The Chaotic Evil character is similar in many respects to the Chaotic Neutral character, seeking only to follow their own desires and reject the law wherever it arises. However, the key difference is in evil; what the Chaotic Evil character wishes to do is evil. Where a Lawful Evil character can be honorable and predictable, and the Neutral Evil be bargained with and avoided, the Chaotic Evil is an active agent of malice. Even if they hold no attachment to the concept of evil itself, their actions are inexorably monstrous and often extremely destructive.

A Chaotic Evil character may be a hedonist with unpredictable, purely malicious desires, or devoted to some all-consuming idea of evil itself, or simply unhinged and destructive. They value their freedom over anything else, and will often react violently to anything that infringes on it, but their freedom is used only to harm.

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