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The purpose of this page made here is to explain where each AP and Tier are referred to and located at, as seen on the Attack Potency and Tiering System pages we have here respectively. This is so that newcomers and perhaps even veterans to this wiki will know where each level of Potency (Tier-wise), once again, is referred to.  

For this, we are going to be using VS Battle's Tiering and AP (Attack Potency) system's which is what FC/OC always uses but also will be using Real Life Events/Phenomenon's as our base references (something that the OBD seems to use for theirs' as a way of their own reference page). The page will also be containing calc's that any user here has made thus far. All in all, the Real Life Events, User Calc's, and/or otherwise put here will be used mainly for comparison purpose's, where they land at in terms of which end of the spectrum they are in for each AP & Tier, etc. (This being done in a manner similar to that of

Keep in mind that this will only be able to cover Tier's 10-C to all the way up to 3-A as anything from 2 to 1 and especially 0 do not resolve around destruction of energy, matter, or anything of the sort (see the Attack Potency and Tiering System pages linked above for more info about the 2, 1, and 0 tiers) 

As noted on the Attack Potency page, we have a thing regarding the use of the "+" symbol. Much like VS Battles wiki, here the "+" is used to indicate that a characters Attack Potency is greater than the average (arithmetic mean) of the high end energy level and low end energy level of a particular tier.

Energy Scale

Below Average Human (~0-40 Joules) (10-C)

Pretty straightforward. This Tier and AP is for those whose below the average human in strength and power and other such.

Human (40-100 Joules) (10-B)


Athlete (100-300 Joules) (10-A)


Street level (300-15,000 Joules) (9-C)


  • Highest muzzle energy of a .45 ACP round: 835 Joules (Street level)

Wall level (15,000 Joules-0.005 Tons) (9-B)

Wall level. This tier refers to the destruction of a wall (something solid and thick like a brick or concrete wall, for instance).


Room/Small Building level (0.005-0.25 Tons) (9-A) 

This Tier and AP refers to any character or weapon capable of destroying an entire room lot or a small building (ex. a one-story sized building).



Building level (0.25-2 Tons) (8-C)

This tier and AP refers to destroying a building or a structure much bigger than a small building or room. Something like destroying a 2-3 story building may suffice enough to become of this Tier and AP.


Large Building level (2-11 Tons) (High 8-C)

This Tier and AP is referred to characters or weapons that are able to destroy a larger than average sized building, typically something like a Skyscraper.


  • Mk-54 (SADM) Device: 10 Tons - 1 Kilotons (Large Building level+, Low End; Multi City Block+, High End)

City Block level (11-100 Tons) (8-B)

City Block level. This tier and AP is referred to any character or weapon capable of destroying and demolishing an entire city block (which likely includes building and skyscrapers being destroyed as well).


Multi-City Block level (100 Tons - 1 Kiloton) (8-A)


  • "Complete" destruction of a Skyscraper: 647.6 Tons - 1.48 Kilotons (MCB level+ - Small Town level) (Note: for the physical destructive part, MCB+ one, this is only if the character or weapon in question destroyed the whole skyscraper in one attack rather than if the whole thing collapsed)

Small Town level (1-5.8 Kilotons) (Low 7-C)


Town level (5.8-100 Kilotons) (7-C)


Large Town level (100 Kilotons - 1 Megaton) (High 7-C)


  • Energy released by average hurricane (in 1 second): 114.5 Kilotons (Large Town level)

Small City level (1-6.3 Megatons) (Low 7-B)


  • (Modern Estimates) of the Tunguska Event: 3-5 Megatons (Small City level - Small City level+)

City level (6.3-100 Megatons) (7-B)


Large City/Mountain level (100 Megatons - 1 Gigaton) (7-A)


Large Mountain/Small Island level (1 Gigaton-4.3 Gigatons) (High 7-A)


Island level (4.3-100 Gigatons) (6-C)

Island level. This Tier and AP is referred to destroying an island, the very largest mountains, or any piece of land of comparable size.

Large Island level (100 Gigatons - 1 Teraton) (High 6-C)


Small Country level (1-7 Teratons) (Low 6-B) 


Country level (7-100 Teratons) (6-B)


Large Country level/Small Continent (100 Teratons - 760 Teratons) (High 6-B)


Continent level (760 Teratons - 4.435 Petatons) (6-A)

This tier is referred to destroying any continent or any landscape of similar size (ex. Destroying Russia up to Eurasia).


