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Lore Note: He only exist in the separated timeline.

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Background Info
Name Coco
Alias Coco-chan, Stupid Thaumturgist, The All-Powerful Wizard, Monster Slime, Green Ball.
Origin Spectrum
Occupation Exorcist
Appearance Has the exact height of soccer ball.
Personality Coco in normal situations, is stupid outside of magic subjects as he is unable to grasp unto most concepts, such as technology, money or lacking of interest in doing something evil. Since being adopted by Merlin, Coco was described by his teacher as phenomenal idiot that is incapable of learning in how to form words properly, do basic math and has occasion known to misspelling people's sentence or meaning.

However, he is prodigy in learning and practicing magic but due to being specifically bound in using orderly and positivity spells, he has no option but to learn them, in couple with being Psionic as result of this restriction. Coco is also capable of understanding empathy to some extent as he knows sadness and lost, which surprisingly disturbs and saddens him when he see someone experiencing this kind of emotions.

Due to the the lack of understanding or interest in doing something that is consider evil, his heart is pure and untainted by any sort of negativity or malice. Because of this, he is kind, optimistic, generous, merciful, forgiving, innocent, cheerful, honest and sometimes childish when things don't go the way he intended to. It is the result of Merlin's influence in what made Coco the person he is now.

In spite of that, his actions of killing and banishing daemons wasn't out of malice, it is because Merlin's projected his views unto Coco as he was taught that daemons are incapable of doing good, thus Coco thinks getting rid of them is everyone's favor of having safer and better life without them.

Through the prolong fighting of daemons, he becomes afraid of fire as it was shown numerous times to be one of the only things that can truly kill him. Thus, he developed a pyrophobia (fear of fire) as he is willingly to avoid any tasks that involves fire but still has the perseverance to do the right thing if the situation evolves in saving the day. Even being near to lit campfire or someone holding torch would drive him anxious and fearful.

Continued forward, he is known to be very forgiving and merciful nature as he sometimes let various daemons that begged for mercy to be spared, resulting most of them to go back in causing havoc again as forgotten the part that they are naturally-born evil. Despite that, he is aware that harming others for their own selfish desires is awful in Coco's eyes and won't hesitate to stop them when the need arise. Be that is it may, his merciful nature has certain limit as he won't hesitate to kill or imprisoned them in The Starkness Abyss if they are irredeemable.

Coco has special ability of sorts that automatically sense how evil and far they went down, if the person is incredibly evil and danger to everyone, he has no problem of imprisoning them to another dimension such as The Starkness Abyss but if his unable to imprison then, then he won't hesitate to kill them, though he will feel remorse of doing this necessary action. While he is not comfortable of fighting non-daemons, he won't back down a fight against evildoer. Moreover, this ability helps him set apart of whom a daemon and person as daemons lack any positive emotions.

The only negative trait about him is that he is known to be incredibly lazy and sleepy as everywhere he go, he always take a nap before he does something. However, this negative trait won't stop him in doing what he wants as he willing to go in saving the day.

Alignment Neutral Good
Hobby Practicing magic, banishing daemons, helping people, befriending others.
Goals Become a legendary historic figure and powerful wizard.
Likes Magic, friends, candy, sweets, snacks, people, animals.
Dislikes Fire, daemons and bullies
Family Merlin
Friends & Allies Star Guardians
Enemies Unknown
"Never seen you around, are you one of those scientists or hired soldier?

I am shoulder!

Oh, my apologies. They must have let you in here for special business here.


If you don't mind me prying, why are you here?

Myself told by others to enter this place of finding the daemon!

Interesting, please do tell me the description of the daemon you were looking for.


I see.

Be my friend after daemon is gone?!

Yeah, sure.


-Conversation between tired Janitor and Coco.


Coco is a powerful practitioner of magic as only Merlin surpass him due to Merlin's knowledge about the arcane arts. Unlike a normal thaumturgist that requires to perform gestures or words to produce the intended spell, Coco is a rare monster that is born as Psionic. Due to his lack of interest and understanding in doing evil, his pure of heart lacked any negative feelings, thus his connection solely focused on the higher planes of existence that represents order and positivity.

Coco was found and adopted by Merlin after seeing Coco confused in where he was. He was later adopted and took the role as Merlin's student and was taught about morality. Despite being dumb, he is powerful psionic nonetheless, capable of rivaling his teacher, Merlin, if he keep practicing seriously.

After a while, he was forced to leave Merlin's side when Coco is ready to explore the world by himself and to find his own destiny. As he travels, exorcising daemons and hunting them down, he grew tired but later had idea of being a legendary historic figure like his teacher albeit his way of reaching that goal is stupendous at best.

