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Soupywolf5 Soupywolf5 36 minutes ago

D&D Stuff

After seeing that we have a homebrew D&D section, I've decided to try making profiles for my own D&D characters, starting by combing through the backstories and other things I've written for them for various feats and other things of note. (So obviously a WIP)

The wizard Willow uses magic to create a duo of exact clones of himself from pure energy, the characters from this setting are based on stick figures and have an average height of 7' 10" (2.3876 Meters)

Using a BMI of 17.5 (Which I remember basing off of my own at the time when I created the charactes a few years ago) gets a mass of 96.910774 Kilograms, which would take 8.70990600079*10^18 Joules to create from energy

Doubling this to account for there being two clones gets: 1.7419812*1…

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Spinoirr Spinoirr 2 days ago

Penny Polendina

Penny Polendina is a character who was introduced when she was found lying on the ground after Weiss Schnee crashed into her, whilst chasing after Sun Wukong. Penny speaks robotically, behaves erratically, and is overly active in general. All her actions and emotional states were rather extreme and overacted. When Ruby and Bann unintentionally made an unconditional offer of friendship, Penny seemed both immensely pleased and somewhat surprised. Another small quirk is that Penny hiccups whenever she tells a lie.

She also seemed to place great value on friendship, as she was greatly angered at the sight of Ruby getting knocked down by Roman's flare in "Black and White." She also placed trust in Ruby and Bann based on them promising that they a…

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Spinoirr Spinoirr 5 days ago

Bann Belladonna

Bann Belladonna is the main protagonist of what if earth was replaced by Remnant. A Saiyan, sent to Remnant as a baby by his father Bardock so he can be safe, escape the destruction of Planet Vegeta and the Saiyan race as Bardock had feared. Bann became a kind-hearted boy after he bumped his head and was adopted by Kali Belladonna and Ghira Belladonna and raised alongside their daughter Blake Belladonna. Bann and his sister were former members of the White Fang, a social rights advocacy group turned extremist paramilitary organization. However, he left with his sister in disgust of their violence and joined Beacon Academy to become a Huntsman. However when fighting Adam, Adam revealed he was never a faunus like everyone believes and neithe…

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Diamond Drone Diamond Drone 5 days ago

HLVRAI: General Feats

General Feats for the Half-Life Machinma/Theater/Roleplay: Half-Life: VR but the AI is self aware. Created by WayneradioTV and his friends.

  • 1 Coomer takes a great fall
  • 2 Bubby Rocket Ride
    • 2.1 Inverse Square the Bubby
  • 3 Bubby and Coomer Space Travel
    • 3.1 Done by Bubby
    • 3.2 Done by Coomer?
  • 4 Coomer is torn apart
    • 4.1 Using Low Volume
    • 4.2 Using High Volume
    • 4.3 Tally
  • 5 Coomer 300 Clone Escape KE
  • 6 Skeletons and Benrey are extremely Large
    • 6.1 Skeleton on a Jet
    • 6.2 Benrey the Big Cool
  • 7 Darnold lifts a Barrel of Potion
  • 8 Statements & Multipliers
    • 8.1 Multipliers
    • 8.2 Statements
  • 9 Results
    • 9.1 AP/Dura
    • 9.2 LS
    • 9.3 Speed
  • 10 Scaling & Tiering
    • 10.1 AI AND PLAYER
    • 10.2 ACT: 1 to ACT: 2
    • 10.3 ACT: 3 and early ACT: 4
    • 10.4 ACT: 4

In ACT: 2 Part: 1. Dr. Coomer, the Scientist with many Cybernetics, takes a Fall higher …

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Spinoirr Spinoirr 6 days ago

Vegeta Schnee (Dragon ball Super)

Key: Battle of Gods Saga | Universe 6 Saga | Future Trunks/Universe Survival Saga | Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga | Granolah the Survivor Saga

Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:

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Promestein Promestein 6 days ago

Natural Sin - Love at First Sight

It's at that point that they round the corner and Logos sees the most beautiful woman he's ever seen in his entire life.

