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Blackjack, your impudence is pathetic. Your obscenities betray your utter futility. Do you really think I’ll succumb to petty insults when I’m so close to my triumph? It has always been the purview of fools to insult their betters. You will see, Blackjack. I will make sure you survive to see it. I am Princess Luna. I will restore my realm and rule it as my people deserve. They will enjoy a second golden age!
~ Cognitum to Blackjack, Chapter 26

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Fallout Equestria created by Kkat

Cognitum and Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons created by Somber

In the final years of the Pony-Zebra War the Office of Interministry Affairs (OIA), looked into various studies to support the war effort against the Zebra. Clones, Immortality, Cyborgnization, even Artificial Alicorns. If it could support and maintain the Pony Government it was investigated. One such field was the idea of AI, or mailable data beings, which was a top field of interest for the highest OIA staff, Goldenblood, and one Mr. Horse.

Goldenblood, saw it as a means of preserving life after death that was more easily achievable and pushed Mr. Horse into researching a means of preserving ones soul as an AI. However to cut to the chase, Goldenblood was at the focal point of many controversial issues surrounding the group, which put a wedge between him, his associates, and most importantly Princess Luna. With his own ambition to rule in mind, Horse continued with the project

Regardless the project was secretly proven to be a complete success with the transfer of Steel Ranger Echo's soul to the EC-1101 firing program. At least at first, An accident involving the machine and a pony named Eclipse, tore the lab apart. But it turns out, the machine somehow copied an imprint of Princess Lunas personality. Eclipse as it turns out was secretly Princess Luna in disguise and accidentally activated the machine. With Horse already plotting to out Goldenblood, and planning to manipulate Luna, he reported the project a complete loss, while secretly studying the Luna AI. With the AI's access to Lunas memories, Horse thought he had everything he needed to control Equestria. However preserving this AI turned out to be the worst decision Horse could've made, as by this point in the war, the real Luna was already traits that she was regressing back into her Nightmare Moon personality, something that the AI inherited. When the apocalypse came, it trapped Horse in a horrific cryogenic state and took the vacant still standing lab for itself, using a sexualized Sweetie Bot body as a mailable physical host.

The AI, who would later come to be known as Cognitum truly believed it was a successor to Lunas throne. However Goldenblood played everyone with one last trick. Goldenblood had locked all vital military functions from ever being used outside of EC-1101 which had been randomly distributed to one of 500 locked Stables. Over the next 200 years Cognitum would work to grow its technological and social power within the wasteland, having influence secretly with nearly all of Hoofington. Through these connections Cognitum was able to pin point EC-1101's final stop, Stable 99. With the help of her various proxy connections she ordered a strike force be set to the Stable to extract the data. Her plans went amiss however when the only known copy of the file escaped on the Pipbuck of a security mare, accompanied by a male accomplice.

Frustrated by this Failure, Cognitum continually ordered whatever proxies she could muster to attack the security pony. From random raiders, to professional killers, all of them failed, much to her frustration. Forced to play her own hand, she encountered Blackjack personally in the underground sections of Hoofington, amalgamating as giant technomagical being by controlling elements of the Tokomare. But in a shocking turn of events, this random stable pony pulled out and fired a weapon that instantly changed Cognitums perspective on the pony. This weapon was the holy grail of OIA classifieds, such so that it and its ammunition would only unlock themselves in the presence of those who can fully utilize EC-1101. It is with this revelation that Cognitums plan is set into motion, destroy all who would oppose her, claim Blackjack's body as her own, and reclaim the title of Nightmare Moon.


Cognitum has taken many various appearances throughout Project Horizons. This profile however will only cover her time in Blackjacks original body. As can be expected she shares a lot of visual similarities with Blackjack's Chapter 62b form. She is over 90% cybernetics with only select vital organs remaining. Since obtaining Blackjack's body Cognitum has further augmented herself to better impose a regal but threatening presence to would be foes or allies. This is further compounded after merging with Lunas soul, wherein she grew taller, and her mane and tail began to waver freely, like an Alicorn.


