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"It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!"


Boomstick is a southern redneck weapons expert. Eventually his knowledge lead to his being hired by Screwattack to host Death Battle. Alongside his co-host, Wizard, Boomstick has analyzed hundreds of characters to see who would win a Death Battle.

Boomstick has had 13 stepfathers (one of which was a pirate zombie), his actual father is repeatedly implied to be Red vs Blue's Sarge, he has a sister, he's had seven ex-wives (one of which was a lamp and another the sister of Wizard), and he may be the father of Evil Craig.

Boomstick may actually be a demigod, as the God from Spawn supposedly looks like his Nana.

It is confirmed that the final episode of Death Battle will be a battle between Wizard and Boomstick.

Note: This profile does take all appearances of Boomstick into account, including Death Battle's previews which have questionable canonicity

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 9-B, Likely Higher via Ghostly Wail, at least 9-C with weapons, Unknown with explosives, Varies with summons | Unknown | At least 9-B with Maniac Armor, 7-B with Mjolnir Armor, Ranges from 9-C to 5-B with weaponry | 3-A via self-destruction, Varies drastically with different forms (Up to 3-A)

Name: Boomstick, nicknamed "Father of All Shotguns" and "The Great Waterbender: Boomstick the Wet”

Origin: Youtube, Screwattack, Death Battle

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Human, Youtuber, Redneck | Speed God, Natural Disaster | Human | Human, Can change species with the Omnitrix

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses (Can see ghosts/spirits), Drunken Boxing Mastery (Due to being intoxicated Tat most times, he's proven proficient at using the Drunken Boxing style), Weapon Mastery (Is a master of many weapons, but his favorite is shotguns, Is skilled enough to fire his shotgun from his mouth, Can fire Onyx Roses with his foot and Shotgun Leg), possibly limited Stealth Mastery (Claims to have temporarily attended ninja school), Martial Arts (Has shown proficiency in WWE-style wrestling), Regeneration (Low) (Clawed out his own eyes), Sound Manipulation (Could yell at a high enough frequency to harm Wiz's symbiote prototype, Can use the Ghostly Wail), Air Manipulation (Can blow hard enough to gain temporary Flight, akin to Godzilla's atomic breath, Can fire an "air bullet" akin to King Dedede which is really just a more powerful ball of spit), Poison Manipulation (Could fart with such an odor that Wizard's ears bled and he ultimately died), Light Manipulation (His junk glows in the dark due to a possible STD, Can cause his entire body to glow after having swallowed a bunch of glowsticks, Can use the Golden Lotus Clap which he instantly blinded himself with), Magic, Transmutation (Turned Wiz's wallet into a bottle of whiskey), Creation (Created a pack of California Rolls and a living Lobster), likely Soul Manipulation and Non-Corporeal (Like Wiz, should be able to separate his spirit from his body when knocked unconscious), limited Electricity Manipulation via Tai Chi Shoes (Could generate enough static electricity after rubbing his slippers on the studio's floor for a few seconds to disable Wiz' arm), Resistance to Electricity Manipulation (Ate several electric eels in an attempt to gain Blanka's powers, Got his junk stuck in a toaster, Survived being shocked by an outlet, Withstood Black Widow's Widow's Bite twice), Fire Manipulation (Once ate fire, His insides were once lit aflame due to his alcohol consumption), Poison Manipulation (Drank a cup of silver to turn his skin blue, Swallowed a bunch of glowsticks to cause his body to glow and stated his liver's processed much worse, Swallowed Venom before immediately puking it onto DUMMI, Has enough alcohol in his system on a standard basis that Wizard, upon having his mind swapped into Boomstick's body, was instantly drunk to the point of hallucinating 6 of Boomstick, whom had his mind swapped into Wizard's body), and Disease Manipulation (Rubbed poop into his eye then poured vodka onto them), 99 Bottles has Soul Manipulation, Non-Physical Interaction (Souls are created from one's soul and fighting spirit, Via being a stand should be able to interact with other Stands), Invisibility, Intangibility (Stands are invisible to Non-Stand users and are intangible to Non-Stands), Flight, and Transmutation (Was able to turn Wizard into a giant can of beer with a single touch)

All previous to a likely much higher degree, Pseudo-Flight (Could run in space), Light Manipulation (Produced a flash of light as soon as he began running), Transparency, likely Intangibility (Boomstick was fazing in place unintentionally before he started running)

Explosion Manipulation with Double-Barrel Bazooka Shotgun and various explosives, Fragrance Manipulation with the Windbreaker (A single whiff could instantly render Wiz unconscious), Healing with Beer Power Up, Dimensional Travel (Somehow travels to Hell each weekend to host the battle arenas), Various abilities with Pets/Summons

