I know I've made many mistakes in my life and that I deserve oblivion here in the Ein Sof but please, send me back! I... I won't let them suffer this war by themselves! I won't let her fight this war by herself!
~ Cassiel


Cassiel is an Angel that was employed by Heaven to go and assist Eden Squad in their attempt to stop Lilith from breaking open all Seven Seals and triggering Armageddon. Initially, she followed her orders to the letter however, she became attached to her charges and began to question her superiors. Cassiel eventually rebelled against Zadkiel and Heaven, resulting in retribution. She was seemingly killed by the Seraph Anael however, it was revealed that Anael faked Cassiel's murder on the request that she guard Eden Squad from the hands and schemes of Zadkiel.


Born into Zadkiel's Heaven to two unnamed Angels, Cassiel was just another nameless face that resided within the multitude of the winged celestials that resided in Shamayem. Raised in the lower end of the economic scale within the First Heaven, Cassiel strived to be great. Strived to break free from her life down in the slums of Heaven. Throwing herself into her studies and going to one of the many education centers within the First Heaven, Cassiel's talent was noticed by one of her teachers who called her parents for a conference of which the higher schools within the Fifth Heaven was recommended for Cassiel. While they were worried about the cost of such an education, Cassiel and her family was informed that the costs would be covered by the school.

For the next seven years, Cassiel learned under the brightest minds in all of Heaven, shooting to the top of her class. While other angels enjoyed their lives in the Fifth Heaven and experienced their youth, Cassiel spent her time within the Academy's libraries, learning all she can. Her grade-skipping also earned her the animosity of some of the higher level angel children, who stated that a filthy malakim is not allowed to sully the purity of the fifth Heaven. Subjected to emotional torment and forced isolation, Cassiel only made one friend the entire time she was there. An angel by the name of Lailah who was born as the younger sister of one of the Ten Great Seraphim.

Their friendship became Cassiel's sole light in the Fifth Heaven as more and more higher-level angels began to despise her for the fact that she was there. At the end of her time in the Academy, Cassiel was called by the Seraph Raguel to his office to discuss her future in Heaven. Stating that she wanted to serve, Raguel recommended for her to join Heaven's Army. She accepted. With the good news of a secure future, Cassiel informed Lailah of her decision. Lailah frowned at her decision and informed Cassiel that she's serving a world ruled by deceit. Cassiel rebuffed her, stating that Zadkiel had brought prosperity to Heaven to which Lailah shook her head in disapproval. Lailah informed her that she was joining the Grigori Organization on Earth much to Cassiel's dismay. The rest of their final semester saw the two slowly growing apart until the day they graduated. Cassiel left the Fifth Heaven for the Fourth Heaven without saying a word to her friend.

Cassiel's training within Zebul was more or less harsh. Joining Heaven's Combat Academy, Cassiel trained there alongside all of the other soldier prospects. She quickly found herself in a place that she was unfamiliar with as physical skill was just as valued as her academic skill. For the first several months, Cassiel was beaten over and over again in every sparring match and came in last within exercises. Overall, outside of Academics, Cassiel was the worst-ranked student within the Academy. However, her determination would not allow her to remain at the bottom. Spending her nights training, she was caught by her fellow angel, Dumah. Dumah and Cassiel couldn't be more opposite from each other. Despite the both of them being Malakim, Dumah excelled in both physical exercises and academic work. As such Cassiel saw him as a rival of sorts despite the two never interacting with each other. He pointed out what was wrong with her form. Their rendevous continued over Cassiel's first year in the academy to the point where it was routine. Slowly but surely, Cassiel rose from the bottom ranks and ascended.

Dumah and Cassiel eventually became the two front runners in their class. The two remained friendly with their competitions and over time, Cassiel began to feel something. At the end of their time within the Combat Academy, Cassiel and Dumah were split apart, much to her grief. But to her surprise, Dumah continued to correspond with her. As Cassiel toiled within the lower levels of Heaven, being more as a cop rather than an actual warrior, Cassiel soon realized that she was back at square one.

As the centuries flew by, Cassiel witnessed it all from Heaven's News Outlets. She watched the rise of Islam and Christianity, showing possible signs that God and the Archangels still worked. But they were all just rumors after all. Cassiel knew they were. But despite that, she held a small amount of doubt within her that these rumors were more than just rumors.

