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Blacklight is a secret organisation that monitors and defends the Earth from threats, be it from the Human or Supernatural Worlds. It is a clandestine and global organisation whose existence is unknown to the World Governments as well as the Supernatural, with only a few such as Asmodeus and Hephaestus knowing of its existence.

The organization was founded by Jeanne D'Arc. Since stepping down, leadership was inherited by the Ten Chapter Leaders known as the Divine Ten.


Origins (1428-1440)

Grand Est, the original region where Blacklight was founded

Blacklight was unofficially established in the year 1428 in the town of Domremy-La Pucelle (formerly Domremy). The town is located in the Duchy of Bar (now known as Grand Est Administration Region) in France. The town became the battleground between two monster families, the Werewolves led by Lycaon and the Sanguinis Vampire Family from Rome. A 16 year old Jeanne rallied several people to her side and fought off the monsters that used their town as a ground for war. Most of the members were from a nearby village whose families were caught in the crossfire of the fighting. Eventually, the war ended in the victory of Blacklight and the organization was seemingly disbanded.

The organization saw a resurgence after the Siege of Orleans, where Jeanne D'Arc gained a following and reestablished her organization within the French Army. While it had no official name, Jeanne referred to it as Lumière Noire, meaning Dark Light or Blacklight. She had many followers which soon became her closest confidants in the army. Gilles D'Rais was her adjutant at the time, prior to his execution. With her military career, the size of the organization bolstered in size and began performing occult rituals and off-the-book operations in the name of France.

However, the organization was struck with a power vaccuum after Jeanne's "death". Gilles sought to take power and abused the knowledge he got from Jeanne in order to molest young boys. The other members of her inner circle alongside Jeanne's siblings exposed Gilles and he was executed. A few weeks after Jeanne returned, Blacklight began preparations to expand globally.

In the New World (1534-1910)

Following the discovery of the New World by mainland Europeans, Blacklight expanded overseas with Jeanne personally overseeing the operations from their French headquarters. Seeing the New World as the perfect place for a central headquarters, Jeanne moved the base's main location overseas. There, the organisation made contact with the Native American Tribes and with their Gods. Drafting a treaty and a contract between the two, Blacklight protected the tribes where it could, however, the European members' own prejudice became a large detriment in their goal. As a result, dozens of tribes were wiped out because of the in-fighting between the Chapter Leader, Catherine, and the members of Blacklight who advocated for European supremacy.

However, in spite of this, Blacklight still managed to save a good portion of the Native Peoples and their cultures by recording and protecting tribal lands with magical spells.

Andrew Carnegie, one of Blacklight's Intelligence Operatives

During the year 1860-1865, the North American Chapter of Blacklight became embroiled in the United States Civil War. The current chapter head at the time, Ariel, who was the daughter of Catherine, assisted and revealed herself to the Union President. Forcing a magical contract between herself and Lincoln, she introduced to the Union Army several technological advances that turned the tide of the war in the favor of the Union. Innovations such as the percussion cap system for rifles with higher rates of fire and the French Minie ball, introduced from France to increase accuracy rates. They also "assisted" in the spread of telegraph lines across the United States due to the help of an operative by the name of Andrew Carnegie. With their assistance, the Union managed to outwit and win the Civil War, restoring the Union.

Following Lincoln's assassination, Blacklight's contact with the United States government ceased with Lincoln taking the secret to his grave. Carnegie continued to work with the US Government and eventually establishing Keystone Bridge Company and later, Carnegie Steel Company. Both became economic fronts for the United States Blacklight Chapter.

Involvement in Sino-Japanese Wars (1894-1945)

The Japanese Blacklight Chapter Head shared amicable relationships with Japan's Emperors during their reigns, establishing the same contract that Lincoln had with Ariel. However, Rei, the leader at the time, refused to involve herself with the first Sino-Japanese Wars due to the fact that their sphere of influence extended into East Asia and the SEA regions. Despite this, Rei attempted to mitigate the damages of the war and eventually ended with her personally ending the First War.

Following her death, Taki Adashino became involved in the Second Sino-Japanese War. However, his efforts were spread thin with the advent of the Second World War, forcing Blacklight to become fully involved due to the amount of divine interventions and influences recorded across the known world.

World War I (1914-1918)

With the advent of the first World War due to the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, Blacklight remained on the sidelines for the first several months of the war. All Chapters merely stood by and observed, saving people on both sides and providing relief aid through shadow channels and through their economic fronts. However, on with the Austrian-Serbian battle and with Germany offensive on Belgium and France, the Greek Chapter decided to get involved due to the Ottoman's plan of cleansing the Christian populations of Greece, Assyria, and Armenia.

The current Chapter Head at the time, Perseus Argyros, ordered for the mobilization of its hunter division to begin fighting covertly and destroying key parts of the Ottoman campaign. Meanwhile, down in the South, the Israeli and Egyptian Chapters began moving against the Ottoman's as well. While the three chapter heads agreed to keep out of the UK's campaign, the three chapters all placed several hunters near the Suez Canal and near Gallipoli. At the battle of Gallipoli, with the Royal Navy routed, the Greek Chapter Hunters led by Pyrrhus managed to sabotage the Ottoman front there, which later led to their loss later on.

On the Russian Front of the War, the Russian Chapter soon became preoccupied with both the War on the Czechoslovakian Front and with Vladimir Lenin's Russian Revolution. The Russian Chapter Head was forced to choose between dealing with Lenin and dealing with Germany's advance into Russia. He ultimately decided that the War took priority and left Lenin to his devices, resulting in the rise of the USSR in later years. With Germany's defeat at Czechoslovakia, The Russian Chapter entered the war formally and joined with the Greek, British, Israeli, and Egyptian Chapters.

In the later years of the war, Blacklight's Eastern Chapters continued to provide pieces of intelligence discreetly to Allied Leaders at specific points in time. Due to the intelligence gathered by Asmodeus's spy network and Blacklight's own, they had ample amounts of evidence on the Central Powers and their tactics. Such information allowed the Allies to kick the Ottomans out of Jerusalem. With the Ottoman defeat in Jerusalem, David, the Israeli Chapter Head, noted that there were traces of Divinity amongst the Ottoman Troops. Further investigation revealed that the Zoroastrian Gods and Canaanite Gods were involved in the War. With the supernatural element now exposed, the Divine Ten met in a closed door meeting. Ethan D'Arc, the Chapter Head of the American Branch, proposed that they focus on the Supernatural Element primarily while maintaining support of the Allies.

