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Opening Theme


Culminverse follows story of a hero name Rubert,born from a collapsing star and child of Luminous, a source god who is responsible for his creation.

The setting takes place in mostly outer space,where Rubert explores across the vastness of space and other alternative universes.

Across the cosmos,they are other races that reside in different planets and are knowingly called aliens. They have different cultures and such.

In planet earth and other alien civilizations are drastically different across each alternative universes,with major distinctive differences.

Sometimes, a extra dimensional horror threat or large and threatening source entities, arrive in the material realm which it's Rubert's duty to destroy them before they threaten the whole existence.

Power of the Verse

Varied, due to the infinite amount of beings residing in higher layers of dimensions and Sorcerers/Golems in the multiverse. Sorcerers and source entities speed varies in what magic and power type they possess as some of them can warp reality though most of them are at supersonic+ speed while some have speed of light reactions from dodging energy firearms. While most source entities that are inside the material realm, due to their low connection in the material realm from the source dimension, their true power is weakened when they leave the source dimension. 

Their tier greatly varies as well, Sorcerers and most source entities stops at either in the tier 10-B or 9-A. While tier 5-B is only inclusive to certain source entities. And high 4-C with magic for some source entities or sorceress. However, one of their strengths is in their attack potency,universal range hax and golems.

Lower tiers, Sorcerers and source entities are able to produce magical attacks that can go from mountains to large star size class attack potency or universal range with hax. The highest tiers,the golems are mostly high 4-C in nature and are able to travel in FTL through their speed alone depending on their god's choices of making them and are not weakened in the material realm because of their god's interference, allowing them to have a set of powers and abilities without being limited due to having being born in the material realm rather than in the source dimension.

Every sorcerer and golem can reach a multiversal scale through sheer willpower resulting in unlocking new resistances and powers. This does not apply to source entities because of their restrictions in the material realm. 

The true strength of this verse is their unique versatility of hax they possess. Every sorcerer,golem, and source entity has durability negation as magic attacks the very soul of their being from accessing the source. Their hax can range from spatial manipulation,mind manipulation,time manipulation,probability manipulation and more. 

HOWEVER, sorcerers and golems that have not reach multiversal scale, most hax only works in their main universe meaning that they have to travel into another universe if they want to put their power in use. And most source entities that are present in the physical realm and ancestral plane as well sorcerers are glass cannons. 

The most powerful and strongest of them all is the gods that rules over the source.

They exist within the source, a realm that is infinite dimensional of everything that composes the multiverse. They have their own goals towards the multiverse. They can manipulate causality when a source disturbance happens somewhere in the multiverse, allowing them to create golems in the material realm. The golems possess deadly set of powers and abilities depending on their god's choosing. Golems can threaten a whole multiverse, from either their large size and aura influence or their set of powers. Although, the source gods cannot directly physically interact in the material realm, they can only observe them from their realms and visiting mortals/sorcerers though dreams.

The strongest entity is called The Amaranthus or simply known as the creator of the source,who is responsible for the creation of the source and the ultimate being which lies beyond the boundaries of existence.

All in all, this verse is astoundingly strong in its own right.

The Source


The source is a tool that sorcerers use, a way of bending reality to their whims. They harness from it and they control it, but they have no absolute control over it. There is energy and life in the source, neither good nor evil. It is power they use at their own choosing. ~Researcher and scientist explains about the source

The Immaterial,Immaterium,Aether or commonly called the source, is extra dimensional realm and the embodiment of all the magical energy that flows in the material realm. It is where the source entities,mortals, and golems alike access their power. The realm is likewise ocean of strong imagination and ideas that draws it from mortals,giving birth to outlandish creatures and new gods in the source. 

The source is spread out in every universe. No sorcerer or golem can enter it without the proper set and knowledge of where to go or what realm they might end up into.

Source disturbances are rare but do happen. Portals that connect to the source dimension can sometimes open in a chaotic manner that varies from size and how long it remains open. 

Most of the time, the height of a 12 feet tall person/object and 200-inch width of the portal. This allows some of the residents in the source to leave their home and enter the physical realm, though it weakens their powers and abilities to an extent. 

Some source entities have a rather large size and can destroy planets through their sheer size from physically might if the portal is big enough for them. Accessing and using the source is moderately safe, the only side effect is attracting entities from the source. It could develop into similar of having schizophrenia when possessed by one.