Soon, news of a traitor began to circulate around Heaven which reunited Cassiel with Dumah. Their flights were sent to Earth due to the news that one of their own had consorted with another pantheon. Upon arriving and careful investigation, Cassiel was shocked to run into Lailah, her former best friend. The Seraph looked at her with a measure of pity. Hoping that she knew who the traitor was, Cassiel asked her. Lailah revealed herself as the traitor but asked Cassiel what crime she had committed. Cassiel retorted by stating that her crime was against Heaven itself and that she consorted with False Gods. She was infuriated when Lailah's pity for her kept growing. Her eyes. Her eyes mocked her. Cassiel called for backup but was quickly and effortlessly subdued by Lailah. She stated that there was a gap between them that she could never breach with her current mindset. She called Cassiel a mindless dog and a pawn in her brother's game. She knocked her out before leaving.

Following the failed mission, Cassiel was plagued by Lailah's words. She watched as the Great Seraph Zadkiel publically denounce his sister over the Heaven's Public Astra. Her parents praised her for attempting to subdue a traitor and she was recognized publically. Eventually, Cassiel decided to retire but was stopped by a visit from one of the Great Seraphs, Raguel. Raguel stated that he needed a bodyguard. As she was about to refuse, Raguel offered her a substantial amount of money to help get her parents out of the slums of the First Heaven. Accepting, Cassiel found herself working for Raguel. However, the Angel of Law did more than make her a bodyguard. Cassiel became his understudy, his student for all intents and purposes. She realized that her bodyguard position was nothing more than a cover for the public as she learned underneath him.

Overtime, Raguel revealed to her that her tutelage was all preparation for what was to come in the future. Confused, Cassiel could do nothing but nod. It was the moment that Cassiel was reassigned at the request of Raguel that she felt that she had somewhat understood. Cassiel was once again sent down to Earth to guard one Adrian Mariner after his soul was freed from Hell by his friends. A job that would finally reveal to Cassiel the true nature of the Heaven she dearly loved.


Cassiel is the average celestial being that resides within the Abrahamic Heavens. She was born a Malakim and ascended through the ranks as her power increased and was promoted. Cassiel has light violet eyes that shine like an amethyst whenever her eyes glow. Her hair is long and wavy, reaching down to her mid-back. Gremory comments that her hair has the same texture and feeling as silk. The silky feeling of her hair is something that Cassiel states that is completely natural and not the product of hair care use.

Cassiel has a tall and lean figure that's easy on the eyes of men. Her figure is similar to that of a swimmer training for the Olympics. She stands at a height of 5'10 standing. She is taller than the average human female. She doesn't mind her appearance as being average compared to other angels.

Like all other angels, Cassiel possesses a pair of dark violet wings. Her wingspan is about 5 meters in total length. The tips of her primary, secondary, and tertiary feathers fade into a lighter shade of violet. Originally, she possessed only a single pair of wings but as she ascended the ranks of Heaven, she gained more. When she reached the rank of Cherubim, Cassiel gained four more pairs of wings, totaling in ten wings. After she became a Seraph, Cassiel gained a final pair of wings numbering in a total of six pairs of wings. Her halo has changed over the years as well. As a Malakim, her halo was a basic circular violet halo which was the same color as her wings. After she ascended to the rank of Cherub, Cassiel's halo became a concentric flaming violet wheel. After she became a seraph, she gained a small cross in the middle of the halo.

Cassiel's wardrobe is limited and she does not indulge in shopping for clothing due to her upbringing. Her wardrobe possesses a grand total of seven different shirts, three long coats, and four pairs of boots. Her most frequented use of clothing is a white button-up shirt and a black long coat. She wears maroon pants with black business shoes.

While she was a Cherub, Cassiel can project an aura that alters her appearance drastically. In this altered appearance, Cassiel becomes a flaming figure surrounded by eight revolving concentric rings that radiate a soft violet light. The wheels possess eyes upon eyes. As a Seraph, Cassiel's form becomes highly volatile and destructive to the point where she has to actively suppress her power in order to keep it from destroying everything around her.


Cassiel is oftentimes a naive, gullible, compulsive, strong, and determined Angel. Like most angels within Shamayim's Forces, Cassiel is extremely composed, expressing very little emotion. Years of training have taught her that emotions often times get in the way of missions. Despite this, Cassiel does not display the mocking apathy or blatant racial superiority of her fellow angels such as Zadkiel. Her delayed reaction and lack of understanding of social norms lead her to misunderstand sarcasm most of the time and has occasionally gotten her in trouble within the Human World.

