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My dream is to be the strongest fighter in the multiverse, weaker than no one and stronger than everyone. It might sound crazy but I truly believe that I can do it, and I’ll keep training until I reach that point someday. So it doesn't matter to me if you are some type of demon or god. I’ll accept any challenge at any time at anyplace from anyone.
~ Dà-xiá's vow to become the strongest in the world and welcoming nature towards any challenge that will test out her own monsterous strength.
Dà-xiá Jiang
Epithet The Amazon Champion
Alignment Lawful Good
Race Unknown
Laterality Right
Gender Female
Age Unknown (physically mid 30s)
Birthday October 10
Blood Type AB-
Personal Data
Birthplace Somewhere in Africa
Affiliation Grand Casters Organization - Member
Base of Operations Her Gym
Occupation Personal Trainer
Family Jiang Yingyue - Mentor
Eye Color Golden
Hair Color Pink and Black
Height 217cm (7'1")
Weight 113kg (250 lbs)
Favorite Food Chocolate Curry Buns
Hobbies Weight Training

Watching Iron King Tournaments

Weapons Gauntlets and Greaves

In this Chinese name, the family name is Jiang (江).

Jiang Dà-xiá (Chinese: 大侠江 Pinyin: Jiāng Dà-xiá) is Yingyue Jiang's mentee. Although mistreated by her peers and onlookers in her youth, Dà-xiá has worked hard to become one of the most powerful fighters in China. Dà-xiá is the current Head trainer of the Destiny Military Academy and Grand Casters. In her spare time, she likes to play fighting video games, listen to exercise videos, and weight trains (especially with her legs). She's a sucker for "As Seen on TV" products and usually buys them when given the chance. Fighting with her self-made martial arts, Dà-xiá is a courageous and determined soldier that will jump into action to protect those in need. With each of her high kicks, she knocks down enemies all the while exhibiting a strong behind.


Most of Dà-xiá's past is still a mystery, except that she is originally from the African Continent. Due to her race's superhuman physical prowess i.e. superhuman stamina, strength, speed, and durability they were hunted and sold regularly. At a young age, Dà-xiá was taken from her mother and father and was sold at a market as a slave. One of the things that happened to her while she was there was being stripped and shown off naked. During that time, she used to cry out for her mother and father to save her. At some point, Dà-xiá was sold to a corrupt official who lived in China, the corrupt official would beat her whenever he would get angry, make her clean his entire estate & rearrange the statues and he would have her work as pest control against the Bashe and Jueyuan that raid the local villages. The corrupt official also psychologically abused her by dumping her into a makeshift lake to the point of her being terrified of him, something that still haunts her. The pinnacle of his abuse is giving. She had developed Stockholm syndrome, for him and would protect him whenever an assassin would come for his head.

She was adopted by Ying Yue a few months after she rallied the citizens against the corrupt official's gang so that they could liberate themselves from his oppressive grasp. Dà-xiá was out in the snow begging for food but was ignored by the passersby, but Ying Yue brought her into the local bar and treated her to some food. Later that night Ying Yue took Dà-xiá home with her and adopted her.


Dà-xiá is known to carry to herself with a well-disciplined and formal presence always. Even though Dà-xiá is biologically 30 years old, her appearance looks more like that of a 20-year-old with her herculean figure; Dà-xiá is a woman who is truly the embodiment of an amazon warrior. Dà-xiá is a powerful woman with an appearance that would put most male bodybuilders to shame if ever grouped. Dà-xiá's desire to be the perfect image of a strong hero required her to go beyond the absolute breaking point of her body's limits and through sheer effort was able to generate the imposing muscled figure she now possesses. Dà-xiá has a sexy chocolate skin complexion with long, curly brown hair, that reaches her back. Her hair falls into her face in several short bangs that are swept neatly to the right, then the rest of it frames her face. She has gold-colored eyes that have sclera that sometimes turns cosmic black like her adoptive mother. She wears red-rimmed glasses, that she is consistently shown fixing, to prevent her hair from getting into her eyes. Her face is handsome yet feminine, with a thick neck and sharp jawline. She also has thin eyelashes and full soft lips. Her height, which far surpasses the average females, is estimated to be slightly above six feet tall.

Her casual outfit consists of a tight-fitting black jacket vest, blue jeans (which are ripped because she fights in them a lot), and short black fingerless gloves.

