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Don’t you get it, Spike? The zebras have megaspell-tipped missiles. Hundreds of them. If they launch them, those missiles will reach Equestria from the zebra homeland within minutes. And this Celestia One, or Celestia Prime, or whatever they’re calling it can’t even be cast unless it’s sunny. I can’t tell the Princess that the only defense we have against those missiles can be defeated by a cloudy day. What if the zebras decide to attack us at night?
~ Twilight Sparkle, on Celestia Primes effectiveness.

Tenpony Tower, wherein Celestia Prime is housed.


Fallout Equestria created by Kkat

Celestia Prime also known as Celestia One is a Megaspell powered super weapon that uses the suns ultra violet rays to remotely disintegrate targeted locations. It was designed by the Ministry of Arcane science to more safely take out Major Zebra Cities with little to no warning. It is housed in the Ministry of Arcane Science building situated in the heart of Manehattan. The building itself is heavily fortified so as to ensure the weapons survival. The weapon only saw brief usage on The Last Day, during the Apocalypse as retaliation for the Nuclear Strike ordered on the Tower. Once the clouds in the sky were closed by the Pegasi the weapon was rendered inoperable.

200 Years Later, the ministry hub that housed the weapon would house the residents of Tenpony Tower. Ponies of extreme importance to the groups survival (Such as DJPON3 and his associates, The Chief Medical Staff.) would form the Twilight Society. The Society while keeping the towers occupants safe, would control who would have access and knowledge of the Towers secrets, Celestia Prime being the biggest.

After 200 of lying dormant Littlepip, was given express permission to utilize the weapon for her plan to bring the sun and order back to Equestria. After she assumed control of the planets weather, and cleared the skies, the weapon was finally once again utilized to end the war between the remaining Enclave forces and Red Eye's remnants. Giving rise to hope and unification in The Wasteland.

Combat Statistics

Origin: Fallout Equestria

Tier: 6-C

Wielders: The Twilight Society during the events of Fallout Equestria New Canterlot Republic in Epilogue, New Canterlot Republic/Littlepip in Project Horizons

Powers and Abilities: Magic, Heat Manipulation, Light ManipulationHoming Attack

Attack Potency: Island Level (Claimed to be strong enough to sink islands into the sea, should be as powerful as other Megaspell powered super weapons, which can terraform the planet and purge it of radiation.)

Speed: Speed of Light (Uses the Suns Heat to completely destroy its target.)

Striking Strength: Island Level

Durability: Small Town Level (Built within The Ministry of Arcane Sciences Building which was strong enough to withstand a nuclear strike.) 

Range: Varies, continental, time, and weather dependent when targeting. Can shrink the concentrated ray of light down to the width of a tree for smaller targets

Pre Requisites for use: A Dozen Magically Adept Unicorns to power the Megaspell, 1 Unicorn to maintain targeting, Clear Skies over the tower and its target.

Weaknesses: Needs clear, sunny, skies over the Tower and its target in order to be utilized. Useless in overcast weather.