The world is in your hands, and you're the one to make it.


Simply put, the power to create anything. It goes without saying that this power is the polar opposite to the likes of Destruction.

Users are able to create many different things at will. How much and how many different things depends solely on the power of the Creator in question: While some are able to create many weapons just by imagining it, others are powerful enough to create stars, space, even whole universes, civilizations and more - this level of power is usually a given for many Creator Gods across different series.

Some users may focus on creating organic things, others can make inorganic constructs and the more dangerous ones can go as far as creating the very concepts and Reality that make up the world, even powerful deities may be created by an exceptional master of this power.

Depending on the user, s/he may even go as far as creating entire species and even their own version of humanity.

When used offensively, they might create dangerous things to annihilate their foes (such as creating a Black Hole right next to the opponent) or double up with Duplication by creating copies of themselves to overwhelm the adversary with numbers as well as summoning - making powerful beings to fight for them mid-battle, even creating an entire army.

Given the huge ammount of possibilities, this is naturally one of the most powerful abilities in fiction, as the ultimate users are not only able to create anything they want but also able to easily manipulate what they created at will.



  • Some users may need to consume other materials like matter in order to create anything.
  • Cannot create something that surpasses the user in power or scale.
  • Destruction and Void powers are the natural enemy of this power.
  • It really depends on the user what kinds of things may be created or not. Some may only be able to create more physical things like Matter, while being unable to create anything like Minds or Souls. Others may create this, but not concepts.
  • If user is not careful, they may end up creating something that even them cannot control, stop or destroy.


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