As a rough approximation of Luna and bits of Blackjack, those who know Cognitum personally knew her only for how insane and twisted she was at her core. Often times Cognitum is entirely close minded in her goals and she often doesn't consider the consequences or variable ways her plans can fail. Her own self centered reasons for saving the wasteland completely disregard others as necessary losses, to the point where she indulges herself in the suffering of others. Cognitum does however display a degree of honor when dealing with those she may deem as respectable or worthy of respect, even if they oppose her or could come to oppose her. All playing into Cognitums god complex.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Lawful Evil initially (She lacked empathy in the same vein as Nightmare Moon.) Chaotic Evil after going insane

Name: Cognitum, "Blackjack"/"Security" after stealing Blackjacks original body, "Princess Luna", Nightmare Moon, Cog-Head, Cognidumb (By Discord), Cogs, Cogjack

Origin: Fallout Equestria Project Horizons, a Fallout Equestria fanfiction

Gender: Inapplicable initially, possessed Female personality traits due to being based on a rough approximation of Luna/Nightmare Moon's personality, later biologically Female when she hijacks Blackjacks original body

Classification: Data being amalgamated from Nightmare Moon/Blackjack's personality traits, True Leader of the Harbingers, Cyber Alicorn after stealing Blackjack's original body

Age: At least 200 years old chronologically, genetic body is 18 post stealing Blackjack's body

Birthplace: Horse's Lab, Hoofington, The Core

Likes: Being in control, Being Respected, Power, Technology, "Her Children" (She stole Blackjack's pregnant body and proudly claimed the babies as her own.), The Tokomare (Planned to use the infinite power of the core to rule over all of Equus.)

Dislikes: Blackjack (Her hatred for whom became so strong that she eventually devolved into rampant insanity. Became solely focused on torturing Blackjack.) Blackjack's friends, Being challenged over her legitimacy to the throne (So much so that she planned to implant kill implants that would activate the moment any pony gave disapproving thoughts regarding her leadership.), Goldenblood, Legate (Planned to kill him upon returning from the moon.)

Status: Deceased (Extracted from Blackjack's body, and later killed for good by Blackjack shooting her with Folly.)

Affiliation: Legate, Steel Rain (Hoofington Steel Rangers), "The Dealer" (Echo), and Rampage (All of them begrudgingly came to a mutual agreement to eliminate Blackjack before furthering their own agendas.). Unbeknownst to her, The Eater of Souls (Was a pawn in it and Legates revival plan.)

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 8-C, 3-A with Trottenheimers Folly

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Types 1, 2, and 6, Can transfer her program to another data source, through a direct connection, should her current body be compromised.), Cyborgization (Type 2), Genius Intelligence, Magic, Hacking (Regularly hacked into various machines to test Blackjack's worthiness as a host body.), Technology Manipulation, Data Manipulation, Regeneration (High-Low), Energy Manipulation, Forcefield Creation, Energy Projection (Can shoot energy beams from her horn, Created a Explosive Wave.) Fire Manipulation, Minor Gravity Manipulation (Has a gravity amulet embedded in her that allows her to fly.), Heat Manipulation (Made her own wings hot enough to melt metal. Melted a pistol that was wrapped in her telekinesis.), Telekinesis (Type 1), Flight, Acrobatics, Teleportation and Social Influencing. Resistance to: Sleep Manipulation, Illusion Manipulation, and Dream Manipulation. Via Weapons: Statistics Amplification, Extrasensory Perception (Via Pipbuck), Perception Manipulation (Can slow her own perception of time to a stand still.), Information Analysis (via EFS), and Stealth Mastery (Her Stealthbuck add on completely makes her invisible and cancels any noise the user would make to a degree). Via Trottenheimers Folly: Durability Negation, Non-Physical Interaction, Soul Destruction, Radiation Manipulation, and Power Nullification (Star Metal can interact with and destroy souls, souls cannot pass through the substance. A Discord comparable to his Tier 4 canon counterpart was unable to use his powers to stop Star Metal from harming, imprisoning, and absorbing him.), Folly itself is Resistant to: Power Nullification, and Reality Warping (Discord refused to attempt warping the material in any capacity and its implied to have been beyond his abilities.)