Before even registering anything about her on anything but the most instinctual level, he feels like he's been punched in the stomach, blowing all the air out from his lungs and leaving him choking and sputtering on nothing in a desperate struggle to stay alive. On top of that, it's like everything else in the world has suddenly ceased to exist in any relevant regard, leaving just the two of them, their eyes meeting a second - her eyes are beautiful, so red, slit pupils that he feels are staring into his soul and seeing just how much he's fucking writhing and falling apart from just the experience of being near this woman …

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HowManyMemes HowManyMemes 8 days ago

El Shaddai

Born from the Ein Sof's essence itself, El Shaddai had spawned into existence alongside the being known as Elohim. Both knew their purpose the moment that they were Observed by humanity, and immediately fought for control. Elohim became known as the God of the Old Testament, taking its mantle and title while El Shaddai took the mantle of the God of the New Testament. Both she and Elohim formed the history of both the Old Testament and New Testament, but none of them had control over the being that was between them. Or, who became known as Jesus Christ. Multiple times they bet on how history would turn out, and sometimes they even appeared as demonic entities to test their faith.

El Shaddai commonly appeared as a woman, walking alongside and…

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HowManyMemes HowManyMemes 9 days ago


Geheim was an AI, a robot meant to combat the unknown presence that had appeared in the city of Ruach one day. In just under 24 hours, this unknown presence was revealed to be named Ruby Hope, and had managed to both show the secrets of the city and escape from such a place. A countermeasure was created for the time that she will eventually have to come back, in the form of Geheim. Being created to practically be Ruby's foil and complete opposite, she gained an intense hatred for Ruby. Believing her foe to merely be a biological foe that disrupted the laws and rulings of evolution.

She encountered Ruby multiple times, either coming out on top or losing, Ruby would always escape her grasp. This made her incredibly fed up, fed up to the point…

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NatzuX NatzuX 13 days ago

Cocaine Verse

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Summary
  • 3 Power of the Verse
  • 4 Supporters/Opponents/Neutral
    • 4.1 Supporters
    • 4.2 Opponents
    • 4.3 Neutral
  • 5 Characters
    • 5.1 Main Character

Cocaine Verse is a novel written for entertainment purposes. Got an idea from a friend of the author of this information.

not yet written.

For a gag series, this verse is actually quite strong. The strongest characters, The Cosmic Cocaine and Kaito have boundless powers.

hax contained in this verse, such as Conceptual Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Plot Manipulation, etc.

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NatzuX NatzuX 13 days ago

Kaito (Cocaine Verse)

  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Powers and Stats
  • 3 Others
  • 4 References

Kaito is the main characters in Cocaine Verse.

Tier: 10-A | 9-A | higher with Cocaine Equipment, 0

Name: Kaito

Origin: Cocaine Verse

Gender: Male

Age: 18 | beyond the concept of time

Classification: The Brave | The Cocaine,Legendary Cocaine

Powers and Abilities:

Attack Potency: Athlete level | Small Building level | higher with Cocaine Equipment, Boundless (Defeated The Cosmic Cocaine)

Speed: Athletic Human | Subsonic+ | Omnipresent

Lifting Strength: Average Human | Class K | Irrelevant

Striking Strength: Athlete Class | Small Building Class | Boundless

Durability: Athlete level | Small Building level | Boundless (Tanked attacks from The Cosmic Cocaine)

Stamina: Atheletic | Infinite | Irrelevant

Range: Standard Melee Range | Boundless with Cocaine Equi…

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Eldritch Umbra Eldritch Umbra 17 days ago

Rapture's Requiem: Kobold Calculations

  • 1 The Calcs
    • 1.1 Sword Kobold Swats Bullets
    • 1.2 Knox Blitzes Sword Kobold
    • 1.3 Sword Kobold Blitzes Patrolman
    • 1.4 Axe Kobold Chops Concrete
    • 1.5 Knox's KE

In Chapter Two, a Sword wielding Kobold swats bullets with its hand.

Kobolds are stated to be "4'6 on average, or 1.3716 meters tall.

Using this body scaling calculator, we find the Kobold's arm to be 0.6019 meters long. Assuming a 90-degree movement, and using pi/2*, we can find the total distance it moved its arm.

pi/2*0.6019= 0.945462309098 meters.

Sword Kobold and the Gunman were both at opposite ends of a car. The average car is 4.5 meters long, so we have our projectile distance.

The gun used is stated to be a P90 PDW, which has a muzzle velocity of 715 m/s. Now we have our projectile speed, so by usin…

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Volt12121 Volt12121 18 days ago

Cody's dura (along with Julia's AP)

Feat: Cody Adams can tank being rammed in by Julia's rocket power-powered scooter.

