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While monsters come all shape and sizes while being a complete anomaly, Cryptids are the most common races of monsters that are well documented by humans and mostly outnumber the unrecognizable monsters we see today.

Cryptids are still monsters but with twist. They are known races of mysterious entities from folklore, vernacular and mythologies around the world. There are two sub-categories for the cryptids: mythological and legendary. The mythological category is what most vernacular, legends and stories revolve around.

Legend refers to a type of mythical creature that doesn't necessarily exist. Cryptids are often misunderstood by the general public and even scientists. Some examples of cryptid races include: werewolves, dem…

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Q: What are Planets?

Answer: Planets are astronomical bodies orbiting around a star that is bound by the rounded gravity of its own. They may contain life depending on the circumstances these planets are thrust into. In additional, planets were both created by supernatural forces or natural phenomenon.

Q: What are stars?

Answer: Luminous balls of plasma being held together by its own gravity. Because of that, stars are the most important part of life as they responsible for feeding photosynthesis to planets with life. Legends say that the stars themselves are also self aware and capable of thought, though it might be just rumors, right?

Q: What are constellations?

Answer: Constellations happens when you see during the night and depending on t…

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Raphael, also known as “Raph” is the second oldest brother of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He is the physically strongest of his brothers and thus, serves as the muscle for the group.

Tier: 9-C

Name: Raphael

Origins: TMNT: Shell Shocked

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Classification: Mutant, Anthropomorphic Turtle, Ninja

Powers and Abilities: Peak Human Physical Characteristics, Master Martial Artist, Weapon Mastery (Wields dual sais, as well as shuriken and kunai), Stealth Mastery, Acrobatics, Rage Power (Gets increasingly angry the more times he gets hit)

Attack Potency: Street level (Can kick hard enough to break bone and is comparable to his brothers who have done the same. Higher with his sai and rage boosts)

Speed: Athletic Human (Slower than all of his brot…

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The Realms of Light


  • 1 Summary:
  • 2 Description:
  • 3 Overview:
  • 4 Planes of Heaven:

Heaven is considerably The Afterlife that is ruled and overseen by God himself. It consist of many sectors in the higher realms of The Astral World. The places are transcendent and inhabited by benevolent entities.

The term “Heaven” is primarily described as a place where every wish and desire are immediately fulfilled by those who were righteous or worthy in entering the place. No negativity or misery is real as the concept of it merely doesn’t exist.

People who had good deeds that out weigh their sins or completed their destiny are allowed to gain entrance into heaven. But, if one has more sins than their good actions or hasn’t completed their destiny, they are immediately sent astray to …

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Amaranth Shakes Ashiva

The Feat: After being enraged by a variety of beast monsters, Amaranth decided to stop being so neutral for a few moments. During that time, her mere footsteps caused the entire world to shake, causing global volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and tsunamis. The damage done to the planet was so bad that other Divine Entities had to step in and restore it to it's previous state.

The formula for finding the magnitude of the Earthquake is as follows:

Formula: (Magnitude at distance) + 6.399 + 1.66×log((distance from epicenter in KM/110)×((2×π)/360)) = Richter Magnitude of Earthquake

For this case, that'll be a 10 for the magnitude at a distance and half the Circumference of Ashiva, which has a radius 3.5x that of Earth.

(10) + 6.399 + 1.66*log((70000/…

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Leonardo, also known as “Leo” is the oldest brother of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. With his discipline and focus, Leonardo serves as the leader of his brothers in combating the Foot clan and their leader, the Shredder.

