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I'm sick of it too, but I'm not a government! I'm just a kid who wants to be live like his legend, help her and the innocent lives of others especially from disgusting people like you!
~ Caelum


Caelum is the main character of Animasapians: Legacy. He is a school student who is often bullied just for being nerdy, assumed to be weak unlike every other husky in the school. He looks up the legend of "Peppy" who helped take down Animasapiankind's evil creator "Mother Originator". Eventually he goes on a journey to free Peppy's soul from a permanent state and resurrect her.


Caelum is a helpful boy as he gives his food to the homeless and also donate his clothes to charity so people in the Sesharian Territories who are too poor to even buy an umbrella or get access to clean water can have them. In his room there is also a photo of him donating blood. He's very intelligent too as he spends much of his time working on technology as a personal project at home, has very good grades at school because he gets many answers in class correct. Also while everyone else's locker is normal, Caelum's is high tech, it has a button that he presses, scans his face to know that it's him and he invented this because he is trying to prepare himself from anybody stealing any of his items. Whenever he gets any item out such as books, he holds around tightly in his arms a lot. Despite all that, he is quite rude since he doesn't talk to people too often so he only has a vague idea on how to be polite towards others. At the table he puts his paws up on the table, eats the food and sometimes plays video games on a handheld console. Caelum often blocks isles at supermarket, whenever somebody requests him to do anything, he doesn't respond and sometimes just does it. He doesn't say "Sorry" or "Thank you" when somebody does something for him. He speaks with a voice so quiet that people are often asking him to speak up more. He doesn't talk to other too often, Caelum often keeps to himself and whenever somebody requests him to do anything, he doesn't respond, he just does it anyways.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-C, higher via Statistics Amplification

Name: Caelum

Origin: Animasapians: Legacy

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Classification: Blitzer. Animasapian (Anthropomorph). Dog (Husky)

Powers and Abilities:

completely unaffected by any temperatures between Absolute Zero to 20 degrees celsius, Statistics Amplification (Attack and speed), Regeneration (Varies from Low to Mid), limited Resistance to Death Inducement and Energy Absorption (His HEAL ATK power slowed down Thyme's Death Countdown X), Resurrection via limited Soul Manipulation (not combat applicable) and Resistance to Dream Manipulation via his Peppy Doll

Click here for more info on Animasapian Physiology

Attack Potency:  Town Level, higher via Statistics Amplification (Caused a 6 magnitude earthquake by clashing his blades against Thyme after boosting his stats)

Speed: Massively FTL+ reaction and combat speeds, higher with Stat Boosts

Lifting Strength: Regular Human

Striking Strength: Town Class

Durability: Town Level (lower than his Attack Potency due to being a Blizter Class), Universe Level+ with weapons (Animasapian Weapons are so durable that even Mother Originator couldn't even leave a single scratch on them)

Stamina: High (Able to continue fighting for several minutes including his match against Thyme while even having a large scar from a sword ripped across his torso). HEAL ATK allows him to restore any lost energy.

Range: Extended melee range with melee attacks, 600 meters with bullets

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius (Caelum was able to reprogram his own biological power, making it so that he can make his own redesign of his Blade Gauntlets appears instead. Gets Grade A in every class at school including Science. He made it so that his locker has a button that scans his face whenever he presses it.

Standard Equipment:

  • Blade Gauntlets: These are weapons Caelum designed to resemble Peppy's Daggershields. He wears two on each hand and can rapidly fire bullets out of them.
  • Peppy Doll: Caelum is able to use his Peppy Doll, put it at the summit of Mt Pen in order to bring Peppy's Soul out of a permanent state and therefore resurrecting her. Whenever he holds it or has it under his pillow, Caelum cannot get any nightmares.

Weaknesses: Relies on attack and speed more than defence. Him being a coward makes him too scared to even fight, but this weakness disappears half way through the story.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Automatic Power

HEAL ATK: Just like Peppy's, the amount of damage that she does to her opponent with her attacks is the am ount of damage she will regenerate. It even resists damage from Death Countdown, Deathalt and even countered Thyme's Death Countdown X, something Peppy has never encountered before.

Animal Power

Since Animasapians are animals except evolved, this allows some of them to have animal traits except more enhanced. So this makes Caelum completely unaffected by temperatures below 20*c including Absolute Zero temperatures. He can also easily breathe on Mt Pen 8,886m above sea level.

Other Powers

Stat boosts: This allows Caelum to enhance his attack and speed stats. However, they do not activate until either the opponent makes the next move or the opponent has made their move before Caelum enhances his stats.

Regeneration: Just like Peppy's, the amount of damage that she does to her opponent with her attacks is the amount of damage she will regenerate. It even resists damage from Death Countdown, Deathalt and even countered Thyme's Death Countdown X.


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