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The sad thing is that... most people never get what they deserve. But you... you're going to be different. I'll make sure you get everything that's coming to you.
~ Claire to Leviathan

Claire Silvers is the secondary main female protagonist of Until the Clock Strikes Twelve. She is the ex-girlfriend of Adrian Mariner and a Special Child, an artificial Cambion born through the use of demonic blood and Taint. She was presumed to be killed by Beelzebub until she revealed herself to Adrian at the beginning of the Gates of Gehenna Arc. The two reunited tearfully with each other and Claire resumed her position as one of Eden Squad's members.


Claire was born to two people on September 3, 1993. She lived with her parents happily in the small town of Pensel, Maryland. Claire was, for all intents and purposes, normal. She went to Elementary and back like any normal girl except for the fact that she was smarter than the rest of her class. Due to this, Claire lived a life of isolation because of this fact. One night, when she was 9, as she went to bed, she heard her mother scream and she ran downstairs to see a wolfman feasting on the remains of her parents. After she was spotted, she ran out of the house with the werewolf hot on her trail.

She arrived at the side of a barren road where she was trapped. As she was about to get killed, the wolf was killed by two strangers. The two introduced themselves as Adrian and Ruby. After the two debated, they decided to erase her memory but she begged them not to. Explaining that she had nowhere to go and that her parents were dead, Claire begged Adrian and Ruby to take her with them. Ruby nodded while Adrian grumbled but agreed nonetheless.

Her first encounter with them was her descent into the life of hunting the supernatural. As she was just a mere human, Claire trained hard, pushing herself using Avan as an example. Eventually, she learned to use augmentation spells that allowed her to fight on the level of her two new friends. Claire became a new sensation at her new school but that quickly changed when it was discovered that she was friends with Adrian and Ruby. A few months later, Adrian, Ruby, and Claire decided to round up their other friends/cousins. Together, they formed a hunting group called Eden Squad. The seven friends began hunting together rapidly building up a reputation as the youngest hunting group with the most successful cases. Aside from being the seven smartest students in school and the most reputable hunters of their generation, they were all social outcasts having skipped a few grades.

A year after the formation of Eden Squad, Adrian finds a case in a small West Virginia town called Crescent. There, he notices signs of demonic omens. The Squad takes the case and arrives in Crescent. After a few days of inactivity and investigating the orphanage, Claire and the others encounter a demon with yellow eyes. The Yellow-Eyed Demon captures her and Adrian and the others go to rescue her. They find him force-feeding her a goblet of blood and attack him. In retaliation, The Demon destroys Crescent and seemingly kills Claire in the process leaving Eden Squad heartbroken. In reality, her newly infused demon blood reacted teleporting her away from Crescent where she fell into a short coma that lasted nearly a year. After training her body back to peak condition, she scoured America for a few years looking for Eden Squad locating Yui first who was shocked at her survival. After explaining that she was in a coma, Natalia directed Claire to where Adrian was. Claire reunited tearfully with Aiden after five years as the two reunited, pushing all their feelings onto each other.


Often embarrassed of her appearance due to its oddity, Claire possesses an exotic look that isn't typically seen in most humans and even those with the same looks as she does. Due to having been fused with the blood of demons, Claire's hair is bleached with the color white which shines in the light. Her eyes are a soft pink that are extremely unnerving to look into despite Claire's many attempts to make her gaze welcoming. Her skin is pale. Nearly as pale as that of someone with albinism. Claire has oftentimes been mistaken to have albinism despite it not being true at all. She has a lean build, forged from her years of being a Monster Hunter. She has light freckles that are barely visible from a distance. Her hair is fairly long, reaching down to her mid-back. Her hair is a hassle for her to take care of as she constantly has to move it out of her frame of vision. Her bangs cover her forehead and frame her face. Oftentimes, her hair gets in the way of her eyes.

As someone whose chose profession often ends in torn clothing, Claire wears clothing made of highly durable fibers that may not come off as fashionable to most people. She is often seen wearing a black high collar jacket, which she wears throughout the year with the sole exception of summer. In the summer, she wears a black t-shirt. On some occasions, Claire would wear a button-up denim shirt over a black tanktop when she's feeling up for it. She wears black pants and sometimes wears sweats, showcasing a lazy demeanor that she adopts from time to time. Her choice of shoes is rather simple for a girl her age as she prefers to wear boots. Over the course of the series, Claire acquires more and more footwear that she sometimes wears.