Although, beings who have strong willpower are able to ignore them,weakening and losing their connection of the source entity that tried to possess them. Mortals access the source from birth and the powers are later manifested based on their personality and traits. 

No one knows why some people are born with having a connection to the source, the feasible theory that most scholars and scientists agree is the parents level of faith towards religion or the supernatural. With high faith, allows the parents to have some connection to the source therefore transferring that connection to the newborn child.  

These powers will become to show themselves later time, leading the children as they grow older to be aware of their new-found powers and will begin to learn how to control it.

Ancestral Plane


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The ancestral plane is similar to the extra dimensional called the source, as it is also spread out to every universe but it is instead layer between the material and the Immaterial realm as well being it's own separate meta-universe from the physical realm,existing in higher dimension of the material realm and are mirror image of the waking universe,same planets,stars,cosmic geographical features and etc. Strangely, the ancestral plane only has one homeworld and everything else in the cosmos doesn't have any inhabitable planets, only astronomical objects.

Unlike the extra dimensional realm called the source,anyone from the physical or source realm can enter safely with magic/technology or entering through dreams and is not chaotic like the source which is why there are civilizations existing in this domain.

Source disturbances strangely happens to this place and they are more common. The one thing that this realm can't do is producing portals like the source disturbances to open gateway in the physical realm.

Many if not all the source gods aren't interfering or interested in the ancestral plane because of their countless war from one another for their goal to rule or protect material realm as well other personal objectives which is the reason why the ancestral plane is still intact. Even if they do want to interfere,they couldn't due to the world being protected by very powerful magic that prevents them from ruling or interfering however since source disturbances do happen in this world,they sometimes send their armies here for whatever objection or reason they have.

Besides the place being very similar to habitable planet like earth and has high fantasy tone in this world, it contains vast geographical features and inhabited by various creatures or people from the source and material realm.

The world in the ancestral is plane completely vast as there are numerous races,civilizations and beings in the Ancestral Plane.

Despite having civilizations and most source gods not interfering this realm,there are however malicious source gods willingly to interfere and try to rule this place. Due to source disturbance being a common occurrence in every once for while,the nations in the ancestral plane and towns sometimes are invaded from army send by their god and other invading nations.

World of Amriel

Amriel is the world in the Ancestral Plane and it consist of 9 provinces ruled by government.The kingdom of lustrous in the northern continent,The Great Forest in western hemisphere,Sect of Defiance in the west-southern shore,The Sickness in the east,The imperialist Ke'lshan empire southern across the open sea,The Tera Federation at the eastern-north of the open sea,The Cuetdirai Dynasty north of the federation's domain,Sovereignty of Man in the north-eastern of it's side,The Thruaksoh Council at the west and The Britia Corporation within the southern area of the empire. The Great Forest contains mostly wild life. And last, is the abysmal sea that is located at the heart of the planet's surface and inhabited by dangerous beasts that dwells in the depths of the ocean.

  • The Kingdom of Lustrous is previously founded and conquered by King Arthur. It is a developed and powerful military as well thriving commerce.At it's height is it one of the if not the most powerful nation in Amriel. It's army however are one the most disciplined and effective fighting forces in the land, and were once to be the first ruling government in the Amriel.

    Kingdom of Lustrous

Consisting of wide units,solders are tasked with upholding law and defending their nation as well waging war against those who threaten their country. Sorcerers are also enlisted in the nation and are one of the most feared and respected in the kingdom as they are dangerous beings to be brought in the battlefield,have destroyed a whole legion by themselves from manipulating their insides,crippling hordes of enemy soldiers with their mind,controlling probability for their allies and much more.The sorcerers however are rarely used in the empire due to their rarity and them being danger around their fellow peers due to using the source as it has the chance for the sorcerer to be corrupted from possession if their will isn't strong enough.

The kingdom of lustrous respect all races and their culture no matter where they came from or what type of being it is, they are willingly to let any race to join them as long they follow their laws.

  • The Great Forest is region controlled by group of sentient tribal species,the satyrs. A race that resembles humanoid goat men and women that dwells in the depths of the forest. While rather technological primitive,they make up for their numbers in sorcerers as these beings have affinity to the source, being one of the longest races that lived in the ancestral plane. They reject technology,preferring to use primitive things as they are more connected to nature, and believing that using advance technology harms their way of life.

