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Cyverse is a verse created by Vericulumvenatrix.


Cyverse started out as a divergent RWBY blog on Tumblr or Ruby Rose, before evolving into a far more famous verse. It is primarily inspired by Dragon Ball from Akira Toriyama and draws roots from the Cthulhu Mythos, the Dark Tower & SCP Loredom as well. One can note that Ruby was heavily influenced and developed alongside Goku. I plan to fully flesh out this Verse with a more coherent story and populate it with interesting characters that aren't always OP in time. All of the characters in the Notable Fighters section can be freely used in Vs. Threads, but please notify me beforehand.

If you have any questions, please ask them on the phantxmthief blog or wiki.

Power of the Verse

Cyverse is an immensely powerful verse in its own right.

The Characters range from Multi-Building Level on its lowest to a questionably Omnipotent Character in Azathoth. The characters are both defined by raw power and skill, having insane hax-like reality warping, space-time manipulation and many more abilities. The higher tiers have a lot of resistances to Hax Abilities, as well as having an massive amount of them.

The series is split into Three Parts

  • Part 1: The first part covers Ruby's teenage years, all the way up to her marriage, discovery of Ascension, fight with Salem and saving Universe 12 from peril and destruction multiple times in the process. In this part, the fighters range from Multi-Building Level, to later on Planet Level.
  • Part 2: Is the part where Ruby and co. come into contact with the concepts of the Universe, as well as the Gods of Destructions, the Angels and so on and on. From here on out the fighters range from Universe Level all the way up to High Complex Multiverse level.
  • Part 3: The final and last part of the Cyverse metaseries has a split focus between Ruby Rose and her daughter, Arancia Rose. mostly on Arancia's journey towards the Crimson Tower and how she came to be the Scarlet King. On Ruby's and co sides, they finally touch upon their Outer God Roots and learn how to live with such revelations. The power in this goes all they way from Hyperverse Level, all the way to High Outerversal.




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