Tier: 9-C

Name: Leonardo

Origins: TMNT: Shell Shocked

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Classification: Mutant, Anthropomorphic Turtle, Ninja

Powers and Abilities: Peak Human Physical Characteristics, Master Martial Artist (Superior martial artist to even his brothers), Weapon Mastery (Wields dual katanas, as well as shuriken and kunai), Stealth Mastery, Acrobatics

Attack Potency: Street level (Can kick hard enough to break bone and is comparable to his brothers who have done the same. Higher with his katanas)

Speed: Athletic Human (Faster than highl…

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Attack Potency: Street level (Can kick hard enough to break bone and is comparable to his brothers who have done the same. Higher with his Bō) | Multi-City Block level (Before getting destroyed, he could somewhat contend with the Tengu Shredder, who tanked an explosion with a yield of over 300 tons of TNT)

Speed: Athletic Human (Faster than highly trained ninjas), with Superhuman throwing speed for shuriken and kunai (His throwing weapons easily catch up to ninjas running at full speed from a distance). Speed of Light attack speed with the phase pistol | Supersonic (Broke the sound barrier while flying, and claimed he could run just as fast)

Lifting Strength: Peak Human (Shouldn't be too much weaker than Raphael) | Class M (Lifted and threw a large cargo s…

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The Realms of Darkness


The Realms of Darkness, Inferno and among other names while being normally called as simply Hell, is the main spheres of the lower realms in The Astral World.

It is the lower realms of the astral world that is powered by pure chaotic magic and energy of negativity from the influence of mortals. It is a place where dreams of nightmares and fears are born while the laws of physics or thermodynamics are forever changing in chaotic matter. It is also the home of many deities and vile entities that is born from the selfishness of life itself.

Gravity and space are controlled by the most powerful inhabitants of the Inferno while “The Devil” himself is considerably to be the true ruler of the underworld. Due to its chaotic place, mortals are ca…

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Gingakei's funny cosmology

Ok so uh, what's Gingakei? A funny verse of mine that I started 5 years ago. Anyways, here's it's cosmology explained since its barely explained on all the profiles I'm going to upload:

  • > = Higher dimensionality / layer than.
  • >> = Encompasses.
  • >>> = Transcendent to.
  • +> = Absolutely transcendent to.
  • ∞> = Unbound of (and anything higher).

The Mindspace ∞> Higher Divine Realm +> The Omniverse >> Lower Divine Realm +> Higher Dimensional Layers > The Nexus > Lower Dimensional Layers >> The Abyss > The Mortal World.

The Mindspace (0 - Low S/2): The fabric of dreams, the realm of the author itself. It is unbound off the entire verse with no way to be entered unless the author itself lets you in. Being the shell and skeleton of literally everything that…

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Xephoni is Disgustingly Fast

The Feat: Xephoni flies past centillions of galaxies, crossing the universe to a planet at the edge of space, destroys it, and flies back to Ashiva in less time than it'd take to watch a single youtube video.

So first off, just how much is one centillion? Well, the answer varies. It can either be 10^303 or 10^600. For that reason, I'll be using two different ends. Though, it's not going to matter much in the long run since this feat is crazy either way.

Next, Xephoni says centillionS in plural, meaning there are multiple centillions of galaxies. Just how many centillions, well, for a conservative estimate I'll multiple the final result by 3. Meaning, they flew across at least 3 centillion galaxies.

If that wasn't enough on its own, now we have…

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Quick GBE Thing

GBE of HD546-B

All information about the specifics used for this calc are based on wikipedia.

GBE Formula: U = (3GM^2)/(5R)

G = 6.67408x10^-11

R = 69911*6.9

M = (1.898e27)*3.1

U = (3*(6.67408e-11)*(13,096,200,000,000,000,000,000,000,000)^2/(5*482385)

U = 1.42e+40 Joules

= 3.39e+30 Tons

= 3.393 Tenatons

Dwarf Star level

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Demon Physiology


Mind Manipulation



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Monster Physiology

  • 1 Standard Abilities for Monsters
  • 2 Low-Level Monsters
  • 3 Mid-Level Monsters
  • 4 High-Level Monsters
  • 5 God-Tier Monsters

  • Superhuman Physical Characteristics - Monsters are naturally far stronger than humans, with the weakest of them being easily capable of tearing a man's head clean off from his spine.
  • Large Size (Up to Type 0) - Monsters are usually around 2-10 meters tall, making them far larger than a normal man.
  • Natural Weaponry - Monsters possess various natural weapons depending on their specific species.
  • Adaptation - Monsters are highly adaptive species that can quickly evolve to fit their current environments.
  • Non-Physical Interaction - Monsters can interact with spirits and ghosts.