Prior to the blood transfusion, Claire's hair was a lustrous shade of blonde that was said to resemble that of gold. Her eyes were blue and her skin was a much healthier shade than it was now. It is noted by Natalia that her hair was much longer than it is now as it reached down to her waist.

While she was empowered by the taint and blood of several demons, Claire's eyes took on an ominous shade of red. Her sclera became pitch black as black veins began to writhe underneath her skin. Her canines elongated to the point where she could bare fangs at someone.


Combat Statistics

Tier: 7-B, higher with Magic and Preparation | 7-A via various Spells and Powers | 6-C, Higher with Spells and Powers | 6-A, Higher with the Purple Sigil | 5-C | 5-B | 4-C, Higher with various spells and abilities. 3-A to 2-C with the Spear of Longinus. Low 2-C via Summons. Does not scale from her normal statistics

Classification: Mage, Monster Hunter, Artificial Cambion, Former Human

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Types 1, 2, and 3), Regeneration (Low-High. Claire gained the regenerative abilities of a cambion after the blood was infused inside her, allowing her to reform from a single cell.), Extrasensory Perception and Enhanced Senses (With magic, she can see and perceive supernatural beings and events), Flight, Accelerated Development via Training, Magic, Statistics Amplification via Spells and consuming Demon Blood, Memory Manipulation via Spells (Claire can comb through the memories of others and selectively insert and delete the memories of others.), Mind Manipulation via Magic, Telekinesis (Her Special Child Powers allow her to telekinetically move objects and people.), Healing via Magic, Transmutation via the Purple Sigil (The Purple Sigil can transform others, even beings as powerful as Angels and Demons into a pillar of salt.), Reality Warping via Spells, Necromancy (Can resurrect the dead and force them to fight with her.), Summoning via Magic and the Purple Sigil (Can summon various beasts and beings that she has contracted over the years such as the Wolf Fenris, who allied himself with her during the Apocalypse. The Purple Sigil can recreate summon asteroids of various sizes. Inside Camael's space-time, Claire summoned a massive meteor in a fit of desperation which was able to scorch and reduce the entire surface of one of the planets in Camael's Pocket Universe.), Curse Manipulation, Status Effect Inducement via Curses and Counter-Curses (Claire can cast various curses that can petrify and freeze opponents, paralyze them, blind them, and induce necrosis), Paralysis Inducement via Divine and Profane Sigils, BFR and Purification via Abolishment Sigils, Power Nullification via Divine and Profane Sigils, Counter-Cursing, and various spells, Probability Manipulation via Curses (Curses can induce bad luck), Attack Reflection via Counter Cursing and Barrier Spells, Forcefield Creation, Death Manipulation, Danmaku, Matter Manipulation (Atomic Level; Ashes to Ashes can reduce an entire being to dust. Subatomic with Morta Erebea), Illusion Manipulation (Can cast hyper-releastic illusions that can fool the somato-sensory cortex of the brain. People can feel their pain and attacks from illusions can inflict pain.), Information Analysis, Absorption via Spells, Conceptual Manipulation via various weapons and magic (The Rod of Aaron was able to damage beings at a conceptual level. Type 3; Spells such as Pralaya and Ymir are capable of affecting her opponents at a conceptual level. She can alter these concepts in any way.), Animal Manipulation via Magic, Blood Manipulation via Magic and the Spike, Immortality Negation and Durability Negation via the Spike (The Spike is one of the three relics of Christ. The Spike can impose the concept of Death on powerful beings, including Elder Gods.), Text Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation via Magic (Fire, Ice, Water, Earth, and Air Manipulation), Body Control (Has control of her breathing, heart rate, and metabolism. She played dead by stopping her own heart for a few seconds), Indomitable Will, Portal Creation and Dimensional Travel via Gate Sigil and Gate of Gehenna, Teleportation, Vehicular Mastery, Non-Physical Interaction (Can interact with non-physical being such as Angels, Demons, and ghosts), Self-Sustenance (Type 1; Can breathe in the vacuum of space), Master Hand to Hand Combatant, Weapon Mastery (Of Daggers and Firearms. Proficient Spear Wielder)

