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You fail to realize, that for me... This is just the beginning.

But for you?

It's Game Over

~ Betty


Bête Noire, also referred to as Betty, is the main antagonist of Season 2. She was a spell and a physical incarnation of the soul trait FEAR, lacking certain emotions, solely focused on fulfilling its purpose, to make sure humans and monsters would never live in peace. As of Animosity, Bete Noire has been killed by Wing Din Gaster and her body, along with her magic, has been corrupted and taken over by HATE.



Bete physically appears as a preteen girl with medium length, two-tone, brown/pink hair. The closer she is to using her Rhabdophobia magic, the pinker her hair will be, starting from the bottom. Once Rhabdophobia is available for her, her hair becomes completely pink with no trace of brown. She wears a magenta skirt with torn edges as seen in the My Promise trailer (referencing Amber's torn skirt in Glitchtale Origins: The Black Beast), a light purple turtleneck with a large light pink stripe at its bottom, light purple leggings and knee-length brown boots.


She has pink pupils that become brighter when HATE controls her, her sclerae turn darker depending on how much HATE is being used, and her mouth becomes crooked and fully black if the HATE takes over.


With her soul intact, her sclera becomes a dark shade of magenta, her pupil becomes a darker shade of pink, and her mouth becomes more crooked, similar to Akumu's. Her body is no longer empty and is filled with pink magical matter.


Displaying her human alias, Bete seem to be incapable of cruelty at first glance. She appeared to be naturally cheerful and wielded a somewhat happy-go-lucky attitude, and never seemed to worry about the future, as she was never seen feeling hopeless. She showed her peers a facade of great friendliness and was quick to greet Jessica and Frisk when she met them.

Nevertheless, despite appearing sweet and innocent, Bete's false personality quickly dissipated after Asriel and Sans discovered some AMD camera footage of her acting suspicious. During this time, Dr. Gaster learned that Agate Lightvale sacrificed her own soul to create a powerful creature that would make sure monster-kind and humanity never live in peace. Afterward, Bete revealed her sadistic personality, quickly indicating that she enjoys it when she severely hurts others (both physically and emotionally), showing that she has a very sadistic, psychotic, violent personality. She appears to enjoy hurting her opponents before she kills them. In fact, Bete is known for attempting to kill anyone in her way. It's also clear that she has no problem lying to, or betraying, others, as she manipulated Jessica into doing what she wanted them to do. Another example of this is when she caused Undyne to hallucinate, causing her to kill Alphys instead of Bete, or when she caused Jessica to hallucinate a badly damaged version of Alina, causing her unnecessary emotional pain whilst taking the HATE vial. During combat, she often becomes arrogant, resulting in her underestimating her enemies. She also displays minimal tactical knowledge, allowing master strategists to defeat her in battle, as show in her various battles with Gaster, although it is observed that she can calculate and knows how to get what she wants, she nevertheless seems to not be able to plan to a great extent.

Bete may also suffer from thanatophobia, as if a foe attempts to attack her with a powerful blow, she displays an absolutely terrified expression on her face, showing she fears death immensely. Like many fictional villains, Bete, for the most part, believes what she is doing is right. According to a post, and a couple of lines from Scared of Me, she believes that monsters and humans living together is "like a time bomb waiting to go off". Therefore, she thinks that what she's doing is "just speeding up the process", this shows that Bete's views on humans and monsters living together are the same as Agate's. She also knows everyone's past, and uses the mistakes of other characters to justify what she does, exemplified by her chastising Asriel (as Flowey) for comitting genocide on the inhabitants of the Underground. However, it is clear that her villainy was not caused by her own decisions, shown in the comic that illustrates her awakening. Here, she seemed to act like a normal human girl until she remembered Agate Lightvale commanding her to keep the monsters and humans separate. In a post, it was revealed that she is unsure of what she was doing was right or not.

While under HATE's control, Bete acts far more violent and insane than she had previously. In this state, in combat, she mercilessly attacks her foes with a menacing grin. Also, Bete seems to be scared of HATE's plans, as it could control her; this means she knows that HATE has different plans than her own. The HATE's plans are later shown to be the absolute destruction of anything and everything.

Combat Statistics

Tier: At least 8-B | Low 7-C | 7-B

Name: Bete Noire, Betty, Betty Noire, Agate Lightvale (technically, she has her soul) (formerly)

Origin: Glitchtale

Gender: Inapplicable, appears female

Age: 13 physically (Because of Amber) and 29 mentally (Because of Agate), 300+ chronologically (Has been dormant for this long)

Classification: Spell Construct, SOUL of FEAR, made from the soul of Agate Lightvale and the body of Amber Lightvale.