Aside from her casual and formal outfits, Dà-xiá also possesses other outfits in her wardrobe but those are much more casual in style and are usually used when she is finished showering or when she’s doing some light practice. These outfits usually consist of athletic clothing such as t-shirts, tank/crop tops, and/or sweatpants that Dà-xiá finds are quite comfortable and provide their sense of comfort when compared to her usual attire. They are also excellent in absorbing sweat, which Dà-xiá is usually covered in after her extremely difficult training sessions, and leave Dà-xiá’s clothes drenched in whatever clothes she wears. These outfits are very tight and short so they do create a bit of an issue for the male members of the dojo who are fortunate to catch a glimpse of Dà-xiá stepping out of the showers, a towel was thrown over her shoulder while wearing such basic but impactful clothing.

Dà-xiá has been training as a warrior since the age of nine and because she has been training her body in such an extremely intense way for so long, Dà-xiá has come into possession of an immensely toned and fit body that resembles a mixture of both a skilled gymnast and dedicated bodybuilder. She has well-toned biceps, triceps, abdominal muscles, glutes, and calves, but none of her muscles hold a candle to her thigh muscles when it comes to volume. As a practitioner of a martial arts style that specializes in kicking, Dà-xiá’s focus on strengthening her legs has been the center of her entire training schedule and she has purposefully gone through specific training so that her legs would not be in any way inferior to her upper body. She is also extremely well endowed, possessing huge firm breasts, solid washboard six-pack abs, well-defined shoulders, and lats. However, all those take a back seat to Dà-xiá's plump rear that sways sensually with every step she takes and has gathered unwanted attention from lustful men. Dà-xiá hasn't lost any of her charming radiance and while most men may find her too intimidating to approach romantically, they still desire Dà-xiá lustfully because of her handsome face, curvaceous body, and sociable personality. Her legs are long and muscular, thanks to being honed from decades of Capoeira and Savate, perfect for her preferred fighting style which utilizes her legs to deliver bone-shattering kicks. Her arms and chest are covered in scars from her fight with Bete Noir and she has a small scar on her cheek.


Dà-xiá has a strong and vibrant personality that is easy to get along with and relate too. Her usual demeanor is that of a happy and carefree individual who enjoys socializing with different people, smiling all of the time, and rarely if ever showing dissatisfaction or depression. For all of her tough bravado, Dà-xiá is very gentle and loving towards children and tries to act like a "big sister" to them.

Dà-xiá possesses an unyielding sense of moral justice and duty towards those who require assistance. She is also a great advocate of helping people to make their way and will usually only intervene on behalf of those with the will —but not the means— to help themselves. Her devotion to morals and integrity comes from her mother and grandmother. She has a good set of leadership skills as well as tactician skills that are valuable in large scale battles. Like her mother, she is an extremely curious, independent individual, going off to explore wherever she wants on a whim.

Because of the teachings, she endured from her mother. In her eyes, no one is above the rules and often takes great extremes to keep the students in line, by any means necessary. However, she sees this form of teaching as a way to make sure the students get the message that if their lives didn't matter, she wouldn't have wasted the time of scolding them. Underneath her seriousness are a kind and caring woman who wants nothing more than to see all her students turn into exemplary citizens. Despite how young she still looks, Dà-xiá is known to be a very wise person who understands the troubles that some of her students go through, and can better relate to them.

Dà-xiá also surprisingly has a flirtatious side, as there have been numerous occasions where she has off handily offered to make love with anyone who can best her in combat. Though tempted, all of them reject the idea out of fear of having to face off against such a powerful warrior. Dà-xiá still holds her pride as a mighty hero and as such, she has unyielding confidence in her abilities and makes it a point to show no mercy towards those who do not face her seriously. If there's one thing in the multiverse that will tick Dà-xiá off more than anything, it is a male's reluctance to fight a woman just because of their gender. She is very perverted and enjoys the manservice provided in the Iron King fights. Per Dà-xiá’s age, that being a woman in her mid-thirties — she is fully aware and understanding of romantic and sexual topics but has yet to be in a relationship with a member of the opposite sex. Due to her dedication to the martial arts, it has been hard for her to develop intimate bonds with men close to her age, especially since most of them are weaker than her.

Dà-xiá has a complex over her body for being too muscular and thus not as feminine as she would want. Also, despite her perfectly normal proportions (for a Gestalt user), she believes herself to be overweight; Dà-xiá can be regretful about her obsession with burgers, often being concerned with the size of her buttocks. Dà-xiá has a great love of burgers, which she claims she consumes to keep her strength up for teaching and fighting. During her spare time, she completes a hundred or more exercises, and she is capable of many brutal feats of strength.