    The Great Forest,inhabited by the native satys

They have hate relationship with the thruakosh and the kingdom of lustrous. Having had their lands infiltrated by Lustrous in the past and enduring the frequent invasions from the thruakosh council. Despite everything,they are reasonable race and just wished to be isolated from the rest of the world.

  • The Thruakosh Council runs in oligarchic system,ruled by various high ranking members. They are perhaps the most technologically advanced country in the ancestral plane. Having build a supply of war robots with different capabilities, space ships that can fly at faster than light speed,energy weaponry that emits intense lights,built a machine that is suited in time traveling and much more. One of the most shocking fact is The Thruakosh council are secretly a inter dimensional empire that conquered multiple parallel universes in the material realm and includes an unknown number of enslaved sentient beings in their empire,though how they get here in the ancestral plane is specifically unexplained but it is mostly feasible they use synthetic portals to traverse one dimension to another.

    The Thruakosh Council

They have deep hatred of all magic. Believing it is to be abomination and goes against one of their beloved ideology,science. Due to their advanced technology, they invented several devices and weaponry that downright disable sorcerers to use their magic, though since it is machine, it can sometimes malfunction.

The Thruakosh Council government also runs a harsh and strict system to every resident who live there.  They spread propaganda and force their people to follow their laws or risk being sent to the concentration camp for hard labor. They are also quite cruel,willingly to acquire slaves and test subjects for their own personal gains.


Sect of Defiance

  • Sect of Defiance's province used to be owned by the kingdom of lustrous before it was overrun by entities from the source. The creatures and it's workshippers are bloodthirsty beings who thrive out of spreading destruction and chaos as well serving their gods. They lack any culture or rules,only their purpose and goal is to acquire the whole of the Ancestral plane and somehow find a way to break the shield that prevents their gods from entering in. They units are rather crude,using any type of weapon and mindless charge their enemies as one of their prominent god doesn't care any strategy,only the killing and destruction they are causing while some gods of their specific patron god uses strategy.
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The Britia Corporation

  • The Britia Trader Company is independent state that inhabits in lustrou's territory. The state runs more of a corrupt corporation than a functional government. This place is filled with bandits,mercenaries and all the low lives who reside in this place. They only care is their mission to make as much profit as they can from doing business around Amriel.
  • The Tera Federation is land inhabited and founded by automatons. They are race of sentient machines that have broke free from their master's control, created their own government and rules. These sentient machines are incredibly brilliant in manufacturing of destructive weaponry that cause hazardous firing. The most threatening part of their military is their use of giant mechs that are tall, on point of that the mechs are as high as sky crapper as well containing diverse capabilities. Though as incredibly in their construction and weaponry,they aren't in par with the the thruakosh council's technology,yet the automatons are highly skilled toward engineering. Apart from their military, they have resentment toward  any race or being that isn't machine as a result of their abuse from their previous owners and creators. Nonetheless the nation of Tera, not at all violent moreover preferring to be left alone.

    The Tera Federation

  • The people of Cuetdirai are hostile tribal and religious society ruled by lizard men. Their cultural systems revolves around sacrifice and divine warfare towards other nations,believing it to be necessity in their religious aspect. While bloodthirsty and cruel, they have respect toward any nation or being who are genuinely shown courage to fight them. Although the Cuedirai are considerable to be living in tribal culture, lacking technology, they however have decent amount of sorcerers and fearless warriors within Cuetdirai.

    Cuetdirai Dynasty

  • The Sovereignty of man is controlled by xenophobic humans who believe the superiority of mankind. They have technology that is equal to the thruakosh council due to having relationship in trading with them and have also hatred of magic as well being unsympathetic towards other races, believing that mankind is the only true ruler and must strive together beyond the stars together while being violent to other aliens for the sake of mankind's survival.

    Sovereignty of man

  • The country of Pevanshire was under the control of the kingdom of lustrous before the place was named the sickness. A catastrophe virus from falling meteor disembark into this area, turning it into dreadful place. In span of few days,the residents of Pevanshire began to vigorously transformation from the influence of the collapsed meteor,changing any biomass into abhorrent forms. The biome of this place evolve into corpulent, husky environment with no traces of life linger here anymore. The once local inhabitants have also turned into senseless agents of the mysterious  pathogen. While these abnormal beings seemed like mindless creature by the look of their appearance, they are undoubtedly sentient as they have drove their victims into madness from the use of telepathy. These parasite race consumes any type of biomass and are astonishingly adaptable to any situations and natural environments as well the ability to response to threats and adverse situation,growing better at dealing with any given issue from the use of their experience and their practical use of Biological Manipulation. They are violent race from unknown origin,their only motive is to devour and expend their epidemic.