Julia is an 8 years old girl, which on average weigh 25.6 Kg. her scooter is a Kugoo S1 which weigh 11 Kg so combine these two and we get 36.6 Kg

Julia's rocket-powered scooter was made to keep up with the fastest of motorcycle, which at minimum would make it 420mph.

putting this in our calcultor

we get 652926.03039408 joules or 652.92603 KJ which is Wall level

Julia can harm those superior to cody thus this also scale to evryone's AP

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Eldritch Umbra Eldritch Umbra 18 days ago

Rapture's Requiem

  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Powers of the Verse
  • 3 Characters
    • 3.1 Humans
    • 3.2 Monsters

Rapture's Requiem is an ongoing webnovel series which is updated on a weekly basis.

The official summary of the story reads: In a world plunged into chaos by a civil war between goddess-like witches, Humanity faces extinction. Monsters run rampant. Various factions battle for control of the planet. Walking Calamities, that remained asleep for centuries are stirring. A chosen one has vowed to save the world, but can the world even survive long enough to be saved?

As of right now, not much has been shown. While only Wall Level in power and Subsonic to Subsonic+ in speed, The verse really shines in the terms of abilities, as almost all characters thus far have shown the ability to use m…

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TyranoDoom30 TyranoDoom30 19 days ago

Slayer: Megamorus and his funny galaxies

  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Feat 1: Megamorus outpaces 143 Galaxies
  • 3 Feat 2: Slayer jumps down over galaxies
  • 4 Results

So basically, Megamorus fight takes place on a place with multiple galaxies (a feat i created right now lol) and some speed feats happens

so basically how fast would be those?

Megamorus fly past over 143 galaxies before the background turns into a void full of stars

Assuming the galaxies are averaged sized: 100,000 LY (Size of the Milky Way)

Distance: At least 2,5 Million LY between each other (Which is the distance between Andromeda and the Milky Way)

2,500,000 x 143 = 357500000 Light Years

He flied past those on under 45 seconds

so putting this over here

357500000LY/45s= 7.516155637895667e+22, which is over 250711965472315.75c, which in turn is over 2…

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Smashtwig Smashtwig 25 days ago

Frainteso (OmniRealm Warriors)

Work in Progress

His real name: Frainteso, "Misunderstood" in Italian.

Throughout his early life, he seemed to know of only success. Every activity he had ever partaken in was something he excelled at. Musical instruments, strategic board games, martial arts, creating fictional worlds. He was well liked and received, there was essentially "no flaw" in him. And as expected, a person so "perfect" let it go to his head.

Becoming a dimension hopper to explore the vastness of reality, Frainteso initially wanted to spread his "legendary status" as an seemingly infallible "genius". But then, he realizes that he was not the only extraordinary one out there. However, instead of hanging his head, he was enraged, his ego damaged heavily knowing that som…

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Volt12121 Volt12121 25 days ago

Savior's dura

  • 1 Feat
  • 2 How heavy is a f16 fighter jet?
  • 3 How fast is a f16 fighter jet?
  • 4 The calc

Savior can tank f16 fighter jet ramming into him at full speed

According to this a f16 weigh 33,000 pounds or 14968.55 Kg when loaded

According to this a f16 flies at 1,319 mph or 2123 km/h

putting this in our calcultor

we get 2602823942.4144 joules or 0.62 tons of tnt which is Building level

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Volt12121 Volt12121 27 days ago

Blog for my characters

  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Powers and Stats
    • 2.1 Standard Equipment
    • 2.2 Other
  • 3 Battle Records


Powers and Abilities:

Attack Potency:


Striking Strength:

Lifting Strength:

Travel Speed:

Combat Speed:

Reaction Speed:




Standard Tactics:


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ArbitraryNumbers ArbitraryNumbers 29 December 2021

JoJo Stand OCs: Brontosaurus

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 The Users
    • 2.1 The Gates
    • 2.2 Internet Porn
    • 2.3 Heather Graham
    • 2.4 Me Pants Fall Down
    • 2.5 Enormous Penis
    • 2.6 Another Irish Drinking Song
  • 3 The Brontosaurus

It is my dream to make my own verse with stands in it. I still don't know what I'll call it, but imagine the protagonist ventures into her backyard and falls into a portal, finding herself in a vast world where stands are everywhere; entire civilizations and ecosystems all built around stand abilities. Stands encounters can happen anywhere at any time, and the stands themselves come in all varieties of shapes and sizes. At the time of writing this, I haven't worked out the details of how this world work operate, but that's the kind of world all of my stand OCs will be created for. Keep thi…

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Bossbrosish Bossbrosish 29 December 2021

A-4 and S-2 flight speed

A-4 and S-2 are already Supersonic due to being able to keep up with a F-15 Eagle but their are other feats that show this.

