Death of The World

You find yourself trudging through the debris of a destroyed city. Almost every building you can see, except for a few in the distance meant to brace this kind of trauma, is completely wrecked. Ahead, you can see a fissure splitting apart the ground as far as you can see. Some cars are stuck inside. You can even spot a tree managing to get crushed under the ground. Above, you can hardly make out the sky through the cloud of smog.

It’s almost nighttime. It’s raining. Not a good idea to stay out at night. Too many assholes trying to save their own skins. If you have powers, it’s not as dangerous, but still highly preferable to find shelter.

Welcome to Ottawa.

~ The first four lines.

Cataclysm is an ongoing roleplay created by Slapson and a crossover between verses made by himself and other users. It focuses on the exploits of many different characters to survive in a world that was almost completely destroyed by an unknown force.

It's currently helped run by Slapson, The Villainous Vulture, ThePerpetual, and ThePixelKirby.

Premise and Setting

A catastrophic event has ravaged the whole planet, demolishing civilization on both a physical and societal level and cleaving off an enormous portion of the population. Daytime is gloom; covered in an omnipresent smog that contaminates the air with its putrid smell. Those that lived through it all find themselves under the torment of the organizations that took control of where they live (or used to live), and trying to outlast the bizarre oddities that sprung up in the midst of the cataclysm. There's hardly anything left to fight for...

Cults and Factions

Organized groups have taken advantage of their situation to expand their influence and power, having both normal people and superhumans in their ranks.

  • The Jury - The Jury is a mafia-like cult in Cataclysm led by an enigmatic entity known only as THE JUDGE. Members of this cult refer to themselves as Jurors, with their superiors being known as Prosecutors. Above these is a small group known as The Supreme Court, whose members are exclusively handpicked by THE JUDGE himself for their power and loyalty. Members of this subsect are known as Justices and preside over the actions of the Prosecutors. They seemed to be hidden for years, only surfacing in order to act as a surrogate government across the country, violently executing anyone they deem “guilty” or “criminal” to maintain any semblance of order. They’ve been able to overtake entire towns (or what remained of them), giving the cult immense influence and power. They worship a godlike entity called Astraia, and JUDGE is seen as a “Messiah” meant to spread the word and will of Astraia.
  • Chieron Group - The Cheiron Group is the current name of an ancient organization that has been dedicated to utilizing the supernatural to their advantage for centuries. Their modern incarnation is the Cheiron Group, which before the cataclysm was a conglomerate of industries that acted as a front for the Group’s primary objective, harvesting the body parts from supernatural creatures to use for their own benefit. These parts are often implanted in the Group’s agents to make them more successful in their work, and more deadly to their opponents. Post-cataclysm, they continue to work behind the scenes, sending their agents to do what they did before the old world collapsed, manipulating leaders and harvesting power. It is unknown what has become of the Board of Directors of the Group, but it is likely they are still pulling the strings of the operation.
  • TOS Industries - TOS Industries (standing for Technological-Organic Symbiosis) is a large corporation focused on developing technological and natural tools to help the environment regain what it originally was. This saying, while at first glance good, is rather misleading. In reality, this organization is focused on producing organisms merged with technological devices to fulfill their goal: create a world filled with these “perfect” beings; the cyborg-like creatures. Unlike other organizations, TOS Industries uses both technological devices and the supernatural at their advantage, thus creating what they call the absolute creatures. Pre-Cataclysm, they were restricted and banned from working due to several human and animal rights groups protesting against it as for the inhumane and harsh experiments they did, but after apocalypse arised and the world governments and groups fell, what was a disbanded organization started to gather and emerge again, mass-producing these creatures in the shadows and trying to fulfill their goal once again. It is said that they have a large amount of techno-biological superweapons at their arsenal, ready to be released in case of crisis and “cleanse” the world once and for all.


As a crossover setting, Cataclysm features a number of universes made by different authors, or brought in based on fan-fiction or character creation from a different source (e.g. World of Darkness and Madoka Magica).

There are currently 39 different settings that have representation (or planned representation) in Cataclysm, through characters, setting-specific elements, and concepts. This number has been expanding as the RP continues.


The main component of Cataclysm is its cast of characters, which are brought in from different creators and often follow their respective storylines up until the diverging point of the apocalypse.

In some cases, characters may be made from scratch just for this RP, and thus don't have a specific setting of origin.

Nonupdated List


Acolytes of Sin:

  • Alvarez
  • Quincy Fish
  • Jean Russo/Reed
  • Remy St. Paul
  • Stuart Barkle
  • Tommy Russo
  • Trevor Russo


  • Roman




Dungeons and Dragons

Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Fish Spider Industries: Apocalypse


  • Cosmos (Carl Modeus)

Magic: The Gathering:

  • Fblthp

Megami Tensei



OmniRealm Warriors:



Puella Magi Adfligo Systema:


  • Amaranth
  • Haku Whiterose

SCP Foundation



Super Mario Bros

  • Goomba
  • Koopa Troopa


The Infinite Consortium

The Last Kingwar

  • Azure
  • Celenus
  • Eowyn


Warhammer 40K

Jack of All Trades:



  • Cataclysm, to me, has a few main purposes:
    • To create a decent crossover RP
    • To help in character development and interactions
    • To practice and improve my writing skills
  • Generally speaking, the RP has no set "tier" or arbitrary limit, to allow for flexibility and to push the idea of a full-on crossover, enabling many characters to show up regardless of what they're originally from. Powerful characters are more than welcome (e.g. Sabrina, David, etc.) alongside weaker characters, and the roleplayers that take part in Cataclysm generally don't have to worry about "tiers" or "stats", as long as their characters aren't just blatant mary sues. What constitutes as "overpowered" begs the question of whether or not said character breaks the tension of the plot. The goal of the RP is to have a good time with characters that wouldn't otherwise interact, and not a pissing contest.

Supporters and Opponents

  • Uninown (i participate in this rp, pretty good stuff and nice GM. Trevor is the damn MVP.)
  • The Villainous Vulture (Pretty awesome RP so far, really

enjoying it!)

  • Slapson (what a shit GM, who writes this crap)
  • Kneecaps
  • Valev


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