If there’s one thing about Dà-xiá that she’s known best for — it is her relentless determination towards becoming as strong as she possibly can. Her drive and motivation are to be unmatched in her trade — both among men and woman and she’s certainly demonstrated willpower that leaves others speechless at her fierce tenacity. Dà-xiá’s obsession with strength comes from her desire to prove the stereotypes of women not being as physically strong as men wrong and she’s dedicated her life to eradicating this false narrative. In that sense, she can be quite stubborn as she takes training to a new extreme and has endured various types of training that could be considered lethal if it weren’t being performed by someone like Dà-xiá. Ironically, it’s this crazy mindset that has led to many individuals admiring and wanting to follow in Dà-xiá’s footsteps.

As you’d expect from such a dedicated practitioner of the martial arts — Dà-xiá loves a good challenge and will take it in whatever form she can get it. Anyone is free to challenge her if they believe they are capable of defeating her and she welcomes a fight with open joy and excitement, which was one of the reasons why she opened her dojo in the first place. Following this note, Dà-xiá has no sense of “fear” and is almost impossible to intimidate — having fought against opponents of superior size and strength since she was a little girl. Dà-xiá treats all of her sparring matches with the utmost respect and bows before every battle to express her respect for her opponent. These polite manners were installed into her by her various masters, who expressed that it was very important for any martial artist to be respectful to their enemies before and even after a battle unless the circumstances prevent that.

