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Not much is known about Black Jack, he works for Sam Smoothhand’s Money-Grubbing-Play-Place Casino in Baldur’s Gate. At some point he was able to manifest a shadowy figure by his side and giving him access to magical abilities. One day he was forced into working for the local guards with two foreigners and later had to save the holy city of Elturel from the clutches of Zariel.

With the help of Hope, Rihanna, Bravery, and Lulu they journeyed across Avernus to complete their quest. With the help of The Hellspawn Sisters they rescued The Abysswalker from his prison, reclaimed Zariel's Sword, killed two powerful Hell Warlord, and freed the souls of the Hellriders. At the end of their journey they were able to convince The Archdevil Zariel to reclaim her purpose as a Solar.

With the help of Zariel, The Abysswalker, and The Hellspawn Sisters, they broke the chains that held Elturel to hell and traveled through the Bifrost to return the city back to its rightful place. However, upon their return they were greeted by the Archangels Micheal and Lucifer. The two abducted Zariel and the Hellspawn sisters for trial, leaving the group to find them.

With Hopes prayer leading the group to a cultist base that had kidnapped the Solar named Castiel. Upon freeing him he leads them to the lost Archangel Gabriel in order to arguing in favor of Zariel's redemption. The party join the angels for the trial. With clever wordsmithing they are able to spare the Hellspawn and lessen Zariel's sentience of death to eternal conflict in the Abyss. But before the decision was struck, Asmodeus took power over the heavens and threw the group to the Abyss along side Lucifer. With the help of the Archangel they were able to return to the material plane... One month after Asmodeus's invasion.

Personal Statistics

Name: Black Jack

Origin: D&D Homebrew

Classification: Human, Arcane Trickster Rogue

Age: ???

Gender: Male

Weight: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Alignment: Unknown

Eye Color: Unknown

Hair Color: Black

Powers and Stats

Tier: Low 7-B | 7-A

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Social Influencing, Stealth Mastery, Weapon Proficiency, Magic, Illusion Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Homing Attack, Magnetism Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Sound Manipulation, Summoning, Invisibility, Fire Manipulation, Status Effect Inducement, Paralysis Inducement, Text Manipulation, Duplication, Telekinesis, Darkness Manipulation, Chaos Manipulation, and Power Nullification against Regeneration, Healing, and Magic

Attack Potency: Small City level+ (Should be comparable to dragons capable of of generating heavy storms with their magic) | Mountain level (After unlocking Offset, him and his other three friends were able to disperse a heavy thunderstorm that stretched out for 5 miles in only 6 seconds)

Speed: High Hypersonic+ (As a Rogue he can completely dodge Call Lightning)

Lifting Strength: Above Average Human (Black Jack can lift up to 108.862 kg)

Striking Strength: Small City Class | Mountain Class

Durability: Small City level+ | Mountain level

Stamina: Average

Range: Standard Melee Range, Tens of Meters with Samuel's Colt and Hand Crossbows, Varies with spell 

Standard Equipment: A deck of cards, Hand Crossbow, Fiend Flayer, and Hellfire Shortsword

Intelligence: Genius (Maintains a 18 in intelligence)

Weaknesses: None Notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques: 


  • Chill Touch: Black Jack summons Gambit to claw at a creature within 120 feet and causes them to suffer the chill of the grave. This attack negates any regeneration the creature has and makes it impossible for it to be healed by mundane or magical means for six seconds.
  • Mage Hand: Black Jack summon's Gambit's spectral, floating hand at a point he chooses within 30 feet. The hand lasts for the Duration or until he dismiss it as an action. The hand vanishes if it is ever more than 30 feet away from him or if he casts this spell again. As an Arcane Trickster Black Jack can transform Gambit's hand invisible, steal objects, put away an item, and open locks.
  • Toll the Dead: Black Jack points at one creature you can see within 60 feet, and the sound of a dolorous bell fills the air around it for a moment. The target suffered necrotic damage, the damage is increased if they suffer from any injury currently open.
  • Shocking Grasp: Lightning springs from Gambit’s hand to deliver a shock to a creature he can touch. The electrified hand is drawn to those who are wearing metal armor or is made of metal.

Level 1 Spells

  • Illusionary Script: Black Jack is able to manipulate the text on parchment, more can be read on the linked page.
  • Tasha's Hideous Laughter: A creature of Black Jacks choice that he can see within 30 feet perceives everything as hilariously funny and falls prone into fits of uncontrollable laughter. A creature with an Intelligence score of 4 or less isn’t affected.
  • Chromatic Card: Black Jack uses his variant version of Chromatic Orb with his personal deck of cards.
  • Charm Person: Black Jack uses Gambit to try and charm a humanoid within 30 feet. They are charmed by him until the spell ends or until he does anything harmful to it. The charmed person regards him as a friendly acquaintance. This spell lasts an hour and when the spell ends, the creature knows it was charmed by him.

Level 2 Spells

  • Shatter: Black Jack summons Gambit to create a sudden loud ringing noise, painfully intense, erupts from a point of his choice within 60 feet.
  • Invisibility: Black Jack summons Gambit to touch a creature, allowing it to become Invisible until the spell ends. Anything the target is wearing or carrying is Invisible as long as it is on the target's person. The spell ends for the target if they attack, casts a spell, or after an hour has passed.
  • Mirror image: Black Jack creatures three illusionary copies of himself shifting and moving near him, when a clone is hit they disappear.
  • Hold Person: Gambit chooses a humanoid that he can see within 60 feet. The target is paralyzed for up to 1 minute.
  • Shadow Blade: Black Jack weaves together threads of shadow to create a sword of solidified gloom in his hand. This magic sword lasts up to a minute. The blade does psychic damage and homes onto targets when in dim light or darkness.
  • Phantasmal Force: Black Jack summons Offset to target a creature within 60 feet, Offset can damage the creature with Psychic damage. [Post-Offset's Awakening Only]

Level 3 Spells

  • Counterspell: Black Jack attempt to interrupt a creature in the process of casting a spell within 60 feet of himself.
  • Countervail: Black Jack empowers a piece of ammunition (A bullet, crossbow bolt, arrow, card, or rock) with chaotic magic and summons Offset to fire it at an opponent within 160 feet. The greater the difference between Black Jack and the opponent's strength and stamina, the more potent the spell becomes. [Post-Offset's Awakening Only]

Key: Post-Zariel’s Redemption | Post-Offset’s Awakening


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