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~ Boo's First Word, Chapter 62b

Boocord by Vectorbrony.png

You know, I was never supposed to stay a villain. My role was very clear. Open antagonist to challenge Twilight Sparkle’s presuppositions of friendship and make her face having her friends turn on her at the outset, and then I was supposed to grow into a grudging ally of sorts. I had the scripts, and I was quite looking forward to my time with Fluttershy. Rehabilitation. Yay.

Only it never happened. I stayed a statue, and things went… wrong. Oh, don’t give me that. I’m a spirit of chaos. I’m a connoisseur of wrongness. A bit of mischief… a bit of peril… hardly anything serious. But ponies slaying? Ponies warring? Ponies committing global thaumaturgical balefire war with zebras? Oh, it was chaos, alright, enough to give me quite a nice bit of power, but that doesn’t mean that I wanted it to. I mean, even besides what happened to me, there was so much waste of potential and material for amusement; as I said back in Hippocratic, there are few things more boring than a corpse, and that goes double for the corpse of a world. Besides, it’s not like any of that was supposed to happen, anyway...It’s not something I can easily explain, and I’m rapping against the fourth wall hard enough as is.

Suffice it to say that Twilight was never supposed to become a Ministry Mare. She was supposed to become an alicorn… and not a goopy super mutant Goddess sort of alicorn, either, but a real pony Princess. Yes, a Princess the same as Moonbutt and Sunnyflanks. Ironic, considering how she poured herself into creating her alicorn potion. But somewhere along the way, something went wrong. It never happened. And bit by bit, the Equestria that was supposed to happen… didn’t.

Some lesson… some letter… some something happened, and Celestia never sent me to Fluttershy for rehabilitation. Never trusted Twilight with Starswirl’s greatest spell. Never did a lot of things. Regardless, everything went from how it was supposed to be to where we are now.

~ Discord on the planets destructive history, Chapter 65

BooArmor By Vectorbrony.png
They’re much more inclined to investigate after a little boom in the capital than they would be if incriminating evidence landed in their lap. Government offices blow up, and ponies demand answers. There’s a nice little trail of evidence leading up to the Society’s more rotten elements, and I’m shepherding a very devoted stallion towards it. This’ll be far more fun. I’ll open his eyes a little. Bang out some of his misperceptions and illusions. Play with his values. He should be a better pony afterwards. Of course, there’s an itsy bitsy chance his investigation will result in Celestia One melting Junction City, but, eh, details!...Ah, but I am an interesting menace, and, ultimately, a force for good.
~ Boo on her role in the future, Epilogue


Fallout Equestria created by Kkat

Boo and Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons created by Somber

Project Chimera was a secret project by the OIA to create pony clones using chemicals harvested from the eternal Discords essence. Once it was discovered by Twilight Sparkle that government officials were creating ponies or "blanks" for the sole purpose of being soldiers, the project was to be shutdown and all related to the project to be executed for their unethical experiments. Unfortunately for everyone involved, Armageddon happened before any of that could be fully implemented. And so the cloning machine hummed and created clones 200 years well into the future, most of which died early into life due to low intelligence, and malfunctioning turrets set to kill the already dead staff of the project. However one special pony managed despite all odds to survive thanks to luck at first but eventually skill too. This pony...still didn't have a name and wasn't THAT much smarter than her peers. When 2 armies stormed the tower in a war and intended to to reactivate the cloning process, thats when her life changed forever. She meekly befriended Blackjack who named her "Boo" after how sneaky she could be and offered her something nopony else offered her before: Food!

After Blackjack destroyed the cloning machines and freed Discord, Boo clung to Blackjack like glue, often seeing her as mother. Blackjack, seeing Boo as her own pony and not a soulless clone, took as much care as the wasteland would to teach Boo and fully embraced a paternal role. After the events that turned her mostly cyborg it was Boos innocence and her first word that brought Blackjack back from the brink of insanity. After Blackjack set off a Black Hole bomb and got separated from the rest of her friends, Blackjack focused all of her time on educating Boo as much as possible. Eventually they were found by Rampage who lead them to Amandi as she secretly betrayed them. As Blackjack was being beaten Boo revealed a big secret to everyone, She is the current host body for Discord. Touched by Blackjacks heart and actions, Discord and Boo fight alongside Blackjack to save The Wasteland.


As a Blank Template Boo takes the appearance of a canvas waiting to be painted. She is all white all around initially with the only thing separating her from her peers is her elongated hair.

Later when she is fully possessed by Discord, her body changes to take on his appearance such as his snaggle tooth, and yellow irises

During Epilogue she later acquires the Mare Do Well Power armor, she has since permanently adopted her fathers snaggle tooth and irises, however she may be able to change this for her liking.