All Previous.

  • Regeneration (Low-Mid) - Can regenerate from anything …

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Daemon Physiology

Daemons (Day-Mens) are the monster equivalents of demigods, and some of the most powerful beings in the Adaverse. As such, they have a variety of unique powers differentiating from normal entities.

  • Superhuman Physical Characteristics - Daemons are far stronger than any normal monster. Often possessing the strength to nuke cities, countries, and even worlds with relative ease.
  • Enhanced Senses, Extrasensory Perception - Daemons have unlimited sensory of their surroundings. They can see ghosts, spirits, spiritual energy, and ghosts. They can easily pinpoint invisible and presence-less entities and have extremely accurate perception.
  • Genius Intelligence - All Daemons possess extremely capable and complex minds able to comprehend and utilize the p…

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Sela Feats

  • 1 Power Feats
    • 1.1 Slicing a boulder in half with Wind Cutter
    • 1.2 Creating a miniature sun with Flame Sphere
    • 1.3 Generating large storms and blizzards
    • 1.4 Dispersing Levine's megastorm
    • 1.5 Splitting the moon in half
  • 2 Speed Feats
    • 2.1 Outrunning the Mother Boar
    • 2.2 Dodging and deflecting arrows from Goblins
    • 2.3 Deflecting Stone Bullet projectiles
    • 2.4 Dodging Lightning Bolt at close range
  • 3 Durability Feats
    • 3.1 Endured ramming attacks from the Mother Boar
    • 3.2 Endured Glacia's Max Freeze spell

Pretty simple shearing calc. Boulder was spherical and one meter wide, 0.5 meters in radius.

Ultimate Tensile Strength of rock = 60 MPa

Shear Strength = UTS * 0.6

Cross-sectional area: π0.52 = 0.7853981633 m2

Length of the shear will equal the diameter, so one meter.

0.7853981633 m2 * 60…

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Dreamverse: what even

So ugh

Last night was... something. I'll just leave it in a collapsing tab here.

I literally don't have an explanation
So ugh

I have no idea why I dreamed this

But like, I also really can't keep this to myself so, here's the gist alright

So in whatever setting I somehow manifested, people get this weird abstract powers out of nowhere and they can be amplified by a drug or something to allow themselves to resurrect probably infinitely I don't know

But there's this one really powerful dude who can do anything and is actively hunting down these sorts of people

Whatever character I manifested just wanted to fiddle around with his stuff, upon his like, character creation, he was directed towards another special dude, so he opened his window and flew th…

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Cynthia Corday

Cynthia Corday is a primary protagonist of Grim Days. As the youngest daughter of the Corday Family, Cynthia has very little expected of her and was often written off by her father and mother. This leads her to apply for and be accepted into Grumorn Academy, as she feels that by graduating from this school and becoming a high level Executioner that her family will have to acknowledge her.

Tier: Unknown

Name: Cynthia Corday

Origin: Grim Days

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Classification: Executioner in Training

Powers and Abilities:

Attack Potency:


Lifting Strength:

Striking Strength:




Standard Equipment:



Notable Attacks and Techniques:

Keys: Book 1

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Blake Edmond Sanson

Blake Edmond Sanson is a primary protagonist of Grim Days. In a world plagued by terrible monsters and villainous humans, Blake Edmond Sanson is attends Grumorn Academy, a school which trains its students to become Executors, people that neutralize monsters and people with evil intentions by any means necessary. As the heir to the Sanson Family, which is an enigmatic family known for producing some of the most deadly Executors of all time, Blake is driven by the ideal that his family holds dear. To the Sanson's, Executioners are meant to impartial tools of justice. Fully believing this ideal, Blake fights tirelessly so that he can become that kind of Executioner.

