"Hmph... You know I believe that humans are vile creatures and yet you seek my assistance? I'm impressed you managed to convince even prideful centaurs to work with you but no one here would offer their aid for the likes of you. So please kindly leave before you sour my mood any further. Unless you actually want to go at it... I would kindly take you on if you so please. But of course there's no way a human can possibly keep up with the likes of us djinn. Even with this measly human vessel you'd take me only a minute."
~ Karkilo speaking to Draughter and his company when they entered the desert

True Form.png
"Give yourself a pat on the back!! You managed to take me on at my best. It's a bit of a rarity too considering how weak you humans are but look at that. Somehow you managed to succeed. So congratulations, you marked yourself as an outlaw and will now be hunted my fellows. Oh and don't worry, I'm not even remotely close to being the strongest in this place. So I'm sure they'll massacre you... Must be fun winning all the time huh? I estimate you will fall within an hour"
~ Karkilo after being defeated by Draughter
"Men... All of you humans sure are obnoxious. Just because you're in a little bit of trouble you come crying to us. But you're a bit different huh... You're actually crying because you pity our states... We're not genies that do everything you desire you say and that is indeed true... Well then, maybe I'll offer my aid after all, so don't think I'm doing this as a wish for you."
~ Karkilo finally recruited by Draughter

"I don't care about what the legends speak of you! They say you were the cause of the fall of your own kingdom for your treachery but I don't care anymore!! My people are dying!! My village is being massacred!! So please help me!! I know how you grant wishes and I want to make my first wish right now and I'll also satisfy yours!! Possess my body!! I shall offer myself to you as long as you protect my kingdom from all of those aliens!! Please!!!"
~ Susanna, one of the followers of the deity Anubis who volunteered to become her vessel

"Man... I missed having a body like this. I mean you know I always hated you humans and condemned my bodies back then but now... Hell I love this. You ever did it with someone you brats? On second thought, I don't care. You guys probably never did. I just missed the hell out of this... Anyway, Lil Susie here says you're messing with her village and killing folks. I'm not gonna judge since I mean I know you guys do that a lot of time but that's just some of your flaws. But I did promise her to grant a wish so I'll do that. It just happens that granting that wish involves Killing the fuck out of each and every single one of you."
~ Bertha about to grant Susanna's wish

Zodiac Form.png
"Ah Draughter, long time no see. How are you doing being a God? Sucks doesn't it? And look, I just gotta say no hard feelings for what happened back then. I mean I don't really care why you did that and why you didn't tell anyone but that's cool. That's perfectly fine with me. I don't like to think too much about the past. But I'm still thankful for you telling me just how wonderful it is to screw with other people literally. But anyway, I'm just gonna go and grant your wish back then aight? The one you made me promise to always uphold. That is, to Make sure the worst person existing in the world would die. So... No hard feelings right? You basically assigned me to kill you."
~ Bertha, making full use of her Zodiaque Form "Scorpius"

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A character made by Cob/Bob for the Paraiso and Pendragon Saga.


One of the recently risen eleven holy knights of historical chronicles. They have awakened from their slumber due to the series of events after the demise of the Royal King's Son. And at the moment they woke up, the nexus of kingdoms and realms surrounding theirs began to fall apart. Calamities span out as gods themselves commanded the destruction of these eleven. But what exactly do they bring? Who exactly are they? They seem to hold knowledge about the truth of King Arthur's Blade and the realm of the divine. These people, were they really the evil ones that the gods have commanded their destruction?

Or are they truly vilainous?


Pendragon Saga

The existence of genies, djinns, and deities are accepted. In the deserts of Nazrian, Karkilo, soon to be renamed Bertha Octavius, is one of the many that exists there. They act as free spirits here messing with their enemies and often pranks and tricks any sort of humans that passes by who desires to use them. Karkilo heavily despises any human who exists out there because of the way they use genies and would've continued to do so if not for the arrival of Draughter.

Paraiso Saga

She is one of the Zodiaque Knights of the Zodiac Arc who engorges on riches and food. However, unlike the rest of the Zodiaque Knights her awakening required a sacrifice and thus she possesses the body of a distant woman who volunteered. Notably, she seems to be one of the more playful members and has a tendency to act dog-like although it seemed to be done more to people she found non-threatening.

Notably, her vessels differ each time as in Pendragon she possesses the body of a male while in Paraiso she selects a female one. Her true gender is actually female. Her original name is Karkilo.

Appearance and Personality

A spirit's form is dependent on the vessel but they can at least influence what they would look like. Sometimes they can even borrow traits of their current vessel. In the case of the Pendragon Arc when Chiron and Draughter encountered her she was possessing the vessel of a man who goes by the name of Omore. There are several consistent traits however.

In the Pendragon Saga prior to meeting Draughter she disliked humans and is quite blunt with her statements. She's unfriendly to any other race and even then she's hard to get along with by her fellows. She takes pleasure in mocking others and pointing out flaws yet can be impressed by those who actually have good will, but condems them for being idiots. On the other hand she does dislike the idea that she's merely a lesser djinn compared to her follows and harbors envious thoughts which seemed to fuel her other characteristics. Pointing out those flaws would agitate her further and she's easy to make an enemy out of. However she only chooses to kill someone through either a battle that both parties accept or through a consequence of a riddle.