Several hunters and the Divine Ten soon mobilized and met the Canaanite and Persian Gods on the battlefield. Ethan and Rei engaged the Goddess Mithra above the skies of the Suez, resulting in major storms that battered the area at the time. However, the Goddess's overwhelming power pushed them both back despite their expertise in magic and combat. In the end however, Mithra was pushed back with the appearance of the Elder God, Anu, who revealed that the Annunaki were involved in this war as well. The Divine Ten met with the Elder God, who revealed to them that the war was instigated by the Canaanite Gods, Norse Gods, and Zoroastrian Gods. The Christian Purge in Armenia revealed that those religions were trying to bring themselves back into prominence. Anu also revealed that the Greco-Roman Gods were involved on the side of the Allies and that some Norse Gods had separated themselves from Odin's support of the Central Powers.

With this in mind, the Divine Ten began to plan more carefully and Anu stated that he and his pantheon would support them in fights against the other Divinities. The war continued to rage on and eventually, the United States became involved with the German submarine warfare and the Zimmerman Telegram. With the involvement of the US, the North American Chapter soon became fully involved in the European Theatre whilst also acting alongside the Tribal Deities in order to combat the Mayan and Aztec Gods that allied themselves with the Gods of the Central Powers.

While the Allies went on their Hundred Days Offensive, Blacklight went on their own Hundred Days Offensive. With the assistance of the Tribal Gods of the North and the Incan and Moche Gods from the South, the Aztec and Mayan Gods were confined back into Central America. In the east, the Greek and Mesopotamian Gods beat back the Zoroastrian and Canaanite Gods. The Shinto and Hindu Gods also involved themselves, overwhelming the Norse Gods. The traitor faction ousted Odin as the ruler and Tyr became the new head of the Norse Gods, effectively removing them from the war. After the end of the war, Blacklight disappeared and used powerful memory curses to wipe the minds of the Gods that encountered them.

World War II (1937-1945)

Following the devastating the end of the First World War, Blacklight retreated back into the shadows to reconstitute their losses. Their economic fronts faced a massive blow due to the Great Depression but managed to remain in business. With the rise of the Nazi party in Germany, facism in Italy, and Japan's invasion of East Asia and SEA, Blacklight seemingly lost all control of global affairs. The leader of the Japanese Faction, Rei Adashino, rallied the members of Blacklight and unified the Divine Ten once more. The new leader of the Greek Faction, Pyrrhus, moved first providing relief aid for the countries affected by the German campaign. In Russia, Lenin's death and Stalin's ascension kept them occupied in monitoring the leader but still sent aid to Europe and Asia. In the UK, the British Chapter Head mobilized their hunters while the American Chapter lent all the help it could.

Unlike the previous war, there were no supernatural influences that could be found on either the Allies or the Axis. However, Rei couldn't shake the feeling that there was something more going on. Further investigation done by Pyrrhus's Chapter revealed that there was a demonic presence on both sides of the war as well as Greco-Roman Influence within Italy. The Egyptian and Israeli Chapters began mobilizing their hunters to defend their regions against possible attacks from Gods. However, their biggest challenge was the demonic presence.

At the height of the war, Dantalion, a Demon and a member of Blacklight's North American Chapter, began piecing the puzzles together based on clues gathered by the other Chapters. Her investigation revealed that the Wars coincided with the Trumpets of Revelation and that other events prior to it have already prompted the activation of the others. In the end, Blacklight was incapable of locating the presence, even with Asmodeus's assistance.

At the war's end, the Divine Ten was notified of the disappearance of an entire Blacklight base in northeast Yugoslavia. There were traces of taint at the location more potent than any demon they had encountered thus far. Due to the nature of the situation and the waning days of the war at hand, the Ten took it upon themselves to investigate. Upon arriving, the Ten discovered the existence of another member of the Princes of Hell, Beelzebub. The Divine Ten fought Beelzebub but were defeated. Beelzebub killed seven of the Divine Ten, Rei Adashino and Ethan D'Arc among those killed. However, Beelzebub was injured by a suckerpunch and was forced to retreat.

The War of the Trumpets (1945-2012)

Following the end of the Second World War, Blacklight began a shadow war against an ancient demonic organisation known as Serpent's Seed. The organisation as they discovered was led by Beelzebub. Their goal was the triggering of the Trumpets and the Seven Seals of Revelation.

In April 26, 1986, Blacklight responded to a sighting and encountered the Prince of Hell, Leviathan. Leviathan taunted them before overloading the reactors causing them to malfunction. She fled the scene as the agents were forced to try and mitigate the situation. It was later revealed by Dantalion that the Third Trumpet had been triggered and that the fourth was close to being triggered as well.

The incident with Crescent alongside an inner war within the Greco-Roman Pantheon triggered the Fourth Trumpet. With Beelzebub's death, the Fifth Trumpet was triggered and Lilith's arrival and manipulation of the masses triggered the Final Trumpet.

Role and Ideology

To keep in the shadows that which must never be brought into the light
~ One of Blacklight's Tenets prior to the Apocalypse

Blacklight's main role is acting as a buffer between the Human and Supernatural Worlds. This means that the organization prevents humans from discovering the Supernatural and preventing the Supernatural from gaining a too overly large influence on the human worlds such as occupying their governments. Prior to the end of the European Dark Ages, Blacklight acted as a shield for humans against Gods and Monsters with Jeanne spearheading their defense. However, during the Renaissance and gradual shift of humans away from the supernatural, Blacklight evolved to prevent the two from meeting, believing that keeping the two separate was the only way to prevent chaos from running amok between various religions.

This role has changed during and after the Apocalypse when their existence was exposed to the rest of the world by Lilith. In the post-Apocalyptic Earth, Blacklight became an agency that existed beyond the control of world governments, causing many world leaders to distrust them. However, Blacklight's existence protects them from threats that the world armies could never even hope to defeat. As such, the two entities exist in a precarious state that constantly improves with time.

