Versil Keylar Mark II, who did this) to Immeasurable (fought agaisnt Versil Keylar on his throne room, where time and space are nothing compared to it)

Lifting Strength: Class P (Easily Throw Around A Small asteroid with a hand) Stellar (Pulled a Star and thrown it away like a baseball ball.)

Striking Strength: Country Class | Large Planet Class | Multi-Solar System Class + possibly Galaxy Class | Multi-Galaxy Class | Low Multiverse Class likely Multiverse Class | Multiverse+ Class possibly Low Complex Multiverse Class

Durability: Country Level | Large Planet Level | Multi-Solar System Level+ possibly Galaxy Level | Multi-Galaxy Level | Low Multiverse Level likely Multiverse Level | Multiverse Level+ possibly Low Complex Multiverse Level (Survived attacks From Versil Keylar.)

Stamina: Very High

Range: Kilometers with energy blastes to interstellar (At Least 300km,his attacks can reach star clusters) Multiversal (his attacks were able to reach multiverses during his fight with the Clock Menace)

Standard Equipment: N/A

Intelligence: Genius,his intelligence is considered equal to Dr. Articarus,who studied the very laws of the universe itself and researched how to create black holes easily without any machines.

Weaknesses: Dont Have Control of himself During regeneration,Can became tired after using his maximun Power,Soul manipulation can make him tired

Key: First Form | Second Form | Third Form | Perfect Form during the battle with Sogontos and Pre-Sogontos Rematch | Perfect Form Post-Sogontos Battle | During and after fighting Versil Keylar


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