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Ciara Erenod is the youngest daughter of Cain and Avan. She is a member of Eden Squad and a hunter. Ciara is the younger sister of Ruby, Selene, Astar, and Enoch. Ciara grew up with Adrian as Cain took him in after both his mother and sister were sealed into Hell. Ciara is a Cambion like her siblings.




Despite being called short by her sister and cousin, Ciara is in fact a woman of average height. She has a slender, petite figure that she is extremely insecure about due to the fact that she feels as if she is less developed than her peers. She has deep raven black hair that extends to her mid-back. The tips of her hair fade into red. Ciara also possesses midnight black eyes that are described to be able to suck in all light. Her skin is slightly tanned, yet possesses the pale skin color that her older sister possesses. Her small stature is extremely deceptive as she can exert more force than an Olympian Athlete without exerting much effort at all.

Following the one-year time skip between the Battle of Armageddon and the Second Heaven Civil War, Ciara cuts her hair to shoulder length, having grown tired of her longer hair. She states that it makes her look too much like her mother and that she would like to have her own identity for a change.

Ciara possesses an all-black wardrobe. She frequently wears a black blazer made of cotton and reinforced with magical runes that regulate the temperature to allow her to adjust to her environment. She wears a small black watch on her left wrist alongside black leather gloves. Underneath her blazer, she wears a black shirt or blouse depending on her mood and often wears a white skirt to offset her black clothes. She wears long socks more often than not and prefers to wears sandals rather than shoes, though sometimes she wears tabi boots due to their practicality, in her words. She has a small belt that allows her to clip her katana to her waist even though she prefers to store her katana and firearms inside a small pocket dimension.


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Combat Statistics

Tier: 7-B. 7-A with Summons | 7-A with Full Power | 6-C, higher with Damnation and Nihilo Sancto | 6-A, higher with Magic | 5-C | 5-B | 4-C, Far Higher Infernales Finem. 4-A with Summons and Released Kurokami

Age: 15 (Pre Apocalypse)| 16-17 (Apocalypse Arc)| 18 (Leviathan Arc)|20-22 (Heavenly Fall Arc)|23 (AYIN Returns Arc)

Classification: Cambion, Hunter, Necromancer, Member of Eden Squad

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses, Immortality (Type 1, 2, 3), Regeneration (Low-High over time; While minor wounds and some more severe injuries heal over the course of a few seconds, Nephilim and Cambion are capable of reforming from a single cell.), Extrasensory Perception (Supernatural Being or beings with supernatural abilities are capable of seeing and perceiving events, beings, and phenomena that are normally invisible to the naked eye.), Accelerated Development via Training, Magic, Statistics Amplification via Magic and Taint (Can enhance herself using Enhancement Magic and her own Taint.), Darkness Manipulation (Cambion can control darkness and shadows and bend them to their wills, creating weapons, becoming intangible, become invisible, and even fire them as blasts of energy), Flight, Instinctive Reaction (Years of training and fighting allowed her to develop a sixth sense that allows her to sense danger and react accordingly and almost immediately.), Information Analysis, Curse Manipulation via Curses and Hexes, Status Effect Inducement via Cursing and Sigils (Can inflict a variety of curses including curses that restrict and bind the movement of others, make them blind or deaf, or cause bad luck), Elemental Manipulation via Magic, Aura, Void Manipulation via Magic, Danmaku, Necromancy (Her calling card. Often uses corpses to fight for her. Is not limited to corpses. She can also take control of the souls of the deceased for combat purposes.), Resurrection via Necromancy, Soul Manipulation via Necromancy (Can take control of dead souls. Damnation breaks down her targets soul once they are trapped inside her spell.), Summoning via Necromancy, Death Manipulation via Magic, Power Modification (Can merge two spells together or alter the components of an already existing spell in order to strengthen or alter the effects to her liking), Power Mimicry (A magical genius almost as great as Claire. She can learn spells after glancing at them just once.), Power Nullification via Curses and Counter Cursing, Attack Reflection via Counter Cursing, Sealing, Body Control (Has proper control of her body to the point where she can lower her heartbeat so that not even an EKG can detect it. She can control her body's energy consumption, being able to relegate it to places that need it most.), Memory Manipulation via Magic (Can erase the memories of others.), Astral Projection (For Communication Purposes), BFR and Purification via Exorcisms and Sigils, Technology Manipulation via Hacking (While not as skilled as Ruby or Adrian, Ciara is more than capable of cracking a government database as well as hijack the frequencies used by angels and demons for communications. She can even hack into Heaven's Astra, their news and information network.), Master Hand to Hand Combatant, Weapon Mastery (Skilled with firearms and the sword), Self-Sustenance (Type 1), Non-Physical Interaction (Can interact with immaterial beings.), Stealth Mastery, Teleportation