    The Sickness

  • The warmongering and imperialistic nation is founded by dictator emperor. The Kel'shan empire desire to colonist and subjugate other ruling nations to their great nation. They are merciless toward their enemies and willingly to conquer others rather than form peaceful means. The Kel'shan hate any range weapons,believing it to dishonorable and cowards within the empire are dealt with swiftly through performing the seppuku ritual. While harsh, they have some form of honor, appreciating strong nations and warriors who have or are capable of besting them.

    Ke'lshan Empire

  • The Harsh lands is a place filled with nothing but severe snowstorm and harsh living conditions. No one knows what type of place this is due to harsh weather but many rumors say that they are treasure to be found in this place and legendary wild beasts to be slain.
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    The harsh lands

  • Abysmal Sea is mysterious ocean filled with dangerous creatures that dwells in the depth of the ocean. There are many dangerous monsters that stalks in this ocean and one must be careful who dares try to cross in this domain. In every millennium, when the stars come right, a great old one will wake from its slumber and wreak havoc across the world.

    Abysmal Sea



I was phasing out and in of reality, synchronously experiencing both life and death,having be forced to stop myself from what I am becoming. ~Person experiencing the transcendence but were forced to stop before he destroys himself.

Mankar or simply called "Eternal Transcendence" is described as state of being which allows their essence to be removed from all limitations and laws that has been set upon them by the transcendent god, through deep meditation and understanding that everything is part of all encompassing god while trying to maintain their individuality without getting their existence consumed by the amount of being all over the infinite higher dimensions.

When one being manage to grasp their individuality from being consumed of being and seeing everywhere,they are able to transcend.Completely bypassing the uncountable infinite higher dimensions,perceiving it to be nothing but fiction.

Unlike achieving immense willpower from the use of the source,anyone including non-sorcerers can achieve Mankar from immersed meditation and connecting to "The Amaranthus" with their essence,while trying to hold on their individuality from being eradicated of perceiving across the infinite higher dimensions.


  • Sorcerers: Aliens and humans living in the material world. Sorcerers are able to manipulate reality in multiverse scale when they reach at immense willpower,due to the connection between the source and the material realm. When they access the source, they are normally titled sorcerers because of their mystic powers from accessing the magical realm known as the source.
  • Golems: Born and created from their god's interference. They are the most powerful and strongest in the material realm because of their power set from their creator's choices. Since they are connected to both the material realm and source dimension like the sorcerers, they are able to reach and affect multiverse scale with their magic.
  • Source Entities: Beings that reside in the source and are akin to living creatures. Either created from within the source or the god's realms. They have completely different structures of bodies. Unfortunately they are not able to reach multiverse state from their willpower due to their soul being bound from the source dimension.
  • Source Gods: They are beings that were present before the material or ancestral realms existed. They have their own realms and are always in war one another, from formed alliances or alone because of their differences.


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Trivia And Notes


  • This verse is still a work as well to some of my characters,they are currently in progress and changes will still happen in the future such as better grammar and probably additional stuff I will add in my characters.
  • The source dimension is chaotic due to the countless war of one another from specific malicious source gods
  • Achieving multiversal scale gives sorcerers and golems gain their own new set of powers or resistances.
  • Pocket dimension users creates and resides in their own created personal inner world rather then creating space inside the source dimension.
  • Sorcerers are rare.
  • The verse genre is urban fantasy,fairy tale mixed with some cosmicism elements.
  • In the ancestral plane,it has mixed high fantasy and sci fi tone to it,making this verse have science fantasy genre.
  • Despite having urban fantasy,the verse contains advance technology due to the infinite amount of aliens living in the cosmos.
  • Mankar is definitively inspired by CHIM from the elder scrolls.
  • Mankar affects all beings residing inside Amaranthus,includes the source gods.
  • No one had achieve Mankar as most went insane or destroyed themselves but one manage to transcend.
  • Source entities true selves reside in the source dimension,meaning that they not be truly be killed,they would just instantly spawn back to their respective realm in the source once their physical body get destroyed or killed.
  • If a person who dreamed,died in the ancestral plane,they immediately wake up and will never come back to that place.
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