  • Boo

As stated previously when first discovered, Boo displayed attributes close to that of an animal than one of a fully developed pony. Having a mindless desire for Snack cakes, food, and Being around Blackjack. She is prone displaying incredible bouts of sadness and stress when separated from Blackjack, like searching all around a town aimlessly or going to places she remembers fondly with Blackjack, such as her home, the Star House. despite all of this, Boo was slowly bit by bit learning quickly and evolving herself, whether it be from Blackjack and co rewarding her with cakes, or the several dangerous experiences she faces because of being around Blackjack. It is this innocence that often keeps Blackjack and her group going when the odds stack against them, coming to an ultimatum when she utters he first word "Bwackjack" snapping Blackjack out of an extreme mental breakdown. During a 3 month period of down time, Blackjack spent most of her time educating Boo as best as she could. from this Boo's personality truly blossomed forward, as she started speaking full sentences on her own and understanding abstract concepts like emotions, sarcasm, and the like. She fully understands why Blackjack does some of the things she does and why she may forbid her from joining, but Boo still does worry, no longer as a near mindless animal but as a concerned friend and in a way pupil.

  • Discord

Discord is almost entirely unchanged from his earlier appearances in Friendship is Magic. He holds no regard for most ponies, not because of indifference but because of the horrible experiments done to him as well as the near 200 years of torture they forced him through when the bombs fell. On the outside Discord is a trickster, something to expected from a spirit of chaos, but on the inside he is a deeply damaged and a relatable personality, because while he will sees his brand of chocolate cloud chaos as fun, he truly despises ponies and zebras for the real actual suffering they brought upon their world in their fight for friendship, and is depressed knowing that this story is not the way things were supposed to go. His hope for the future however is rekindled when Blackjack, against everyones suggestions and what she knows of him, decides to release him from his prison instead of letting him die after 200 years of suffering. Since then Discord ultimately spent most of his time watching Blackjack closely through Boos adventures and perspective of her. Boo and Blackjack ultimately reconvince Discord that ponies may be able to find their way again as long as someone as dedicated and Blackjack remains around to guide them. It is through that character change that Discord ultimately becomes a spirit of disharmony that fights for good.

  • Future Boo

Having bore witness to her fathers character change, the rest of Blackjacks adventures, and the rise of civilized society, Boo decides to follow in her fathers new found footsteps as a spirit of disharmony that fights for good. She takes great pride in her abilities as a master manipulator, thief, and all around mischief maker. But she still ultimately does what she does with at least a shroud of good reason, like stealing Littlepips statuettes, and setting off rebellions in the New Government to better bring to light misdeeds in the new world to her friends.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Initially just followed Blackjack blindly but ultimately settles on Chaotic Good | Chaotic Good

Name: Boo | Discord

Origin: Fallout Equestria Project Horizons, a Fallout Equestria fanfiction by Somber

Gender: Female | Male Spirit in Female Body

Classification: Clone Earth Pony Template, Future Terrorist, Mysterious Mare do Well | Draconequus, Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony, Possible Anima Spirit

Age: Likely Weeks to months old, 200 in Epilogue | Discord is 10,200 to at most 80,000,000 years old (Celestia and Luna are fragments of the Star Spirit used to seal The Eater of Souls, something that happened within this time frame, and Discord is older than them.)

Birthplace: Hippocratic Research | Unknown

Likes: Blackjack, Blackjack's other friends, being petted, snack cakes, Discord, following in her fathers footsteps | Creating Chaos, Disharmony, Boo, Chocolate Rain showers, Blackjack (for freeing him, and taking care of Boo.)

Dislikes: Anyone who would hurt Blackjack, not being with/being separated from Blackjack, Blackjack being depressed or suicidal (She becomes less obsessed with Blackjack as the story progresses) | The Legate (Fought against him Centuries ago to an unknown degree.) Most ponies and zebras (he still carries a grudge for the pain their war inflicted on the planet.)

Status: Alive | Unknown

Affiliation: Blackjack's friends, eventually The Hoof, and later Equus | Blackjack and Boo

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-C | At least 8-C | 8-C

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Type 1), BlessedSupernatural Luck (Sat out in the open in the middle of multiple fire fights between Blackjack and her opponents and remained unharmed, accidentally took out highly trained winged assassins while flailing in mid air out of fear. Lead Blackjack and co. through a complex series of deadly underground passages purely because they believed in her absurd luck.), Enhanced Senses (Her innate survival instincts allow her to detect threats faster than her peers), Stealth Mastery and, Martial Arts (Had some tutelage from Discord. Thinks its "playing".) Multiple Personalities (Can switch between herself and Discord at any time.). Via Pipbuck: Statistics Amplification, Homing Attack, and Perception Manipulation (Via SATS). Extrasensory Perception, and Information Analysis (Via EFS)

