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I do not see a singular strip of porkchop anywhere, nor a building one would call a house
~ CHIME on figures of speech

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Do you remember me?
~ Robin upon the two meeting again

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CHIME was originally an AI built to serve an Aimion alongside another AI named BELL. The two managed to escape the Aimion's clutches and wandered around the universe for a while, going through different galaxies and planets. It was fine for the most part until the two AI got into a scuffle between the Vaundrel, with BELL being captured. CHIME managed to escape but wanting to find BELL again, joined Hope. During a scuffle, CHIME managed to meet Adrian, deciding to join Adrian on her quest to get Newman back to his home planet. This was done in hopes to try and find BELL again in their journey. 


In her original form, CHIME is a woman with long, wavy white locks of hair that stretch down to her elbows. Her arms and legs are robotic in nature, having a white and black plating with light blue veins running across. Her body is covered in a white and black armor plating, although the showing skin does not signify a weak point, as her body is entirely metal. She has amber eyes and two plates that signify her ears, being black armor plating with light blue veins running across. In her improved form, she wears a black flowing cape that holds black plating. Now having light blue wings along her back and blue scarf given to her by Adrian. Her metallic legs are disguised as stockings and going into metallic feet that spike upward. Blue strings encircle her being and act as if they are levitating around her. 


CHIME is a very literal AI and serves as most of the comedy of the series, still being an AI that was programmed to have almost child-like intelligence. After being improved upon, CHIME understood more of human nature and gained her own personality, that being a more shy and reserved version of her very literal self. 

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Is only driven by her passion to find BELL again) | Neutral Good (Has now understood more about the complexities of life)


Origin: The Alignment of Stars

Gender: Female

Age: 10 years old, mentally 38 years old

Classification: AI, Robot, Special Unit Delta-7

Date of Birth: Jaunary 27, 4511

  • Zodiac/Horoscope: Capricorn

Birthplace: Cthar-3

Weight: 440lbs/200kg

Height: 5"6'

Likes: Light, electricity, rain, moist ground

Dislikes: Darkness, dry ground

Eye Color: Amber

Hair Color: White

Hobbies: Charging herself, standing in the rain, walking along moist ground

Values: Finding BELL

Marital Status: Girlfriend of Robin

Status: Alive

Affiliation: Adrian (Friend), Newman (Parasite of Friend), Robin Carse (Boyfriend), Ctharxian (Mutual Allies)

Previous Affiliation: Pollock (Original Owner), BELL (Best frend)

Combat Statistics

Tier:  7-B | 6-B, possibly High 5-A

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Electricity Manipulation (Is capable of wielding electricity from her surroundings), Limited Mind Manipulation (Can erase the minds of AIs, essentially killing them), Immortality (Types 1, 2, 3, and 6: Can transfer her consciousness into other forms of technology), Technology Manipulation (Via Type 6 Immortality), Telekinesis (Robots generate a bio-mechanical wave that they can manipulate to do varying things, one such being telekinesis, it is more akin to the soul of a robot.), Forcefield Creation, Weather Manipulation, Elemental ManipulationEnergy Manipulation, Energy Projection, Absolute Zero, Absorption (Heat and Energy), Weapon Creation, Precognition, Healing (Mid, via bio-mechanical wave), Regeneration (Mid: Managed to regenerate from multiple engines being torn out), Limited Density Manipulation (Can control her own body's density), Explosion Manipulation (Via weapons), Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2, and 3: As CHIME is a robot, she does not need to eat, drink, sleep, or breathe), Homing Attack (Via mini rockets), Information Analysis, Ectoplasm Manipulation (Is capable of manipulating the bio-mechanical waves of other robots, and vice versa)

All abilities enhanced plus, Time Stop, Transmutation, Plant Manipulation, Non-Physical Interaction, Metal Manipulation, Matter Manipulation (Atomic) (Has all the powers of BELL)

Attack Potency: City Level (Should be comparable to Adrian who was capable of beating a Dark Matter that did this), Country Level with Frozen Solid and Final Blaze (Matched BELL's Sun Wrath which was capable of capable of vaporizing an entire ocean) | Country Level (Should be stronger than BELL who was capable of vaporizing an entire ocean), possibly Dwarf Star Level (Might be comparable to Adrian who defeated a Dark Matter who survived the sun being split in half

SpeedSub-Relativistic (Was able to move this fast) | Massively FTL+ (Should be comparable to Adrian who was able to move to another galaxy with ease)

Lifting StrengthClass 25 (Should be comparable to Adrian, who was capable of lifting up a gigantic stone pillar that weighed the same size of a motorboat) | At least Class 25

Striking StrengthCity Class Country Class, possibly Dwarf Star Level

DurabilityCity Level Country Level, possibly Dwarf Star Level

Range: Kilometers with Energy Projection and Energy Manipulation, Planetary with Frozen Solid and Final Blaze (Was able to counter an attack made from BELL on the moon of the planet they were fighting on)

Stamina: Infinite (Is a robot, and as such, shouldn't have any need to sleep)

Intelligence: Genius (Is an AI that is capable of studying opponent's moves and understand the basics of FTL travel in a few moments. Is considered the genius of the group by others)

Weaknesses: Due to CHIME's intelligence, it is sometimes hard to understand what she is saying, and this can result in many problems in communication. In her original form, she was near emotionless and this has led to many misunderstandings. If her bio-mechanical wave begins to overload her system, she experiences a crash which results in her body and AI shutting down for a few minutes. This can result in dangerous situations in combat. 

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Storm Calling-Due to the energetic drives stored in her body, CHIME is capable of manipulating the weather, with this she is able to call down bolts of lightning, tornadoes, and sharp shards of ice. 
  • Immovable-Thanks to her body's weight, CHIME is capable of manipulating it to become as heavy as she likes, becoming heavy enough that a Staggerus wouldn't be able to pick her up. 
  • Thanks-Due to her body's unique structure, CHIME is capable of absorbing not only energy but heat based attacks as well, charging herself with power. 
  • Telekinetic Crush-With this, CHIME is capable of using her body's bio-mechanical waves to grab things with her mind and even hold people in place. 
  • Mind's Eye-CHIME is able to scan her opponent's body to be able to tell what move they shall do next. 
  • Hide Away-If her body is to ever be destroyed, CHIME is capable of backing up her AI to a hardware drive so that she may survive. 
  • Meteoric Barrage-CHIME is capable of unfurling weapons from her back, ranging from standard laser cannons to mini rocket ballistas, firing them off in a quick succession. 
  • Frozen Solid-Using every ounce of her bio-mechanical waves and energy reserves in her body, CHIME is capable of creating a gigantic cannon that will freeze anything in its path and is so cold, that not even the heat from the core of the sun could melt through it. 
  • Final Blaze-Utilizing the ground and environment around her, CHIME creates a flaming meteor of destruction and letting it all loose in a grand finale of a great blast of elements. 

Key: Original Form Improved Form


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