All previous abilities, Explosion Manipulation with explosives, Energy Manipulation with energy weapons, Electricity Manipulation with electric weapons, Minor Gravity Manipulation with Gravity Gun, Light Manipulation with Mr. Toots (Fires Rainbows), Forcefield Creation with Z-4190 Temporal Protective Enfolder/Stationary Shield, Portal Creation via Mystic Odachi, Fire Manipulation with Fire Dust, Ice Manipulation and Flash Freeze via Ice Dust, Power bbestowal and Soul Manipulation via Stand Arrow, Sword of Protection grants superior Magic, Attack Reflection, Energy Projection, Transmutation (of the sword), and Resistance to Mind Manipulation, Possession, and Disease Manipulation (Made Boomstick sober), Sword of Hephaestus has Durability Negation (Can slice through the electrons of atoms), Trident of Poseidon grants Water Manipulation, Weather Manipulation, Can create Water Elementals, Ice Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Earth Manipulation, Flight, Teleportation through Water, Forcefield Creation, and limited Transmutation (Can transform the trident into a small, enchanted sword and back), Maniac Armor grants Statistics Amplification and Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Mjolnir Armor grants Statistics Amplification, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Heat Resistance, Energy Shield, and Motion Sensor, Magic Cape grants Invisibility and Intangibility | Omnitrix grants Transformation, Shapeshifting, Matter Manipulation, Self-Destruction via Self-Destruct Mode, Biological Manipulation via DNA Recombination and Reconstruction, Power Mimicry via Capture/Scan Mode, Varies drastically with alien transformations

Attack Potency: At least Wall Level (Punched a Great White Shark hard enough to kill it, Wrestled a polar bear, Can punch down trees, Shattered a large block of ice by jumping onto it, Has consistently knocked Wiz unconscious with a punch, Broke one of Wiz's legs, Could tear off Wiz' robot arm and later his regular arm), Likely Higher via Ghostly Wail, at least Street Level with weapons, Unknown with explosives (His Ammunition Measurement chart and his comparison to an explosion feat related to Mitsuru imply that he has explosives as strong as, if not stronger then, nuclear bombs), Varies with summons | Unknown | At least Wall Level with Maniac Armor, City Level with Mjolnir Armor (Should be comparable to Red vs Blue characters, who survived a 50 Megaton explosion), Ranges from Street Level to Large Planet level with weaponry (Most of his weapons come from Street Level to Wall level games like Call of Duty and Halo, while weapons like She-Ra's Sword of Protection should compare to her own strength, whom could kick the moon out of orbit) | Universe level via self-destruction, Varies drastically with alien transformations (Up to Universe level via Alien X who recreated the universe)

Speed: At least Subsonic (Outran a shotgun blast, Punched a Great White Shark while underwater, Has repeatedly punched Wizard before he could react, Could drink a beer fast enough that Wiz didn't think he moved, Covered himself in black and white paint in 19 seconds) | Massively FTL+ (Could run from Earth to Jupiter and back in roughly two seconds, which was a distance of 676.49 million km on September 6th, 2020) | Varies drastically with alien transformations (Up to Massively FTL+ via Alien X who created a galaxy-sized black hole within a few seconds)

Lifting Strength: Likely Class 1 (Brought the Great White Shark back to Wizard after killing it so the shark could be eaten, Wrestled a Polar Bear, Can lift his giant chainsaw, Could tear off Wiz' robot arm and later his regular arm, Easily threw an anvil) | Unknown | Unknown with Mjolnir Armor (Lifting Strength in Red vs Blue reaches an upwards of Class 100) | Varies drastically with alien transformations

Striking Strength: At least Wall Level, Street Level with weapons, Varies with summons | Unknown | At least Wall Level with Maniac Armor, City Level with Mjolnir Armor, Ranges from Street Level to Large Planet level with weaponry | Varies drastically with alien transformations (Up to Universe level)

Durability: At least Wall Level (Withstood an anvil being smashed into him after being bounced back by Booster Gold’s dispersion field), possibly Higher (Survived Ringmaster's podium crashing and exploding while he was on it) | Unknown | At least Wall Level with Maniac Armor, City Level with Mjolnir Armor (Should be comparable to Red vs Blue characters, who survived a 50 Megaton explosion), Wall level via Z-4190 Temporal Protective Enfolder/Stationary Shield | Varies drastically with alien transformations (Up to Universe level via Alien X who survived the destruction of the universe)

Stamina: At least Average Human | Extremely High (Ran from Earth to Jupiter and back in roughly 2 seconds) | Varies drastically with alien transformations (Commonly very high)

Range: Standard Melee, Extended Melee with melee weapons, Several meters with Giant Chainsaw, Tens to Hundreds of meters with guns and fireworks, at least Several meters with 99 Bottles | Standard Melee, Extended Melee with melee weapons, Tens of meters to Hundreds of meters with guns, Planetary with Hydro Teleportation | Varies drastically with alien transformations (Up to Universal)