Probability Manipulation (The Longinus Spear is capable of controlling the concept of Miracles, being able to cause absurd events to happen without fail so long as the odds are not zero. Even if the chances are absurdly low, they can happen with an absolute chance of success.), Reality Warping (The full power of the Longinus Spear is capable of rewriting and altering entire aspects of reality itself, being able to force concepts to materialize and create things from nothing.), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2; The Longinus Spear can control the concepts of Holy and Divine, being able to materialize them and weaponize them. In addition, the Longinus Spear can negate the conceptual powers of the Domains of Gods.), Causality Manipulation and Fate Manipulation (A fully realized user of the Longinus Spear is capable of altering and rewriting the causal flow of reality across the entirety of Assiah and Yetzirah to fit their needs. The Spear reverses cause and effect to make it so that any event that occurs will instead happen to the target, rewriting its cause to alter its effect.), Immortal Killing (Types 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8. Possibly 9. The Longinus Spear can kill beings who are immortal and claim to not know the concept of Death. It is speculated to be able to kill the Cosmic Gods.), Size Manipulation (Under Richard's use, the spear was capable of extending its length.), Resistance Negation (The Spear of Longinus is a weapon whose power is derived from the killing of Jesus Christ, Yesh's Shard, and has the power to kill Gods, Angels, Demons, Monsters, and Men. Can pierce through the defenses of Elder Gods as well as bypass their resistances. Mot, a Death God, who possesses a natural resistance to death based abilities was instantly killed by Spear.), Durability Negation, Death Manipulation (The Spear of Longinus can impose the concept of death on deathless beings in a manner similar to Archreaper Weaponry.), Space-Time Manipulation (The Longinus spear can cause vortexes that distort the flow of time and cut apart space.), Non-Physical Interaction, Homing Attack when thrown (Will constantly seek its target when thrown.), Weapon Creation and Weapon Manipulation (The Spear of Longinus can create weapons and control them.), Creation and Pocket Reality Manipulation (The Longinus Spear can create four-dimensional pocket constructs that users can manipulate and control to their will.), Light Manipulation, Holy Manipulation, Power Bestowal (The Longinus Spear grants resistance to Higher-Dimensional Manipulation up to nine Spatio-temporal higher dimensions as well as resistance to Causality Manipulation, Existence Erasure, and Time Manipulation as well as immunity to Holy Manipulation. Wielders of the Spear can also grant the power to grant blessings.)

Magic (Due to the blood infusion that led to her transformation, Claire is more resistant to magic than the average human.), Light Manipulation (Resistant to the light produced by angels due to not being a natural cambion), Holy Manipulation, Pain Manipulation (Can resist the pain-based abilities of Cherubim), Curse Manipulation via Counter Cursing, Mind Manipulation and Memory Manipulation (Can resist the mental abilities of Cherubim), Possession via Anti-Possession Sigil tattooed into her skin (The Anti-Possession Sigil prevents her from being possessed by demons, angels, and even gods), Matter Manipulation (With the Purple Sigil, Claire can resist matter-based abilities that can affect her at a subatomic level), Soul Manipulation (Her taint forms an artificial shield around her soul that deflects all soul-based abilities), Fire Manipulation, Illusion Manipulation (Claire can break and shatter illusions, even illusions created by Hypnos), Statistics Reduction, Disease Manipulation (Due to her demon blood, Claire is highly resistant to all mundane diseases to the point where she exhibits near immunity to them. Even biological weapons no longer have any effect on her other than the slight immune response that her human body mounts), Poison Manipulation (When she was captured and sentenced to death on several accounts of murder, Claire was injected with a highly potent venom that is used for death sentences. It failed to kill her but she was able to fool them by stopping her heart.), Madness Manipulation (Claire can perceive the auras of Cherubim which can project the image of a horrible eldritch monster into the heads of their victims), Elemental Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement and Power Nullification (Claire is not a true demon and therefore, Profane Sigils cannot trap her in place), Purification and Holy Manipulation (Due to her not being a true demon, Claire can wield the True Longinus and the Spike, Hands of God, and the holiest relics in Christianity, deemed to be extremely toxic to demons), Telekinesis (Managed to resist Gremory's telekinetic abilities)

