Bizirel is one of the youngest members of the unbound and was still normal when there were alot more members, he initially looked like a creature with 5 hands, 2 on the left side of his torso and 2 of the right while one was at the back. He had one eye and 5 Sharp spiky horns on his head. He'd have violent tendencies and take things horribly even though he was fully matured. This led to him thinking everybody hated him, he even thought a perfect world with no flaws was boring, and so he went on a rampage, killing alot of the people, nearly nobody survived, a young person named Wismiel and a brave soldier named Deferel managed to take him out it a hard fight that scarred them both, eventually they defeated him. Deferel wanted him dead for all the lives gone but Wismiel had a better plan. He'd turn Bizirel into a bunch of atoms, eventually these atoms became a universe which surprised them, though it was growing constantly with no end. Bizirel went crazy and started to damage himself by harming the universe, but then started to gain power somehow. Eventually, Wismiel noticed that Bizirel was pulling realms together and fusing them with himself! They'd tried to finish him off but couldn't get rid of much. Now they needed to grow stronger. They went to the creator who made life to all of the Siros, who'd be stronger than anything there is to help them get rid of Bizirel but he simply trained them to Bizirel's level. At the moment, Bizirel was pulling another realm, Bizirel was gaining more power so he could get his revenge, some day.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 2-A | At least Low 1-C, eventually far higher | At least Low 1-C, eventually far higher | Unknown, far higher than Low 1-C

Name: Bizirel

Origin: Siro Intruders

Gender: Male | None | Preferably considered Male though has none

Age: Unknown

Classification: The Unbound

Powers and Abilities: Fire Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Ice Manipulation (All Unbound beings have been born with Elemental Mixers within them), Regeneration (Mid-Godly, Sherry tried to steal his soul and managed to but it quickly siappeared right back into him), Explosion Manipulation, Superhuman Physical Characteristics (Was the first user of the Elemental Mixer, using 99% of it's power), Omnipresence as a Universe, Absorption and Fusionism (Can fuse with objects or people for power), Time Travel via Time Manipulation, Existence Erasure (Casually erased other Unbound People by creating a shiny light), BFR (Can engulf anything in a fine mist that teleports people to his realm), Soul Manipulation (Created the Void Star), Life Manipulation, Death Manipulation (Can utilise the Elemental Mixer's full power without being destroyed), Rage Power, Energy Projection, Aura, Energy Manipulation, Absorption as a Universe, Power Absorption, Pocket Reality Manipulation (Created his own chunk of reality he can control which expands constantly), Genius Intelligence, Resistance to Soul Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Absorption, Power Absorption, Existence Erasure (Before time to present time, he learned how to get his abilities countered by him and grew accelerated natural resistances), Space-Time Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Reality Warping (Can control everything inside him and what happens in him), Incorporeality (Bizirel's Consciousness is an form of himself, he also has evolved from his universe state, his true power is unknown), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2, Created Pain, Suffering, Emotions, Death and more)

Attack Potency: Multiverse Level+ (Comparable to Pre-Training Deferel and Wismiel) | At least Low Complex Multiverse Level (Absorbed 2 giant realms while being one, they contain The Bound Realm, The Void Space and The Unbound Realm), eventually far higher (He is pulling Giant Realms and growing in speed forever, breaking the level of finite bounds eventually making him infinite) | Low Complex Multiverse Level, eventually far higher (His consciousness shares powers with himself) | Unknown (Now growing out of form, he now toys with reality, creating things such as The Void Star for fun, though he might be able to reach the level of Birtirel)

Speed: Immeasurable (Anything in The Unbound Realm moves in an area beyond time, which resides in the void space) | Omnipresent (Is a Giant Realm) | Immeasurable | Unknown

Lifting Strength: Immeasurable | Immeasurable (Has pulled realms and fused with them) | Immeasurable | Unknown

Striking Strength: Multiversal+ | At least Low Complex Multiversal, eventually far higher | At least Low Complex Multiversal, eventually far higher | Unknown

Durability: Multiverse Level+ (Comparable to Pre-Training Deferel and Wismiel) | Low Complex Multiverse Level, eventually far higher (He is pulling giant realms onto him and fusing with them making him constantly stronger) | Low Complex Multiverse Level, eventually far higher | Unknown

Stamina: Infinite (Anything in the unbound realm has limitless power)

Range: Low Complex Multiversal (Could attack anywhere in The Giant Realm Cluster he is)

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Genius (Could easily overwhelm Wismiel and could study the moves of his opponents with ease in a quick timespan) | Mindless (Does things to gain power), Below Average Human when attacked (Will use his most dangerous things randomly)

Weaknesses: He's easy to anger allowing you to make him mad and trick him (First key only).

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Ultraviolet Arson: Bizirel creates a huge ball of Fire with the power of Ultraviolet Lights and shoots it at the foe.
  • "Get in here": Bizirel creates an explosion that sucks people into a blank realm by the end of it, slowly making the person inside rot to death.
  • "Begone!": Bizirel creates a bright glowy light, anyone caught in it will fade into nothingness.
  • Massacrash: Bizirel goes into people's bodies and can do whatever he wants inside it.
  • Supreme Aura: A massively upgraded Siro Aura for The Unbound. See Siro Physiology
  • Supreme Reaper: Bizirel can choose to give you life energy or steal it

Key: Before Mortals | After Mortals | Consciousness | True Power

Note: The first two keys are based on before or after Mortals existed and when he got turned into a universe.


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