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Cyborg (DC Comics) is a notable example of a Type 2 cybernetization.


Cybernetization - combining technology and organics, creating a hybrid of biological beings and machines. Due to this, can provide a wide range of additional features, like superhuman physical characteristics, enhance regeneration, and even partial immortality. Cybernetization includes everything from minor prostheses to (almost) complete replacement of biological parts.


  • Partial - replaced only some parts of the body, which increases the physical characteristics and gives some additional features (for example, built a weapon or forcefields). However, the character in this still largely remains a man with all its inherent disadvantages (living flesh still vulnerable, blood flows through the veins and the heart is beating, and if it is destroyed, then this half-cyborg will die).
  • Normal - the whole outer shell of the body is replaced with cybernetic devices are only human internal organs (and even then not all). This cyborg can resist adverse environmental effects (eg, ignore the high or low temperatures) or quickly adapt to them. In addition, it can convert almost all of his body into weapons. However, the internal organs are still vulnerable, and if they are destroyed, the cyborg will die.
  • Full - replacing exposed everything except the brain (and in some cases, it also remains a copy of the human consciousness that is used as a substitute for the AI). These cyborgs have virtually no weaknesses (you need to disable all of them, otherwise they will continue to function). However, they are humans with a very big stretch (as in fact they do not differ from the robots).


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