Attack Potency: City Level, can ignore durability with various weapons and abilities (Comparable to Adrian and Ruby, who can this. Managed to contend with a Vampire Nest Leader) | Mountain Level (Claire can cast various spells that are capable of harming angels and demons alike. Claire fight and defeat the strongest demigods from Olympus upon their first meeting after she unleashed the full capacity of her power.) | Island Level (Claire can fight her other special children, including Lance, who has gained enough power by consuming the blood of his fellow special children. She was able to severely wound him and knock him unconscious. Following her resurrection, Claire managed to destroy an island sized space-time projection created by the demon Gaap.) | Multi-Continent Level, Higher with the Purple Sigil (Comparable to Adrian and Ruby, the former of which can defeat a Behemoth. The Purple Sigil is an artifact and a Heavenly weapon capable of summoning meteors of various sizes. The largest of these meteors can scorch the surface of an entire planet.) | Moon Level(Managed to hold off Alastor in order for Ruby to get Adrian to somewhere safe. Held back one of Selene's non-serious energy blasts, which is capable of destroying one of the many celestial constructs within Mount Olympus.) | Planet Level (Comparable to the other members of Eden Squad. Claire was able to contend with the angel partner of Malachai, Tamiel, who were capable of destroying an entire planet.) | Star Level, Higher with various spells and abilities (Capable of contending with major gods. Heimdall, the guardian of the Norse Pantheon's Divine Realm, was corrupted by Loki via a spell and attempted to kill Claire during her visit to Asgard in order to convince Odin to help them fight Lucifer's army. She was able to kill him with her weapons. With her summoning magic, she can summon Fenrir, the Wolf of Ragnarok, who is capable of consuming the realms of Asgard. Each realm of Asgard contains stars and planets.). Universe Level to Low Multiverse Level with the Spear of Longinus (The Spear of Longinus is capable of destroying the entire core universe. Can kill the Elder Gods.). Universe Level+ (Claire can summon the Chayot Ha-Kodesh, Merkabah, who imprinted on her after its summoning during the Apocalypse Arc.)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Dodged an attack from Artemis's most elite hunters. Dodged lightning from Zachariah, a son of Zeus, who was three meters away from her.), higher with Magic (Can enhance her speed to six times that of her normal speed.) | Sub-Relativistic (Comparable to Adrian, Natalia, and Ruby), much Higher with Magic | Sub-Relativistic, Higher with Magic (Faster than before) | FTL (Comparable to Adrian, Ruby, and Natalia), Higher with Magic

Lifting Strength: Class T| Class Z

Striking Strength: Small Town Class | Mountain Class | Island Class | Multi-Continent Class | Moon Class | Planet Class | Star Class

Durability: Small Town Level, Higher with Magic | Mountain Level, Higher with Magic | Island Level, Higher with Magic | Multi-Continent Level, Higher with Magic | Moon Level, Higher with Magic | Planet Level, Higher with Magic | Star Level, Higher with Magic

Stamina: Extremely High (Fought for days on end during the Apocalypse)

Range: Standard Melee Range. Extended Melee Range to Several Meters with Weapons | Several Meters to Interplanetary with Spells and Weapons. Universal with the Spear of Longinus | Planetary to Low Multiversal with Teleportation and Gate Sigils

Standard Equipment:

Intelligence: Extremely High. Claire is known to be fairly intelligent and above her age group in terms of intelligence. She is a Type 4 Polymath, originally excelling in art initially and exploring other fields. These fields primarily revolved around her life as a hunter and managed to learn magic, alchemy, and beast research. Claire holds vast magical knowledge, having learned a majority of her spells from Avan of whom she is a fan of as well as crafting her own spells for various purposes. While not as smart as Ruby, her knowledge of supernatural lore as well as the justice system of the US and their law organizations is extensive enough to allow her to imitate them when the situation calls for it. Claire is well versed in the topic of toxicology, knowing a wide range of various poisons and their uses. Other than Natalia, she happens to be the team medic and treats their wounds more often than not. Despite frowning on such acts, Claire is highly skilled in criminal actions such as breaking and entering, lockpicking, and carjacking. She is also extremely analytic, being able to process and synthesize large pieces of information in a few seconds.