Powers and Abilities

Superhuman Physical Characteristics and Unconventional BFR Resistance (Her leg strength being especially notorious due to her never skipping leg day. She is strong enough to kick through the Dimensional Prison's walls back into reality.), Acrobatics (Dà-xiá also uses her skills in gymnastics as a focal point in her style, often using the flexibility she has gained from gymnastics and yoga to perform movements and contort into positions that not only makes her a difficult opponent to catch but allows her to attack in ways that take advantage of her flexibility and unique fighting style at the same time.), Statistics Amplification (Dà-xiá's kicking strength vastly increases the longer she keeps attacking uninterrupted; furthermore, those kicks won't feel like much of anything because each kick has a delayed destructive impact that activates once the kicking stops.), Damage Boost (She has increased leg attack damage when she puts on her greaves allowing her to hit twice as hard as she normally could), Statistics Reduction (With each ten hit combo she creates a weak point on her foes. When a weak spot is struck the foe receives three times the damage and pain as it would normally receive, furthermore, the durability to the foe drops dramatically in that area of the body.), Accelerated Development (Training; Physical Stats, Abilities, Other - Dà-xiá gains more ω Power the longer that she fights causing her bust size and parameters to increase with each cup size that she goes up.), Invulnerability (Is immune to damage on her level up to a certain point), Qi Manipulation (Qi can be used defensively and offensively, to strengthen her skin or to fire Qi blasts, be shaped into various weapons, and form defensive barriers. Dà-xiá can create various afterimages out of Qi and can switch to the one she wants to attack with or dodge attacks. She can also use Qi for various other applications, such as enhancing her fists to the point they strike with the force of an earthquake, vastly enhancing her senses, hiding her presence, create new bodies, among other things. Her most impressive Qi technique is when she creates a Large Size (Type 4) massive projection of herself with pure Qi, which then unleashes a million giant hands to pummel the surrounding area. This technique is powerful enough to affect continent-wide weather patterns, and the projection alone can inspire fear in those able to see or sense it.), Flight (Can fly by manipulating her Qi and the flow of Qi in the surrounding area), Astral Projection (She can create giant fists out of thin air to hit her opponents), Acausality (Type 1, 2, 3 and 4), Barrier Generation (Dà-xiá's Qi makes a passive barrier that adapts to concepts and as such can influence territories like higher-dimensional interference created by Angels, Demons and Great Old Ones. Her barrier's special nature resides in eliminating weak points.), Limited Attack Reflection (Her passive barrier will change the direction of any projectile attack in Dà-xiá's blind spots ensuring her safety.), Grandmaster Martial Artist (Dà-xiá is a monster when it comes to martial arts creating a style known as Deadly Killer Kickboxing, and is rarely seen using her arms or fists when fighting. When in battle, Dà-xiá primarily fights her opponents by using a large number of skillful and specialized kicks. Incorporating front kicks as to strike the opponent's face or chest on with the heel of her foot, sidekicks, to assault the enemy with the side or heel of the foot with her legs parallel to the ground, and roundhouse kicks, where Dà-xiá attacks with the front of the foot or the lower shin to the head or the body in a chopping motion. Dà-xiá uses sweeping kicks, to knock the opponent off her feet, she is capable of throwing a furious flurry of kicks in one fluid motion, allowing her steely legs to lash out at her enemy over and over again to ensure her assaults are more or less safe from being taken advantage of and are very difficult to counter as she can repel strikes by reversing the attacks of her opponents while also taking the chance to counter with an attack/combo of choice, thus avoiding getting hit but also punishing the opponent for attacking, and even a single kick is capable of shattering Omni-steel shields. She makes prodigious use of leverage when conducting her offensive, allowing her kicks to maintain their power and accuracy while setting up for the next sequence. In tandem, she uses a method of specific movements that place her adversary on the defense while guiding their responses to her barrage, carefully limiting them to specific rebuttals that Dà-xiá can anticipate and use against them. The result of getting kicked is very devastating even to people around the same level. Even a strong opponent will be sent flying away and usually sustain a crippling injury. Dà-xiá is extremely agile, flexible, and has amazing lower body strength and hip control which explains her bottom focus figure. She is also an undisputed MMA Super Heavyweight champion, three-time Brozen Taekwondo medalist in the Olympics, and was the Bikini Brawl Prize Queen for 267 days.), Limited Sealing (One of Dà-xiá's primary magics which she more frequently uses through her Bo Staff which has several seal markings. With this magic, Dà-xiá can seal away objects and most medium or long-range attacks into the markings. At the same time, she can unseal them and release them back at the sender. The only thing she can't seal is living beings like animals or humans.), Power Mimicry (Can mimic any martial arts technique after seeing it once.), Information Analysis (Can detect the physical conditions and weaknesses of a person with 100% accuracy by exchanging a punch with them.), Kinetic Energy Manipulation, Power Nullification, and Paralysis Inducement (Daxia's Magic allows her to nullify and absorb any impacts on her body, storing them, and then releasing them to amplify her attacks; furthermore, this allows her to also be able to nullify any energy-type attack by reducing the attack's kinetic energy to zero. She can trap people in her special glomp, stopping them from moving by draining all of their kinetic energy or make them unable to stop if in motion. She has control of kinetic energy at a molecular level. She can turn an object's potential energy into kinetic energy, making it explode.), Precognition (Can predict the entire outcome of a fight just by looking at her opponent's fighting stance, should have Analytical Prediction equal to the likes of Queen Arthur that can easily see the future of entire countrywide conflicts and Dà-xiá's predictions were accurate enough to go toe-to-toe with Queen Arthur's real Precognition.), Weapon Mastery (Sometimes fights using special greaves and gauntlets which helps her increase the damage output of her attacks and properly channel her elemental energy.), Instinctive Reaction (Avoided Blindside's technique that attacks that are imperceptible with instincts.), Can hide her presence by manipulating her life-force, Immense Pain Tolerance (Due to the physical strain and abuse on her body when she used her strength, Dà-xiá grown to the point she no longer feels it.), Possesses incredible willpower (All Magicians have powerful willpower strong enough to resist the effects of Hell which is the combined consciousness of all damned humans across all parallel universes, past, present, and future.), Immortality (Type 1; Type 2 - fought off an army for an entire year even after reciving several grevious injuries; Type 4 - After having the concept of death forced onto her, Dà-xiá still resurrected herself to continue protecting others; Type 8 - She has even returned to life after being existence erased by Ilona only using her own will.), Self-Sustenance (Type 1 and 2), Extrasensory Perception (Can see invisible beings and detect souls. She can even see a soul's specific characteristics.), Existence Erasure and Durability Negation (Much like other Magicians, Dà-xiá's basic attacks can erase a target from existence, making it so they never were as long as she hits the opponent with the intent to erase them; furthermore, her basic attacks also bypass durability and resistances on a conceptual level by turning the durability and resistances of her opponents to zero.), Regeneration via Causality Manipulation (At least Mid, however, her regeneration powers only work on life-threatening injuries or when hit by Existence Erasure. Destineverse regeneration works by basically rewriting reality as if the attack never happened back to a lightly injured state and then heals from there however it only works a handful of times.), Enhanced Senses (All of her senses are on such a high level that they allow her to sense Sierra Myst while erasing herself from existence to conceal her presence.), Non-Physical Interaction (Much like other Magicians users Dà-xiá can fight Ex Nihilo which are conceptual/Nonexistent beings; Can destroy on a conceptual level that even beings with high-godly regeneration cannot easily recover from.), Pain Manipulation (Those who do not even have a sense of pain, will feel pain done by Dà-xiá's strikes), Resistance Negation (Her entire body can bypass conceptual resistances), Density Manipulation (Can decrease or increase a person's or her own weight.), Superhuman Charisma (Dà-xiá has so much and charisma, that demons and gods don't want to fight her.), Multilingual (innately speaks and understands every verbal and nonverbal language in existence), The average Magician can change their fates to evade inevitable outcomes such as being erased by Existence Erasure or allow the user to dodge a Causality Manipulation based attack that always strikes its target. Magic bypasses resistance to Reality Warping and Conceptual Manipulation on a level that can affect Azathoth.

