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D&D Homebrew is a community made extension to the basic D&D rules, often crossing over with other universes (with notable examples being Naruto, Dark Souls, and Lord of the Rings). While not one solidified verse, it does include many sub-verses created and adapted from the original basic Dungeons and Dragons game.

Note: This verse does use both fan-made and canon artwork of D&D regularly. Keep this in mind that credit is not assumed for the page makers and rather goes wholly to the original artists who have dedicated their time to the game all of us have grown to love.

Power of the Verse

Varies from rendition to rendition, D&D defaults to Tier 2 peaks within most settings, with most players never seeing above Tier 7. That said, even the full D&D game possesses at least one Tier 1, and Homebrew has the potential for world-shattering concepts. This particular verse refers to the Homebrew campaign of Mr. Bambu, though can be expanded to include other Homebrew campaigns as well.

Mr. Bambu's Homebrew

While most characters fit somewhere between Tier 9 and 7, several more potent foes have feats in the range of Tier 6, with god tiers such as The Man In Black and Xavier Nightchild possessing Tier 2 feats. Ability wise, the verse has immense resistances to practically all other abilities within the verse (and powers that outright pierce those resistances).

Practically all characters within the verse have Non-Physical Interaction against beings like spirits, intangible creatures, and even Type 1 Abstracts in the form of Devils; common hax abilities include Mind Manipulation, Death Manipulation, BFR, Existence Erasure, Perception Manipulation, Text Manipulation, Morality Manipulation, and even Causality Manipulation once one reaches higher tiers.

User blog:Mr. Bambu/Homebrew Scaling Chains

Mr. Bambu's VSBW Homebrew

Technically, this is simply an extension of the existing table run by myself. The power may vary considerably depending on the feats performed by the players (though feat creation is far from the intent). Due to the fact that it is relatively early, the party currently scales to 9-B feats.

Internet Stories

This verse page also compiles characters from misc. stories across the internet. Their power can be extremely variable based off of the story they're on, but usually do not breach past the canon scale of power.


Mr. Bambu's Setting

Mr. Bambu's VSBW Setting

GreyFang82's Vampire Setting

GreyFang82's Hell Campaign



  • Udlmaster
  • Mr. Bambu
  • Colonel Krukov
  • DMUA (I play Bayhard in the VSBW section, and I wouldn't be if I didn't like it.)
  • Serpent of the Internet 97
  • L1zerd guy (I play Lizerd, and I'm the guy that fed wererat meat which I got out of the sewers to my allies. I'm also currently running a 5e adventure with others doing a Reptilian, zombie like hybrid missions (mission involving both or one or the other))
  • GreyFang82 (I play Leon, I have a 5e homebrew world about vampires, and I was the one who made Bambu waste hours of his life making a 5e homebrew class into a 3.5e homebrew class)
  • Darkmon cns (I have a page. Also I'm at the table)
  • PsychoWarper (Have played in Bambu's campaign twice, including the current one)



Mr. Bambu's Homebrew Characters

Transcendent Beings

  • The Luminous Being

God Tiers

Tier 2 and Above

  • The Man in Black
  • Xavier Nightchild
  • Baba Yaga

Top Tiers

Tier 6 and Above

  • Stephen Amber
  • Maryn
  • Father Braniman

  • Acererak
  • Deathwing

  • High Tiers

    Tier 7 and Above

    • Vaerun
    • Lord Wrathian
    • Curufin of the Bow
    • Ryan St. Germaine
    • Nandor
    • Mogar of the Yeomanry
    • Veronica Starburst
    • Arcanther
    • Shaitan
    • Dexion Starr
    • Ciren the Leprechaun
    • Orric One-Eye
    • Rocca the Savior
    • Gimple
    • Balin
    • Arminius
    • Ferrax Highborne
    • Oulu
    • Dinestra
    • Driz'ree
    • Thordin the Archmage
    • The Marvelous Chester
    • Chindus
    • Xinithar
    • Halfling Horror from the Hills
    • Mo'ad

  • Krypp, Chosen of Baphomet
  • Gorsh, Paragon of Fire
  • Big Money Gripp
  • McGloin
  • Dark Ranger Kezan
  • The Blood Witch
  • Varago

  • Thirteen Pillars of Serth LaKresh

    • Draigo
    • Orthiel
    • Targonius
    • Valstax
    • Sallamont
    • Garond
    • Vesmar
    • Kal'tharan
    • Allesandra
    • Lilliana
    • Shaxx
    • Tormar
    • Qrowe

    Orders of Yharnam

    • Kamui
    • Risryn
    • Thyrin
    • Simeon
    • Grizmaldur
    • Feredir

    Mid Tiers

    Tier 8 and Above

    • Arken
    • Zeek
    • Gruut

  • Xanalon
  • Dervill
  • The Beast of Averoigne
  • Shadow Rakshasa
  • Mortismo

  • Low Tiers

    Tier 9 and Above

    • Glock
    • Krowe
    • Astfgl
    • Sir Blackblood
    • Hithlum
    • Vervaine of the Light

  • Ned
  • The Headless Horseman
  • The Nightmare
  • The Shape
  • The Butcher
  • Forbidden City Witches

  • Standard Creatures

    • Quazar Dragon
    • Aliax

    Mr. Bambu's VSBW Setting

    This setting is a continuation of the past setting, merely revised to allow for the Discord table. Characters might interact with characters from the original table.

    Player Characters

    Non-Player Characters

    Species of Monsters

    • Aliax
    • Quazar Dragon


    False Goblin King Arc

    The New World Arc

    The Scourge of Ratholme Arc

    Udlmaster's Setting


    • Lady Hecate Noturna
    • Pitac
    • Uriel
    • Illias, Son of Elres
    • Haroun
    • Rudi of the Pheonix
    • Salutis the Redeemed
    • Sector
    • Gnuxa

    A Dark World (GreyFang82)

    Deities / Other Powerful Entities

    • Nodens
    • The Cold Ones
    • Asmodeus



    Players / The 121st Regiment


    Powerful Weapons & Artifacts

    Ascension of the Fallen Son (GreyFang82)


    God Tiers

    Top Tiers

    • Micheal
    • Lucifer
    • Raphael
    • Gabriel

    High Tiers

    • Zariel, The Redeemed
    • Viryn, Solar of Tyr
    • Castiel, Solar of Lathander
    • Samuel Colt


    • Rihanna
    • Hope
    • Black Jack
    • Bravery

    Internet Stories

    By the Way, Can You Survive an RPG Game?

    Crew of the Azure Dove

    Player Characters

    • Gehenna Caeruleum
    • Gukhrog
    • Jar Brawn
    • Lazarus
    • Sentir-Schwam
    • Xolgog
    • Chris (Former crew member)
    • Eryman (Former crew member)

    Non-Player Characters

    • Eldrazad
    • Galorant Tremendent
    • Gallahard
    • Faragor
    • Jurik
    • Razmodias
    • Rut
    • Bhallax
    • Bartleby
    • Gaffy
    • Olus
    • Alfred Lloyd Gearsworth


    • Ophinix
    • Liminal Dragon


    • Azure Dove