A-4 states that he and S-2 could fly to LA from Area 51 in 13 minutes which they would've have done it if the military didn't stop them with five F-15 jets. If we serch the distance from Area 51 to LA we get 260 miles and using a speed distance calulator we get 536.448 m/s which is Supersonic.

In another instance A-4 and S-2 travel from Anaheim to LA in a minute but are stopped by J-1 and A-5. If we use this site to see the distance from the Anaheim Convention Center to LA we get 41 Km and using a speed distance calulator we get 683.333 m/s which is Supersonic.

Bonus: J-1 and A-5 travel speed to stop A-4 and S-2. For this …

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HowManyMemes HowManyMemes 28 December 2021

Epoch Hope

Epoch was born on the 6th of June, 2061 and at her birth it was evident that she was meant to be a psychic prodigy. Her connection to the Collective Unconscious was the most powerful scene on record, and as such she was ostracized as a child. Her innate connection to the realm led her to be studied and researched upon by the government before she was eventually released. Now essentially being deemed worthless, she was placed into a foster care system and luckily, found her home on the first try. This family taught her many things about life that she couldn't have learned from a metallic test room. It wasn't long until she was actually allowed to enter into a military school to be able to fight against the Shadows of the world. This is wher…

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KingNOOB9910 KingNOOB9910 24 December 2021


MariaVerse is Fanmade which is in tiktok available in Thai The content in the story will be funny, But it conceals the strength of the character under a strong cosmology and "high side".

  • 1 Power of the Verse
  • 2 Cosmology
  • 3 Character
    • 3.1 Main Characters

Characters are generally around Universe level+ to High Outerverse level(Waiting for confirmation from the trade, but where to trade?) and Infinite, Immeasurable and Omnipresence, while Outers who exist outside destiny tend to be normal humans, except for that they have special abilities in addition to being immortal, and can't die as long as there is a chance they will survive. This series has a few hax abilities like Plot Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation, Acausality, Nonexiste…

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KingNOOB9910 KingNOOB9910 24 December 2021

Mikey Tsundere

H1-A | Possibly 0

Name: Mikey tsundere

Origin: MariaVerse

Age: 16-17

Gender: Male, GERE

Classtification: Human , R U O K , G E R E guys

Classtification: Human , G E R E guy , not human

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,Power Bestowal ,Beyond-Dimensional Existence (Type 3 Existence outside all "doors".), Self-Sustenance(type1 He able to breathe. even if universe is destroyed), Existence Erasure, Conceptual Manipulation(Type 2), Regeneration negation (High godly ,can kill kanon permanently) , Immortality(type3 ,4 ,9 .Mikey clings to the sea of ​​origin.), Regeneration (High Godly can restore the Sea of ​​Origin), Acausality(type 5), Breaking the Fourth Wall(Recognize the existence of the author), Nonexistent Physiology(type 2 .His body merged with the s…

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HowManyMemes HowManyMemes 18 December 2021


Belial was once an Angel of Heaven, tricked and swayed to join Lucifer's side of one third of the host of Angels. Fighting in the War in Heaven, being granted the title of 'The Fallen' for she was the one to draw first blood. In the end, she had been tossed out of Heaven, falling onto the Earth. From there, she took up her new name as the Demon of wicked or worthless, constantly tricking humanity to worship false gods. That is, how it was supposed to be for the remainder of her life. But one day she had gotten a message from God, redeeming her for the purpose of preparing for the apocalypse. Moving around the Earth, she neutralizes any sort of entity that may stop such an event from occurring.

As such, she constantly went up against various…

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Peakbread Peakbread 16 December 2021

Daemon Lords


Daemon Lords or Daemon Princes, sometimes called The Dark Gods, are powerful malevolent entities hailing from the lower realms of The Astral Warp. Depending on where they are, each circle of hell contains single Daemon Lord that governs over all beings who reside in its assigned circles. They have full reign over the circle their governing in and has powerful reality-warping abilities in which they can easily make and unmake small multiverses within their circle. It is because of their vast power and cruel nature, that all the other circles must remain natural ground or else, the forces of heaven will take the opportunity to attack when full war is broken loose in hell.

While these Daemon Lords appear to be omnipotent and omnipresent i…

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Nerd Tracker Nerd Tracker 15 December 2021

Gabriel (My OC)

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Peakbread Peakbread 14 December 2021

Daemonic Phenomena


Daemons are known to be menace in society and the world itself, bringing destruction and misery onto the physical world for the thrill of it or having malicious purpose. Because of the astral warp's energies flowing across realities, it is the sole reason why everyone has to endure their attacks as both dimensions have connection albeit its weak. But yet, daemons trying naturally enter in the world is uncommon but still happens time to time. Because of this, it is highly recommend to listen closely in what we has to say in avoiding for being the target of one of them.