Combat Statistics

Tier: At least Low 5-B | 5-C by reality warping, likely higher.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic, Reality Warping, Holy Manipulation, Order Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation, Energy Projection, Creation, Transmutation, Space-Time Manipulation, Pocket Reality Manipulation, Subjective Reality, Danmaku, Limited Fate Manipulation and Limited Probability Manipulation (A powerful and skilled Psionic but still moron nonetheless, Coco is capable of manifesting and bending reality through imagination or thinking. It was shown numerous times that he can project elemental attacks and energy blasts out of thin air, create things such as candy and food through thoughts, turning objects into candy, capable of stopping time if he so desire and spew things from his imagination and thinking; however, he can't bend reality towards targets as he hasn't grasp his true power yet. His magic attacks is holy in nature and owns a pocket dimension, where he can transport himself into. It is said that his pocket dimension and his mind contains a wonderland of candy, rainbows and unicorns. He can even change a specific area into his pocket dimension through belief, thinking or imagination. Moreover, being a psionic and highly connective to the higher realms of orderly and positivity, he is unaware that unconsciously that fate and probability favors his side whenever his belief of achieving or completing something will come to reality.), Regeneration, Information Analysis, Healing, BFR, Shapeshifting and Duplication (Low-High, as long he has a drop of piece from himself, he can regenerate within seconds. Moreover, he can naturally sense an individual's emotions by reading their aura's change of color. As Psionic, he can instantly heal broken object or injured person at will while able to send person through another dimension such as The Starkness Abyss. An interesting part about him is that he can make duplicate of himself at will by removing a piece of himself will result another version of him, he can remove them through fusion. Able to change his skin into different types of materials such as rock, paper, concrete and even a tectonic plate.), Self-Sustenance (Type 1) and Immorality (Type 1,3 and possibly 2. As slime monster, he doesn't need oxygen and water heals him while being in space won't kill him due to not needing oxygen to survive in the first place. However, he does need food to survive like any normal person or animal does.), Body Control and Enhanced Senses (Can make his whole body like a basketball, where he can bounce around the places. And despite being moron, he is surprisingly good at accurately predicting in striking the target in the right moment with his bouncy body.), Durability Negation and Purification (Type 2 as his pure heart cleanse evil spirits, curses and even dark energy. Magic attacks the very soul of their very being.), Portal Creation and Levitation (While he is unable to cross other dimensions, he can conjure portals to his pocket dimension and known places at will. Moreover, with concentration and focus, he can float above, forward and downwards in slow pace.), Camouflage and Black Hole Manipulation (Able to transform into the same color and texture of the structure. Capable of transforming himself into mini-black hole that transports them to either his pocket dimension or the starkness void.), Possession, Soul Manipulation and likely Dream Manipulation (He exorcises possessed hosts through entering into their bodies and then their very soul as his consciousnesses connects to the host's mind.), Size Manipulation and Absorption (If he is ever dropped into a pool or vast ocean, his body will drastically increase bigger in size as he consumes the water around him. His size will slowly decrease back to normal after his body had fully consumed all the water in him if he wasn't in any water.), Limited Instinctive Reaction and Fragrance Manipulation (Due to his extreme fear of fire, he instinctively dodge incoming fire based attacks. Due to the consume of many candy and sweet food, he gives smelly aura of apple syrup and homemade cookies.), Resistance to Possession, Pain Manipulation, Absolute Zero, Radiation Manipulation, Corruption, Limited Fear Manipulation, Mind Manipulation and Madness Manipulation (Due to his pure of heart and lack of interest or understanding of evil, he is incapable of going mad in seeing daemons in their forms or even fear as he doesn't know what fear even is but is however had shown to be nervous, anxious and afraid towards fire. Evil spirits and their promises about his desires has no affect to him due to not being interested and having pure of heart, untainted by any sort of negative feeling. Unable to feel or just likely brash off the pain he experienced due to not understanding what pain is. Didn't suffer any radiation and the varied levels of coldness in the vacuum of space.)

Attack Potency: Wall level, can produce elemental attacks out of thin air such as lightning, fire and so on with varies sizes and how deadly it is depending on his choice with the capability of morphing into different forms of materials. At least Moon Level as he once changed the moon into candy by accidentally looking at it while thinking of something due to hunger. Higher through magic

Speed: Normal Human combat speed', can walk and sprint through sliding across the floor or jumping. Supersonic+ Combat Reactions, able to accurately predict fast-moving opponents that moved as fast as bullets.

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown, Due to his body being made of slime, he can easily consume small items by mere touch of his body. Wall Class to Small Planet class as he can morph into different forms such as concrete, rock and even earth's tectonic plate.

Durability: Unknown', his body is made of slime as swing of sword or whack of hammer can mush him, but his regeneration can be difficult to kill him. Wall level to Small Planet level, He can morph into different forms such as concrete, rock and earth's tectonic plate.

Stamina: Above Average, despite being lazy; he is capable of fighting for few hours and willingly to push himself through the limits in stopping the threat but would suffer prolong exhaustion because of that.

Range: Standard melee range to Planetary with reality warping as he once accidentally transmuted earth's moon into candy.

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Gifted. While Coco is considerably stupid outside of magic subjects, he is exceptionally gifted in terms of magic, in years of fighting and banishing daemons with plethora of abilities that required Coco in planning out of taking out his opponent in finding the necessary solution of destroying them with his magic alone.

Despite this drawback, he has some knowledge about empathy as while he doesn't have any true understanding nor interest in evil, Coco is capable of understanding negative emotions such as anger and sadness. Moreover, he somewhat understands evil like harming others but the subject of it has no interest to him as he only cares in doing good and stopping evildoers.

Otherwise, he is Below Average in everything else.

Weaknesses: Lazy and likes to take a nap all day. Requires organic materials as food to survive on and isn't smart outside of social or education subjects. Won't go all out in fight as he would wish to restrain his opponents, while his reality bending only effects on his surroundings and objects, not people as Coco is still learning of this power. Preferably knocks them out with his body but is willingly to go for the kill against daemons. However, when his tired or desperate, he just sends them to the starkness abyss.

Fire dissolve his slime body which slows down his regeneration in slow manner as the bigger the fire, the less chance of surviving from fire attacks, but this can countered through transforming himself to hard material like rock or magma ball to absorb the fire on him.


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