Blacklight mainly acts under the belief of maintaining the status quo between Gods and Man, in which they never come together. They have maintained this position for nearly 400 years, following the end of the European Dark Ages. However, with the advent and aftermath of the Apocalypse, the organization was forced to change its ideals and shifted towards a diplomatic approach, brokering peace between the various governments and their ruling pantheons. In addition, Blacklight was asked by the UN to work with humans in making sure that religious wars be kept to a minimum and that the Gods be held accountable for anything that happened to humans that was remotely tied to them.


The organisation comprises of three main divisions, which host a series of smaller divisions. All these divisions report to their respective Chapter Head, which is a member of the Divine Ten. The three Divisions of Blacklight are the Research and Development Department, the Hunting/Combat Department, and the Intelligence Department.

Magic and Technology

Blacklight possesses extremely advanced technology that is currently incapable of being reversed engineered by current human society. In addition, they have access to vast and powerful magic and alchemy. All technology in Blacklight is produced by the R&D Department and distributed to the other divisions.

The magic used by Blacklight comes from different pantheons across the planet as well as several original magics of their own. These magics include the Divine Abolishment Sigil, the Gate Sigil, and the Reality Distortion Fields of the Divine Ten.


Samuel Colt, one of the pioneers of MagiTech

Blacklight's answer to the Divine Keys and Magical Weaponry in general. MagiTech was developed in an attempt to emulate the Hands of God after one of their members, Ariel Thorston, the current North American Chapter Head at the time, proposed the idea of attempting to replicate weapons forged by supernatural beings such as Hephaestus or the Dwarves of Norse Mythology. A collaborative effort by the brightest minds of Blacklight, MagiTech failed to replicate the weapons. However, the project was considered a success despite its failure to create a Divine Weapon as an item that Ariel took on a test run against a rogue wielder of a Divine Weapon from the Greco-Roman Pantheon was overwhelmed by Ariel.
MagiTech provides a plethora of various abilities that can aid its users in combat. They can heal, project energy-based barriers, and even fire blasts of highly destructive energy. MagiTech is not limited to weaponry however and can have other uses. Blacklight uses MagiTech into most of their technology. With the advent of computers in the early 1900s, MagiTech was implemented into the devices to increase their computing power as well as to vehicles to enhance their performance. A member of the Manhattan Project, Robert Oppenheimer, was a member of Blacklight's R&D Department and used MagiTech to enhance the power of the Atomic Bomb, following its initial test in Alamogordo, New Mexico.
Production and Make-Up


Modern Day MagiTech is comprised of a synthesis of steel and Empyrean Steel, making them extremely durable and lightweight. MagiTech microchips and transistors are made of a mixture of silicon, germanium, and Empyrean Steel, allowing them to transmit data and signals faster than even the fastest CPU today, which has a clock speed of 4.0 GHz. The processors used by Blacklight have a processing speed of 50.0 GHz, allowing them to transmit data at instantaneous speeds.

Old forms of MagiTech was comprised of just steel and other elements prior to the use of Empyrean Steel. However, a similarity that old MagiTech and modern MagiTech share is the use of a core that is mixed into the production line. Most cores are comprised of crystallized collections of magic that is created in a lab by the R&D Department. Some pieces of MagiTech, however, have special cores. For example, Tohka's [Onyx Storm Armamments] have a core which is comprised of Eos's Ichor, which she donated for its production.

MagiTech weapons that are forged for specific users require a fragment of the person's soul, extracted through the ritual, in order to bond the weapon to the user. This prevents anyone with a signature that is different from the user's from using it.
MagiTech can be used to much like any piece of technology, however, MagiTech Weapons can be bonded to the user via soul-links.

Generalized MagiTech

MagiTech that is used by the standard Blacklight Agent. They are used by everyone in the organization. These devices vary in appearance but primarily take the form of a sort of firearm, the most common being a Glock 22 or a Desert Eagle.

MagiTech Weapons

Combat-Based Magitech is carried by all members, whether they be Generalized or Specific. The standard-issue MagiTech Weapon is a Quintessence Pistol, which looks like a Glock 22, the standard-issue firearm for law enforcement.

Specific MagiTech Weapons

Weapons developed for users who like to specialize. Commonly referred to as SMWs, SMWs are forged in a different manner than the standard MagiTech Weapon. Other than the fact that both require the use of linking a soul signature to the weapon, SMWs require a piece of the commissioner's soul in order to bond the weapon to them permanently. They take a variety of forms such as armor, a scythe, a tomahawk, or a broadsword.

SMWs are capable of performing what is known as a Codification, which fully takes advantage of the synchronization of the user and their weapon. Codifications are capable of drastically enhancing their user's capabilities, though it can be extremely strenuous on the body if maintained for long periods of time. An example is Ruby's Rite of the Dark God, which consumes her blood and leaves her anemic for a few hours. Examples:

  • Last Breath: Considered to be the First MagiTech Weapon, it was created specifically for the use of the American Blacklight Chapter Head, Ariel Thorston. It is the most famous of the SMWs and is currently locked deep within an unspecified site. It is rumored that she used this weapon to slay the current heir of Excalibur during her time.
  • Onyx Storm Armaments: MagiTech developed by Dantalion specifically designed for Tohka. The Onyx Storm Armament is a set of black combat armor with a red star in the middle. The armor projects an invisible full-body forcefield that absorbs kinetic energy from attacks and converts them into power for the armor. The kinetic energy can then be expelled through Tohka's attacks as a concussive force or as an omnidirectional wave of pure concussive force. The armor itself is powered by cells that convert ambient magical energy in the Earth's atmosphere into a power source, practically giving the armor limitless energy, granted that the cells aren't damaged. The armor itself is made from a combination alloy of steel and mithril acquired from the Norse Faction by the Norn Verdandi.
  • Chikage: Better known as MagiTech: Blood Drinker, Chikage is an SMW developed for Ruby. The sword is a mix between a European sword and a katana. It more resembles a Karabela (polish sabre). With the use of her demonic powers, the sword becomes sharper and should the sword be damaged, the sword "drinks" blood in order to repair itself. The sword was forged from the same material as Dark Midnight and is considered to be its sister sword.
  • Dark Midnight: Alternatively known as Tsukikage, Dark Midnight is an SMW developed by Adrian. It is a zweihander that whose blade appears like that of solidified magma and has talons located on its crossguard and talon. With the use of his angelic powers, the sword is capable of becoming more powerful and can cut apart magic with sheer force. Its immense durability allows it to survive even magical weapons blessed by Gods. The sword was forged from the same material as Chikage and is considered to be its sister sword.
  • The Colt: Referred to as the Ultimate MagiTech, it was developed during the Mexican American War by the R&D Head, Samuel Colt, who reforged a Colt revolver and mixed it with Empyrean Steel, several souls from several members, as well as a fragment of an Archreaper's Scythe, imbuing every bullet stored in the weapon with the power to sever the soul from the target with varying degrees of success. Due to the fact that multiple souls went into its creation, the weapon is a Generalized MagiTech Weapon as opposed to an SMW.