The Term "Daemonic Phenomena" or sometimes called "Daemonic Insurgence", is event when daemon has entered our reality but are mostly unable to interact in the physical world…

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Peakbread Peakbread 13 December 2021

Stonewill Mansion


Notice: Pics are public domain

The Stonewill Mansion or sometimes commonly called Stonewill Manor, is gothic style castle home to the vampire Alucard. It is located in undisclosed place, where it is separated from the rules and logic of the natural world as the area has its own set of principles under the rule of Alucard. Nonetheless, the manor has surrounding fog that makes it difficult for intruders to find their way into the place or escape as they usually get lost and die from starvation or wild animal finds them. When visibly seen from the outside of the mansion, it has many bright-yellow windows all over the building to give it spooky feel to it. There are numerous rooms without windows in the manor and commonly has unending night …

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LordTracer LordTracer 13 December 2021

Transformers Infinity Calcs: Part 2

  • 1 Bumblebee Creates a Storm
  • 2 Windblade Makes a Storm
  • 3 Fracture Shakes Cybertron
    • 3.1 Attack Potency
    • 3.2 Speed
  • 4 Stinger Splits Cybertron In Two
  • 5 Results

Feat: While testing his electrokinetic abilities, Bumblebee was able to create a thunderstorm that covered an entire ocean.

As a lowball, I'll use the smallest known ocean - the Arctic Ocean - as a point of reference. The Arctic Ocean has an area of 13,985,935,800,000 m^2.

Formula = Area * 8000 * 1.003 * CAPE

The 8,000m end of cumulonimbus clouds will be used, again, as a lowball.

Bee's storm wasn't very strong, so 1000 j/kg will be used for CAPE.

13,985,935,800,000 * 8000 * 1.003 * 1000 = 1.1222314e20 joules

Bumblebee created this storm with seven blasts of his electrokinesis, so the result will have to be…

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AlsoPbGoat AlsoPbGoat 11 December 2021

More assorted feats

more assorted, non-oc, feats..yay

i am trying to work on actual oc stuff, but it's actually pretty tedious, so until then... imma do some chainsaw man feats

  • 1 Power smashes finger boi
  • 2 low end (91.44 cm)
  • 3 high end (152.4 cm)
  • 4 verdict

(i already had this typed out but i...lost it...somehow)

so, i don't feel like typing out everything again, so you get the abridged version.

finger boi gets assassin's creeded and it was c h u n k y, and basically i'm going with the assumption that the pole next to finger boi is between 3 and 5 feet (91.44 and 152.4 cm). of course i used a ruler and got the relative measurments of

pole: 1.5 inches | fb height: 5 inches | fb width: 2.5 inches

and for his volume i decided on something between a cylinder and a cone, or 2/3 …

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Spinoirr Spinoirr 6 December 2021


|-|Vegito= |-|Super Vegito= |-|Candy Vegito= |-|Vegito Blue=

Rubgeta is the Potara Fusion of Ruby Rose and Vegeta, iginally formed to defeat Fusion Zamasu. While all fusions have immense power, Rubgetas power is abnormal even by Potara standards, as Vegeta and Rubgeta's rivalry and being a half Saiyan fusion has brought out an exceptional power.

Tier: 3-A

Name: Rubgeta

Origin: Dragon Ball, RWBY

Age: Up to an hour

Gender: Female

Classification: half-Saiyan, Potara Fusion

Powers and Abilities: Master Martial Artist, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Acrobatics, Ki Manipulation (Can be used defensively and offensively, to strengthen his skin or to fire ki blasts, which can home in on targets, suppress others' blasts, change the weather, form defensive bar…

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HowManyMemes HowManyMemes 5 December 2021

Hassan Nash

Born in 2013, Hassan grew up in a blasted wasteland that was once Sonoran Desert of Mexico. Growing up he learned to scrounge for various supplies and self-defense. However, he found himself enjoying the fights against groups of soldiers and as such, got into way more fights than his father could handle. Much like with Akari, he too had a chance encounter with the supernatural. At the age of 21, he fought against a chimera. That was when he found out his demonic heritage, moving around the world afterwards in order to find out why he was like this. He stumbled upon Utopia when he was 32, and fought against Akari.