Absorption and Death Manipulation (Unaffected by Silhouettes, which passively kill and absorb things around them), Existence Erasure (Can take hits from Ex Nihilos, which can do this with any attack), mimicry-based abilities, fate, paradoxes, memory manipulation, high-level reality warping, poisons, toxins, higher dimension negation, disease, conventional weapons (can only be harmed by conceptual and magical weaponry), Sealing, Extreme Heat and Cold (Aura protects the user from sub-zero temperatures up to -305 degrees C, allowing them to walk through a blizzard in a swimwear or be encased in Absolute Zero ice without being cold, as well as extreme heat up to 300 million degrees C), Only a being of equal power has a chance of negating her immortality, Unconventional resistance to Power Nullification, Power Modification, Power Absorption, Soul Manipulation and Power Mimicry (Gestalts are inscribed into the minds and souls which resists any outside interference unless the interference is stronger than the user's imagination and beliefs), Madness manipulation Corruption (Those with Gestalt are highly resistant to the insanity inducing and corrupting influence of Cthulhu. Even so much as looking at a Silhouette can cause one to lose their sanity and will eventually turn them into a Silhouette. Silhouettes induce fear and paralysis to the opponent by existing.), conceptual manipulation, Emotion manipulation, transmutation, Illusions, resistance and durability bypass (her clothing), Resistance to Life Manipulation & Death Manipulation (Through the blessing of Providence), plot-based defenses, probability, Possession & Mind Manipulation (All Gestalt users are naturally resistant to being possessed and mentally influenced i.e. hypnotized and mind-controlled), Extrasensory Perception (Cannot be sensed by beings lesser than a “God”) and time manipulation. All resistances are on a conceptual level

All previous abilities to a much higher scale, plus Abstract Existence and Non-Corporeal (Type 1), Self-Sustenance (Type 1, 2 and 3) and Can create a world with infinite space and infinite dimensions.

Combat Statistics

Tier: High 4-C+, Varies with Gestalt based attacks | 2-A When using her Weapons Attack Potency: Large Star level (Can beat down Kyoko Ito, one of the strongest characters who destroyed a Suneater that ate UY Scuti. Capable of harming a Behemoth Remnant of Darkness with only regular butt bumps, should be comparable to her adoptive mother Yingyue.) She can ignore durability and resistances in a variety of ways. | Multiverse level+ (She was able to defeat Shub-Niggurath in one hit after not fighting or training for over a year, she was also able to defeat Fight Knight in a single hit while he was wearing his Enchanted Godslayer Armor after holding off millions of Remnants of Darkness for a year.)

Speed: Superhuman Travel Speed, Immeasurable Attack speed, Reaction time and combat speed. (Comparable to other Gestalt users who can keep up with beings that exist above and beyond multiversal causality, dimensions, and time-space.)

Lifting Strength: Class M (Has lifted The Prydwen when Queen Arthur dropped it on top of her.) | Class T (Has lifted a Behemoth Remnant of Darkness)

Striking Strength: Large Star Class (Can trade blows with Suneater Class Remnants of Darkness with ease.) | Multiverse level+ (Can trade blows with Great Old ones with ease.)

Durability: Large Star level (Survived being attacked by Kyoko Ito, who previously destroyed a giant Suneater) | Multiverse level+ (Can trade blows with Great Old ones with ease.)