Currently, Blacklight has a single economic endeavor within the Human World. In the late 1800s to early 1900s, Blacklight's American Chapter delved into the private sector to improve life in the human world. One of their R&D members, Andrew Carnegie, started the Keystone Bridge Company and later, the Carnegie Steel Company. Both of them went defunct with Carnegie Steel going defunct in the early 1900s. For several decades, they had no place in the modern world due to their preoccupation with the World Wars and the Great Depression.

In 1972, Blacklight started and opened a company named Life Tree Corporation within the mortal world. It has several offices around the world and quickly became a multi-million dollar conglomerate across Earth. It soon entered several industries which it used to cover up its activities.

Life Tree Corporation

Life Tree Corporation's Logo

Life Tree Corporation is a multi-million dollar conglomerate run by Blacklight. It is headed by Blacklight's Intelligence Department from multiple branches. It was primarily founded to guide along humanity's technological progression with the eventual goal of having humanity being able to fend off general supernatural threats by itself.

It was founded at the suggestion of British Chapter Head, Salem Davies. Since its founding, it has expanded across the globe and wields vast economic influence second to that of SEED Corporation. With its vast funds, Life Tree supports its hunters financially with each of them having their own account within Life Tree's banking subsidiary, Fleur Banking Group. Capabilities
Life Tree Corporation is deemed to be one of the biggest and most powerful corporations on the entire planet, equal to Walmart and second to SEED Corporation in terms of financial revenue. Thanks to the information network developed by Blacklight, Life Tree was able to smoothly and successfully expand, partnering with several well known companies across the globe. Their influence on the global stock market is immense and it is rumored that they have a GDP of at least $485,872 million.

The Hunting Division of Blacklight acts as a paramilitary force for Life Tree. Hunters that are stationed there often pose as guards or regular employees. In addition, each Life Tree Company office is magically enchanted to detect malicious intent and is warded to be able to survive a full salvo from far-reaching missiles in the event of a human attack. The underground layout of each office has Warp Gates that are capable of transporting their employees to different locations across the globe should the need arise.
Company Subsidiaries

  • Fleur Banking: The Banking Subsidiary of Life Tree

Civilization Statistics

Tier: At least 9-A to 7-C, Varies from 8-A to 4-A with Magic and MagiTech | 6-C, potenially 5-C with Divine Artifacts like the Purple Sigil. 4-C, likely far higher with Excalibur and Tyrfing, 4-A, possibly higher with the Unsealed Excalibur. 2-C, possibly 2-B with Brahmastra

Civilization Type: At least Post-Industrial, possibly Interstellar

Name: Blacklight, Lumiere Noire (Original French name)

Origin: Re: Until The Clock Strikes Twelve

Classification: A clandestine, nebulous organization that deals with the protection of the Earth from both human and supernatural threats

Kardashev Level: At least Type I, possibly Type VII

Age: At least 600+ years. Blacklight was founded in 1428.

Population: Thousands of hunters, researchers, and personnel

Territory: Earth and the Moon


Peak-Human to Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Types 1, 2, and 3; Some hunters aren't human and are capable of reforming themselves after extensive damage), Regeneration (Low-High; Cambions and Nephilim, as well as some vampires), Weapon Mastery, Stealth Mastery, Martial Arts, Vehicular Mastery, Information Analysis, Magic (Hunters are trained in the use of magic), Power Modification (via Triangular and Pentagonal Casting), Curse Manipulation (Some hunters are capable of using curses in combat. Curses have a variety of effects such as allowing one to control bad luck, blinding and deafening their foes, or even outright killing them), Attack Reflection via Counter Cursing, Statistics Amplification via Magic, Elemental Manipulation (In addition to elemental magic, hunters are known to carry multiple weapons and ammo such as incendiary bullets, molotovs, and flamethrowers), Healing (Hunters are trained in basic first-aid. Some hunters are trained in healing magic), Explosion Manipulation via Explosives, Memory Manipulation via Amnestics and Memory Magic, Forcefield Creation, Paralysis Inducement, BFR, and Power Nullification (Certain Sigils are extremely effective against supernatural beings, being able to restrain and depower them. Exorcisms banish unclean spirits from the target), Poison Manipulation, Energy Manipulation (MagiTech is capable of projecting energy as a form of ammunition, should physical ammunition run out), Non-Physical Interaction (Hunters are capable of interacting with supernatural entities such as spirits and demons via certain weapons. Some hunters can even touch them due to their heritages or supernatural bloodlines), Hacking, Limited Absorption (Hunter Uniform absorbs kinetic energy), Resistance to Heat Manipulation, Radiation Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Absolute Zero, and Blunt Force Trauma (The Hunter's Uniform is capable of withstanding extreme heat and cold, cosmic radiation for certain periods of time, blunt force trauma, and body shots from firearms)

Mind Manipulation and Memory Manipulation (The Information Division has access to vast and powerful mental magic that allows them to control and maintain the secrecy of their organisation and the supernatural world. It is capable of wiping and editing memories of a large number of people, even one that has the population of a metropolis), Information Analysis, Hacking and Technology Manipulation (The Information Division has vast access to the global database and is capable of deleting massive portions of information without the detection of any of the world's governments. Organized the collapse of the internet via a rudimentary protovirus known as the Morris Worm in order to delete massive portions of information regarding supernatural sightings. They are capable of controlling pieces of tech around the world and has access to multiple satellites that are capable of wiping out large areas of land), Genius Intelligence

