Disco Ball!
~ flavor text when opening one for the first time


The Chance Icosahedron is a variation of the Chance Cube and a block introduced in the Chance Cubes Minecraft mod, based off of firecat360123's Lucky Blocks.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 8-C, 7-C with summons | 5-C

Name: Chance Icosahedron

Origin: Modded Minecraft

Age: Inapplicable

Classification: Single-use random-effect utility

Wielders: The Player (Minecraft)

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Probability Manipulation, Statistics Amplification and Statistics Reduction with various potion effects and enchantments, Creation, Summoning, Explosion Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Status Effect Inducement, Power Bestowal (Can enchant items with particular powers), Death Manipulation (Can instantly kill an individual), Electricity Manipulation, temporary Invulnerability (Has a chance of ignoring a strike and taking no damage on a 3-dimensional level), Duplication (Can create more Chance Cubes), Text Manipulation, Telepathy (Can send messages directly into one's mind), Telekinesis (Can launch an individual into the air), Transmutation, Ice Manipulation, Teleportation, Poison Manipulation (Can inflict Poison and Wither effects), Empathic Manipulation (Can inflict Hunger and Nausea), Darkness Manipulation (Can inflict Blindness), Light Manipulation with Beacons, Void Manipulation (Can turn matter into nothing) | All previous

Attack Potency: Large Building level (Can create structures of this caliber), Town level with summons (Can summon The Wither) | Moon level (Can initiate a Chaos Island implosion which can vaporize a bedrock sphere of radius 300-400 meters)

Speed: Immobile on its own, can fire off Subsonic projectiles and Massively Hypersonic+ lightning strikes | Immobile on its own, can fire off Subsonic projectiles and Massively Hypersonic+ lightning strikes

Durability: Unknown

Range: Tens of meters, Universal with inflicted death | Hundreds of meters, Universal with inflicted death

Weaknesses: Is a single-use device

Key: Base | With other mods

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