Weaknesses: While her demon blood makes her immune to all human ailments, human weaponry can still hurt Claire to a lesser degree due to the blood enhancing her. In addition, Claire can oftentimes be exploited emotionally as seen when Ruby used her grief to help her get revenge on Lilith thus accidentally starting the Apocalypse alongside her friend. In addition, Claire can have a one-track mind, focusing all her effort into it. The Purple Sigil uses large amounts of power. The Spear of Saint Longinus can damage Claire if used for extended periods of time.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Magic: Magic refers to the ability to affect the world and change it via supernatural means. It is a force that pervades throughout the entirety of the worlds as well as the higher worlds but to a lesser degree. All beings are capable of casting magic through sufficient research and practice. Among their group, Claire is perhaps the most adept with this skill. Learning under the White Witch Avan, the most powerful magical practitioner among humans, Claire was able to learn a plethora of various spells that she utilizes regularly in combat. Her skill is only rivaled by her fellow mage and student, Envierna, who was Avan's former student but quit after she felt that she wasn't learning fast enough. Her alarmingly increasing magical skill has confirmed for Avan that Claire was capable of succeeding her.

  • Mana Burst: A standard magical ability that all beings learn when they begin to delve into magic. Mana Bursts are often used to measure one's magical worth and skill. Claire has great control over her mana bursts, being able to increase and decrease their area of affect.
  • Attenuare: An ancient spell developed by Avan. In Sumerian, it means "diminish". The spell creates an energy tether between the target and the user and drains the target's energy.
    • Blood Bond: Using her opponent's blood, Claire creates a life tether between them that allows her to sap energy from her intended target. Only works if the opponent has blood.
  • Elementalism: Elementalism is a school of magic that refers to the use of multiple elements in combat as opposed to one. Most mages often delve into this school extensively as it is one of the easiest schools of magic to grasp. Elementalism involves the use of the standard five elements of fire, water, earth, air, and lightning. Other elements in this school can be used such as ice and metal.
    • Death Flare: A fire spell. Claire creates a small sphere of white flames that she fires at her opponents. The flare explodes on impact, damaging or killing the target and producing a bright light that stuns others hence the name flare.
    • Pressure Slam: A water spell. Claire creates a hyper-dense sphere of water and fires it like a bullet. The sphere is powerful enough to penetrate solid steel with a single blast. It can even crack magical barriers.
    • Aerus: A wind spell. Claire creates a dense blade of pure air that she can use to slice through objects with relative ease.
    • Golems: A standard Earth spell. Claire can create golems from the Earth.
      • Titans: An advanced Earth Spell. This spell allows the user to expel a large portion of magical power to animate the very Earth around them. The spell is capable of creating a massive stone guardian whose skin is reinforced by magic itself. Each guardian is at least 5 meters tall.
    • Fulgura: Claire's custom lightning spell. Claire creates a small magic circle that draws upon the natural flowing electrical currents found in nature and gathers them into one location. She can focus that lightning and unleash it as a massive wave of pure electrical energy capable of incinerating and destroying anything within its path.
    • Homura: Claire's custom fire spell. Claire converts her magical energy at the tip of her palms to create a dense sphere of blue flames. The flames begin to swirl and charge until Claire fires it as a large beam of blue flaming energy.
  • Matter Manipulation: Through magic, matter can be manipulated, however, most mages can control matter at a molecular level. High-level mages can take it even further, being able to control matter down to its very atomic foundation while others can go even smaller than that.
    • Ashes to Ashes: Ashes to Ashes is a matter-based spell that was created by Avan. The spell involves fire a small blast of violet energy into her target which rapidly spreads through all their atoms, severing all molecular bonds between each atom. This happens very slowly and is considered to be painful as the being in questions slowly fades into dust.
    • Morta Erebea: Claire's version of Ashes to Ashes. It is an instantaneous matter-based spell that rips apart her foes at a subatomic level. The spell's effects take a few seconds to take hold but once it does, the person affected by the spell is gone, to the point where his atoms don't remain.
  • Cursing: Cursing refers to the art of casting magic that is designed to debilitate the target in any way, shape, or form. The effects of curses vary, ranging from bringing misfortune, causing harm, or even killing their targets.
    • Necrofasciitis: Necrofasciitis is a curse that is designed to corrode and eat away at the flesh of their targets very slowly. Reminiscent of flesh-eating bacteria, the curse is a quick cast curse that can induce rapid necrosis across large parts of the human body. The pain brought upon this curse is immense as the target is oftentimes subjected to a slow and painful death. Those that survive are crippled by this spell if they do not possess a high healing factor or if the dead tissue is not removed.
    • Bad Luck Jinx: A curse that induces misfortune upon their targets. The jinx is a Sigil spell. The sigil is carved into an object and handed to the desired target.