Biological Manipulation and Disease Manipulation via Bio-Organic Weapons such as the MX-9082, Portal Creation via Warp Gates, Magic, Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (Has access to the Sea of Beriah, which is an ocean of higher dimensional function spaces that give rise to Singularities. They can draw upon the negative energy spawned by the discordant spatio-temporal packets and qubits that float endlessly in all directions), Information Manipulation, Radiation Manipulation (The Damocles Sword is an immensely powerful sattelite that collects and focuses gamma radiation to fire at the Earth), Death Manipulation, Soul Manipulation and Immortality Negation (Types 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5; The Enuma Elish is superweapon located on the Earth's Moon that passively collects and gathers negative energy from Beriah. A single shot is known to be able to kill a Demon and Angel instantly and has been known to work against Gods. Even Elder Gods can be killed if they are weakened enough), Creation and Existence Erasure via the Engur Pool, Space-Time Manipulation and Pocket Reality Manipulation via the Engur Pool

Air Manipulation and Weather Manipulation via Fragarach, Durability Negation via Fragarach (Fragarach cuts through any defense), Power Nullification and Causality Manipulation via Tyrfing (Tyrfing runs on the property of Complete Cancel, which negates all magical phenomenon before they occur), Transmutation via the Purple Sigil (The Purple Sigil is the very same weapon that was used to turn Lot's Wife into a pillar of salt for turning back to look at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The Purple Sigil can also transform an entire planet into a salt-field), Summoning via various artifacts, Duplication (The Hamper of Gyddno can duplicate food and can create enough food for thousands of people), Invisibility via the Mantle of Arthur, Power Bestowal via the Whetstone of Tudwal (The Whetstone of Tudwal turns the blade of any righteous human into a weapon that will draw blood no matter what, even under statistically impossible circumstances), Madness Manipulation (The True Cross and the Crown of Thorns drives its observers or users insane), Plant Manipulation via the Crown of Thorns, Holy Manipulation, Purification, and Fire Manipulation (The Crown of Thorns grants is user immense holy power, capable of destroying impure beings in a storm of holy flames), Reality Warping, Conceptual Manipulation, and Quantum Manipulation (The True Cross warps local reality around it and converts time, space, and matter into pre-coalesced conceptual information packets that exist in Beriah), Water Manipulation via the Tide Jewel, Death Manipulation (Tyrfing kills whoever wields it by consuming their life force. Whatever area Brahmastra strikes induces death upon all living things in that area and prevents even a single blade of grass from growing back. Can impose the concept of death on the Elder Gods by striking them), possibly Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (Brahmastra can strike and harm Dunsanyans though it is unknown if it can harm high level Dunsanyans)

Attack Potency: Varies from Small Building Level to Town Level (Hunters are exceptionally trained individuals capable of going toe to toe with monsters such as werewolves, which can easily crush a human skull like a grape. Other hunters are known to be stronger such as Adrian Mariner and Ruby Erenod.) Multi-City Block Level to Multi-Solar System Level with MagiTech and Magic (MagiTech has a variety of different effects, some of which are as powerful as a MOAB and others being as strong as a nuclear bomb. The Damocles Blade is said to possess enough power to completely vaporize an entire city the size of Los Angeles and leave absolutely no traces. The Enuma Elish possesses enough firepower to wipe out an area as large as Germany at full power. The RDF Magic of the Divine Ten are strong enough to allow them to contend with Chief Gods. Salem's RDF Magic, Fairy System, is capable of annihilating an entire dimension filled with stars.) | Island Level (Tyrfing's casual power is capable of destroying an entire city with a single swing and can generate a massive energy wave capable of cutting Mexico in half.), Moon Level (The Purple Sigil is capable of creating a lunar construct that can slam into the planet and wipe out all life as well as melt the entirety of the Earth's Crust. Fragarach is stated to be capable of shattering the Moon with a single flyby.), Star Level, possibly higher (Tyrfing's full power is capable of harming Gods. In the hands of a Pendragon, Excalibur is rumored to be able to generate enough power to equal that of a supernova.), Multi-Solar System Level (True Excalibur was able to severely harm Mot), Low Multiverse Level, possibly Multiverse Level (Brahmastra is purported to be the strongest Astra in Hindu Mythology and is capable of slaying even an Elder God. During the Mahabarata, the use of the Brahmastra caused the Elder Hindu Deities to interfere to prevent the destruction of Assiah.)

Power Source: Conventional forms of energy such as Solar, Geothermal, Hydro, Tidal, Wind, Nuclear, and Electrical Energy. Blacklight has developed MagiTech engines that are capable of harnessing the entirety of Earth's geothermal energy and has been capable of harnessing the electromagnetic energy produced by Earth's magnetic field. In addition, their ships are powered by nuclear fusion engines, which were perfected by the Research and Development Department to allow for sustained fusion without compromising the users. Negative Energy is chaotic energy from Beriah and has several different names such as AEther and Quintessence. Negative Energy has been harvested from Beriah to power some SMWs such as Taki's Imperial Regalia and powers the Warp Gates. There is no known quantifiable energy level for Negative Energy.

Industrial Capacity: Blacklight is capable of producing several thousand weapons between all Ten Chapters capable of arming the world's armies several hundred times over. Most of its weapons are stored in pocket spaces created by MagiTech storage units. In addition, Blacklight is capable of space travel to harvest material such as rare earth elements from places such as the Oort Cloud.

Military Prowess:

The Intelligence Department
As the name implies, the Intelligence Department is responsible for monitoring and documenting events, high-profile beings, and factions around the world. It is not limited to the supernatural as they also monitor the human world. They are responsible for classing and researching objects. Prior to the discovery of the internet and long-distance communication technology, Blacklight primarily employed the use of a vast network of spies which it still retains to this day. These spies are conveniently placed within different regions of the world and used a secret relay system which was replicated by the Pony Express in the United States.

With the invention of the Internet and its incorporation with MagiTech, Blacklight's information network grew and is capable of updating itself real time. Currently, Blacklight has several dozen satellites in Earth's orbit to spy on several different countries across the globe that it deems high risk.

The Intelligence is also responsible for maintaining its economic fronts, running several companies over the years. Currently, the organisation runs Life Tree Incorporated.

The Research and Development Department

The Research and Development Department of Blacklight is responsible for the creation, invention, and distribution of resources and technology to aid its hunters. The technology is created through the use of magic and alchemy. It is responsible for the creation of MagiTech.

The Hunting Division
The Hunting Division is the main fighting force of Blacklight. They consist of skilled operatives that respond to cases and eliminate threats that the organisation deems too dangerous to contain or let live. These threats range from supernatural threats such as monsters to human threats such as a domestic terrorist.

