the road so far...

This round is Austerus vs The Fallen Elf Generals

Standard Battle Assumptions are in play, and speed is equalized.

Austerus can easily beat up 8-B Anikitos and deflect a 500 Ton Bomb, while The Fallen Elf Generals are vastly superior to Elven Commanders

SPECIAL ALERT: Also note, The Fallen Elf Generals lack Fluctlights, which is SAO's idea of a soul (basically some quantium physics forkery that sounds like MEDICLORIANS when said out loud), though this might not effect this match that much

Who will prevail?


The Fallen Elf Generals: 3 (ThePixelKirby, Smashtwig and Uninown)

Ayy lmao

Ayy lmao

neither of them have pictures so have fun laughing at this being in the final round of the tourney

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