    • See No Evil: A curse that blinds the target by targeting their optical nerves and preventing them from firing whenever sensory information is uploaded to the brain.
    • Feel No Evil: A curse that binds the target to their place and prevents them from moving.
    • Gorgon's Stare: A sigil curse that turns the target to stone.
  • Counter Cursing: A branch of magic designed in deflecting and countering curses. Curses can be countered with a specific anti-curse that is designed specifically for the curse that is being cast. The anti-curse can have a varied range of effects from simply nullifying the curse to reflecting the curse's effects on the caster of the curse.
    • Anti-Jinx Spell: Reverse Luck: An anti-curse designed to target the Bad Luck Jinx. The anti-curse does nothing else other than nullify the effects of Bad Luck.
    • Anti-Hex: An anti-curse designed to nullify hexes.
      • Anti-Hex Formula: CD8+: A spell developed by Claire after studying Envierna's CdTB curse. The curse is designed to systematically send energized particles of magical energy to seek out all effects of the curse and destroy them utterly.
  • Enhancement Magic: Enhancement magic is magic that can enhance the physical and magical capabilities of the user to higher levels. Enhancement magic does not need any form of chanting and can be instantly cast by the user prior to combat or even in the heat of it.
    • Swift Foot: A basic speed enhancement spell that can boost the user's speed to six times that of their normal speed.
      • Instantaneous Acceleration: A more advanced speed enhancement spell that can boost the user's speed to 10 to 100 times their normal speed depending on how much power they expend into it.
    • Diamond Wall: A defense enhancement spell that tightens and enhances the skin, bones, and organs of the user.
    • Saigan Shi-Shi: An onmyou spell from Japan used by their mages. Saigan Shi-Shi doubles her strength.
    • Mimir's Foresight: A Nordic Spell that is activated via Runes embedded into clothing. It grants the user enhanced kinetic vision that allows them to perceive things going at extremely high speeds.
  • Conceptual Magic: Conceptual Magic revolves around the manipulation of concepts that govern aspects of the world and of human society and culture. Most forms of conceptual magic fall within the classification of Domain, a special form of magic that belongs to deities, however, humans and other beings can learn conceptual magic by learning from the deities with the conceptual domain.
    • Pralaya: Learned from Kali. Pralaya is a spell that controls the concept of Destruction. Highly volatile, the spell can destroy all matter and energy within its range reducing it to nothing. The spell does not discriminate between friend and foe.
    • Ymir: Derived from the Norse Elder Giant. It is a spell that governs life and birth and can be described as a mass healing spell. It heals by controlling and altering the concept of life, nullifying all things that can threaten the life of the target.
  • Portal Magic: Portal Magic opens portals to other locations.
    • Gate of Gehenna: A misnomer name. The spell can open gates to any level of Hell.
  • Scrying: A basic magical spell. Allows for remote viewing.
  • Exorcisms: Exorcisms are a magical art that banishes Demons, Angels, Ghosts, and Gods. Higher-level beings may require multiple high-level beings performing exorcisms at the same time. Exorcisms can also be used in the form of sigils that can be triggered.
    • Abolishment Sigil: A standard class exorcism sigil. The sigil can be triggered via magical channeling and can banish spirits and the average demon.
    • Divine Abolishment Sigils: A specialized form of sigils developed by Blacklight to target Gods and Angels. Angels such as Malakim and Bene Elohim can be banished by the standard Divine Abolishment Sigil but beings such as Gods require high-grade sigils to banish.
  • Sigils: Sigils are magical inscriptions that are used to store spells and produce a variety of effects. The most common use for sigils are spell storage and exorcisms. Hunters also rely on sigils for trapping spirits and demons. The more complex the sigils work, the more power it can pack. Multiple spells can also be stored into sigils.
    • Profane Sigil: Profane Sigils are used to trap demons and dampen their powers.
    • Divine Sigil: Divine Sigils are used to trap angels and gods and dampen their powers.
    • Gate Sigils: Gate Sigils are sigils used to access different locations that are marked with responding sigils.
    • Gattling Sigils: Gattling Sigils can unleash a hail of magical bolts at rapid speeds.
    • Elemental Gattler: Elemental Gattler fires a hail of elemental spells at rapid speeds.
    • Trigger Speed Sigil: Trigger Speed is a sigil spell that can be placed on the floor that when triggered can enhance the speed or dampen the speed of the target.
  • Summoning: Summoning Magic allows users to summon objects and beings to aid them in combat.
    • Summoning: Fenrir: Claire can summon Fenrir, the God-Eating Wolf to aid her in combat.
    • Summoning: Merkabah: Claire can summon the Chayot Ha-Kodesh, Merkabah. The Chayot imprinted on her during the Apocalypse and views Claire as her mother.
  • Blood Magic: Blood Magic is a form of magic that uses blood as fuel and a medium for casting spells. In addition, Blood Magic can also control blood, molding it into weapons to be used in combat.
  • Archeomancy: Archeomancy is a form of magic that revolves around the control of runes and text. This magic is highly similar to Sigils in the form of that spells can be imbued and stored away for later use. However, Archeomantic runes and glyphs have a variety of effects.