Standard Equipment: Super Shotgun Leg, Knives, Rake Blade, Giant Chainsaw, Double-Barrel Bazooka Shotgun, AK47 Potato Gun, Laser-Guided Kitten Cannon, Baby Launcher, Fireworks, Beartrap, the Windbreaker, 10,000 Screaming Rubber Chickens, Explosives Beer Power Up, Super Scope Power Up, Dune Buggy, Car (Unknown model) | Same as before | Shiv, Shank-chete, Mystic Odachi, Type-1 Energy Sword, Sword of Protection, Sword of Hephaestus, M90 Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Type-25 Brute Shot, BR55 Battle Rifle, Shotgun 1340, Akimbo 1887, Flak Cannon, Universal Remote, Three Crown Coach Gun, Onyx Roses, Dual-wielded Akimbo Autoshotguns, Boneduster, Seeker Rifle, Mark 2 Lancer Assault Rifle, Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator (Gravity Gun), IM-822 Handheld Ore Cutter Line Gun, BFG 9000, Experimental MIRV, Cerebral Bore, RYNO V, Nano Rifle, DOOM Shotgun, Mr. Toots, Tesla Cannon, Aquaman's Trident of Poseidon, Mega Buster, Mjolnir Mk.VI Armor, Juggernaut Maniac Suit (With Combat Knife and Throwing Knife), Z-4190 Temporal Protective Enfolder/Stationary Shield, Magic Cape, Pokeball, Master Ball, Fire and Ice Dust | The Omnitrix

  • Boomstick has several pets/summons at his command as well
  • Boomstick once stole Thanos' Space Throne from Wizard

Intelligence: Gifted (Graduated with a poultry science major specializing in frying. Raised his IQ by 22% after trying Lumosity (Supposedly had an IQ of 480 prior), Built the Kitten Cannon and upgraded it to the Baby Launcher, May have had Spartan military training, Designed the traps for Death Race, including the large death machine in the Battle Cars episode) | Same as before | Same as before | Varies drastically with alien transformations (Up to Nigh-Omniscient)

Weaknesses: Incredibly impatient at times, Is known to sometimes lash out in anger or annoyance, Has a hard time pronouncing non-English words, Is "maybe a little" lactose intolerant, Has the mentality of "if it didn't work the first time, maybe it'll work the second time around", His "beat the shit out of everything that moves" strategy could backfire on him, His voice hurts his throat, Can be easily tricked, Somewhat scared of Pinkie Pie (but has shown to overcome it when he punched Pinkie Pie during Deadpool VS The Mask), Has a tendency to black out from excessive drinking, Terrible at keeping secrets, The Baby Cannon takes 9 months to reload (Unless he steals infants), Sometimes forgets that his right leg is amputated and reformed as a shotgun, Sometimes the shotgun leg may backfire | Same as before | Same as before | The Omnitrix has a cooldown of a few minutes (but this disappears if the Omnitrix glitches or Ben unlocks the Master Code), it cannot copy aliens that lack DNA, are hybrids, came from the same species of the user, or are not sapiens, The S.D.M need some days to charge to destroy the universe, The Omnitrix will lockdown while in Scan Mode, Weaknesses vary drastically with alien transformations.


  • Was hired as Death Battle’s weapons expert
  • Fought against Wizard in a Rap Battle
  • Survived played tennis with Wiz, using a nuclear warhead as the ball
  • Worked with Wizard in an attempt to solve the Wingdings font
  • Teamed up with Wiz to warn the world of Nick Cage
  • Appeared in Red vs Blue
  • Appeared in the AVGN video game
  • Left in the middle of a Death Battle prelude
  • Hosted 2 previews on his own
  • Performs an annual ritual sacrifice of several chickens on the anniversary of his grandfather's death, which involves them being ritualistically killed and subsequently cooked and eaten
  • “Buys” 3% of the world’s alcohol
  • At one point owned a raptor named Barney, a hedgehog, his turtle Mr. Snappy, Jack Spaniels, and Fire Seals
    • Looked after a polar bear at one point as well
  • Wrote his name in buckshots
  • Killed a magician he thought was trying to kill him
  • Was the only one of his friend group to survive his mother’s competitions to eat 60 hotdogs in 10 minutes
  • Has eaten child haggis made by his mother
  • Was a test subject for Wiz several times
  • Is slowly taking over all internet shows
  • Has killed all clowns he's come in contact with so they don't kill him first
  • Is the world's best woodsman shotgun wood carver
    • By default due to him killing the competition
  • May have made a deal with the devil
  • Has appeared in an episode of Hard News
  • He invaded and burned down Wiz's lab, supposedly by accident
  • Has killed every clown he's ever met
  • May or may not have been raised by a pirate zombie at one point
    • Who cut off Boomstick’s leg while drunk
  • Has an old fashioned artillery in his and Wiz's base for defense
    • Works great against squirrels
  • Killed Wiz's robot dog
  • Is hunting for Bigfoot
  • Cut off Wiz’s arm with Wiz’s tachyon table saw
  • Implied to have sacrificed countless interns to create his Ammunition Measurement Chart
  • Obtained the Continuity Gem from Deadpool and The Mask
  • Described by Wiz as able to tag "flies in (Boomstick's) bathroom", whose speed is comparable to Kabal's combat speeds and reactions
  • Is supposedly wanted in all 50 states for putting people into Death Races
  • Was officially classified as a Natural Disaster

Key: Base | Speed God | With Borrowed Weaponry | With the Omnitrix