Like all other Angels, Cassiel displays faith in God, the creator of her race. However, it isn't like the blind zealotry that the other Angels have been brainwashed into having. Several disciplinary records of her from her time under Camael's command has stated that she has questioned God's intentions at more than one point in her service. This has led other Angels to often ostracize her for not displaying the same blind faith in God as they have despite her loyalty to him. Raguel has stated that she has broken away from the hive mind that the Seraphim have instilled in the entirety of Heaven's populace. Her faith in God has been shaken at more than one point such as when Asherah revealed that God willingly abandoned Heaven. This partially contributed to her downward spiral and her willingness to utilize the forbidden power of the Heart of Purgatory in order to replace God as ruler of Heaven.

After spending years on Earth, Cassiel has loosened up, so to speak. It has been stated by Lailah that spending time around Eden Squad has caused her to revert to her self prior to her enlistment within Heaven's Army... somewhat. Cassiel would never be the troublemaker she used to be in school, however, she has been known to bend the rules from time to time. She also picked up what she refers to as a "few dirty tricks". She is willing to trick or distract people in order to escape from situations. An example is when Gremory had her trapped inside a Divine Sigil. She managed to distract Gremory long enough to use what psionic powers she had unsuppressed in order to break free. She also picked up a few tricks from the demons such as Gremory and Crowley which she used in Heaven's Civil War such as performing subterfuge against the Loyalist Faction.

During the Second Civil War, Cassiel underwent a massive shift in her personality. She became cold, calculated, and manipulative. She actively used Eden Squad for her own personal gain such as taking out Camael's forces which she labeled as "working with Demons" and "wanting to restart the Apocalypse". She did everything she could to win the War and access the Heart of Purgatory after she learned of it from the old texts hidden deep within the archives of Hekhalot within the level of Araboth.

While she was connected to and hosting the Heart, Cassiel became prideful and arrogant. The power she used twisting her mind to the point where she labeled herself as the New God of all Creation. She became even colder, colder than she was while she was at war with Camael. She killed Camael and all her forces without a second thought, annihilating them entirely. Cassiel even went so far as to make examples of Camael and his forces, displaying their corpses live on Heaven's Astra as well as broadcasting herself to the other pantheons. She outright stated that she would crush any pantheon that would get in the way of Heaven.

Upon being released from the influence of the Heart, Cassiel was instantly hit with the weight of every action she had committed. Hated by her fellow Angels, Cassiel did not dare go back to her home and instead hid on Earth. She felt guilty of her actions during the War to the point where she allowed two angels to nearly have their way with her only to be saved by Adrian and Ruby. She pledged herself to him as recompense of how she treated them prior to her disappearance. Even though Adrian has stated that she doesn't need to go that far, she still continued to protect him and throw herself in front of danger to protect him, causing Adrian to worry for her.

Her love life is complicated. She is bisexual, having once been in love with her fellow soldier, Dumah, and is currently in a complicated relationship with one of the Pillar Demons, Gremory. Her actions throughout the years have put her at odds with Gremory, who she often fought with multiple times. Despite people saying that their relationship was doomed to fail, Cassiel still holds out hope that they can make it and have something beautiful come out of their relationship. She is an idealist when it comes to love, often hoping for the best despite the bumps she meets along the road in her relationships.

Combat Statistics

Tier: 6-C, possibly High 6-C. 5-C with the Staff of Moses' environmental destruction | High 5-A | 4-C | High 1-B, will eventually reach Low 1-A, while empowered by the Heart of Purgatory | 4-C. 2-A with Divine Key: Malkuth | At least 4-B

