Aye, I'm Ciren. And before you open yer mouth, you've got the look of death on yeh. It may be best if you have a drink, son. In fact, I'll get some for me, too.
~ Ciren


Ciren is a leprechaun rogue that runs a tavern in Guardian City. He is an entrepreneur first, and an adventurer second. He takes pride in playing practical jokes and just generally seeking merriment where possible.

Ciren is distrustful of the new leaders of The Guardians, Nandor and Vaerun- though he has saved the latter from certain death before while playing a significant role in the adventure into the Tomb of Annihilation.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Name: Ciren

Origin: D&D Homebrew

Gender: Male

Age: Over a hundred

Classification: Leprechaun Rogue

Date of Birth: Unknown

Birthplace: Greyhawk

Weight: 8 kg

Height: 1'8

Status: Alive

Affiliation: The Guardians

Previous Affiliation: NA

Combat Statistics

Tier: High 7-C | 7-B

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Illusion Manipulation (Can create sound and vision based illusions to deceive enemies), Shapeshifting (Can take on the form and characteristics of any creature he has seen before), Transmutation (Can turn an object into another object for seven hours), Sound Manipulation (Can create phantom sounds), Light Manipulation (Can create phantom lights), Enhanced Senses (Can see with very little light), Magic, Damage Reduction, Creation (Can generate items of varying complexity), Telekinesis, Invisibility, Limited Time Manipulation (Can rewind time to make one failure he had recently instantly a success), Resurrection, Poison Manipulation (Known to make use of poison if forced into combat), Weapon Mastery with Knives (Wields 6 magic knives of varying uses), Elemental Manipulation (His knives each are tied to an element), Pocket Reality Manipulation (His jacket has many pockets, each of which function as a 5 by 5 by 5 room), Size Manipulation (Shrinks boulders and throws them, growing them to normal size on command), Forcefield Creation (Can generate forcefields via Wall of Force), Teleportation (Short-range teleportation), Small Size (Type 0), Non-Physical Interaction (Magic can effect spirits and even Abstract devils), Standard D&D Resistances

Attack Potency: Large Town level (Comparable to the adventurers that fought the Greater Water Elemental) | City level (Should be comparable to other epic-level adventurers)

Speed: Supersonic+ (Markedly faster than beings that can dodge Melf's Minute Meteors) | Hypersonic

Lifting Strength: Class M | Class M

Striking Strength: Unknown (While he is capable of harming enemies physically, he tends to use magic if at all possible) | Unknown

Durability: Large Town level | Possibly City level (Something of a glass cannon)

Stamina: High, manages to regularly adventure for days

Range: Dozens of meters

Standard Equipment: Jacket, Elemental Knives, Spell Component Pouch, Jar of Water, Pocket of Boulders, Ring of Nine Lives

Intelligence: Gifted, regularly proves his expertise with rogue skills and wild magic

Weaknesses: His damage reduction is negated by cold iron or magic


  • Saved Vaerun from certain death via magic
  • Managed to inebriate a good portion of the population of Guardian City
  • Defeated two Hezrou demons sent after him
  • Assisted in killing Acererak
  • Fought Gorsh, the Fire Paragon, and lived

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Shapeshifting: Ciren can take on the form and natural powers of any creature he has seen, which include dragons of varying species, elementals, and even umber hulks
  • Transmutation: Ciren can turn objects into other objects. He managed to do this with a ballista, turning it into a large feather.
  • Illusion: Ciren regularly creates illusionary foes and adds sound to them to scare away opponents.

Key: Kingdom Under the Sun Arc | Timeskip


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