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D. 'ACD' Wyrm Is an OC created By ArachnoGia.


Death. 'ACD' Wyrm is an Antagonist/Protagonist Meant for a Unreleased Story Called: Hoax. His Alternate Persona Is a Mongolian Death Worm and His Current Location is the Mongolian Dessert. His main Inspiration was Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail


Wyrm's personality is always a hot-blooded and short-tempered this is because of his mental stability because he feels he needs to be a serious person even though he's been through some crisis's in his life deep-down he's actually quite caring even if he doesn't show it... he does like a good rage once in a while.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 6-A, Possibly Higher | 5-C, Possibly Higher | 5-A

Name: Wyrm "Mongolia" .Death

Age: Unknown

Classification: Hybrid, (Mixture of Worm and Human) Human?

Durability: Continent level+ (Survived a Doomsday blast that "Removes a Continent Completely"), Moon Level (Tanked a Shot from a quarter of the moon and Punched it back) | Planet level+ (Survived a Supernova for 24 minutes and 6.5 seconds)


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