Classification: Malakim | Cherubim | Seraph

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Types 1, 2, and 3), Regeneration (Low-Godly; Cassiel is an angel and all angels, even the Malakim, are capable of restoring themselves even after complete destruction from merely the smallest shred of their consciousness.), Acausality (Type 1; Angels are capable of perceiving changes in time as well as foreign anomalies within their timeline such as time travelers.), Flight, Enhanced Senses (Angels are capable of seeing things that humans are incapable of seeing.), Extrasensory Perception (Can detect invisible beings such as reapers), Statistics Amplification via Grace, Light Manipulation, Holy Manipulation (Angels can control "divine" energy that they use to "purify" demons.), Sleep Manipulation (Knocked out Natalia with a mere touch to her forehead.), Astral Projection and Dream Manipulation (Can enter the dreams of others in order to communicate.), Natural Weaponry (Cassiel can harden her feathers and fire them at rapid speeds. These feathers are capable of piercing through Empyrean Steel, one of the strongest metals in creation), Summoning via Magic, Invisibility (Can make herself invisible to humans, monsters, demigods, and some angels and demons. Gods, higher level angels, and higher level demons can perceive her.), Enochian Magic, Power Bestowal (She can grant her chosen vessels protection from harm as when Yumi attempted to prove that Cassiel wasn't real, she survived jumping off a 100 story building), Sound Manipulation (Can mimic the voices of others), Danmaku, Curse Manipulation via Magic, Power Nullification via Magic, Purification and BFR via Exorcisms and Magic, Fire Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Technology Manipulation (Can cause technology to malfunction with her mere presence), Shapeshifting, Possession (While hiding out from Heaven, Cassiel possessed a young woman by the name of Yumi Sanchez.), Memory Manipulation, Forcefield Creation, Telekinesis, Matter Manipulation (Atomic Level; Even low level angels are capable of interacting with matter at an atomic level, ripping them apart piece by piece.), Non-Corporeal (True Form), Transmutation via the Staff of Moses, Weather Manipulation via the Staff of Moses, Animal Manipulation via the Staff of Moses, Blood Manipulation via the Staff of Moses, Disease Manipulation via the Staff of Moses, Darkness Manipulation via the Staff of Moses, Death Manipulation via the Staff of Moses, Sense Manipulation, Pain Manipulation (Is trained in torture and knows several methods of torture that can inflict the greatest possble pain on her victim), Telepathy, Teleportation and Dimensional Travel, Self-Sustenance (Types 1 and 2; Angels do not require food or water to survive and can breathe in the vacuum of space.), Skilled at Hand to Hand Combat, Non-Physical Interaction

All previous abilities to a far greater scale including Reality Warping (As a Cherub, Cassiel can warp and alter reality, molding it like clay. She was able to remove all of the doors within her pocket reality, making it inescapable as long as she wanted.), Information Analysis (Cassiel's mind is granted a higher degree of analytical power, allowing her to decipher and easily dissect sources of information with a single glance.), Fear Manipulation (Cherubs radiate an aura of fear around them constantly and can force their victims to see the most horrifying things inside their heads with the potential to drive them insane or catatonic. Can also remove fear.), Empathic Manipulation (Can calm others.), Advanced Pain Manipulation (In addition to her torture training, Cassiel can now inflict intense torture on the souls of her victims, making them experience the worst possible pain. Pain inflicted on the soul is stated to be 1000x worse than any physical pain one can experience.), Matter Manipulation (Sub-Atomic Level; Greater than before), Enhanced BFR (Can banish lower-level angels and demons from the area with a snap of her fingers), Power Nullification (For weaker and younger beings), Transmutation, Time Manipulation (Can stop time as well as slow it down. Cassiel can also travel back in time.)

All previous abilities from Cherub Cassiel including Creation (Seraphim are capable of creating dimensions that are capable of containing a fully developed solar system.), Pocket Reality Manipulation, Order Manipulation via Authority of Boundaries, Astral Manipulation via Lumen of Sovereignty (Her own unique power granted to her by God shortly before he left and she was promoted to Seraph, Cassiel has the power to control and authority over the Third Heaven which houses the blessed souls of the Abrahamic Pantheon. As its ruler and guard, Cassiel can decide which souls are allowed to enter and become banished from the realm.), Law Manipulation via Lumen of Sovereignty and Authority of Boundaries(Took over and was granted Raguel's position as the Angel of Law and Order, following her death at the Battle of Tel Megiddo. With it, she can force her will on reality and temporarily rewrite and alter laws for a set period of time. Lumen of Sovereignty allows Cassiel to control and modify existing laws to her favor. She can also impose new laws within a large area around her. Said laws function as if they have always existed since the beginning of time and function like any other natural law, unbreakable.), Death Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation and Soul Manipulation via Lumen of Sovereignty (An aspect of her unique power which allows her to rule over souls, she can kill beings of weaker or comparable might by tearing their souls from their bodies and destroying them at a conceptual level. Souls destroyed using this power, however, require a large amount of power which drains her considerably.), Gravity Manipulation, Resurrection via Lumen of Sovereignty's Rose of the Moon, Danmaku, Water Manipulation and Acid Manipulation (Can control Holy Water which contains caustic properties that can gravely harm demons.), Purification via Lumen of Sovereignty (Cassiel can purify "damned souls" by absolving them of the taint of sin.)