After explaining his heritage, the two went on a quest to save the world, one way or another. Along the way they had gathered qui…

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Uzukeas Uzukeas 4 December 2021

Kyran Smith(WIP)

  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Powers and Stats
  • 3 Explanations (Optional)
  • 4 Gallery
  • 5 Others

Kyran is the son of Kai Smith and Skylor, Being a former student of Ninjago High. Before the two year timeskip, Kyran was best friends with a boy named Yjin. Though a series of many unfortunate events occured, Causing Kyran to leave the school and become a vigilante.

Tier: Low 6-B( Hurt Yjin; Who destroyed a country with relative ease.) 6-B(With the Regulating Gauntlets and regular Elemental Blade.) High 6-A(The Elemental Blade In another timeline sliced through a beam created by EA)

Name: Kyran Smith

Origin: Ninjago: Next Generation

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Classification: Elemental Master

Powers and Abilities:

Attack Potency: The character's attack power or destructive capacity (in bold; add an…

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Eldritch Umbra Eldritch Umbra 4 December 2021

Eldritch Bleak- Runnin', Runnin', Runnin'

Here's the feat

Distance: 12 miles --> 19312.128 meters

Timeframe: 5 minutes --> 300 seconds

Speed Formula: Time/Distance=Speed

Calculation: 19312.128 / 300 = 64.37376 m/s

Results: 64.37 m/s (Subsonic)

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HowManyMemes HowManyMemes 3 December 2021

Lucifer (Revelations)

Attack Potency: Outerverse Level (Exists in the Sefirot and transcends the Four Worlds) | Outerverse Level (Stands at the zenith of the Sefirot and capable of controlling its structure. Stands closest to Elohim out of all angels), higher with transformations (Stands above his base angelic form and completely dwarfs it in power. When becoming the Cog of Elohim he compared his base self as an ant and his new form as a galaxy)

Speed: Irrelevant | Irrelevant (Far faster than before)

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant | Irrelevant

Striking Strength: Outerversal | Outerversal, higher with transformations

Durability: Outerverse Level | Outerverse Level, higher with transformations

Stamina: Infinite (Draws power from the souls that are contained within Sefirot, of which it co…

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Eldritch Umbra Eldritch Umbra 1 December 2021

Eldritch Bleak- Grave Digging

All right, here's the feat.

Shape of Hole: Likely a Cube, due to all the sides of the hole being equal.

Volume: 200^3 = 8000000cm^3

Material: Soil

Method of Destruction: Either V-Frag or Pulverization, with pulverization being more likely due to Felix's inability to control his strength at this time. Meaning the volume will be multiplied by 0.2 and by 1 to get the high end and low end.

Timeframe: 20 minutes = 1200 seconds

Calculation (Low): 8000000*0.2/1200 = 1333.33 Joules (Street Level)

Calculcation (High): 8000000*1/1200 = 6666.67 Joules (Street Level+)

Both ends are within 9-C. Lower than his current 9-B rating, but this makes a good supporting feat.

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Promestein Promestein 29 November 2021

Starcross - Speed Feats

Continuing my series of installment-specific speed calcs...

This one's actually both written out and posted!

While her nuclear reaction will take its sweet time crossing that distance, Alice can break through it in just the blink of an eye, and she does so, kicking herself forward. Blowing past a thousand lightyears of altered space, Alice rears her left fist back, sensing Kyarne’s position and throwing the punch only when she’s played Kyarne’s reactions over in her head a few thousand times.

1,000 lightyears of altered space is still 1,000 lightyears, crossed in the blink of an eye, which averages out at 150 milliseconds, or 0.15 seconds.

Distance: 1,000 ly

Time: 0.15 seconds

Speed: 6,666.66666667 light years per second, or 210,384,000,000.105194…

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Komodo25M Komodo25M 29 November 2021

Troy Punch Dodging

However, even though it was a few centimeters away from hitting him, he sidestepped the punch, moving a meter or so.

Distance of Punch: About 3 centimeters (0.03 meters)

Speed of Punch: 15 mph

Timeframe: 0.00447387 seconds

Distance Troy moved: a meter

Speed: 500 miles per hour (Mach 0.651662)


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Uzukeas Uzukeas 29 November 2021

Akeno Nerus(WIP)

  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Powers and Stats
  • 3 Gallery
  • 4 Others

Akeno is a boy blessed with Shirou Emiyas abilities. He comes from a world where animated media are blessed onto normal people. Akeno while taking Shirou Emiyas powers also takes up his ideals. However he still makes silly mistakes as a teen; Despite wanting to be a hero he come out shining like a villain in some situations.