Tier: Unknown

Name: Blake Edmond Sanson

Origin: Grim Days

Gender: Male

Age: 16


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OC Space Marine Chapter

  • 1 Chapter Information
    • 1.1 Chapter History
    • 1.2 Chapter Organisation
    • 1.3 Chapter Beliefs
    • 1.4 Chapter Homeworld
    • 1.5 Chapter Gene-Seed
    • 1.6 Deathwatch Service
    • 1.7 Notable Life-Eaters
    • 1.8 Chapter Appearance

Name: Life-Eaters

Warcry: “Even without his Light we still serve! Without his Love we still serve! Even without his Forgiveness we still serve!”

Founding: Unknown

Number: Small, exact number Unknown

Successors of: Unknown

Successor Chapters: Unknown

Primarch: Unknown

Chapter Master: Insert OC here

Homeworld: Woe

Fortress-Monastery: Unknown

Alligiance: Imperium of Man

Colours: Black, dark purple and white

The Life-Eaters, also sometimes referred to as the “Soulless Few”, is a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter of an unknown Founding composed entirely of Blanks.

The Life-Eaters make their ho…

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Phoenix Lifts Rosa

The Feat: Phoenix does pushups under 1000x gravity while his mentor, Rosa, sits on top of him.

In a pushup, you are lifting around 70% of your total body weight.

Phoenix weighs 100kg: 70kg

Rosa weighs 68kg.

138 * 1000 = 138000 kg in total. Class K

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Ark Speed Calc Stacking Spam

I will proceed to do a bunch of calculation stacking starting right now. Blind yourself if you happen to be serious about fictional calcs. I consider all of this canon.

  • 1 Valentina's Perception Speed
  • 2 Appearing Invisible to Valentina
  • 3 Umami's Cutting Speed
  • 4 Valentina's Upgraded Reaction Speed
  • 5 Ian's Speed
  • 6 Vima crosses a pocket dimension
  • 7 Vima crosses an even bigger dimension

"Valentina can calculate 10^54 different possible outcomes of a scenario in under a nanosecond."

10^54/10^-9 = 10^63 total calculations per second.

1/10^63 = 10^-63 seconds per calculation.

Moving 1 meter in the time it would make her to do one "calculation" would be:

1/10^-63 = 10^63 meters per second. 3.33e+54c

Since Valentina's perception is already 3.33e+54c you would need to be …

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Phoenix explosion feat

So in one case on Ark Phoenix's blows up a town of insects with an explosion that engulfs the entire thing.

The town in question is stated to be the size of real-world Greenville, South Carolina. It has a radius of around 3 miles.

3 miles = 4.8 km

Explosion Formula:

W = R^3*((27136*P+8649)^(1/2)/13568-93/13568)^2

W = 4800^3*((27136*1.37895+8649)^(1/2)/13568-93/13568)^2

= 8.8 Megatons of TNT

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Phoenks Phoenks 9 days ago

weird speed feat

"If lightning was the speed of a human, he'd be the speed of a bullet"

This was stated when describing Phoenix's speed. So I will try and calculate this.

For one, the speed of an average adult man is 5.9 mph or 2.63 m/s.

The speed of the standard bullet is around 1800 mph or 804 m/s.

Which makes it 305.7x faster than a human.

Lightning is accepted to travel at 440000 m/s.

So if this statement is taken at face value, Phoenix is running at over 134,508,000 m/s, well into Relativistic at 45% lightspeed.

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The Astral World


The Astral World is an alternate dimension of purely psionic energy that echoes and underlies the material universe. The astral world is the source of all psionic powers and some believe the astral dimension was responsible for having magic to exist. Moreover, it is home to various entities and separate realms. In particular, the said entities are naturally born from belief of humans and other sentient aliens, some of these entities are benevolent while others wish to seek harm.

Though, not all follow these rules as some are naturally born within the astral realm.

Concepts such as time, as we know it, run differently depending on the realm they inhabitant. What seem like centuries for certain realms, here in the physical universe may equ…

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The War Of Broken Dreams


Author’s Note: What’s written in this book is pieced together from captured documents, eyewitness and survivors from the enemy during the war. I myself was a commander of small group of monster militia in New York City until I lost one of my legs during raid on one of the human invader’s base of operations. That said, the information in this book may not have the full truth of some events but I have done my best to educate the history of this terrific event.