Their main method of investigation is through the use of the Intelligence Department's vast network of information and through the infiltration of law enforcement organisations. The Hunting Division is also responsible for guarding many of the various supernatural artifacts that Blacklight has gathered over the course of six hundred years.

Hunter Agents of Blacklight are usually humans enhanced with magic and Supernatural beings who have joined over the years. Each agent is trained in firearm use, close combat, tracking, investigation, and knowledge of basic supernatural culture and human law. Within the Hunting Division, there are many teams that work within it. Such teams include Eden Squad and Diamond Team.
Diamond Team
Diamond Team is a highly trained team led by Lisa Emrys-D'Arc. It is the black hand of the North American Chapter and is sent on extremely high-profile cases. They worked with Eden Squad in securing the Colt Revolver and assisted in Beelzebub's defeat. Later, Diamond Squad became involved in the Apocalypse and Adrian's rescue from the Fifth Level of Hell.
Eden Squad

Eden Squad is a team within Blacklight led by Adrian Mariner. A standard issue hunting team that found itself at the heart of many major global and universal events. They were responsible for the death of Beelzebub, the defeat of Ayin's Shard, Mana-Yood-Sushai's death, and later on Yaldabaoth's imprisonment within Superbia. The team consists primarily of human hybrids and has been subject to numerous disciplinary actions by Lisa and Cornelius.

The Divine Ten
The Divine Ten is the term used to refer to the ten leaders of the ten chapters of Blacklight. They are generally considered the ten strongest human beings on the entire planet, each one possessing enough knowledge and skill to pose a threat to Deities.

They first surfaced when Blacklight was being formed under Jeanne D'Arc and were her most trusted confidants, making them her inner circle. When she died at the stake, one of the members, Gilles de Rais, went insane and began blaspheming against God, making a pact with demon in order to achieve more power. The other nine hunted him down and killed him, covering up his death as a hanging outside of Nantes.

Following Gilles's death, Pierre D'Arc took his place. With their leader's return, the ten scattered across the planet through the use of different magical means. Jeanne and Catherine D'Arc would establish the American Chapter of Blacklight following the arrival of Colombus in the Carribean and recruited the Natives, teaching them how to fight and understand the Supernatural. She contracted the Great Spirit and promised that her line would do their best to protect the people who came to care for them.

The other members of the Divine Ten would establish the Egyptian Chapter, the British Chapter, the Russian Chapter, the Greek Chapter, the Indian Chapter, the Australian Chapter, the Japanese Chapter, the Israel Chapter, and the Argentinian Chapters of Blacklight, all located at ten different supernatural hotspots across the globe.

They are often deified by members of Blacklight.

Warp Gates are specialized devices that are located in every Blacklight Base across the globe. They are gates that warp reality to create wormholes. This is done by tracing the geometric coordinates of the target location within real number space and performing a wick rotation with the current real coordinates of the gate. After this, a wormhole is opened between the two coordinates, forming a spatio-temporal tunnel through Beriah allowing the user for instantaneous travel to any location across the globe. The warp gates used by Blacklight are reminiscent of those used by Heaven and other pantheons such as Hell's Gehenna Gates or the Bifrost Bridge of the Norse.

Armillary Spheres are a form of MagiTech that appears as a small magnetic bead, that when activated via the use of magical energy into it, transforms into a massive set of metallic concentric circles. The circles can project hard light screens and can connect to a private wireless signal that allows agents to access the internet and the surface of the Blacklight Database.

Quintessence Pistols are small firearms that are identical in appearance to a Glock 22 pistol. What separates these pistols from its standard counterpart is that the weapons are capable of firing magical projectiles. Each hunter is given different series of clips containing bullets with sigils engraved into them. The sigils produce and store different magical spells. Other than that, the primary ammo for this weapon are silver bullets, which are often dipped in wolfs bane concoction or the blood of a dead man.

The standard issue hunter uniforms are made of a mysterious fabric that originates from Norse Mythology. Originally thought to be mythril, dwarves that later joined the organization have now believed that it is not. The fabric appears t be a mix of kevlar and silk, but has multiple small magical enchantments weaved across the clothes. The uniform has a temperature regulation module that allows the user to remain warm or keep cool no matter the climate. In addition, it has shock absorbent properties that absorb most kinetic energy upon impact allowing them to survive shots to the torso. It is extremely durable, being able to withstand several hits from beasts such as werewolves, whose claws are capable of cutting through car doors.

Fragarach is the holy sword of the First High King, Nuada. It was retrieved by Catherine after winning a bet against Dagda and placed in a vault within the UK Chapter. It is a divine sword in which the user commands the wind to be able to cut down any opposition, cutting through armor and magic like paper, mimicking the properties of Complete Cancel in which it is capable of destroying magic even before it is cast. It has the capability to destroy other divine weapons due to having the imbued might of multiple Gods.

Brahmastra is one of the most dangerous objects possessed by Blacklight. It is a single black arrow sealed behind layers upon layers of magical barriers and warding. It is a Class 0 Object with multiple restrictions being put upon its use. It has been likened to the Longinus Spear, which has the capability to strike down the Elder Gods. In addition, all living things in the area struck will be killed instantly and the area will become devoid of life for an extended period of time. Likewise, Brahmastra is capable of striking down Gods and Elder Gods alike and has proven itself to be capable of harming a Dunsanyan. The weapon, however, is weaker than the True Brahmastra used by Brahma.

Tyrfing is a demonic blade forged by the dwarves, Dvalinn and Durinn, and is featured in the Tyrfing Cycle. The sword was formerly owned by Svafrlami, and several others. The sword is kept under containment to prevent others from wielding it due to a powerful curse placed upon it. Once drawn, the sword begins to convert the user's life force into energy until the user is killed. The blade inflicts wounds that never heal, not even a demon's regeneration is capable of restoring it. It has been used once in Blacklight's History against Beelzebub at the cost of the life of the British Chapter Head at the time.

Excalibur, also known as the Selecting Sword or the Divine Blade of Sovereignty, is the legendary blade wielded by King Arthur Pendragon and passed down along the Pendragon Family. Its current wielder is the younger sister of Morgan Pendragon, Alicia Pendragon. The sword, throughout most of recorded history, remained sealed due to the immense power that lay within it. It was originally forged during the Holy War and was used by a warrior named Uteria. The sword, with its full power unleashed, is capable of entering its True State, in which it releases a divine light that displaces and destroys everything around it.