Attack Potency: At least Building Level (Should far physically stronger than Littlepip. Canonically much stronger than Blackjack was with the body prior to Cognitum stealing it. Had her body enhanced with several magical talismans to enhance her physical and magical strength. Contemplated how to efficiently and was completely confident in her ability to one shot a tank that previously gave Blackjack trouble. Easily overpowered Blackjack, Rampage, Scotch Tape and P-21 all at once with next to no effort.), Universe Level with Trottenheimers Folly (Capable of harming The Eater of Souls, remnants of the primordial being who created the universe. The explosions created by the weapon are similar in destructive nature to a extremely localized big bang.). Folly can negate durability (Harms opponents on a spiritual level. Rewrites wavelengths that aren't its own into none.).

Speed: Subsonic (Kept up with Blank Body Blackjack, P-21, Rampage and Scotch Tape simultaneously) with Massively Hypersonic reactions, Higher with SATS (Should be on par with Book 2 Blackjack, who can dodge point blank bullets in SATS.)

Lifting Strength: At least Superhuman, At least Class 5 with Telekinesis (Casually restrained Rampage, who is strong enough to lift and throw sections of reinforced Stable flooring.)

Striking Strength: At least Building Class, Universe Class with Trottenheimers Folly

Durability: At least Building Level (Far and away superior to Littlepip, Chapter 62b Blackjack, and Rampage. Likely on par with Base Legate.)

Stamina: High (Should be comparable to Blackjack.)

Range: Melee Range, Several meters with magic and various weapons, Kilometers with Folly and when Teleporting

Standard Equipment:

  • Pipbuck: A Inventory Management, Health Monitoring, PDA System Fused to the bone of her front right hoof, the device can track enemies up to a kilometer away, manage Medical Supplies, help her hack into other devices and do the following with pre-automated spells:
    • SATS: SATS, short for Stable-Tec Arcane Targeting Spell, is a targeting spell that slows the users perception of time to a crawl and allows them to more accurately deal with targets. Once activated the spell presents users with a HUD of the chances of their attack hitting their target. Once released all attacks are carried out automatically.
    • EFS: EFS, short for Eyes Forward Sparkle, is a sensory spell that when activated gives the user an indication of lifeforms surrounding them, making several assertions and determining whether or not they are a threat to the user.
    • Stealthbuck: The Stealthbuck is an add on for Pipbucks designed to replicate the abilities, of a Zebra cloak, it completely makes the user invisible and cancels out any noise the user would make to a degree.
  • Trottenheimer's Folly: Shoots localized Star Metal/Moonstone combustions. Generally considered to be the most powerful weapon on the planet. Genetically locked so that only direct blood relatives of the Mane 6 can use it or its ammunition. Folly's ammunition casings are highly irradiated to the point where simply loading and priming the weapon for fire can induce life threatening conditions. The chain reaction the weapon causes upon being fired requires that it encase its chamber in a forcefield powered by the chain reaction, as no chamber could withstand the energies released. This user encompassing forcefield also exposes the user to high levels of localized radiation as the weapons original designer intended to kill himself upon using the weapon.
  • Side Mounted Turrets: Side mounted turrets that can be remotely detached to fire plasma beams.

Intelligence: Typically Genius, can naturally can process information much faster than a average pony. Has thousands of years of knowledge to draw upon thanks to Luna as well. However Cognitum struggles to understand concepts that could be considered abstracted to a machine such as emotions or empathy. Her nature as an automaton also lends to her often taking a more narrow minded and predictable to situations before her.

Weaknesses: Insane, prone to uncontrollable anger, extreme overconfidence, and sadistic tendencies. Her nature as an AI leaves her more vulnerable to manipulative (Legate) or unpredictable (P-21) opponents. Must maintain power by consuming scrap metal, rocks, or gems in particular. Failure to maintain power will result in her being put in coma. Excessive use of magic, or use of excessively draining spells will render her horn inert for some time. Pipbuck is vulnerable to EMPs. EFS does not inform its users what kind of life it finds and has trouble with elevation. Stealthbuck only lasts an hour and requires an hour of recharge time after each use.


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