  • 1 The Rise Of the Illuminati
  • 2 Man Vs Traitor
  • 3 The War of Broken Dreams
  • 4 February 24, 2000: The Massacre of New York City
  • 5 December 20, 2010: The Final Stand
  • 6 End of The War

Although it is not well known how much the world suffered during the rise of Cthulhu, Europe suffered the worst as m…

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Men And Beast


“Can I have your attention fellow hunters,” answered Vlad, his mustache chiseled and posture unmoving. “We all know the vile necromancers likes to prowl around cemeteries during night to practice their dark magic as it is our common practice to purge these heretics and their undead abominations.”

They nodded in agreement.

“But,” Vlad’s eyes morphed into fiery rage before continuing. “In the north of the city lies a quiet cemetery that lacked neither sort of supernatural taint nor daemonic presence. However, various reports of people who worked there have concluded that missing corpses and moving shadows have occurred during the past week.”

“Sounds like we have new task at hand,” Buck smirk, a muscular man in his forties. “Whatever it’s go…

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Hunting Werewolves


Dam that stupid mutt! My reserves of silver bullets are nearly depleted. The injuries of facing those wretched beasts made me handicapped, so as injured hunter, I will deploy my knowledge about them.

Werewolves are large humanoid beasts with hunched posture and the appearance of wolf. It is disease and curse that can spread through bite or scratch.

Strangely, this abnormal disease cannot be spread across monsters, though the reason why is unknown. Maybe those monsters have some sort of immunity; the hell is I supposed to know about them? I am not monsterologist!

Anyways, infected humans morphed under full moon and will venture out to hunt any living creature to feast upon. Usually, these freaks prefer to stay away from civilizations like …

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Destruction of Locks


Let me get straight to the point. I am warrior, not writer. Scratch that, I am not good writer at all. Anyway, I want to write about destroying locks than opening them with some picks. I learned about it by observing a burglar opening someone’s door.

Thieves always use paper clips or other short materials that can enter in the keyhole. They usually work, I know, but they forgot alternative and easy of unlocking them. Hammers and axes can bend and destroy the lock. These two weapon types are easy to break on hard surfaces or materials, so be careful.

Locks have different and weird springs that requires thieves to buy the specific lock pick to be time consuming and difficult to open. I once tried opening a locked crate with friend of mind …

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  • Her first to sixth Keys are scaled at Levels 3, 7, 12, 27, 51, and 82 respectively. The last four keys are during and after her Awakening, which succeeds the leveling system altogether.
  • The "Bleeding" ailment gradually lowers maximum HP that cannot be recovered by healing items. The only way to recover maximum HP is by removing the Bleeding ailment and waiting for the wounds to naturally heal on their own or by using specific healing speeds such as Mend.


  • Sela bears a striking resemblance to the female form of Exermis, even having a similar personality, affections, and abilities. One may even say that they were once the same being.
  • Sela is the protagonist of a lost tale which has been thrown in the Antiverse, hence the name of the…

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Hyper Sonic (Space Pea) goes to the Andromeda galaxy

Feat here

The Andromeda galaxy is 2537000 light-years away from Earth

Sonic reached it in 160 frames and the video runs at 30 fps.

160 / 30 = 5.33333333 seconds

2537000 light-years per 5.33333333 seconds = 4.50025511e21 m/s (1.50112352e13x SoL)

When super/hyper charged, he goes back to the Milky Way galaxy in 39 frames.

39 / 30 = 1.3 seconds

2537000 light-years per 1.3 seconds = 1.8462585e22 m/s (6.15845546e13x SoL and 4.1025641x higher than before)

Massively FTL+ either way

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  • 1 Verse Overview
  • 2 Calculations / Scaling
  • 3 Terminology
  • 4 Summary
  • 5 Characters

  • Drew Archer
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  • 1 Verse Overview
  • 2 Calculations and Scaling
  • 3 Terminology
  • 4 Summary
  • 5 Characters

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Wok's Weaverdice game: I really hope this doesn't escalate like the rest of my RP blogs

Luckily, the GM, Wok, is also a calc group member and can see through the basic trickery I can sometimes pull. Such as when I asked if I could roll to block an explosion, but, due to the sudden nature and the fact it's an explosion he said nah and just had me take the damage.