Hellfire Manipulation (Can manipulate destructive black flames that can destroy the user's soul.), Regeneration Negation (Up to High; Can negate the regenerative abilities of Nephilim and Cambion as well as Monsters and Demigods.), Blood Manipulation (Kurokami can restore itself using the blood of the people it cuts as well as Ciara's own blood. In addition, Ciara can empower Kurokami with her own blood, allowing it to transform to Code: Choronzon), Tactile Exorcism (Kurokami's blade can interact with the demon, angel, god, or spirit directly inside the host without dealing any physical harm to the vessel.), Undead Modification (Can modify her undead puppets and make them stronger, enhancing their skeletal structure, making their flesh stronger, and fusing them together to create an amalgamation.), Summoning (The medium of the summoning powers used by her necromantic magic. She often times uses Kurokami rather than form a magic circle.)

All previous abilities from Base Key including Natural Weaponry (Ciara's blood), Poison Manipulation (Her blood becomes highly noxious and toxic. She also has a poison breath and what she refers to as a "kiss of death". A liter of the toxin produced by her body in this state is capable of killing over a third of Japan's adult population instantly), Avatar Creation (Can manifest a shroud of Yamata-no-Orochi to fight with her.), Large Size (Type 2) (Her battle avatar of Orochi is over 500 meters tall)

Magic (Cambion and Demons have a naturally higher resistance to Magic than other species such as humans.), Holy Manipulation (Her human blood grants her a higher resistance to Holy objects and techniques such as Holy Water and Demonic Banishment.), BFR (Cannot be banished by Demon Banishing Sigils.), Power Nullification (By anything as strong or weaker than she is.), Disease Manipulation (Supernatural Beings are immune to diseases that are not created by Supernatural Beings.), Poison Manipulation (Supernatural beings are immune to natural poisons, however, Ciara's human blood curbs this resistance both ways as she can be affected by mundane poisons slightly and has a higher resistance to specific supernatural poisons. She cannot get drunk or become affected by any known human narcotic. Her own blood becomes extremely toxic due to Orochi's influence, however, her body possesses natural immunity to the poison), Paralysis Inducement (A Solomon's Gate cannot trap nor restrict her movement), Possession (Her extraordinary mental defenses allow her to kick and remove all invasive forces, be it spiritual or mental. Also possesses an Anti-Possession Sigil on her person), Mind Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Telepathy (Was able to block out psychics from reading her thoughts. While her mental techniques are weak when it comes to invading others, she excels in mental defense, having an organized yet chaotic mind which can throw off any invaders. She is also highly resistant to brainwashing due to her extreme mental fortitude bashed into her head by her mother.), Soul Manipulation (Her taint acts as a natural safeguard against people who are capable of soul magic, masking her soul's signature.), Blood Manipulation, Body Puppetry, and Biological Manipulation via Body Control