All previous abilities moved to an infinitely higher level including Immortality (Type 4, 5, 8, and 9; So long as Cassiel contained the essences of all the souls trapped in Purgatory, she would forever remain connected to the Heart which would continuously resurrect her if she died. The conventional rules of Life and Death which apply to even beings with Type 1 Immortality no longer applied to her.), Nigh-Invincibility, Regeneration (High-Godly; Can reform even after pure conceptual destruction.), Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (Cassiel, while powered by the Heart of Purgatory, is capable of manipulating the entirety of the Sea of Beriah as well as all worlds within the Upper Unity, even that of Atziluth and the Adam Kadmon), Reactive Evolution (While bearing the Heart, Cassiel was rapidly becoming more and more powerful. She was able to achieve Tikun and began transcending the infinite higher realms of Atziluth and would eventually reach the world of Adam Kadmon. She also possessed the Dunsanyans' ability to be able to adapt to whatever situation they are in, being able to become extremely resistant to the point of absolute absurdity to powers thrown at her. Only beings on par with the Trinity of Origins or Cosmic Entities of great power such as Yaldabaoth are capable of affecting her), Madness Manipulation (Types 2 and 3; Whilst connected to the Heart, Cassiel's aura became maddening for lesser beings.) Quantum Manipulation, Physics Manipulation, Creation and Existence Erasure (Can create dimensions whose scale is comparable to that of the ones created by Cosmic Gods, which encompass the entirety of the Infinitely Layered Creation. She can also erase beings, slowly unraveling the entirety of their existence, their thoughts, their minds, souls, and even their concept and sense of self, returning them to nothingness), Size Manipulation, Large Size (Type 10), Acausality (Type 5), Life and Death Manipulation, Absorption (Cassiel can consume the essences of Humans, Monsters, Gods, Angels, Demons, and Cosmic Entities to make herself more and more powerful. She can also consume matter, energy, time, and space into herself. Her entire form and aura began to assimilate Assiah as well as the other worlds within the Sea of Beriah with every second she possessed the Heart), Berserk Mode

Magic (Angels are naturally more resistant to magic than other beings such as Humans and Demigods, allowing them to survive a magical onslaught from mages.), Elemental Manipulation (Can resist elements such as fire, water, earth, air, lightning, ice, and metal.), Telekinesis (Was able to walk through Claire's telekinetic grip albeit with some level of difficulty), Mind Manipulation (Shrugged off mental attacks from Eva, who was able to force Adrian's nightmares of his past to resurface.), Vector Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation (Survived Ares' War Bombardment with only minor injuries.), Corrosion Inducement (Kampe attempted to poison her after she was released by Lilith. Kampe's poison causes conceptual degradation which destroys souls.), Pain Manipulation (Can resist torture from Cherubs when she was captured by Heaven's forces.), Darkness Manipulation (Cassiel can withstand darkness attacks from beings comparable in might to Ruby.), Transmutation, Power Nullification (As a Seraph, only beings which are higher than she is can nullify her powers. Zeus, a Skyfather and a Pantheon Head, could not nullify her power, stating that she was no longer the average level angel.), Matter Manipulation (Subatomic Level; When Anael unleashed her true form and tore apart her surroundings as well as the beings around her at a subatomic level, Cassiel was able to survive with only a small amount of her hair being burned.), Telepathy and Mind Manipulation (Can sense any attempt invading her mind and will immediately move to crush it.), Sense Manipulation, Illusion Manipulation (Can see through powerful illusions such as those cast by Morgana Emrys, the last descendant of the Emrys Family and wife of Cornelius D'Arc.), Paralysis Inducement (While she was a Malakim, she was susceptible to Divine Sigils but as a Seraph, Cassiel requires a significant amount of Divine Sigils with Cornelius stating that a Divine Sigil with enough power to power the entire city of New York for the next decade was required to restrain her.), Possession (Angels cannot be possessed by other beings easily), Empathic Manipulation, Immunity to Soul Manipulation (Angels lack a definitive soul and thus are immune to any attempts at controlling one.), Conventional Biological Manipulation (Lacks a standard biological body that humans and monsters possess.), Conventional Poison Manipulation (As a spiritual entity, Cassiel can survive any form of poison created and synthesized by humans.), Conventional Disease Manipulation (Immune to all mortal ailments.), Radiation Manipulation (Due to her lack of a biological body by physical standards, Cassiel is immune to all forms of radiation including gamma radiation.), and Mortal/Conventional Weaponry

