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Blocky is one of the residents that resides in the source dimension. He oddly doesn't remember or know who made him as he have been traveling and wondering with no purpose of what he was doing there.

Blocky decide to leave the source dimension after hearing source creatures nearby about the outside world. Blocky decides to leave the place by opening a portal,allowing him to leave his home which lead him to place name the ancestral plane.

There he lands somewhere in the wild forest . Where he begins to fight for survival as well trying to find his purpose in life.


Blocky is mute person due to his creation but he use gestures or write down things to communicate to others. He is friendly toward others and have love of building things,making various sculptures and weapons for his arsenal.

Blocky loves the thrill of hunting wild beasts as he feels the joy of fighting dangerous beings to ease his boredom. He is essentially a loner and prefers that way,spending time in wildness brought him serenity and peace.

He hates people who steal his stuff and are willingly to attack them if they don't give it back. Blocky have been training and using variety of weapons during his stay in the wilderness  as well setting up traps to catch unexpecting wild beasts. He is great at stealth,having been relying on his environment to stalk and ambush his prey.

Other than his joy of hunting,he is also architecture and treasure explorer,having been traveling around to collect unexplored treasures and building sculptures for art.


Blocky takes the shape of blue block figure.

Combat Statistics

Tier: 9-A | 7-B with explosion manipulation

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics,immortality (Type 9,source entities true selves resides in the source dimension,once their physical body or soul get destroyed,they instantly respawn back their respective realm in the source dimension.),Dimensional Travel and BFR (Unlike most source entities,he is capable of traveling to other known places or universes from instantly conjuring portal in front of him.),Soul Manipulation and Durability Negation (He can directly attack their very soul from either the use of magic or physically hurting them by focusing on their soul.),Dimensional Storage (He can instantly summon a infinite storage box,where he can store or take out things from it.),Creation (Blocky literally can create objects or things out of air.),Weapon Mastery (He is skilled in all forms of weapons,guns and melee though he is rather just jack of all trades.),Self-Sustenance (Type 2,some source entities have different biology and how they function.),Stealth Mastery (He have using specific environments for hunting and has been travelling around.),Invulnerability (Via Dimensional Storage, has unbreakable armor that is immune to any conventional weaponry.),Summoning (He can instantly conjure another of himself to fight or with with him.),Statistics Amplification (By drawing out from the source dimension,he gain extra boost.),Explosion Manipulation (Blocky can conjure explosive range weapons that varies from the damage and blast radius.)

Attack Potency: Wall level (His melee and some range weapons is capable of destroying any hard material),ignores durability by attacking their very soul. | City level (He is capable of creating ranged weapons that can easily cause nuclear explosions.)  

Speed: Supersonic+ speed and reactions (Is comparable to other source entities that are able to move above the speed of sound)  

Lifting Strength: Class 50 (His buildings consist of whole meters in cube with variety of materials such as solid diamond,able to carry one.)

Striking Strength: Small building class

Durability: Small building level (Can take hits that punch like a heavy vehicle that is being thrown to you without armor.)  | City level with Invulnerability (He can withstood the damage of his own explosion from the use of his armor.)

Stamina: Infinite (Some source entities doesn't require to be created in sleeping or eating.)

Range: Standard melee range,extended melee range with weaponry. Tens of meters with ranged weapons.

Standard Equipment: Melee and range weaponry.

Intelligence: Gifted (Block is essentially quite smart,uses his environment to silently maneuver around as well trying to master all forms of weaponry. He is also quite a good miner and treasure hunter as well building things,having been doing this for many years when he first arrived to the material realm. He is also good at creating traps from the use of his stealth and the environment.)

Weaknesses: None so far.

Notable Attacks and Techniques

  • Dimensional Travel & BFR: Not really used for combat as it is meant for traveling to other far away places though he sometimes use it to silently move to specific spot without the need to physically go there. Blocky can also open the portal to another dimension,sending the opponent to somewhere else via physically shoving them through the use of strategy.
  • Melee Weapons: He is skilled and essentially adept at using all sorts of melee weaponry,his preference is the use of spears.
  • Range Weapons: Blocky can conjure up range weapons that acts like modern guns.
    Shoulder mounted gattling gun warhammer halo 4 wars starcarft 2 ii marine sci fi weapon cannon futuristic concept art laser modern warfare battlefield ghost recon
  • Explosion Manipulation: It varies on his intention of how big the explosion he can produce from the use of his weapons,the biggest he can make is nuclear warhead that is capable of blowing whole city like nuclear bomb. He can also use a timing bomb to set up on specific places or spots.
  • Invulnerability: From getting it in dimensional storage box,he can wear his Armour that is to immune to any conventional weaponry as well having withstood his own explosion attack.
  • Statistics Amplification: By drawing out the source,he can gain extra physical boost.
  • Creation: Blocky can create things out of thin air. Useful for setting up  variety of traps which includes bear traps,cage traps,noose traps to catch their feet and hangs them upside down,etc.
  • Stealthy Mastery: He has been hunting for many years,relying on his environment to ambush and set up traps to confuse and distort his enemies.
  • Summoning: He can instantly conjure another of himself with the same gear and intelligence,with no limit on how much he can conjure.
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