Speaking of explosion, though

  • 1 Justice Man faces his worst enemy
  • 2 Justice Man straight up murders two people
  • 4 Results
  • 5 Justice Man Tanks
  • 6 Justice Man makes

An explosion made by a suicide bomber, to which the only proper reaction is relief efforts to everyone in the nearby building

Either way, since this all in VC I can't provide quotes, but, I can provide context.

So, they're at one of the checkpoints leading in and out of the city (Since the …

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Tikkun (תיקון עולם Lit.meaning Recitification), also known as Nirvana, Moksha, Gnosis, and Henosis, is the elevation of one's existence beyond the realm of the Lower Unity. It is a process that causes an individual to ascend to the upper worlds and touch the borders of the Finite into the Infinite. No longer will the individual be bound by the limitations that bind them within the Lower Unity. Instead, they become an archetype within Atziluth or if they're strong or willful enough, Adam Kadmon.

The process of Tikkun is actually unknown as to one actually goes about achieving it. Various religions across the Earth have postulated different ways to go about achieving it. Within Hinduism, it is believed that to achieve Tikkun/Moksha is to follo…

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Reality Library

  • 1 Summary
  • 2 About the Verse
    • 2.1 Power of the Verse
  • 3 Structures
    • 3.1 Universe
    • 3.2 Kiloverse
    • 3.3 Multiversal Barrier
    • 3.4 Megaverse
    • 3.5 Quantum Multiverse
    • 3.6 Physical World (WIP)
    • 3.7 Outer Realms
    • 3.8 Grand Design (WIP)
    • 3.9 Reality Layer
    • 3.10 The Library of Creation
  • 4 The Hierarchy of Deities
    • 4.1 S-Class Deities (Supreme Deities)
      • 4.1.1 The Judgement Circle
    • 4.2 A-Class Deities (Meta-Abstract Deities)
    • 4.3 B-Class Deities (Higher-Order Deities)
    • 4.4 C-Class Deities (Multiversal Deities)
    • 4.5 D-Class Deities (Universal Deities)
    • 4.6 E-Class Deities (Material Deities)
    • 4.7 F-Class Deities (Demigods)
  • 5 Terms
    • 5.1 "The Author"
    • 5.2 The Law of Balance
    • 5.3 Conceptual Weapons
    • 5.4 The Judgement Circle (WIP)

Everything has to come from something, somewhere. Everything is a story in some way, whether it's a storyboo…

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  • 1 Story
  • 2 Power of the Verse
  • 3 Characters
    • 3.1 Royal Family
    • 3.2 Adventurers
    • 3.3 Deities
    • 3.4 Other
  • 4 Worldbuilding
    • 4.1 Star System
      • 4.1.1 Eunia
    • 4.2 Geography
      • 4.2.1 Ashton Plains
      • 4.2.2 Saltwater Grove
      • 4.2.3 Bortre Sea
      • 4.2.4 The Depths
  • 5 Creatures
    • 5.1 Titans
    • 5.2 Behemoths
    • 5.3 Tyrant Dragons
    • 5.4 Shadow Beasts
  • 6 Terminology
    • 6.1 Ebonite
  • 7 Lore and Trivia

The Bortreverse takes place in the kingdom of Bortre and goes over two separate storylines. The first of these stories follows the first princess of the Kingdom, Silvia Bortre. The second story follows an adventurer named Yulie. Both of these stories are part of the same timeline and sometimes both sides of these stories interconnect.