Attack Potency: Island Level, possibly Large Island Level (Comparable to Ruby and Adrian, who are capable of fighting a suppressed Gremory. She can severely harm Charybidis, a Greek Monster that is capable of swallowing entire islands into its maw and consuming them. Far superior to Khione, who can freeze a large area comparable to the end of the Italian Peninsula.) Moon Level with the Staff of Moses (The Staff of Moses is capable of creating a massive dimension that is about the size of Earth's Moon.) | Dwarf Star Level (Comparable to Malachai, a Power who is capable of destroying a massive planetary construct contained within the Halls of Olympus's dimension. Ripped off and mortally wounded Dionysus, following his defection to Lilith's side during Armageddon.) | Star Level (Shouldn't be much weaker than Adrian and Ruby, who can contend with major deities as well as other Cherubs.) | High Hyperverse Level, will eventually become Low Outerverse Level (While connected to the Heart of Purgatory, she became a threat to all existence. Cassiel was capable of transcending the three levels of the physical world which contain a countless expanse of isolated space-time continuities and ascend to the higher levels of Atziluth. Each ascension within each level is infinitely greater than the last. Was speculated by Eternity that if she had survived while connected to the Heart, she would have eventually reached Adam Kadmon which is the level that is stated to be the sum total of all reality, containing all of its infinite possibilities including the infinitely ascending realms of four aforementioned realms) | Star Level (Far superior to her post Heaven Civil War self. In this form, she is able to fight Artemis nearly equally in combat and rival the Seraphim) Multiverse Level with Divine Key: Malkuth | At least Solar System Level (As a Seraph, she is at least comparable to beings such as Anael, who can create an entire dimension that can house the entire solar system within it)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Comparable to Adrian and Ruby) | Sub-Relativistic, Higher with Grace | FTL, Higher with Grace (Comparable to other Seraphs and high level beings. Far superior to her Malakim Self.) | Immeasurable while connected to the Heart of Purgatory

Lifting Strength: Class Z

Striking Strength: Island Class | Dwarf Star Class | Star Class | High Hyperversal | Solar System Class

Durability: Island Level | Dwarf Star Level | Star Level | High Hyperverse Level | Solar System Level

Stamina: Nigh-Limitless (Angels can operate for virtually endless amounts of time, rarely if ever requiring sleep. Cassiel only sleeps due to being used to it after spending so much time within the Human World and claims that it feels good.)

Range: Melee Range. Extended Melee Range with her Swords. Planetary with the Staff of Moses | Several kilometers to Interstellar with her spells and magic (She was capable of firing several spells of light through Anael's dimension which contains several solar systems.) | Low Multiversal via Teleportation and Dimensional Travel (Can access Heaven as well as other spiritual realms within Creation that exist in Yetzirah) | High Hyperversal while connected to the Heart

Standard Equipment:

  • Staff of Moses
  • Cassiel's Twin Short Swords
  • Magically Enhanced Heckler & Koch USP with .40 S&W Cartridge containing Iron laced Bullets as well as Sigil Bullets
  • Angelic Akashic Tablet (Briefly)

Intelligence: Genius. Cassiel is one of the most intelligent angels that signed up for Heaven's armies when she was younger, scoring higher than any of the possible candidates. Well versed in several fields of magic and later science and mathematics, Cassiel used her genius to her advantage on the field and possessed immense leadership skills. According to Zadkiel, Cassiel was ranked the first in her leadership classes and was the first female angel to do so in over 500 years during that time. Her understanding of mathematics is intense and was particularly versed in calculus, Euclidean geometry, as well as tensors. She is also well versed in the fields of science, taking particular interest in chemistry and going so far as to major in it during her time spent in the human world. Before she was sent to serve in Heaven's Armies as a Malakim, she learned much under Raguel, one of the Ten Great Seraphs, who took her under his wing and has a well-versed understanding of Heaven's Laws and Systems as well as an understanding of interpantheon politics.