Dagger Mastery: Claire is a dagger expert, preferring them as her main weapon outside of unarmed and ranged combat. She can use daggers to fight beings with years more experience than she does. Claire can easily go toe to toe and defeat Artemis' hunters and even hold her own against Ruby and force her to unsheath her blade. In addition, her skills at throwing her daggers are virtually unparalleled within her team, being able to hit a demon in the throat with her dagger from several tens of meters away without even looking, all while being occupied with combating another.

Spear Mastery: After acquiring the Spear of Longinus, Claire underwent training to properly wield the spear under Achilles in Elysium. After a few weeks, she was able to easily hold her own against her teacher as well as combat many of the higher ranking spear wielders that her master trained.

Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Despite being the magic specialist in the group, Claire is by no means a slouch when it comes to close combat. While slightly weaker physically than Ruby, Adrian, and Natalia, she still exhibits great levels of physical strength. Her blows are capable of shattering windows from their force alone as well as causing wide large-scale tremors. When it comes to combat, Claire opts to use her superior speed as well as combine it with her magic to deal large amounts of damage within a few seconds.

Disguise Expert: Claire is an expert at disguising herself. Using her friend's knowledge of the US Legal System and Law Enforcement Organizations combined with her own knowledge of various agencies across the country, Claire can convincingly play as an Agent, a detective, a police officer, or even a park ranger. Using her demonic blood and miasma, Claire can even mimic the signature of a natural born demon or cambion, easily allowing her to infiltrate Hell with no problem.

Polymath: Claire is a polymath, meaning that she is skilled in multiple fields other than her chosen one. She can draw upon a wide range of subjects to help her solve specific problems. This has become invaluable in her career as a monster hunter as it allows her to craft cunning strategies when it comes to finding and subduing her prey. In addition, it makes her the group diplomat as she is capable of conversing with leaders of other pantheons and groups, offering a wide number of subjects for discussion.

  • Diplomat: Claire is the group diplomat with a wide understanding of the workings, customs, and cultures of other countries and pantheons. While not well versed in law, she knows enough to be able to properly discuss and negotiate with pantheon leaders to allow their group to move within their territory as well as secure assistance from them.

Psionic Powers: As a Special Child, Claire possesses an inherent psychic ability that allows them to possess a host of powers. She can use the most basic powers that a Cambion can possess include telekinesis and telepathy. Over time, she developed and can utilize the abilities of mature Cambion.

  • Telekinesis: Claire can impart kinetic energy via pure mental will, allowing her to manipulate physical matter without the need for contact.

Invulnerability: Due to having demonic blood and miasma within her, Claire highly resistant to conventional weaponry. She can take absurd levels of trauma from mortal weapons and recover rather easily as well as survive. Due to her human heritage, Claire can also withstand supernatural weaponry designed to take out angels to some degree.

Umbrakinesis: Claire can shape shadows to her will, allowing her to utilize them for offensive and defensive purposes.

Rapid Regeneration: Following her infusion with demonic blood, Claire possesses high regeneration powers. She is capable of restoring herself from extreme levels of trauma such as having her heads severed or even being reduced to a mess of cells. It is speculated that Claire will evolve and grow like a natural-born to the point where she can restore herself from her taint and soul alone.

Supernatural Perception: Claire can perceive paranormal events and beings that would normally be invisible to the naked eye of humans.

Flight: Claire can manifest translucent energy wings to fly.

Empowerment: Prior to her current control over her powers, Claire was able to strengthen herself by consuming demonic blood to increase her strength, speed, durability, and demonic abilities. However, following her training with Cain, Claire was able to better enhance herself by using her taint to boost her skills to another level.

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