Tier: 9-C(Hurt Robert) 9-A(With Shirous Kore) 8-B(With Kanshou and Bakuya) Possibly 7-B(If he had more control over his Kore, He could of destroyed NYC) 6-C(Defeated Ainsely) 6-A(With Unlimited Blade Works)

Name: Akeno Nerus

Origin: Vortex Season 1(Alpha)

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Classification: Calamity

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magecraft, Enhanced Senses(Has The M…

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Imouto-tan Imouto-tan 27 November 2021

Berserker (Yasuke)/If it was up to date

Yasuke is a temporary Counter Guardian working under the Eden Organization. Though young-looking, Yasuke has been through countless fights and wars and has fought alongside one of the most (in)famous warlords of all time, Oda Nobunaga in the turbulent and warlike times of ancient Japan. Recently became the de-facto leader of Team B after the death of Setanta at the hands of Connla Alter in Cyberdimension and Demon King Nobunaga coming down with Agonist Disorder making them a threat to the safety of the other members of Eden.

  • 1 Background
  • 2 Appearance
  • 3 Personality
  • 4 Combat Statistics
  • 5 Powers and Abilities
    • 5.1 Noble Phantasm
  • 6 Equipment
    • 6.1 Class Skills
    • 6.2 Personal Skills
    • 6.3 Weaknesses
    • 6.4 Trivia

Yasuke was an African slave speculated to have been from South Su…

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Spinoirr Spinoirr 27 November 2021

Ruby Rose (Dragon Ball Super)

Ruby Rose is the year old leader of Team RWBY who attended Beacon Academy two years early, due to her abilities impressing the headmaster. Trained by her Uncle Qrow, Ruby wields a unique weapon named Crescent Rose, a cross between a scythe and a high-caliber sniper rifle that is able to fold up into itself. Her semblance is speed, enabling her to run at rates that are too fast for the eye to catch. As she is the youngest of the group, she can be a bit childish, naive, and weapon-obsessed, but displays leadership qualities and an understanding of people that ultimately led her to be chosen as Team RWBY's leader. She was inspired to become a Huntress by the fairy tales her half-sister Yang read her, wanting to become just like the heroes in …

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Peakbread Peakbread 26 November 2021

SCP Foundation X Spectrum Crossover


Disclaimer: SCP Foundation, The Doctor Who Series and Toaru Majutsu no Index is owned by the rightful owners of their respective shows and isn't anyway afflicted with the canon series of Spectrum. This crossover fanfiction is all written for fun or entertainment as I am NOT getting any financial gain from making this fanfiction. Furthermore, credit goes to the creators who was responsible of making the music video above!

Note: Characters may or may not act out of character due to being written by the perceptive of the paid writer!

Paid Writer of this crossover fanfiction;


The universe was a vast plane with many sights to see. A team of warriors traveled through the vast universe and multi-verse in search of abnormalities. Thei…

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Promestein Promestein 26 November 2021

Natural Sin - Speed Feats

My inane, wretched fascination with, of all characters, this wretched prequel-specific baby boy and the narrative I've spun around his life despite intending to avoid fully developing him has resulted in a rather strongly formed prequel narrative for his life, so fuck everything I guess. Here's a calc for it. More will come later, maybe.

The protag quartet (Logos and Sophia + 2) travels to the end of the universe in search of a certain someone, with said journey taking about 6 hours. As stated on the pages, this was not their top speed and they weren't moving the entire time, so this is a lowball. Assuming this is observable universe-sized and they start at the center...

Distance: 46,500,000,000 ly

Timeframe: 6 hours

Speed: 2,152,777.77778 light…

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LordTracer LordTracer 26 November 2021

Transformers Infinity Calcs: Part 1

  • 1 Bumblebee Splits a World
  • 2 The Seekers Destroy a Planet
  • 3 Optimus Punches Moonbase Two
  • 4 Fracture Punches Cyberion
  • 5 Cataclysm Nukes Three Worlds
  • 6 Extra: Spinister Melts a Planet
  • 7 Results

Feat: During the Great War, Bumblebee used his stinger axe to slice a planet into two pieces.

The planet in question was Proxima Centauri B, as it was the smaller of the two planets in the Proxima Centauri solar system with Cybertron.

The split was clearly visible when the planet was approached from space, so 100 kilometers (10,000 meters) seems like a reasonable assumption.

Proxima Centauri B is estimated to have a radius of 1.08x Earth. Earth has a radius of 6,378 kilometers, or 6,378,000 meters.

1.08 x 6,378,000 = 6,888,240 meters.

