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Caillou is the primary protagonist/primary antagonist of the Caillou Gets Grounded videos.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Varies, 9-B (high end) with punches, likely 9-A with tantrums, High 8-C by dancing, likely High 6-A with his poop, likely 3-B at peak growth, Low 2-C with absorption

Alignment: Chaotic Evil, True Neutral, Lawful Good

Name: Caillou Anderson, Kayloo.

Origin: GoAnimate/Vyond

Age: 4, higher in some videos

Gender: Male

Classification: Troublemaker, Human Toddler, Preschooler or higher

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Master Combatant/Martial Arts, Weapon Mastery, "Vyond/GoAnimate Logic", Ability to summon Satan, 4th-Wall Awareness (speaks to the viewers; also can manipulate the fourth wall in combat), Stealth Mastery, can craft weaponry and traps/pranks, Soul exchange (swapped bodies with Boris in a few videos and other people), Genius Intelligence, Light Manipulation (in Caillou Vs. Doris, he generated a shield/wall of light), Magic, Energy Manipulation and Laser Generation with ray guns (Energy) and laser eyes, Invulnerability (survives many punishments), Defecation, Snow Manipulation, Some degree of Transmutation and Reality Warping, Fire Manipulation (Set the Earth on fire), Void Manipulation (Sent Modern Spongebob to a void), Levitation, some degree of Intangibility, Size Alteration, Underwater Breathing, Absorption, can (usually) breath in space

Attack Potency: Varies, Wall level (high end) with punches (Decapitated his teacher with a single punch, sending her head flying. Can harm his father who is stronger than him. Can physically overpower a fully grown adult), likely Small Building level (mostly with tantrums. Shook his room. Can destroy a house. Can match and/or outclass those who can hurt him. Can harm and/or damage adults stronger than him), Large Building level by dancing (Caused an earthquake in a baseball stadium), likely Large Continent level (Took a massive growing dump that covered a large part of Earth. Caused a tsunami by doing a cannonball) with mainly poop, likely Multi-Galaxy level at his peak growth via sheer mass (His peak size dwarfed several galaxies), Universe level with absorption

Speed: Varies, possibly Hypersonic+ high end (Levitated from his house all the way past the layers of Earth; likely either the stratosphere or mesosphere; in approx. 10 seconds)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Varies, Wall level at high end (Decapitated his teacher with a single punch, sending her head flying), Large Building level when giant normally

Durability: Varies

Stamina: Varies

Range: Varies, at least multi-continental with defecation skills, melee range with normal strikes, higher when giant

Standard Equipment: Unknown

Intelligence: Mostly low (Fails his tests), sometimes high (Can conjure up schemes like mailing himself to Chuck E Cheese's. Is skilled enough to do video editing. Experienced with ranged weaponry and normal weaponry. Skilled fighter)

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Giant Poop: Summons a massive growing poop that can cover continents whole
  • Size Enhancement: Can grow to incredibly large sizes, usually by throwing fits
  • Rocket Summoning: Can summon a hail of rockets by throwing tantrums
  • Fire Manipulation: Can cause fires just by pointing, or a temper tantrum
  • Poorly Drawn Morphing: Can turn people into poorly drawn versions of themselves. This doesn't seem to be useful for combat.

Weaknesses: Short temper. Likely has mental issues. Easily gets taken aback and flees upon getting grounded, usually regardless of who does the grounding.


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