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Boomerang Bob is the main protagonist of the series of the same name, he was one a original man just called Bob until one day that he was one of the many people by a mad large cat monster named Billgemore (who will later be Bob's arch nemesis).

Billgemore was exposing the humans to a rare, dangerous element called Quirkinum which gives people a power which legend says will cause them to have their mind warped into insanity and blankness thus Billgemore was going to take advantage of that in order to turn them into his army but except for Bob when he got exposed to the Quirkinum, his mind was warped but he somehow was uninfected with insanity and blankness but i did mess up his communication skills.

Thus Bob escaped and ended up in a landscape where he found Ash Neo which she was a inventor who was infected with the Quirkinum long ago thus with her intelligence and inventions and Bob's adventure skills and new found power to summon boomerangs, the 2 were a perfect match and even Bob's redeemed rival Susk and with the 3 were up against Billgemore's forces time to time again.


Bob is shown to be a semi tall person with pale skin wearing a blue hat with a piece of his hair sticking out with black eyes and eyebrows and a medium sized mouth, he also shown to wear a blue long sleeve shirt with gray pants and under the pants are light brown shoes. 


Bob has shown to be a optimistic, adventure seeking, go lucky man that has shown the will to save the world from Billgemore from time to time again.

But he tends to act like a daredevil in some situations which he shows little to no regard for his safety which resulted him almost getting run over by a boulder, crushed by a Molester, getting burned alive by Claire Kai's fire, getting vaporized by a Master Vultt's space laser, and much more.

Well he does have messed up communication skills thanks to the Quirkinum and does speak gibberish since then there he still is friendly and willing to defeat Billgemore time and time again.​​​​

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Neutral Good

Birth Date: November 6th, 1978

Birthplace: Unknown

Weight: 163 lbs

Age: Unknown (Ash implied that he was in his 20's before​​​ being exposed to the Quirkinum)

Height: 6'4

Likes: Adventure, Action Packed stuff, Ash Mei, Susk (Sometimes), Food

Dislikes: Billgemore, Dr. Dogem, Susk (Sometimes), Obsessed Fans, People forcing him to be proper

Eye Color: Black​​​​​​

Status: Alive

Affiliation: Ash Mei (Possible Love Interest), Susk (Sometimes friend and Sometimes rival), Billgemore (Arch Nemesis), Dr. Dogem (Billgemore's assistant), Claire Kai (Enemy to both him and Susk)

Combat Statistics


Name: Boomerang Bob, Bob, Blasted Bob (By Billgemore)

Origin: Boomerang Bob (Series)

Gender: Male

Classification: Mutated Human, Former Lab Experiment

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical CharacteristicsToon ForceFourth Wall Awareness (Gave the audience a thumbs up at the end of Boomerang Bob 1), Weapon MasteryWeapon Creation (Can summon Boomerangs out of thin air), Regeneration (Mid High. Regenerated when he was burned to a pile of ashes), Fire Manipulation via Red Boomerangs, Afterimage Creation via Yellow Boomerangs which travel so fast which make afterimages of the Yellow Boomerangs, Platform Creation via Green Boomerangs (which act like platforms), Absorption via Purple Boomerangs (Which can take some of the enemy's health and add it to his own, Forcefield Creation via White Boomerangs (Which summons a protective forcefield) Limited Invulnerability via Black Boomerangs (Which makes him invincible to all things for a few seconds), Resistance to Mind Control and Gravity Manipulation (Stated that he developed the ability to not get gravity controlled by other people)

Attack Potency: City Level, Regularly fights Billgemore, destroyed a asteroid with one base boomerang (which are the blue boomerangs), fought and won against Claire Kai which her fire burned down a entire city which she was stronger than him and Susks.

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+, can keep up with his own Yellow Boomerangs which are fast enough to make afterimages which to pull that off, the Yellow Boomerangs can go up 2236mps or 2.914232 the speed of sound

Lifting Strength: Class 10, can knock 6000 pound or 3 ton boulders 

Striking Strength: City Class

Durability: City Level, tanked Billgemore's attacks and Claire Kai's fire, Toon Force makes him difficult to kill

Stamina: Extremely High, can go on dangerous adventures that will normally put a human tired on 5% of the adventure but he can complete 100% of the adventure with no signs of being tired afterwards

Range: Melee Range, 130 feet via Boomerangs

Standard Equipment: Base Boomerangs, Red Boomerangs, Yellow Boomerangs, Green Boomerangs, Purple Boomerangs, White Boomerangs, Black Boomerangs

Intelligence: High, is a expert on adventures and his expertly on fighting and boomerang usage, has even match Ash's intelligence, though he doesn't know how to read 

Weaknesses: He tends to act like a Daredevil showing no regard for his own safety to the points of almost getting himself killed, despite his intelligence, he doesn't know how to read.



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