Powers and Abilities: 

Superhuman Physical CharacteristicsSkilled with many weapons (Akumu's ability to change into various weapons and good at using), Matter Manipulation (Can create a magical white spear with a pink glow from her soul with a string attached to it), Magic and Absorption of it, Illusion CreationEnergy Projection (Possibly can shoot pink slash projectiles from scythe), Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2 & 3. Doesn't need to eat, sleep, or breath), Perception Manipulation (Caused Asriel to see her as Chara, while Sans was likely excluded, also created a fake scythe while fighting Asriel to kill him), Soul Manipulation, Can take control of enemy attacks with Rhabdophobia, Body Control (Able to extend HATE tentacles from her body), Life Creation and Summoning (Summoned a plethora of pink creatures with enough magic), Immortality (Types 1 and 2. Does not age and was unaffected by fatal wounds such as parts of her face being blasted off, even before she had a healing factor), Soul Reading (Knew everything that Frisk, Asgore, Asriel, and Sans had done just by looking at them in the eye) and Statistics Amplification (Through absorption of souls and the presence of fear), Can get a Power Boost if in a near-death experience, which in Do or Die, it mainly affected Akumu. Akumu has Shapeshifting/Transformation (Akumu is able to assume a myriad of different forms, mainly a Scythe for Betty, he can possibly create pink slash projectiles from the scythe), Size ManipulationBody ControlFlightHealing (Akumu can give a piece of his soul to Betty to heal her) and Pocket Reality Manipulation (Contains souls within a pocket reality).

All powers from HATE are Regeneration (Low-Mid; can regenerate her arm, and likely up to half of her body, as she did so when Akumu used the HATE vial), Resurrection and Mind Control (Provided that she has access to their soul, Betty can use HATE to revive a dead person under her command), Forcefield Creation (Created a large dome made of HATE when fighting Frisk), Energy Manipulation (Bete can create pink explosion beams with HATE and pink and black HATE slashes)

Same as before to greater extent, Aura (During the second fight against Frisk, she releases a high amount of energy from her body), Body Control (After she fuses with Akumu, Betty appears able to turn her arms into blades and various other weapons, she can even extend her limbs), Resistance to Power Nullification (Took a hit by Jessica's AMR), Fire Manipulation (Acquired pyrokinetic abilities in Ḣ̸͈a̷̞̽ẗ̵̥́e̸̟͒), Matter Manipulation / Creation (Has created weapons from her soul), Regeneration  (it was shown she can regenerate without using HATE, but it's not as good when compared to HATE's power, but she can still use HATE to regenerate), Energy Projection (Bete can create dark magenta explosion beams, dark magenta arrow projectiles, and pink slash projectiles)

Attack Potency: At least City Block level+ (Defeated Gaster and Alphys) | Small Town level+ (Managed to hold her own against Undyne the Undying) | City level (After gathering enough magic for a few hours due to the pink creatures, she stated that she could wipe out the entire city)

Speed: At least Subsonic+ (Comparable to Gaster) | At least Subsonic+ (She was able to escape Frisk's attack that can damage a canyon) | At least Subsonic+ (Betty can move at speeds that make it look like she is teleporting) | Massivley Hypersonic (Comparable to Chara[1])

Lifting Strength: Unknown | Unknown | At least Class M (Should be far superior in this regard to Undyne)

Striking Strength: At least City Block Class+ | Small Town Class | City ClassHigher with the help of Kumuzilla

Durability: At least City Block level+ | Small Town level+, Regeneration makes her difficult to kill | City level, Regeneration makes her difficult to kill

Stamina: Very high

Range: Dozens of meters with her magic, tens of kilometers with blobs

Standard Equipment: AkumuHATE vial, Pink Creature(s), and Kumuzilla, scythe, spear

Intelligence: Above average (Fooled everyone into thinking she was innocent, including Frisk. Planned out an attack on Toriel's school that was ultimately successful. She also a skill fighter because Agate was, in fact, a very skilled and experienced fighter. Who’s a soul is what Betty is based off)

Weaknesses: Betty is rather arrogant, and toys with her opponents when she has a clear upper hand, preferring to instill FEAR and break their DETERMINATION. She underestimates her new opponents which have cost her battles. She doesn't strategize, rather she opts for brute force to defeat her opponents. She must constantly feed on magic in order to live. Anyone with enough willpower can counteract her fear-based techniques.| Same as before, but she is constantly generating magic. When consuming the hate itself was a bad idea because it limited the powers she could use from that point and on.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Spear of Fear: Betty can conjure a spear which she uses to take others, souls, usually by throwing it.
  • Weapon of Nightmares: Betty can also use Akumu as a weapon. The creature can form various weapons, such as a scythe or an arm-mounted blade. Betty can also send Akumu to attack alongside herself.
  • Illusion Casting: Betty can cause others to hallucinate by making them see false visions, such as when she tricked Asriel into seeing Chara.
  • Rhabdophobia: Betty's special attack that creates a negative pink area where she takes control of all enemy magic and allows her to use it against her enemies.
  • Energy Manipulation: When Bete and Akumu can release energy from them and form/use it for their own need.
  • Pink Creatures and KumuzillaThe pink creatures are used as soldiers and soul gatherers for Bete while Kumuzilla is her strongest creation that can wipe out an entire city.

Key: Base | Post Hate Vial | True Look

Themes: Bete Noire, Fearless Terror, and Neo Fear


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