  • Total energy of the Sun that strikes the Earth each year: 1.32 Petatons (Continent level+)
  • Energy to destroy North America: 1.33 Petatons (Continent level+)
  • Energy of a typical Solar Flare: 2.4 Petatons (Continent level+)

Large/Multi Continent level (4.435 Petatons to 29.6 Exatons) (High 6-A)

High 6-A. A tier of this is referred to destroying anything that is much larger than a normal continent or any land of similar size (ex. Destroying Eurasia to all the way up to destroying the Moon)


Moon level (29.6-433 Exatons) (5-C)

Moon level. As the name is implied, this tier and AP rank is referred to any character or weapon capable of destroying a celestial body/"natural sattelite" such as our Moon or any other astrological object of similar proportions.


Small Planet level (433 Exatons - 59.44 Zettatons) (Low 5-B)

This tier and AP is for characters or weapons capable of destroying a small planet (i.e a planet smaller than Earth, for example) such as Mercury, Venus, or Mars.


  • Total energy released by the Sun daily: 7.89 Zettatons (Small Planet level)

Planet level (59.44 Zettatons - 2.7 Yottatons) (5-B)

This is your typical planet busting tier and AP rank here. This is referred to characters and weapons that can destroy a planet the size of ours (i.e Earth) or any planet of similar size.


Large Planet level (2.7 Yottatons - 53.2 Ninatons) (5-A)

This tier and AP rank is referring to characters or weapons that are capable of destroying a large planet bigger than Earth such as Uranus, Jupiter, or Saturn.


  • Total energy out of the Sun each year: 2.87 Yottatons (Large Planet level)

Dwarf Star level (53.2 Ninatons - 2.998 Tenatons) (High 5-A)

One of the "Sub-Tiers" of the AP system (similar to those like the High 7-A and High 6-C Tiers, for example). This Sub Tier among the Tier 5 scale refers to the destruction of Dwarf Stars, Substeller objects that have mass between the heaviest of gas giants (those like our own gas planets, Jupiter and Saturn) and that of the lightest stars.


  • GBE of TrES2b: 557.678 Ninatons (Celestial Hunters) (Dwarf Star level)

Small Star level (2.998-150 Tenatons) (Low 4-C)


  • GBE of VB 10 (Lowest Known Stellar Binding Energy): 2.998 Tenatons (Small Star level)

Star level (150-350 Tenatons) (4-C)

The Star level Tier. This tier and AP is referred to the destruction of our Solar System's sun or any star of similar size of our own.


Large Star level (350 Tenatons - 22.4 Foe) (High 4-C)


  • GBE of Rigel (Typical Blue Star Giant): 350 Tenatons (Large Star Level)
  • Approximate lifetime energy output of the Sun: 1.2 Foe (Large Star Level+)
  • "True" total energy of a hyper-energetic GRB: 3 Foe (Large Star Level+)

Solar System level (22.4 Foe - 22.5 Terafoe) (4-B)

The Solar System busting tier. This tier and AP is referred to characters and/or weapons capable of destroying an entire solar sytem (ex. our own), usually via a powerful AOE blast or attack that's wide and powerful enough to cover and destroy all of the planets (i.e from Mercury to Neptune) and especially destroying the Sun itself.


Multi Solar System level (22.5 TeraFoe - 12.68 ZettaFoe) (4-A)

The Multi Solar System tier. This AP rank refers to the destruction of more than one solar system (ex. our own star system and that of Alpha Centauri). As noted specifically on the Attack Potency page on this, this AP rank can only be granted if a character wiped out, at minimum, two star systems with a spherical-shaped blast powerful enough to wipe out both of said systems contents at the same time rather than simply doubling the value of Solar System busting. (Note: Read the AP page linked above for further and more in-depth information about this tier and AP)


Galaxy level (12.68 ZettaFoe - 8.168 YottaFoe) (3-C)


Multi Galaxy level (8.168 YottaFoe - 7.11 TenaexaFoe) (3-B)


Universe level (7.11 TenaexaFoe to any higher finite number)



Gravitational Binding Energy (GBE)




Orders of magnitude (energy)

TNT equivalent

Mass-Energy Equivalence