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Cartoon Cat Is The Most (DATA EXPUNGED) Of All The (DATA EXPUNGED)
~ ██████


Entity-███, Dubbed as “Cartoon Cat”, is a New Major Antagonist in the Central POV and Supporting Antagonist in the Facility POV of SuperNatural. Cartoon Cat is a Witold Horten Pending-Class Entity, originally a simple Character from a cartoon called “█████████”, managed to break into Reality. Cartoon cat was the only character that managed to Kill & Tear apart The Broadcaster.


Cartoon cat is malevolent but Intelligent, capable of deception, and Fluent communication. Cartoon cat believes that human life has suppressed him in the past, and desires revenge by killing all living beings in its wake even ones originating in the same mall, his intelligent behaviour is shown by the fact he did not kill liam immediately or constantly due to “Knowing his Swarm of Friends will keep on reviving him to no end”. And on the other hand he is disturbingly Mentally deranged, laughing casually about murdering a little girl.


Cartoon Cat stands at an unknown height, but relatively taller than human beings at average. The entire form of Cartoon Cat resembles the fusion of the characters of Old Rubber-hose cartoons, particularly Mickey Mouse, and Felix the Cat. Cartoon cat is capable of shifting its appearance, such as creating new Limbs, organs or body parts, such as his Eyes, Contorting his form such as Dislocating and enlarging his jaws, and/or Extending or separating limbs as he once extended his arms to disturbing lengths, once he separated his head from his shoulders in a “Tip Your Hat” Greeting.

Documented Stats

Alignment: Lawful Evil to Neutral Evil

Name: Entity-███, Cartoon Cat, CC (Non-In-Verse shortening), Evil Mickey, Evil Tom, Bendy (By Tyler)

Age: Unknown, possibly 90-100 (As CC originated from a 1920s - 1930s cartoon before becoming an unknown Entity)

Gender: Referred to as Male (Also has a Changeable-pitch Masculine-like Voice)

Classification: Cartoon Character (Formerly), Pending Class Entity

Themes: He’s The Cartoon Cat

Status: Active

Combat Stats

Tier: 8-B, Possibly 7-A

Powers & Abilities:

  • Superhuman Physical Characteristics
  • Large Size (Type 0, Dwarfs Humans at its average height)
  • Immortality (Type 1, 2, 3)
  • Regeneration (Low, to High-mid)
  • Body Control (Can drastically change its body’s Height, Shape, Etc... was able to remove its head cartoonishly, extend limbs, and Grow more body parts, particularly it duplicated its eyes)
  • Enhanced Physiology (Another ability to support its Body Control, is that it seems to lack any bone structure capable of turning its 360 degrees around and bend to a degree which could break the human spine)
    • Shapeshifting (Aside from creating, dislocating, or removing body parts, he can manipulate parts of his body to produce things in the literal similar process of old-timely cartoons)
    • Size Manipulation (Was able to shift its size to about Liam’s height)
    • Elasticity
  • Teleportation (Its tendency to leave or return to his mall sometimes involves teleportation)
  • Enhanced Senses (Most likely has the enhanced senses of hearing, Sight, Touch, And Smell, like most cats)
    • Panoramic-Vision (duplicated his eyes around his head, likely giving him a panoramic View)
    • Night-vision
    • Telescopic-vision
    • Enhanced-Hearing
    • Enhanced-Scent
    • Enhanced-Touch
  • Immersion (Escaped his Own Cartoon, into Reality)
  • Aura
  • Status Effect Inducement
    • Paralysis (A Forehead Poke paralyzed Liam)
  • Fear Manipulation (Via Aura)
  • likely Durability Negation (Easily Ripped apart The Broadcaster despite its astounding durability.)
  • Resistance Negation
  • ██████████
  • Extrasensory Perception
    • Life-Detection
    • Power-reading
  • Reality Warping (Can manually distort Reality within a certain radius, Entered Our Reality)
  • Sound manipulation (Produced old classical cartoon & Jazz music without any use of a device, mimicked different voices from cartoons, real-life, and film, such as; The joker, Mickey Mouse, Etc...)
  • █████ ████████████

Attack Potency: City block Level+, possibly Large City level (Almost all Entities in the verse avoid the presence of Cartoon cat out of them “knowing what he could do”, Killed & Ripped apart The Broadcaster with incredible ease whom had platings fused with its internal skin capable of resisting/negating the damage of MOABs.)

Speed: Unknown Travel Speed, Peak Human Attack Speed, Hypersonic+ Reaction Speed

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Possibly Large City Class+

Durability: At-least Large City Level (Was struck by 3 cruise missiles to no effect)


Range: Standard Melee Range to Extended Melee range (In smaller or Casual Size), Higher with Shapeshifting/Body Control, Several Meters with Aura

Intelligence: Unknown, at-least Gifted (is capable of Above-average-human-understanding, Bargaining, Moral Concepts, Etc..., Willingly attacks anything with the intention of relentless Harm)

Standard Equipment: None

Weakness: Unknown


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  • So far the only characters in-verse that could possibly/potentially cause some harm to Cartoon cat is Icosa, and Jason Gardner.