As mentioned in the link above, Pro…

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Smashtwig Smashtwig 25 November 2021

Ethan Xavier (OmniRealm Warriors)

Ethan is one of the two main protagonists of OmniRealm Warriors 2. He also appears as a boss in ORW1 when a Corrupted version of himself travelled to the past to destroy the original OmniRealm Warriors.

Stats may be unjustifiable due to the lack of Smashtwig's attention to ORW2, as he focuses on ORW1 more.

  • 1 Summary
    • 1.1 Personality
      • 1.1.1 States
      • 1.1.2 Fighting Style
  • 2 Trivia
  • 3 ==

Ethan is one of the two main characters of OmniRealm Warriors 2 and the first member of the XenoRealm Warriors.

Living in the titanium Neo Hex City, Ethan grew up in a very advanced technological age, where supercomputers were small enough to fit into a contact lens and the biggest of technologies in the normal world was nothing to be awed at by their standards.

As a child Ethan h…

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LordTracer LordTracer 25 November 2021


Energon is a substance that is extremely vital to the wellbeing and livelihood of the Cybertronian race. There are many types of Energon, and it comes in many different shapes and sizes.

Raw Energon: One of the two purest forms of energon. Raw Energon is typically found underground in the form of ores and/or crystals, although liquid Energon can also be found in streams. In its raw state, energon is extremely volatile, so miners need specific containers (usually Energon cubes) in order to make transport safe. Raw Energon can be distinguished by its bright white color.

Internalized Energon: The other pure state of energon, even more pure than raw Energon. Internalized Energon is the Cybertronian equivalent of blood, and it functions the same wa…

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LordTracer LordTracer 25 November 2021

Cybertronian Physiology

  • 1 Summary
  • 2 All Cybertronians
  • 3 Cold-Constructed
  • 4 Point-One Percenters
  • 5 Minicons
  • 6 Beast Cybertronians
  • 7 Insecticons

Cybertronians are a species of sentient mechanical (and semi-organic) beings that originate from the machine planet known as Cybertron, a planet orbiting the star Proxima Centauri in the Alpha Centauri system.

The human race, after learning of the existence of Cybertronians, gave them the designation of “Transformer,” due to their innate ability to change shape - rearranging their bodies from their natural base form to an alternate form, typically a vehicle, but some have been known to transform into weapons, machinery, or even animals.

While the majority of Cybertronians have the same abilities, there are different breeds and types with t…

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Peakbread Peakbread 24 November 2021

21st Century


Pics is public domain

“Let not man fall before its steps but to rise above it” – Former and deceased agent of The Illuminati

When mankind came to rule the world, chronicles of recorded events transpired in earth against their monster competitors for claim of conquest. Humanity's history has shaped through bloodshed and myths against these strange species in what we called monsters.

Whichever horror man had endured in distant ages of history, we had faced the unspeakable obstacles alone and made way of new age for humanity after our last and finally war against them.

After the bloody event between our species against theirs, the War of Broken Dreams is the marking of beginning in the 21st century and the modern era with a complete reign over …

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Roneelnewton1900 Roneelnewton1900 23 November 2021

Irene Slayer

  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Appearance
  • 3 Personality
  • 4 Personal Statistics
  • 5 Combat Statistics

Irene Slayer is an immensely powerful Squire empowered by Izreldan, she is Jake Caster’s best friend and she fought alongside him in the God War. Irene was born to the Slayer family in Uruk, Mesopotamia; even before gaining her powers, she was a highly proficient and skilled warrior feared by many. As the Slayer family was in an alliance with the Caster family, Irene and Jake were almost always seen together, and their friendship was a reminder of the peace between the families. During the Uruk period, Irene and Jake became known as the duo Gilgamesh and Enkidu after slaying several dangerous supernatural creatures that threatened the city; when the Mesopotamian Pantheon de…

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Peakbread Peakbread 20 November 2021

The Illuminati

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"The Illuminati is a monolith, a titan among men, a colossus standing guard against the darkness. It is the only thing keeping us safe from the terrors of the night, from the beasts that prowl in the shadows, waiting to strike. It is our shield, our guardian, our great protector, our shining beacon in the darkness."

"We give light to you in darkness, and shadow in light."

Disclaimer: Pictures in this page are either public domain or creative common, and credit goes to the person who made the music video. Also, the content in this page might change as it is not nearly complete yet.

  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Culture
  • 3 Public Agenda
  • 4 Demography and Population
  • 5 Powers and Stats

The Illuminati is a civil organization tasked in surveillance,recruitment,c…

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Peakbread Peakbread 20 November 2021

Lance Winchester

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