Thomas Roads sat down with a scowl. “So you’re saying my ex-wife still exists in some alternate universes?”

“Yes.” Replied a black-haired, emo, death-loving woman.

“...Not for long.”

“Just how many people want to kill you, Alice?”



Eileen Wells:


Never Veola:




I will regret adding Tset to this.

8-A Tset and Yomishka, High 5-A SOL, High 6-C Vayla, High 8-C Eve, and 6-B Gal used.

Speed equalized. No prior knowledge. 1 year of prep for The Geeksquad, with them starting on the moon. Vayla is dragging Alice around the universe on quests to kill evil and stuff. For redemption.

The Geeksquad must attempt to make an attack before the 1 year mark, or they lose. Battle takes place in Ganon’s Castle from Breath Of The Wild.

Battle Music.

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