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Supernatural LuckEnhanced Senses (Can see spirits and souls.), Immortality (Types 1, 5, and 6) [Body hopped to Boo when necessary, After leaving Boo and being reduced to ash, he continued existing as a soul while in hiding.], Stealth Mastery, Extraordinary Genius, Martial Arts, Magic, Toon Force, Multiple Personalities, Astral Projection (Survived as a spirit on the Moon after losing his new body.), Illusion Manipulation (The sequence in which he talked with Blackjack and friends was an illusion he created.), Reality Warping (Magic'd a personalized Superman outfit out of nowhere in Chapter 39, Summoned a throne out of nowhere in Chapter 65, Then turned a pair of large cannons into flower pots later. Created a chalkboard and lab coat from nothing in Chapter 74, and when he discarded them, they exploded. Warped Blackjacks friends into a band briefly wherein they performed a musical.), Empowerment (Similar to his canon counterpart, he feeds on chaos and disharmony and grows stronger with its presence.), Hammerspace, Cosmic Awareness (Can perceive events that happen in the Dark World, which occupies a realm outside of space and time, is aware of events in Friendship in Magic and acknowledges them as "the way things should've went".), Precognition (Claimed to have seen the script for the main timeline. Has consistently predicted future events in the story with little to no error or effort.), Luck ManipulationChaos Manipulation, Soul ManipulationSize Manipulation (Grew to 4 times size as a Statue during the Pony Zebra war. Later grew in size and donned a Mawashi to fight an Ultra Sentinel), Power Bestowal (Granted Boo Extraordinary Luck to give him time to recover), ShapeshiftingBody Control (When he takes over Boo her face grows features that resemble him), ElasticityTelekinesisMind Manipulation (Opened a door to Blackjacks mind but immediately closed it due to how dirty it was.), 4th Wall AwarenessCan break the Fourth WallTeleportationCreation, FusionismPossessionBiological ManipulationMatter ManipulationTransmutationSealing, Possible Power Nullification

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Type 1), Blessed, Genius Intelligence, Preparation, Stealth Mastery (Stole Littlepip's Statuettes, claims to regularly sneak into government offices, without being noticed.), Supernatural LuckEnhanced Senses (Her innate survival instincts allow her to detect threats faster than her peers.), Martial Arts, Magic, Minor Toon Force, Hammerspace, Minor Reality Warping (Magic'd a cigar and multiple pieces of clothing out of nowhere.), Social Influencing (Uses this to create chaos similarly to her father.). Via Power Armor: Statistics Amplification, Homing Attack, and Perception Manipulation (Via SATS). Extrasensory Perception, and Information Analysis (Via EFS) (All Power Armor Variants have the same systems built into them as Pipbucks)

Attack Potency: Building Level (Should be no weaker than Chapter 62b Blackjack) | At least Building Level (Should be much stronger than before, managed to defeat the AI Cognitium, who had hijacked Blackjacks body. Previously fought an Ultra Sentinel, which had previously tanked a Balefire Egg Bomb) | Building Level (Should be stronger than base.)

Speed: At least Subsonic with Massively Hypersonic Reactions (Scaling to Blackjack.) | At least Subsonic with Massively Hypersonic Reactions (Should be no slower than before.) | At least Subsonic with Massively Hypersonic Reactions (Should be no slower than in Base.) Higher when using SATS (Scaling to Blackjack, who disarmed an opponent before a point blank shot could reach her.)

Lifting Strength: Class 50 | Class 50 | Class 50

Striking Strength: Building Level | At least Building Level | Building Level

Durability: Building Level | Building Level Various abilities make him extremely difficult to put down. | Building Level

Stamina: High (Comparable to Blackjack) | High | High

Range: Melee Range | Extended Melee Range normally Planetary with certain Reality Warping powers (Was feeding off the planets chaos.) | Melee Range

Standard Equipment: Uses a Pipbuck near the end of the story, otherwise none notable. | None Notable (Can use Hammerspace to change this) | Mysterious Mare do Well Power Armor (Can use Hammerspace)

Intelligence: Below Average, Acted more akin to a wild animal than a thinking creature at first (was unable to open a candy wrapper when first met, urinated on the floor in front of a crowd carelessly.), but thanks to Blackjacks surprisingly good tutelage, she has learned and grown smarter since then. Being able to comprehend social constructs. | Super Genius Has claimed to even be possibly Nigh-Omniscient (Has been around longer than Celestia and Luna have and has a vast knowledge of various topics, knew that Goldenblood was being tricked and that he was being imprisoned in another dimension somehow despite being imprisoned himself years beforehand and having his other abilities being taxed to their limit. | Genius Outsmarted Littlepip and the Twilight Society, who secretly oversee the planets development in the future. She is vastly knowledgeable about the future governments inner workings in her quest to follow in Discord's footsteps as a "Spirit of Chaos".

Standard Tactics: Discord is naturally bloodlusted due to his intelligence and precognitive abilities.

Weaknesses: Young and Naive, the least comparatively experienced in Blackjack's group. | Is nowhere near how powerful he was before the war. Since transferring himself to Boo and recovering from his 200 years of torture he will quickly tire when using his more taxing abilities. Overuse of his abilities will turn him to dust. He is unable to change whatever he knows is Fated to happen and he is bound by an unknown presence not to perform actions that would alter that fate. (Like using his Nigh Omniscience to spoil what will happen in the story.). Discord has trouble with magic that operates in monotone wavelengths (ie Blackjacks Star Metal Weaponry.), although whether this is by sheer refusal or lack of any ability to alter said structures is unknown. | Power Armor is susceptible to EMPs.

Key: Base Boo | Discord Possessed/"Boocord" | Future Boo


  • MLP: FiM Discord has Time Travel abilities however it would cause numerous plot holes in the story if he had them in the Fallout Equestria Project Horizons story so they are omitted here.


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