The Purple Sigil is a powerful weapon that was formerly in Heaven's usage. It was used during the Holy War to convert an entire planet into a salt-field however, it was hidden on Earth by the Archangel Michael. Its current owner is Claire Silvers.

The Thirteen Treasures of Britain refer to a series of thirteen mystical objects. The various treasures (tlws) include vessels or utensils for food and drink (hamper, cauldron, crock and dish, horn and knife), objects relating to weaponry (sword, whetstone) and to transport (halter, chariot), clothing (coat, mantle) and still other items (stone and ring, chessboard). The treasures were formerly hidden in the northernmost parts of the UK but were unearthed in the late 1700s and stored within the main chapter base of the UK Chapter. The objects possess several abilities such as Causality Manipulation and Fate Manipulation.

The Tide Jewel is an ancient mystical gem used by the Ocean Kami, Watatsumi. There is no single tide jewel but multiple, some of them owned by Ryujin, the Dragon God of the Sea. It is used to control the flow of the ocean's currents and create devastating tidal waves. The weapon can also create water from nothingness and control fluids inside a person's body as well as change water into different liquids. The Tide Jewel is stored within the Japanese Blacklight Chapter Base in Kegon Falls.

The True Cross is one of the Holy Relics of Christianity and is the Cross upon which Jesus Christ was crucified on. The abilities of this object remain largely unknown but it has been reported to drive anyone that is of Christian Faith completely insane. Another effect of the object is that it warps local reality around it, converting entire portions of its containment cell into informational quantum packets resembling that of those found in Beriah. Said packets shift through phases of coalescence into physical matter and back into quantum packets.

The Crown of Thorns is one of the Holy Relics of Christianity and is the crown Jesus Christ wore on the cross. Once worn, it grants the user immense holy power rivaling that of low-level gods and control over eldritch plant life that kill any and all beings that are classified as impure or evil. Being near it kills those who are not righteous of heart and beings such as werewolves, vampires, and demons are burned if they place the crown upon their head. The drawback is that any human using this will eventually lose their humanity and become absorbed by the crown if they use it for extended periods of time.

MX-9082, or simply known by its codename, the Gu Virus, is a highly advanced retrovirus developed by Blacklight. It is specifically built with vampires in mind and was developed in the late 1980s when Vampires made a bid for Europe. A vampire lord by the name of Alcina Carmilla had started an uprising in the old world with the intent of subjugating humanity. The virus was proposed by Salem Davies and was worked in as a joint project by all Chapters. The virus is classified as a Class V virus on the Baltimore Classification. The virus is known to activate non-encoding regions of the vampire's genetic code in order to replicate, creating multiple strains upon cell lysis. The vampire's body then mounts a massive immune response, creating a cascade of feedback loops that create a cytokine storm which eventually kills it. Due to vampiric culture, the virus spread rapidly and was able to wipe out 99.9% of the Carmilla Family. The only known strain is stored inside a vault in the Egyptian Chapter. The virus appears to be harmless to humans.

Your Name is a standard amnestic that is stored as a small puff within Armillary Spheres. The amnestic works by targeting newly formed dendrite connections. A small puff is known to contain about 50mcg/mg of Your Name and can erase up to about 12 hours of memory.

Erased is an electro-bio mechanical synapse inhibitor. It transmits a small flash of light that isolates specific memories by inhibiting the release of acetylcholine and glutamate, in addition to inhibiting Engram Cells and neural electrical impulses. The device can be programmed to erase specific memories.

The Enuma Elish is a massive superweapon located on the Earth's Moon. Its base is about the size of Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan and has a barrel that is 500 meters in length. Inside is a core that is maintained by multiple R&D personnel from different chapters. The core is a small tear in space-time constantly opened and closed in order to gather and collect Negative Energy from Beriah. Once focused, it fires a beam that rips through space-time and is capable of killing groups of demons and angels instantly. It has shown the capability to kill an Elder God as Takami-Musubi was killed by it, albeit he was extremely weakened at the time.

The Engur Pool is a massive battery cell located on the Moon. Battery Cell is not an apt description. It is akin to a large swimming pool the size of Hell's Kitchen. It stores Negative Energy which is suspended by a combination of a Negative Energy Barrier and the spatio-temporal aspects of the Core inside Enuma Elish. The Engur Pool powers Enuma Elish in the event of a core malfunction. The Engur Pool is capable of destroying and recreating the existences of whoever falls into it. Other uses have been found for the Engur Pool and small portions of negative energy have been used to create subspace realms within the Lunar Blacklight Base and other chapters.

Notable Individuals:

Morgana Emrys-D'Arc
Morgana Emrys-D'Arc is the head of the North American Chapter's Intelligence Division. She is the mother of Lisa Emrys-D'Arc and the husband of Cornelius D'Arc. Morgana is the descendant of Myrridin Emrys and an extremely powerful witch. She was originally the competitor for the seat of Blacklight Chapter Head but lost the position to Cornelius.
Dantalion is one of the Original Devils and the progenitor of House Dantalion. She went missing after the Holy War only to be discovered, working as a member of Blacklight and a member of their R&D Division. Her quirky attitude is viewed by other researchers as unprofessional and has gotten her banned from multiple locations within the organization. She was very close to the former North American Chapter Head, Ariel Thorston, and former North American R&D
Hephaestus is the Greco-Roman God of the Forge and Technology. He joined the organization shortly after Lilith's disappearance and became a member of the Greek Chapter's Research and Development Division. Hephaestus has contributed much to Blacklight, improving upon their warp gates and Armillary Spheres.
Lisa Emrys-D'Arc
Lisa Emrys-D'Arc is the leader of Diamond Team and the daughter of Cornelius D'Arc. She is the descendant of Catherine D'Arc and Myrridin Emrys. Due to her heritage, she is considered the most worthy heir to the Chapter. Tohka and Eric have both described her as extremely professional, exhibiting Men in Black tendencies. Her codename is Black.
Eric Marshall
Eric Marshall is one of the members of Diamond Team and one of the highest ranking hunters in Blacklight's North American Chapter. He and Lisa are extremely close despite it not appearing so. Unlike his counterpart, he does not exhibit the prudish tendencies she does but is rather laid back and outgoing. His personality appears to be unprofessional which often earns his partner's ire. His codename is The Hunter.
Tohka Thyella
Tohka is the eldest child born to the Protogenos of the Heavens, Ouranos, and the Shinto Primordial Goddess of Creation and Light, Amenominakanushi. She is the half-sister of the Hundred Handed Ones, the Elder Cyclopes, the Titans, and the Greek Chapter Head, Atalanta Thýella. She is a member of Team Diamond led by Lisa Emrys-D'Arc. Her codename is Black Rose.
Selene Erenod
Selene is one of Blacklight's most powerful operatives and the overall head of Greece's Blacklight Chapter's Hunting Division. She is the daughter of Cain and Avan and Ruby's older sister. Other operatives commonly view her as Atalanta's right hand while Orion appears to be Atalanta's Left. She is married to Orion Okeanos, the abandoned demigod son of Poseidon.
Orion Okeanos