Later on her encounter with Draughter forever changed her beliefs. Although she still disliked humans she became more lenient with them and actually started cooperating. It was mostly blamed however on being outcasted by some of her fellows but her interactions with Draughter made her realize that she only despised the flaws of humans and never bothered to see the good things they do. Her impatience and snarky nature still remained and put her at odds against Chiron.

During the Paraiso Saga she is much more different in comparison to before to the point that she was thought of as a completely different person. For example she became a bit of a narccistic fellow, taking pride in a good human vessel. She now frequently makes jokes about sleeping with other humans and is implied to have done so. In fact it bothered others on how far she can go while her fellow knights only tease her about her lust. That said this seemed to be more of a joke between them and it's not as if she's gonna go after an enemy she took interest in during the midst of combat.

As Omore she takes the form of a young man adorning noble clothes, as he was once a noble that was tricked by her after he attempted to steal their riches. Her build is quite lean and even others would call this form handsome but due to her personality she makes no use of it at all. In this form, she can be a bit vain and even incredibly arrogant, although that mostly stems from her true personality. She's also a bit easier to agitate in this form.

As Susanna she takes the form of one of the natives of Elinnia, a half desert half forested kingdom that are filled with Caninos (Beastfolk) and humans. Unlike her typical vessels Susanna granted herself to her of free will so there's a bit more influence. In this appearance Susanna appears younger and more innocent looking, physically only looking as if she's 17 years old. With a bit of adjustment, she made her become visibly more fit and older although she could do nothing about her dog traits due to being half Canino and half human. Personality wise she takes a bit more upbeat personality being friendlier to others. Sadly for her she could also be tricked to act dog-like by her own allies although some speculate she only does this for fun and this is not a weakness enemies could take advantage of.

Stats and Powers

Tier: 8-A to High  6-C | 6-B |

Origin: Paraiso Saga, Pendragon Saga

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman physical characteristics, Flight and Floating, Intangibility (But can be interfered with by magic), Limited Illusions (Although imperfect), Sand manipulation, Fire magic, Water magic, Poison manipulation, Healing Magic, Minor Reality Warping (As a lesser genie, could make use of wish-granting), Truth Perception, Barrier Creation, Limited Possession (Must make a contract) | Precognition, Intangibility (Immune to magic), Illusions

Attack Potency: Multi-City Block (Her casual attacks devastated the village she and Chiron were fighting) to Large Island (Their battle in those forms were implied to lead to a stalemate. Draughter compared her magic to being hit by Chiron) Country Level (Was able to conjure a sandstorm that stalled Claudius' armada)

Speed: Hypersonic, At least Massively Hypersonic+ Reactions (Clashed well with Draughter despite his speed boost. Chiron lost to her despite his training)

Lifting Strength: Class 100 (Lifted an armored carrier specialized against the desert storm, higher with magic)

Striking Strength: Class TJ

Durability: Multi-City Block to Large Island (Took on some of Chiron's attacks in her vessel's form with little issue) | Country Level (Took on some of Claudius' attacks whom blew away the sandstorm she conjured)

Stamina: Endless (Has never shown to tire with any vessel)

Range: Dozens of meters with typical magic but can be extended to Large Island level | Country level with power

Standard Equipment:

  • Venom and Fang - Two war axes that Bertha chose to use using her physical vessel. Each one could be enhanced permanently depending on what she does. Regardless she has mastery over. They can be combined to form a single large war axe or double war axe. Each one can be used by someone she allows to. If combined they deal both effects but makes Bertha move slower.
    • Venom - A crimson war axe that deals magical damage and red frost energy. Its impact slows down an enemy even if it just brushes an enemy. Its damage can be stopped by a barrier but not the slowing effect. She can earn a stack each time she completes a wish for someone or strikes someone's soul.
      • Stacks - Each time she receives a stack the temperature of the attack lowers, deals more soul-based damage, and increases the holder's mana reservoir.
        • Pendragon Saga - At her peak, this reaches all the way up to -200 Celsius
    • Fang - A very light blue war axe that can deal pure kinetic damage but can be charged to unleash certain effects. At its own it's not a particularly effective weapon and seems to specialize more in cutting cleanly and being used as a speedy weapon. By itslef it can barely even get through regular armor. But if charged enough it can send shockwaves and imbue itself with flames, causing it to spread. The flames itself are like poison, crippling but temporary. She can earn a stack each time she hits someone's main body directly or if she kills someone.
      • Stacks - Each time she receives a stack the temperature of the attack heightens, the charge time and speed is increased, and increases the last time of the burning poison
        • Pendragon Saga - At her peak, this reaches all the way up to 500 Celsius

Intelligence: Intelligent, knows riddles

Weaknesses: Vulnerable to being sealed by those powerful enough. Vulnerable to time-based magic and soul damaging attacks. Reliant on Melee attacks. Strong enough attacks can prevent her from healing her vessel.

Key: Pendragon Regular | Pendragon Prime | Awakened | 10% | 50% | 100% | Zodiaque

Notable Moves and Abilities:

  • Fire Magic -
  • Ice Magic -
  • Poison Magic -
  • Sand Magic -
  • Healing Magic -
  • Illusions -
  • Precognition -


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