Attack Potency: City Level, Ignores Durability with some Spells and Weapons (Comparable to her rival, Natalia, as she can physically trade blows and exchange attacks with her. Ciara should not be much weaker than her older sister.). Mountain Level via Igneous Rex (One of her modified necromantic summons. Igenous Rex is capable of destroying a mountain with a single attack.) | Mountain Level (At her full power, she is considered to be a walking disaster, leveling entire mountains in her way. Was hunting a mature Roc while they were looking for her.) | Island Level, Higher with Damnation and Nihilo Sancto (Defeated the Colchis Bull after it was rebuilt by remnants of the Titans' Forces. Was able to inflict a scratch on Sitri. Damnation is capable of swallowing an entire Island Chain and Nihilo Sancto can generate a void area similar to Natalia's Void Zone.) | Multi-Continent Level (Comparable to her friends, especially Natalia, who claimed she could kill Aldrammalech.) | Moon Level (Fought against a 35% power Selene when they tried to wipe out the people who sold her cousin out to Lilith. Destroyed Artemis's Solar during the Defense of Olympus. Artemis's Solar is a massive construct the size of Earth's Moon.) | Planet Level (Contended with one of Fenris's children, Hati, the Wolf that chases the Moon, who was corrupted alongside the Norse Moon God Mani.) | Star Level, Higher with Infernalis Finem and Code: Choronzon (Defeated the corrupted and fallen God, Sol, of the Norse Pantheon as well as defeat Like her friends, she gained enough strength to compete with and fight against the Gods. Fought Azura alongside Natalia before she and her friends were restrained.). Multi-Solar System Level with Summons and Released Kurokami (Formed a contract and reanimated the remains of the dragon, Yamata-no-Orochi, whose soul now resides within her sword. She can summon her for combat whenever she desires. Yamata-no-Orochi is capable of contending with the Shinto God, Susanoo.)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic, Higher with Magic (Blitzed and caught Athena off guard. Was able to outfly a fighter jet. Dodged an attack from Phenex.) | Sub-Relativistic, Higher with Magic (Can keep up with Natalia. Barely dodged an attack from her older sister. Barely. She can increase her speed with enhancement magic and trigger sigils) | Sub-Relativistic, Higher with Magic | FTL, Higher with Magic

Lifting Strength: Class Z| Class T

Striking Strength: Small Town Class| Mountain Class| Island Class| Multi-Continent Class| Moon Class| Planet Class|Star Class

Durability: Small Town Level| Mountain Level| Island Level| Multi-Continent Level| Moon Level| Planet Level|Star Level

Stamina: Extremely High (Can go and fight for extended periods of time without tiring)

Range: Standard Melee Range. Extended Melee Range with Kurokami | Several Meters to Hundreds of Kilometers with spells and magic | Planetary to Low Multiversal with Teleportation

Standard Equipment:

  • Kurokami
  • Modified .9 mm Pistols
  • Sigils

Intelligence: Genius. Due to her desire to be just like Ruby and Adrian, she threw herself into her studies as soon as she got into school. Her intelligence ranked her high enough to be able to skip through several grades until she ended up in the same year as her sister and cousin. Despite being younger than the entire school population, Ciara was still far smarter than they are excelling in Math, English, Science, and History with a particular interest in biology and chemistry. She is highly adept at Magic, equal to Natalia, and rivaling Claire in pure skill. In their age group, she is virtually unparalleled in the skill of Necromancy, an art that is looked down upon by mages of all kinds due to tampering with the dead. Like her friend/sworn rival Natalia, she knows and is fluent in several languages, some of which are supernatural in origin. Her natural fascination with Hell and the Knights led her to extensively study them to the point where she knows their names and can recognize them based on descriptions that she read several years ago as a child.

Weaknesses: Ciara is short-tempered and can be prone to anger if the right buttons are pushed. She hides her insecurity behind a tough face and possesses a level and measure of fear for spiders. This level is not crippling. As a Cambion, she possesses all the weaknesses of Demons to a much lesser degree.

Notable Attacks/Techniques: WIP

Key: Gate of Gehenna Ciara | Pre Apocalypse Arc Ciara | Apocalypse Arc Ciara | Cosmic War Arc Ciara | Heavenly Fall Arc Ciara | Return of AYIN Arc Ciara


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