The Bortreverse is a decently powerful verse, with most of the characters consistently being in the Tier 6 rang…

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Attack Potency: Small Country level+ (Yulie is comparable to the strongest C rank adventurers, and she is capable of taking down a titan by herself; ~5 teratons). Her weapon is capable of bypassing conventional durability | Country level (Quite a bit stronger than before, being promoted to a B- rank adventurer. Yulie was capable of fighting and killing a tyrant dragon practically by herself alongside Xena, although she did receive grave injuries during the end of the battle; ~31 Teratons) | Multi-Continent level+ (Vastly more powerful after she escaped Purgatory. Her magical power became so powerful that it was stated that she could evaporate all of the water in the oceans; ~16 Exatons). Outerverse level via hax (After escaping Purgatory, she became…

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The Seven Demon Overlords


The Seven Demon Overlords are seven demons which rule over the realms of Purgatory. As rulers, they are regarded as some of the most powerful demons that exist in Purgatory and are often feared due to this status and authority. Each Demon Overlord represents a specific cardinal sin; Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, and Lust. Although they embody these cardinal sins, they often do not portray any resemblance to them in their personalities.

Alignment: Either Chaotic Good or Chaotic Neutral

Names: Lucifer, Leviathan, Satan, Belphegor, Mammon, Beelzebub, Asmodeus

Origin: Reality Library

Gender: Depends on the Demon Overlord; either male or female

Age: Beyond the concept of time

Classification: Demons

Personality: Varies.

Height: Avata…

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Shadow Beast

Mysterious beasts that are able to become one with shadows, practically becoming omnipresent in dark places such as caves and are the most dangerous during the night. Because of their nature, they are invulnerable to all physical methods of attack. However, objects and abilities that can produce light are extremely effective against them and are able to disperse them from the surrounding shadows, although they will regain this structure whenever it is possible.

Shadow Beasts are the remains of the dead whose souls has been trapped in Limbo and are unable to escape due to grievous sins. Thus, whatever remained of them in the physical world exists solely as an intangible shadow with no recognition to what they once were, no longer having any …

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Libra is of the seven members of the Judgement Circle and one of the most powerful beings in the Temple of the Supreme. They exist as a physical manifestation of the Law of Balance, which is a concept of a law created by none other than The Author as a fundamental principle to govern the very core of all stories and hierarchies, regardless of the scale. It lies in the core of its nature to be beyond all stories, and is only restrained by The Author as a concept that they have created long ago.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Origin: Reality Library (Exists outside of all stories as part of the Judgement Circle)

Gender: Inapplicable, generally perceived as female.

Age: Has existed since the creation of all story hierarchies.

Classification: The Law …

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The embodiment of "death" itself. Existing as a conceptual being that embodies the concept of "death", Death controls the concepts of life and death, trivializing them as a mere aspect of nature. Death rules over the entire hierarchy of Limbo and stands at the absolute peak, watching over the souls that have traveled to Limbo from the physical world as a sort of guide to the Afterlife. Although its name is often linked to evil, Death is not a malevolent force, but rather a force of nature which guides those at the end of life to their end.

Alignment: True Neutral

Origin: Reality Library

Gender: Inapplicable

Age: Exists beyond the concept of time

Classification: Death Itself, A-Class Deity, Master of Legion

Birthday: Inapplicable

Personality: Deat…

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The Author

The Author can be considered the true supreme being of the entire Reality Library verse. The Author is often described to be the creator and writer of all fiction and nonfiction in the verse, as well as all alternate versions of the tales they tell, such as if a single letter was misspelled and all noncanonical forms of the tale. From their perspective, these tales amount to nothing more than literal scraps of paper.

Not much is known about The Author as they rarely made any appearances, during the times that they have appeared, they had their appearance in the form of a mere avatar, making it impossible to find their true identity. No one knows "who" The Author is because of these avatars, no one knows if one of these avatars was The Autho…

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  • Their personality changes depending on which gender they are currently.


  • Terrified Charon with their mere presence alone and capable of easily blitzing past their perception.
  • Effortlessly curbstomped the Seven Demon Overlords simultaneously.
  • Capable of merging another fictional world into another, combining their histories.
  • Split multiple timelines in half, and even altered the history of them.
  • Took over as the author of the verse, although they were a "fictional" character.
  • Completely destroyed The Author's stories in the Library of Creation and reset the entire verse.
  • Created multiple stories, all of which contain an infinite number of reality layers inside them.