Intelligence: Quite high. She has incredible instincts which makes her usually discern things far above her intellectual capacity or things which might blatantly not be noticeable with pure intellect. Has outsmarted a nigh-omniscient supercomputer on multiple occasions and is regarded as one of the most talented fighters to ever be taught by the King of Fighters. Dà-xiá is usually the strategist when apart of a group and resorts to analyzing her opponents to exploit their weak points, trying to put herself in an advantageous position when fighting instead of simply resorting to brute force. Dà-xiá is among the most knowledgeable trainers in the Destiné and is in charge of training the immensely skilled Grand Casters in hand-to-hand combat. Extremely knowledgeable in martial arts and strategy. Her skill was such that all of the Fight Knights of the Squared-Circle, who are known to be at the pinnacle of their respective styles, needed to fight her simultaneously to stand on even ground. She seems to be a bit of a bimbo, but this is mainly just a personality quirk.

Stamina: High Superhuman, took an entire year of continual fighting to start developing exhaustion. She casually brushes off beatings as if they were nothing and is used to extreme amounts of exercise. Can continue fighting with ease despite having a completely mangled arm, strained leg muscles, broken ribs, and a collapsed lung.

Range: Melee range slightly higher with her butt and sansetsukon, Irrelevant range with her powers


  • Hero's Gauntlets: A pair of gauntlets that she made out of the shield of a Dungeon Master called Heavy King. They can create massive shock waves upon impact. Whenever she is channeling either the elements of fire or lightning her attack damage is increased. Through sheer willpower, Dà-xiá can summon two types of arms, fire, and lightning, to tear apart her enemies.
  • Champion's Greaves: A pair of greaves made with special omnisteel that are used and worn by Dà-xiá. The Champion's Greaves is an immensely powerful kicking weapon, the soles also open up, letting out a spinning blade. Seemingly by focusing her channeled wind energy through her greaves, they create powerful whirlwinds allowing Dà-xiá to the levitate herself and propel herself forward and in the air. The greaves also increase her acrobatic capabilities. It seems to dramatically increase her leg strength, allowing her to jump vast distances, land from high falls uninjured, and deliver devastating kicks.
  • Monkey King's Sansetsukon: She can manipulate the length and thickness of the pole she uses as a weapon. By channeling either earth, metal, or wood into her sansetsukon she can freely manipulate these elements that are within 15 meters of her. A tricky weapon of Chinese origin with similarities to the Bo Staff and Nunchaku. Ying Yue convinced Monkey King to give his Ruyi Jingu Bang, the legendary staff he wielded to Dà-xiá for safekeeping while he was imprisoned in the Dimensional Prison.


  • Has trouble predicting the actions of extremely spontaneous opponents.
  • Due to her being bottom-heavy, she can easily lose balance if pushed too hard.
  • Refuses to use long-range attacks unless necessary
  • Unable to see well without her glasses or contacts, subverted with her sensory skills.
  • She will put herself in harm's way to protect innocents.
  • Though Dà-xiá appears as an unbeatable paragon of fearsome power, even she has her limits as most acts of overexertion on her part are followed by a crippling regurgitation of blood linked to her internal injuries from the wounds that she received when she fought Demon God Wrath.
    • She tends to hold back so she won't overexert her body.
  • Dà-xiá seeks strong opponents and will, therefore, allow her opponents to reach their full power for the sake of a good fight.
  • Not very skilled fighting against opponents whose fighting style revolves around projectiles as well as opponents who are adept at dodging attacks.
  • Due to the destructive nature of her powers, she cannot go all out if there are innocent lives in the crossfire.


  • Dà-xiá never skips a single leg day and she does train her upper body when she has the time.
  • Her specialties are Xingyi Quan and Bagua Zhang, she knows a little of Baji Quan and Xinyi Liuhe Zhang as well, however, she has trained with grandmasters and veterans of many different styles mastering them all, most notably Muay Thai and Taekwondo.
  • Dà-xiá passed the “Tawawa Challenge” with flying colors, balancing 4 smartphones easily.
  • Her preference in men is the broad-minded quiet types, like her father.
  • Dà-xiá is a conspicuously inconspicuous fujoshi. Her love for yaoi media stemmed from reading a slash fic that one of her students wrote.
  • Her hobby is weight training.
  • Dà-xiá also has a muscle fetish.
  • Dà-xiá is credited with creating a Magic Com Device app that allows users to track sightings of the Remnants of Darkness and opening of Twilight Rings.
  • When her butt is grabbed by others their fingertips get lost in them, as though her flesh were gelatin.
  • Dà-xiá has a very saucy hip-swaying walk that also applies to her entire combat arsenal of sexy acrobatics and striptease/pole dance style attacks.
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