What a worthless Szörnyeteg. But nonetheless, our Father requests an audience with you, Jégszellem.
~ Crith to Yuki Ona


Crith Cruinne is an antagonist of the third edition of the Story Book series Reaper, created by BloodyBloodwork365.

Personality and Appearance


Crith is emotionless and expresses extreme loyalty to his Father. He often carries out his Father's missions almost robotically, while treating himself as below his 5 siblings.


Base Form:

Crith has short black hair and pearl-white skin. He has red eyes, his left eye having the number 3 for a pupil. Crith covers this eye with a sidebang. Crith wears a black suit with a tall collar that completely covers his neck. Underneath the suit, he has scaly skin and yellow eyes on his shoulders. On his cheeks, tear-like marks are visible below his eyes.


Crith's hair grows and black fur covers his entire lower half, while yellow eyes peek from the hips. He has a tail ending with a row of teeth at the tip and his fingernails sharpen to become something akin to claws. The tear-like markings around his eyes enlargen as well, while he grows a bit taller and sprouts two dragon wings.

Feltámadás Második Szakasz:

Crith's forarms and lower half become akin to armor, while his claws sharpen to become like knives. Crith grows crooked horns and the tear-like markings around his eyes turn bloodred. The 3 on his left eye disappears entirely and turns to a 0 before appearing on a nearly pure-red eye in his forehead. His two primary eyes also turn amber as the scalera turn black. His tail also becomes like a flexible spear, replacing the mouth with a sword-like tip.

FC/OC VS Battles Info

Name: Crith Cruinne.

Species: Elemental.

Affiliation: Evil.

Height: 5"9'

Weight: 101.23 lbs.

Personality: Emo, Loyalty to his parents, dislikes manchilds and seductresses (Sees them as 'Intactical').

Class: 3rd Elemental, Youngest Szörnyeteg, Earth Elemental, Spawn of Ősi istennő, Silicate God.

Allies: Teremtő (His Father), Egési Sérülés (His youngest sister), Szél Isten (His youngest brother), Káoszhullám (His second youngest brother), Éjszaka (His oldest sister), Fellobbanás (His oldest brother), Ősi istennő (His mother).

In-Story Victories: Blackhound, Yuki Ona, Reinhardt.

In-Story Losses: Charlotte.

In-Story Draws: Reapers.

Transformations: Feltámadás, Feltámadás Második Szakasz.

Overall Appearance: Black hair, White skin, Red eye(s).

Music Themes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqZYmQSjecc, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiWZpKcqgLI.

Weapons, Armor and Skills

Tier: 4-C in base| High 4-A in Feltámadás| 3-B in Feltámadás Második Szakasz.


Base: Regeneration (Can be brought back as long as a drop of blood still exists),Earth Manipulation (As the Earth Elemental, can manipulate any silicon substance),Metal Manipulation (As the Earth Elemental, can manipulate any silicon substance),Portal Creation (Can condense silicon atoms in a small enough space to create wormholes),Superhuman Physical Characteristics (As an Elemental, is genetically and physically superior to humans),Enhanced Senses (As an Elemental, is genetically and physically superior to humans),Immortality-Type 1 (Cannot age past biologically 35 and is immune to disease),Flight (His Életerő Ability('Életerő' is the Energy found in all living things, and is the Energy that influences the mutations in humans. Crith has 'Sötét Életerő', the Dark version of Életerő which fuels the abilities of Szörnyetegs)),Genius Intelligence (Is a prodigy in his own rights), Weapon Creation (Can form silicon atoms into weapons, normally swords and spears).

Feltámadás: Everything above but enhanced by 10, Telekinesis (His Feltámadás ability ('Feltámadás' is the transformation of a Szörnyeteg.)).

Feltámadás Második Szakasz: Everything above but enhanced by 25, Light Manipulation (Has crystalline fingertips), Matter/Energy Manipulation (His Second Feltámadás ability)


Káosz Tipp: Fires a laser formed from Helllight from his fingertips.

Olvadt Fém Lándzsa: Creates a dual-tipped spear from molten steel and throws it.

Energianyomás: With his Sötét Életerő, can create shields and emit a powerful destructive aura from and around his body.

Föld Kígyók: Creates tendrils, usually made of lava, with steel blades on the end, and sends them around.

Homokvihar: Creates a storm of sand/dust/lava and has it ravage the area.

Csillagos Zuhany: Creates a meteor shower and crashes it onto the area.

Széttagolódás: Sends shards of obsidian, granite, or limestone to pelt and stab his opponents.

Dimenziós Könny: Creates a wormhole to travel through.

Mindent Látó Számszem: Has 360 degree perception with his left eye.


Lifting Strength: Infinite (Can control all silicon atoms in the universe, which is infinite).

Striking Strength: 74.53 lbs. of force (Can smash down a metal shed with one punch), 1863.25 lbs. of force in Feltámadás, 18632.5 lbs. of force in Feltámadás Második Szakasz.

Speed: Hypersonic (Dodges bullets casually), Massively Hypersonic in Feltámadás (Can keep up with Charlotte, who can move at mach 742 at least), Relativistic in Feltámadás Második Szakasz (Can keep up with Charlotte's Bloodlusted State, who can dodge a Olvadt Fém Lándzsa point-blank).

Durability: Wall Level (Was relatively unfazed when shoved through a wall by Dan Gar), Mountain Level in Feltámadás (Survived being in a middle of an exploding volcano), Large City Level+ in Feltámadás Második Szakasz (Took multiple hits from Charlotte's Bloodlusted State, who destroyed the entirety of Pokol diszoptia in one hit).

Regeneration: Mid-High (Reduced to bones and regenerated in 32.56 seconds), High in Feltámadás (Reduced to a smoldering ashen figure and regenerated in a few minutes), Low-Mid Godly in Feltámadás Második Szakasz (Reduced to an evaporating drop of blood and regenerated from just his Sötét Életerő in 0.47 seconds).

Intelligence: Genius (Is said to be the smartest of the Elementals, considered a prodigy in school, forms and follows complex plans and instructions, psychologist).

Sötét Életerő: 357.36 Petatons of TNT (Could wipe out a majority of the Earth and destroyed the entire surface of Az Alvilág, which is 7.3 times larger than Earth, simply by entering Feltámadás Második Szakasz).

Keys: Reledgard Arc| Elementals Arc.


  1. Crith Cruinne is based off of Ulquiorra Cifer, Wilbur Whatley, and Selim Bradley.
  2. No one but Crith himself was aware of Feltámadás Második Szakasz. In fact, only Crith has access to a second Feltámadás.


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