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Suddenly, the boss charges something up... a painted ball of... something.

Then... it releases the blast upon the Clearers!

Gergy fails to defend! The rest of the tanks barely fail to defend as well! And all of them are hit!

Pai looks around at all the Players who were struck...and noticed that they were all covered in paint.

Lind: That wasn't that ba--

Suddenly, Kibaou attacked Lind from behind!

Lind: Wha--?!

Kibaou: Not my fault man!!

Suddenly, Lind attacked Kibaou back!

The rest of the Players start to attack each other!

~ A description of The Painted Shade's variation of this ability from Sword Art Online: The Tabletop RPG


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Body Puppetry is the ability to control the body or bodies of others. Unlike its counterparts Mind Manipulation and Possession, it does not work off controlling the mind or inhabiting a body, rather it functions by controlling another's body directly from a distance without affecting the soul or mind. However, the end result is often extremely similar, so it can often be confused as either the aforementioned abilities, even in-verse.

Sometimes the ability can come through or with Biological Manipulation or Blood Manipulation