Orion Okeanos is one of Blacklight's most powerful operatives and the overall head of the Greek Chapter's Intelligence Division. He is also a member of the Hunting Division. The difference between him and Selene is similar to that of night and day as Orion presents himself as more professional than his partner. He is commonly viewed by other operatives as Atalanta's left hand as opposed to Selene who is Atalanta's right. He is married to Selene Erenod, the daughter of Cain.

Taki Adashino
Taki Adashino is the head of the Japanese Chapter of the Blacklight Organization and the eldest member of the Divine Ten. He is the sword mentor of Adrian in the art of the sword as well as Natalia's godfather. He is the descendant of the Japanese Swordsman, Kojiro Sasaki. His codename is Silent Flash. He is the successor of Rei Adashino, the previous chapter head of Blacklight Japanese Chapter.
Salem Davies
Salem Davies is the Head of the British Chapter of Blacklight and one of the Divine Ten. She is the descendant of Pierre D'Arc and the relative of Cornelius D'Arc. She is the headmistress of Eve Hunting Academy's British Division. She is purported to be one of the most powerful mages on the planet in the current era. Known to be the rival of Cornelius D'Arc. Her codename is Eye of Providence.
Cornelius D'Arc
Cornelius D'Arc is the leader of the American Chapter of Blacklight and the father of Lisa Emrys-D'Arc and the husband of the head of the Intelligence Department, Morgana Emrys. He is the descendant of Catherine D'Arc and is half Native American, half French. Known to be the rival of Salem Davies. His codename is Golden Storm.
Anastasia Smirnov
Anastasia Smirnov is the Head of the Russian Chapter of Blacklight and a member of the Divine Ten. Known to be bubbly and outgoing, her happy demeanor should not fool anyone. She is by far one of the most ruthless members of the organization, happily suggesting going scorched earth in any given situation. Anastasia is an advocate believer in the separation of the supernatural and mortal worlds but has come to accept that their collision is inevitable. Her codename is Gatekeeper and she is the youngest member of the Divine Ten.
Atalanta Thyella
Atalanta Thýella is one of the Divine Ten and the leader of the Greek Chapter of Blacklight. She is the childhood friend of Selene and Tyrael. She is also the demigod daughter of the Protogenos of the Sky, Ouranos, and the older sister of the Blacklight Operative, Tohka. Atalanta's codename is the Verdant Sky.
Rama Acharya
Rama Acharya is the descendant of Rama and the leader of the Indian Chapter of Blacklight. He is one of the youngest members, succeeding Armaan at the age of 19 years. He is the current wielder of the weapon, Brahmastra, and stated to be one of Vishnu's avatars. This is proven false by Rama and Vishnu later on, with the former merely having a pact with the Elder God. His codename is Reborn King.
Sheba Jedidiah
Sheba Jedidiah is the leader of the Israeli Chapter of Blacklight. Known to be playful and seductive, she is the descendant of King Solomon and the contractor of several demons, including Fleurety and Satanachia. Her codename is 72nd Master.
Atef Tutankhamen
Atef Tutankhamen is the leader of the Egyptian Chapter of Blacklight. He is by far the most serious of the Ten and is knonw to be the fourth strongest member, following Salem Davies, Cornelius D'Arc, and Taki Adashino. Atef is rarely seen by his own operatives as he remains in his office. His codename is Windborne Pharaoh.
Amelia Mcdowell
Amelia McDowell is the leader of Australia's Blacklight Chapter. Known for her wild and chaotic tendencies, she is similar to Anastasia only much more uninhibited. She is characterized by her use of gothica lolita outfits and questionable cooking methods. However, her skills in alchemy are unparalleled by the other members of the Divine Ten, surpassing even Salem Davies. Her codename is Dissonant Serenity.
Matias Garcia

Matias Garcia is the leader of the Argentinian Chapter of Blacklight. He is known as the Straight Man of the Ten, not possessing the chaotic quirks of Amelia nor the seriousness of Atef. However, underneath his seemingly normal demeanor, lies an incredibly intelligent and sociable man. Matias claims that he became a member of the Divine Ten because it made more sense than being the head of the Intelligence Division.

Jeanne Pendragon
Jeanne Pendragon is the founder of Blacklight. While she was not a formal member of the Divine Ten, she was considered part of it as the leader. She has since stepped into the shadows of the organization but runs things from the background. She has no known codename but is rather known simply as The Founder.
Catherine D'Arc
Catherine D'Arc is the younger sister of Jeanne D'Arc and the first leader of the North American Chapter of Blacklight. Cnsidered to be an alchemical genius by her fellow members, Catherine set forward the path towards the invention of MagiTech and was responsible for the warding at the main base of Blacklight North American Chapter.
Gilles D'Rais
Gilles D'Rais is a former member of the Divine Ten and the adjutant of Jeanne D'Arc during the Hundred Years War. He was executed at Nantes. He was succeeded by Pierre D'Arc.
Ariel Thorston

Ariel Thorston is the former leader of the American Chapter of Blacklight and the ancestor of Cornelius D'Arc. She is considered to be one of the pioneers in MagiTech and wields the first ever MagiTech, Last Breath.

Weaknesses: Blacklight is often more concerned with preservation of the status quo and maintaining secrecy, rather than dealing with the threat. This is what allowed Paimon to infiltrate them during the War of the Trumpets arc and lead to their exposure and temporary branding as a terrorist organization.