Weaknesses: Sometimes lacks an understanding of social norms. Due to her time spent studying, Cassiel is somewhat of a NEET and an introvert, rarely interacting with others. Natalia mentions that she has stunted social growth. Utilizing the Staff of Moses requires massive amounts of energy which can lead her extremely fatigued. The Lumen of Sovereignty's Alter World requires her to remain still while she synchronizes with the environment of the Third Heaven which can lead to others attacking her. Also exhibits the weaknesses of Angels such as Divine Sigils, Divine Weaponry, and Holy Fire | While connected to the Heart, her body began to break down due to the stress of housing such immense power

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Magic: Magic refers to the ability to affect the world and change it via supernatural means. It is a force that pervades throughout the entirety of the worlds as well as the higher worlds but to a lesser degree. All beings are capable of casting magic through sufficient research and practice. As an Angel, Cassiel particularly excels Enochian Magic, the magic of the Angels.

  • Enochian Warding: Enochian Wards are specialized wards designed to mask the presence of beings from Angels and Demons, repel Angels and Demons, and perform exorcisms. Enochian Magic can also be described and stored into sigils.
    • Exorcisms: Exorcisms are a magical art that banishes Demons, Angels, Ghosts, and Gods. Higher-level beings may require multiple high-level beings performing exorcisms at the same time. Exorcisms can also be used in the form of sigils that can be triggered.
    • Emperyan Masking: Emperyan Masking is a spell used by angels to hide from other angels. It was initially developed to slash the name of any rebellious angel from the records of Heaven and make it so that their family would no longer be able to find them. However, despite initial intentions, the spell was later deemed illegal by the Empyrean Council due to its capability in assassinations.
    • Be Gone: An Enochian Sigil Spell similar to Abolishment Spells. Be Gone is a multi-purpose spell that is designed to banish Gods, Angels, and Demons depending on what Rune is used.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: From the very beginning, Cassiel was a highly accomplished fighter and was deemed amongst the best of Heaven's soldiers. Her skills are great enough to fight stronger opponents. She is capable of fighting Gremory, despite the vast difference in power between them, being able to land extremely vicious blows on before she was defeated due to Gremory's superior strength and skill. When her Grace was stolen by the Seraph Metatron, Cassiel was rendered mortal but proved to be skilled enough to defeat and kill several angels that she ran into. Her mortality, which she believed to be a hindrance, did not hamper her ability to fight. As a full-blooded Angel, she is physically superior to Adrian and Natalia, who are Nephilim, and was able to restrain the former when he was being overtaken by the influence of the First Curse. She was also able to briefly hold her ground against the Knight of Hell, Apollyon, when he planned on overtaking all of Hell and bring death to Creation itself.

Master Swordswoman: Far more skilled than Adrian and Ruby during their first meeting, Cassiel wields two twin swords which she uses to fight. She has mastered three forms of Heavenly Sword Combat known as First Flight, Second Flight, and Fifth Flight. She can use these forms to deadly efficiency to effortlessly disarm her foes, overpower them, and bypass their defenses with precise strikes and blows. She was briefly able to stand against Anael but ultimately lost due to the Seraph's power and skill.

  • First Flight: First Flight is a sword style which serves as the basis for the other forms of armed melee combat used by the other angels. It is basic and rudimentary but it can be extremely potent in the hands of a master. In practice, the First Flight consisted of basic strikes and broad parries. It favored direct and powerful strikes over the unpredictable movements such as Final Flight or the acrobatic mobility of Zenith. However, this is extremely misleading. First Flight will always involve highly aggressive attacks and immediately return to a defensive position.
  • Second Flight: Second Flight, also known as Swan Wings, is an elegant and highly defensive form of bladed combat. It emphasizes parries and counter-attacks, building an absolute defense. In a sense, Second Flight is the most defensive form of armed combat within Heaven. However, there is a glaring flaw. Second Flight can only be used with swords and daggers. It is highly incompatible with spears and hammers.
  • Fifth Flight:' Fifth Flight, also known as Reisha, is a balanced form of armed combat that emphasizes counter-attacking and offensive moves. Reisha is a physically demanding style that calls for the user to be able to rapidly shift from a defensive form to an all-out attack. Reisha Users can attack when their foes least expect it. Strength and Speed were demanded from the user to be able to follow up a block or parry after initiating a powerful series of strikes.

Proficient Torturer: Cassiel is highly proficient in the art of torture. She can torture demons and other beings into giving her information on what she wants in a matter of minutes.

