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Byakkan being summoned.


A loyal companion and lower rank Guardian that follows Akama's rule. He is a tiger.


The third Guardian, after Valerius, to come in service of Akama during his exams. He soon accompanies Akama on his journey after being tamed. He is the only Guardian to awaken from a summoner that was not tamed to begin with.


Byakkan is the most stubborn of the Guardianship. This is proven when Byakkan first encountered Akama after being awaken from his soul. Being untamed, Byakkan spent three years in hatred and distrust of Akama and his attempts at befriending the Guardian. Before long, Byakkan had gotten used to the continuous visits of the boy.

During a raid, Byakkan's cave was targeted by wandering Darkened One's and before long, he had seen the same boy that visited him several times before fighting them off. Overcome by this, Byakkan's respect and trust in Akama had grown since then in which he allowed himself in the service of the young summoner.

Byakkan may be stubborn, however, he symbolizes Akama's undying dedication. He is loyal and protective, doing anything he can to protect those he cares-- which are the other Guardians and Akama.

Power and Stats

Tier: 7-C | High 6-C

Name: Byakkan

Gender: Male

Origin: Judgment: The Holy Amulet

Classification: Guardian | Tiger

Attack Potency: Town level (can generate lightning on armies of Darkened Ones.) | Large Island level (one powered lightning strike from Byakkan cracked and broke the island the armies were on.)

Speed: At least Massively Hypersonic+

Lifting Strength: At least Class 10

Striking Strength: Class TJ | Class EJ

Durability: Island level (took on Valerius's Phoenix Flare.)

Stamina: Immensely high (able to keep up with Valerius.)

Range: Several hundred meters, extended with Flare Claws

Standard Equipment: Claws, Jaw

Intelligence: Extremely intelligent and has keen survival instinct

Weaknesses: Is reckless during battle

Key: Base Form | Life-Force

Notable Attacks and Techniques

  • Life-Force Attacks: Byakkan is able to generate large amount of life-force in order to send out devastating attacks of different size and destructive capabilities.
  • Life-Force Augmentation: Byakkan is able to enhance himself into stronger boosts of power using life-force.
  • Life-Force Constructs: Byakkan is able to create things such as large claws that engulf over his normal ones or blades using life-force.
  • Life-Force Generation: Byakkan constantly generates life-force to use once he is summoned.
  • Flare Claws: Byakkan can generate large claws using his life-force in order to cut through opponents. They are largely over sized and have the power to crack islands.
  • Flame Rush: Byakkan engulfs himself with a large life-force aura in the form of a flame and charges at his enemy. It burns at high intensities, enough to burn through stone.


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