  • Exermis (Female) accidentally published a yuri novel online, only f…

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Xena was born as a daughter of an upper-class family of merchants. While they are not quite considered a "noble" family, they still maintain quite a lot of power in trade. As her family never had a son and as she is the eldest among her other three sisters, she was chosen to become the next heiress to the family business.

However, Xena was born to be quite impulsive and indecisive at times. Not wanting to pressure their daughter with such a responsibility, her parents allowed her to choose what she wanted to do and would choose the next eldest among her sisters to become the heiress in her stead. This choice led to some controversy between the two eldest sisters.

After some time thinking about what to do, Xena finally made up her mind to atte…

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Peakbread Peakbread 15 days ago



Last night was like a few seasons ago, a merchant man in the year 16th century was running away from monster village after begin accused of lying about their trading deal. He decided it was his opportunity to run during the dusk before getting caught by the authorities.

Monsters are dangerous bunch but few sane men and women are insane enough to neither communicate with them nor try to bargain. But to him, he sees opportunities in getting rich.

The running away part made his optimism part of gaining fortune dwelled after realizing he was in the middle of nowhere. Worse still, nights began to fall as the moonlight met my vision, the wind howling across the creepy forest. He immediately set a bedroll, built a small fire and cooked up raw st…

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Peakbread Peakbread 15 days ago

Universe's Edges


What lies beyond the edge of the universe?

The edge of our universe, the boundary of everything we know, is unknown. However, a few theories do exist that attempt to describe what lies beyond this unknown region. Theories such as string theory and inflationary cosmology are currently the leading candidates for an understanding of the universe's ultimate fate and its secrets.

In particular, string theory attempts to unify all forces into one unified framework. It proposes that in its very early stages, the universe consisted of many tiny strings which vibrate at different frequencies, much like musical notes on a guitar string. As time progressed, these vibrations eventually became amplified to create the fundamental particles and force f…

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Peakbread Peakbread 15 days ago

The Rising Thief


People look upon the homeless and poor on the streets as poor souls. These type of wretched folks are lost, living in constant strife as the cold bystanders pass through them without a care of the world. We search and wander in the dangerous streets for scraps and food while the rest of the onlookers mock or ignore us.

Amazingly, I heard a tale of The Rising Thief. It is the tale of a legendary figure of whom my brethren consider a historical and heroic individual while the rich see him as omen. This is the tale of the Rising Thief.

There once was a young man who went by the name Robin. He left his abusive home to become independent and search for glory. What he had realized is after the days of wandering aimlessly on the streets, he not…

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Peakbread Peakbread 15 days ago

The Great Hero


You’ve no doubt have heard the great hero that saved everyone. Across the stormy seas from the ocean to the dangers that plagues us from the unknown, it is no secret that this tale is commonly heard across the corners of our world but alas, it appears I have to explain of what I am talking about.

This tale is legend, the great hero who brought peace and justice whenever he goes was envisioned in limitless adventure of hardship in the world and would not be swayed or deterred by beings that wished to stop him. His mighty magic as it was god himself, slew the abomination that was ravaging across the ocean and lands, managing to defeat the beast in the end while suffering injuries of their awesome battle. For those who managed to survive t…

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Peakbread Peakbread 15 days ago

Pretty Stars


Stars are not just the lights of the sun, moon and planets. They are the voices of our ancestors and prophets, the angels who watched over us all these years, making sure we didn't make wrong turnings and steps.

They are very wise, watching us, guiding us, giving us knowledge to follow, to know what to do with our lives, with our decisions. We never knew how much they cared for us, for all their children on earth and in other worlds, who were watching us, who would watch us forever.

We did not see them or hear from them until now, but that's why I'm crying. I finally get to know my ancestors; I finally meet the saints and angels, who have been observing me all along.

It is such a wonderful feeling to know that you are being guided by your…

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