Malakim Physiology: The standard run of the mill angel. Malakim are the lowest level of angel in terms of triadic ranking. Akin to that of a citizen within a country, Malakim have little to no political influence despite voting and protesting. Malakim also have the lowest level of power, though power levels among Malakim vary. Malakim possess a halo and a single pair of wings that can be used for flight. Like other Angel Classes, Malakim possess highly volatile forms which are capable of slashing and incinerating the corneas of humans and monsters.

  • Grace: The "soul" of an angel. It is essentially their life essence but not at the same time. An Angel is their grace and has been described by Belpehgor while torturing an angel to be a "multi-dimensional wavelength of pure celestial energy". It endows them with their abilities as well as their immortality. Removal of their grace renders an Angel mortal, ripping them of their wings and halo and turning them into slightly stronger humans.
  • Vessel: In the event that she needs to hide and or recover, Cassiel can possess humans and inhabit their bodies. Angels require the permission of humans to enter their bodies, otherwise, they can't. It is also noted that an angel needs to continue having a human's permission in order to remain within that body. While inside the body, the vessel gains all the abilities of the Angel. However, if Cassiel so desires, she can lock away or destroy the soul inside the body and occupy it. Angels can possess dead bodies or vegetative humans as it is essentially empty.

Cherubim Physiology: The second highest rank of Angel that exists within the Third Triad of the Angelic Hierarchy. Cherubs are extremely powerful beings that can contend with Major Gods and powerful Demons. Described as having "eyes in front and behind as well as having the head of an ox, eagle, man, and lion", Cherubs exhibit extremely horrifying forms that they project in order to torture their prey/targets.

  • Fear Inducing/Maddening Form: Cherubs can project their "true forms" which are monstrous and terrifying, often appearing to mortals as an eye-riddled beast with wings and multiple faces.
  • Be Not Afraid: A special aura that Cherubs radiate which calm and pacify their others.

Torture Expertise: Also referred to as Intelligence Angels. Cherubim are extremely adept in all forms of torture in order to best acquire the information they desire. The methods they use vary from physical to magical and often ends in the total breakdown of the victim's mind and will. Cherubim have been known to turn people into worthless sacks of flesh or spirit.

Seraph Physiology: Ascending to the highest class of Angel in existence, Cassiel is one of the most powerful beings in Heaven and in Creation with her power being able to rival the Chief Gods in combat. Like other Seraphs, she possesses six pairs of wings and a massive halo behind her head that glows brightly in the sun. As a Seraph, Cassiel possesses an extremely destructive form that she has to keep sealed away for fear of incinerating everything around her just by being there. Humans and other beings with the exception of powerful monsters, Prophets, powerful humans, and Gods are capable of perceiving her form without any adverse effects to them.

  • Destructive Countenance: Her true form is extremely destructive, burning everything around her to ashes.

Authority of Boundaries: A former power belonging to Raguel before he begged God to save Cassiel by offering up his own Grace. Cassiel has the power to manipulate the concept of Order and Laws. She can force her will into the world to affect the laws that comprise it. She can change laws for a fixed amount of time with her initial limit being ten seconds. Cassiel can also draft new laws into existence with the same restrictions as well as the fact that the laws must comply with the Natural Order itself. So long as it does, Cassiel can create any law of nature or physics that she desires for use in combat.

  • Decree: Cassiel wills a new law into existence. The Law must coincide with the Natural Order.

Lumen of Sovereignty: The unique power granted to Cassiel upon her promotion to Seraph at the end of the Battle of Tel Meggido. The Lumen of Sovereignty grants Cassiel power over the Moon and Spirits. She can control the flow of souls as well as granted rule and guardianship over the Third Heaven. With this power, Cassiel can control this level of Heaven to her liking, knowing everything inside of it as well as altering its features. With her power over the Moon, Cassiel can create highly destructive beams of pure moonlight as well as control shadows.

  • Existence Denied: A judgment granted to the Lumen of Sovereignty. Cassiel can conceptually deny a soul, essentially erasing it from existence on all levels. However, it is not absolute as beings that govern the cycle of Life and Death, as well as powerful beings, can restore said soul. In addition, Existence Denied has varying levels of success and depends on the strength of the being she uses on.
  • Alter World: Cassiel can merge with the Third Heaven and become one with it, controlling its features to her will.
  • Rose of the Moon: A powerful healing spell that is capable of healing someone whose body has been destroyed beyond the help of medical technology as well as most forms of magic. She can also resurrect other beings.

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