Chaotic Good characters actively reject laws in their pursuit of the right thing and their own freedom, using their own morals and conscience to do what they feel is right regardless of what others and their systems have to say or think about it. To a Chaotic Good character, freedom is necessary for happiness, and they often believe that any sort of legal system is unnecessary for good to exist and prosper, because people will do good when afforded the choice.

For a Chaotic Good character, their top priority may be the pursuit of freedom itself, or the pursuit of goodness. A character who prioritizes freedom simply does good because it suits them and because it is right, and may go against the law in pursuit of their own interests. Characters who prioritize goodness may act in lawful systems even as they resent them, going against them when freedom is on the line. Others still see good and freedom as inseparable, and will reject the law in its entirety.

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